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Fender Unveils Tash Sultana Signature Strat
Fender has been on a signature guitar roll of late, and looping pioneer Tash Sultana is the latest recipient of a signature Stratocaster. Sultana’s made-in-Mexico model makes a statement with its Transparent Cherr-finished alder body, pearloid pickgu
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Behind The Blood
Whether you consider it lucky, unlucky, or don’t give a shit about superstition, it’s hard to deny that 13 is a pretty impressive number when it comes to the amount of albums one has put out. Especially in the case of a band like Sevendust, who conti
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Good As Gretsch The Story Of Rock 'N' Roll Icon
If you happened to have been at home on February 19th, 1981 and living in the UK, you were probably watching Top Of The Pops. That night, you would have seen a trio of feral-looking kids blasting through their latest 45RPM single – something called “
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Jvb Tmt 500 3-in-1 Metro Tuner + Tmc 515 Mini Clip-on Tuner + Tmc 511 Clip-on Tuner/metronome + JCT 615 Multi-function Capo
RRP: $19.99+ The tuner is one of those essential pieces of guitar kit that comes in many shapes and sizes. Most ordinary players have some kind of mixed interest between acoustic and electric guitars, so will need something more than just the trusty
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Gretsch G5410t Electromatic “Rat Rod”
RRP: $1,899 If you spend enough time glued to the gogglebox, you’ll find you can’t move for American car restoration shows. The plots are always a bit on the thin side. And there’s usually a stupid deadline… a deadline that can’t possibly be met. Yet
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Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter Unleashes His Heaviest Riffs Yet In New Side-project
Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter recently got his heavy on with the band’s new album Ohms. Now, however, he’s upped the distorted guitar riffage tenfold with “A Reason For Being” – a new track from his side project Sol Invicto. The grinding instr
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Knot What You’d Expect
Between the sadistic and visceral nu-metal grit of Slipknot and the pummelling post grunge punch of Stone Sour, it’s safe to say that Corey Taylor’s creative heels are planted firmly in the ‘90s. Or it would’ve been until recently: with his long gest
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Fender Bender
Regardless of what your needs are, you’ll have a lot of fun finding the best Telecaster for your style. The Tele is one of the world’s most iconic electric guitars, and as such, there’s a huge choice within the range. The Fender Telecaster was the ve
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Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay
RRP: $329 Danelectro’s vintage range sees the retro-minded brand reissue a number of effects pedals that have went out of production over the years. Some, such as the 3699 Fuzz, date all the way back to Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger’s ‘70s designs.
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Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor And Boost Pedal
RRP: $715 Arguably, there are two pedals that you can put before your amp to give you a range of practical tonal options without getting too far removed from its core sound: compression and boost. Strymon’s new Compadre offers just this combination w
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Electro-harmonix Recreates Lo-fi Gaming Sounds With The Mainframe Bitcrusher
For all its insane creations, Electro-Harmonix’s lineup has been lacking in pehaps the zaniest effect type of all: the bit-crusher. That’s set to change, however, with the launch of the Mainframe. The new pedal delivers cult sounds from arcade machin
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The Brightest Bulb In The Room
Before he hit the big leagues as the backbone of djent-pioneering mosh powerhouse Periphery, turning brains to liquid by the theatre-load with his breakneck-paced riffs and turbulent bends, Misha Mansoor was simply a seven-string-obsessed shredhead w
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Eddie Forever
Eddie Van Halen, trailblazing Van Halen guitarist and one of the greatest guitar players of all time, died aged 65 on Tuesday, October 6th 2020. His son, Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, confirmed the news on Twitter with a statement that reads,
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Danelectro 3699 Fuzz
RRP: $329 The aim of Danelectro’s ‘vintage’ pedal range, complete with its distressed housings, is to revive the sounds of certain ‘lost’ pedals. So far, with The Breakdown and The Eisenhower Fuzz, the new additions haven’t named specific pedals, ins
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Boss Waza-air Over-ear Amp-phones
