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The Buyer’s Guide
The Blaser R8 Ultimate’s two-piece stock ensures a relaxed shooting position and optimal control of the rifle. Available with black elastomer, impregnated leather inlays and an integrated moderator. Price: From £3,750 Blaser ■ 01483 917412 blaser-gro
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Conservation Triumph
Beyond Zimbabwe’s current overall media image of doom and gloom, there is a shining light in the country’s sustainable wildlife utilisation field and it goes by the name of the Bubye Valley Conservancy (BVC). It’s a success story that certainly would
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Shootcert Set To Help Fac Applicants
A new initiative called ShootCert is helping shooters get their firearms certificates. For a £50 fee, an independent doctor will scrutinise the applicant’s medical notes and then provide the relevant medical forms required by the police firearms depa
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Return Of The Buck
Many people ask what species makes for a really enjoyable hunt. There are so many that could top the list but one of the best has to be hunting roebucks in the spring and early summer. It’s the time of the year when every part of the countryside is f
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Bailout Fund For Scottish Fieldsports
If you have a news story, email Fieldsports businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have benefited from a £1million Scottish Country Sports Tourism Restart Fund. The fund, which was jointly developed by the Scottish go
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Each month, the best letter wins a bottle of King’s Ginger – the ideal drink to enjoy after a cold stalk. For more details, visit: STAR LETTER Dear Sporting Rifle, As someone who is involved in a small way with fundraising for the
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Forgotten Work?
If I remember correctly, there were hardly any tracking dogs in the UK a dozen years ago. There were perhaps some present, the typical varieties like Hanoverian and Bavarian tracking dogs. But the way to work with them was little understood, and thus
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Lambing Season Survival
With the lambing season well under way, fox shooters up and down the country will no doubt be out as much as possible keeping fox numbers under control in a bid to minimise losses. With cubs being born, the parents will be put under pressure to provi
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Ni Police ‘Pause’ Policy Of Licensing Rifle Mags
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has ‘paused’ the implementation of a policy that would have forced firearms owners in Northern Ireland to apply for a variation at a cost of £30 every time they wanted to buy a rifle magazine. The insiste
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The final Conquest
It’s good to see premium makers not only continue to push costs in their higher-end optics but also to remember shooters who want reliable and quality core functionality but are not chasing the latest high magnification erector tube or complex turret
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Monster Muntjac
March saw another small flurry of heads submitted to be measured. Included among them were J Allan’s Sussex sika and D Irvine’s roebuck from Perthshire, which were both awarded silver medals. However, the one that really grabs the eye is the monster
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Watch And Learn
Earlier this year we had done a pretty good job of clearing up all the foxes on the farm and had no surviving litters on our own ground. With the aid of a thermal spotter you can be confident that you aren’t overlooking any local residents. But natur
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Hound Decisions
Up to about 15 years ago, the thought of using a tracking dog for deer, let alone having an organisation concerned with such things, was unthinkable in the UK. A possible reason for this was strict import rules for dogs. They had to remain in quarant
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Bigger And Better…
Whenever I go to get a gun out of the cabinet at home, I pass the head of the first roebuck I ever shot. It wasn’t a particularly impressive beast but when I finally caught up with it, there was no doubt in my young sixteen-year-old mind that it was
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Where To SHOOT Guide
Chinese water deer and muntjac specialist. We manage over 30,000 acres of land in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. We can offer 1:1 guided stalking to all capabilities and training for beginners. We have a zeroing range up to 250 metr
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Going Under Grand
The Frontier range of rifle scopes offers a wide choice of models boasting supreme accuracy for all hunting applications. The all-new H7 optics offer high-grade, lowdispersion crown glass with 21-layer fully multi-coated lenses. There’s also a choice
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Buck Hit List
We were still in lockdown during the early part of May 2020 and whilst things were starting to start to ease south of the border, here in Scotland there was no change. We had hoped that we might be able to recommence training and taking some clients
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Free Reader Ads
CZ452 American .22RF bolt action, 10-shot mag. BSA Sweet17 3-12x40 scope and mod (bipod not included). Good condition. With 500 rounds. £150. Selling due to retirement. Patrick Plavin 01303 863891; 07934597060 (Kent) BRNO .22 RF bolt action, five-sho
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The Buck Stops Here
Iwas out for an early morning prowl that May morning. My planned route was to take me from the public road deep into the ground, which comprised arable fields, grass paddocks, two spinneys and a wood. By our Suffolk standards the high ground was almo
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Shooting Courses
Acorn Deer Management Stalker training and firearms safety, guided training outings for anyone wishing to experience a deer stalk, through to candidates wishing to complete their DSC 2 certificate. Training courses from £80 per 3-4 hour outing, with
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As most readers will be aware, this will be the last issue of Sporting Rifle in its present format, as it will be merging with Shooting Times and Country Magazine. It follows, therefore, that this is the final Almanac. My first article for the magazi
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More Than Meats The Eye
Daniel shook his head in disbelief. “You’d hunt all year for maybe three deer?” I was discussing with my son what it was like for me hunting in the 1970s and 1980s. It was the height of the commercial venison recovery industry in New Zealand and red
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Shooting Show Announces Future Update
As part of the reorganised Future fieldsports portfolio, the group’s video channel is now running under a new producer. Sporting Rifle deputy editor Ollie Harvey will take on responsibility for The Shooting Show alongside his new role as deputy edito
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Trail Blazing
It’s amazing how quickly things change in the shooting world, and nowhere can this be seen more than in the night-shooting environment. Twenty years ago most night shooters were still using lamps, and the thought of shooting without artificial light
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Hit The Roe, Jack
Available in both 8x50 and 10x50 these binoculars represent the height of design, function and performance and provide excellent light transmission, edge-to-edge sharpness, close focus and brilliant colour reproduction. To round out the topclass feat
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Field To Fork
• Chop the partridge breasts into small pieces that will thread nicely on to the skewers (but don’t thread them on to the skewers yet).• Mix together all the marinade ingredients.• Add the partridge and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours, or ov
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News In Brief
French hunters have refused to continue shooting deer despite a season extension. Hunters in the Haut-Rhin department have said they will not take advantage of the season extension, arguing that even though quotas have not been met the deer populatio
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The Last Ivory Hunter
Idistinctly remember when I first read of the last ivory hunter, Wally Johnson. I turned the first pages of a book on his life somewhere on the south side of New Delhi in the heart of the financial district. It became a longedfor ritual to pore over
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Going Long Range
When I first saw the details of the new Swarovski dS scope I couldn’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on one. Designed to simplify long-range shooting, it was immediately of great interest to me. In a nutshell, this scope takes all the guesswork o
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