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• 1 tin mixed beans• 1 can chopped tomatoes• 2 cans of butter beans• 2 tins pilchards in brine or tomato sauce• 2 medium sweet potatoes• 1 fresh tomato• fresh parsley• 4 potatoes• ½ lemon• fresh garlic cloves• 1 onion• 2 celery stalks• 1 carrot• fres
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Top Tip
Don’t confuse hunger and thirst. Hydrate while you gestate! Registered dietitian Lila Bruk says “it is essential to increase your fluid intake when you’re pregnant to allow for your increased blood volume during this time. Aim for at least 10 glasses
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Delicate Care
Skin is skin, right? And if your baby was born at full term, you probably thought that her skin was pretty much like the rest of most of her organs: fully formed, and ready to take on the outside world. In fact, while it does act as your baby’s first
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When A Pet Dies
Saying goodbye to a beloved family pet, and breaking the news to your little one can be a heartbreaking and agonising experience for everyone involved. Because whether it be a budgie, a goldfish, a snake or a dog, “Most children just love animals and
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Moving Back
When we’re young, we all have a rough idea of what we want when we grow up: maybe a wedding, possibly a baby or two, and perhaps even a big house on the hill. It all seems pretty simple, and most people manage to achieve most of these young dreams wi
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Where To Find Cash Quickly
■ Claim from UIF ■ Whether you are claiming for maternity benefits or unemployment benefits, make it the first thing you do when you leave your job –if you take maternity leave, you can claim up to four months, and the Fund pays up to 58 percent of w
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Where Does It All Sit?
Many factors will influence your weight gain during pregnancy, for example, your level of activity, eating preferences and overall size at the start of your pregnancy. The general feeling is that provided you begin your pregnancy at or near your idea
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Bathing Your Baby
Preparation is key: first prepare the changing space with a clean babygro and vest, a clean nappy and soft, warm towels. Make sure you gather together everything else you need beforehand, such as the baby bath, non-slip mat, changing mat, facecloth,
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Big Belly Laughs!
When was the last time you howled with laughter? And your child? Laughing and playing are essential ingredients for a well-functioning family. Fortunately, we’re born with a sense of humour – all that is needed is a little encouragement to get the gi
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Your Pregnancy
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Drawing A Line In The Sand
Before the only safe place you know turns into abattleground, try to define the boundaries and set the ground rules, so that everyone in the family knows where they stand. Sit down together with your parents, and set the boundaries when it comes to p
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More For Less
Downscaling from disposable nappies to the good old-fashioned towelling kind or – even more drastic – selling your three-bedroom home to live in a squashy little box of atownhouse with your family of three, when you’re about to give birth… A large pe
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Puffy, MUCH?
Puffiness of the wrists and ankles during pregnancy is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. This is probably due to the changes in the cardiovascular system, causing the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin to become more dil
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You don’t have to bath your baby every day, especially if she doesn’t enjoy it. However, her head and bottom need to be cleaned properly twice a day. ■ Prepare a small bowl of cool boiled water and some cotton wool. ■ Start with your baby’s face. ■ U
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Good Buy
Montessori-inspired farm animal activity set, R369, visit to order or find stockists. Different Is Good is a new local brand that specialises in multi-sensory learning products that are designed to ignite imagination in a holist
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Sun’s Out!
Do you feel it too? That sense of lightness in the air and in life when the sun starts rising earlier and you can begin to leave your jacket at home and pack away all the extra blankies that have been piling up on the couch? Boots and slippers get sh
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KNOW YOUR breasts
Breast health is something you should aim to stay aware of throughout your life, not just during October when it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a new mom it can be easy to neglect the all-important self-checks as you are so focused on your baby
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Good Read
30 Money Mistakes Women Make & Ways to Get Back on Track by Kim Potgieter This quick read – it’s only 48 pages long – will inspire you to take control of your money. Kim Potgieter, the author, is a registered financial life planner and coach from Jo
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Helpful Hints
■ Raise your legs and hips on pillows as often as you can during the day, and hold this position for about 15 to 20 minutes, so gravity can do its job. ■ Lie on your left side when sleeping or resting, because this will relieve the weight of the uter
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Keep It Dry
The umbilical cord connected your baby to you in the womb. Shortly after birth, it is cut. Baby is an independent little being now who can breathe by himself and receive nutrition through breastfeeding. In a way, you can think of his belly button as
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Humour rules :)
❯❯ DON’T TRY TO FORCE YOUR CHILD to be funny all the time. Humour has to be spontaneous. ❯❯ JOKE WITH EACH OTHER, but don’t be hurtful and tease. Name-calling is not humour. ❯❯ BE A ROLE MODEL, and let your child see how you can laugh at yourself som
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Quick Fix
Zola Nene’s 5-minute chocolate-coffee mug cake is about to make your day. All you need is a good microwave, like the LG NeoChef, and a fool-proof recipe. Here goes: • 60 ml cake flour• 2.5 ml baking powder• 30 ml cocoa powder• 15 ml instant espresso
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Once A Month
Stand in front of the mirror with your hands on your hips, and take a good look at your breasts. Note the size and shape. Look for changes in the skin and texture. Look at your nipples and areola. Do your breasts move in the same way when you lift y
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Permanently Stuffy
MARIA ASCENCAO CHAIRPERSON OF THE HEALTH PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA Q Since having my pregnancy confirmed a few weeks ago, I’ve been plagued by sinusitis. It is so bad that I struggle to sleep as I’m so bunged up. Ifeel as though my imm
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Parents can start bonding with their baby early in the pregnancy. All you need to do is spend alittle time every day with your unborn baby, focusing on him, and you’ll be amazed at how easily a relationship begins to form. Our brain and behavioural p
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FAQs ON breastfeeding
Q I’ve heard breastfeeding hurts. Does it? A If your baby is positioned correctly and latched deeply onto the breast, breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. Expect some discomfort in the first week or two, though, especially at the beginning of feeds. Try u
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Did You Know?
There are physical benefits to a living a life filled with humour too. A study done by die medical faculty of the University of California in Los Angeles found that children with cancer and AIDS respond better to treatment when they laugh often. Laug
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