RRP: $699 They say that practise makes perfect, but for guitarists, a practise routine can be a dull affair when you’re stuck in a room with just headphones and an amp. Wouldn’t it be far more exciting if you had something that allows you to take you
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Around The Web
Words: Jeff Kitts In the July 2004 issue, Guitar World announced what would ultimately prove to be the most successful contest in the magazine’s history: the Design Your Dream Guitar contest. Readers were asked to submit a drawing of their dream guit
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Metal Meditation
We love our bass-slinging siblings dearly, but, well, we’re called Australian Guitar for a reason, so we’ll just put it bluntly: the guitar (as in, the real guitar) is always going to be the star on any great rock album. There are admittedly a few ou
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Back To Where It All Started
To celebrate Eddie’s perennial legacy in the wake of his untimely passing, we’re presenting the original interview, as conducted for Guitar World by John Stix, in its entirety. Were you as good a piano player as you are a guitarist? I won first prize
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Fender Reflecting Pool Delay/reverb
RRP: $329 If you’re going to have delay and reverb on your pedalboard, both effects in the same pedal can be a practical way to save space, power outlets and audio cabling, as well as likely looking neater. This good-looking stereo and mono pedal app
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How To Crank Up Your Catalogue
You’ve come up with a cool guitar lick and… That’s about it. It’s just sitting there, waiting for you to turn it into a song or a composition. Does this sound familiar? We’re great at beginnings, less so with endings – that’s what I’ve realised from
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Fresh Frets
THEY ARE everything great about Australia’s thriving indie-rock scene squeezed into the one bottle. It all makes sense when you find out this terrific trio hail from the Gold Coast – they make bright, bouncy tunes perfect for summer jaunts along the
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Power For The Public
It’s not exactly common that a relatively straightforward pop-rock album would be a shock to the system for any pop-rock band’s fanbase. But then again, The Lemon Twigs are anything but straightforward. In a storied six years, the Long Island native
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Recording Techniques With Alain Johannes
When you’re making your own music, do you follow the same formulas you would as a producer with any other band, or do you need to approach it from a different perspective? I approach every project in the way that I feel is most natural – my resonance
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Fender Compugilist
RRP: $299 Fender has drawn on its Bends compressor and Pugilist distortion pedals to create the Compugilist, which puts separately switchable compressor and distortion functions in the one ultra-convenient pedal. While you don’t get the full feature
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HAILS FROM QUEENS, NEW YORK USA PLAYS IN LEWIS DEL MAR SOUNDS LIKE TRANSCENDENTAL, HIGH-CONCEPT ALT-ROCK LATEST DROP AUGUST (LP OUT NOW VIA FADER) What’s your current go-to guitar? I have an Alvarez Parlor acoustic, which is currently the guitar I pl
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The Soundtrack To Insanity
There are effectively two categories of people alive in 2020: those whose mental health and overall sanity have taken a meteoric nosedive since January, and those who aren’t paying enough attention to the world around them. It feels like these past t
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15 Ways To Improve Your Mixes
Listen to tried-and-true mixes, possibly similar to what you are mixing. This will get your ears used to the monitors and put your head in the right place. Without references, you might be lost before you begin – unless you do tonnes of mixing in you
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Fender Pour Over Env Filter
RRP: $299 Envelope filters, eh? One could make the case that Mike Beigel’s Musitronics got it right with the Mu-Tron III in the ‘70s, and that everyone since has been using that template and just adding their own bells and whistles. Fender’s first fo
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Sad, But Still Rad
There aren’t enough pages in this whole magazine to cover everything there is to know about Cry Club. In two absolutely stacked years of back to back bangers, the kaleidoscopic Melbourne via Wollongong pop duo have proved three things to be true: 1.
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A Double Shot Of The Blues
You only have to look at next year’s Bluesfest lineup for proof that roots, blues and folk music is alive and thriving Down Under. Hell, even in the underground there is no short supply of fantastic hollowbody harmonisers out there – and right at the
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