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Two White Emus
Photography came into my life almost 30 years ago due to life-changing health issues. I needed something to keep me mentally and physically active. I was living in the bush in the remote north-west of Western Australia’s Pilbara region. My first came
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Beauty And Beast
OK, we’re not going to kid you that Leica has suddenly started building cheap cameras, but the SL2-S is closer to the ball-park in terms of its immediate Japanese-made rivals than has sometimes been the case in the past. And, given that $5,000 to $6,
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Due to the social distancing requirements demanded by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic; galleries, many exhibition spaces, and museums are only allowing limited admission or are open for shorter times, depending on the local situation. However, many ar
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On The Level
Looking for a new tripod can be a daunting experience. There are more brands than ever before and the choice of models is mind-boggling. Where to start? The first thing to accept is that there’s probably no such thing as the perfect tripod and, a bit
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Nine Lives
NIKON’S ANNOUNCEMENT THAT a professional-level Z mount full frame mirrorless camera – the Z 9 – is on the way is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, getting in early is obviously designed to send a message to any of its high-end DSLR users
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Topped Up
While Nikon might have been a bit slow off the mark with a full frame mirrorless camera system, there’s no question it hit the spot with the original Z 6 and Z 7 models, subsequently followed up by the ‘APS-C’ format Z 50 and the excellent mid-range
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Taking It Easy
110 - THE LITTLE FILM FORMAT THAT COULD At the height of its powers, Kodak was the inventor and innovator that shaped several aspects of photography for both amateurs and professionals. The objective was always to make photography more accessible to
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Camera Australia
Editor: Paul Burrows Art Director: Kristian Hagen Sub-editor: Sharmishta Sarkar Bruce Usher, Trevern Dawes, Stephen Dawson, Alison Stieven-Taylor. All copyrights
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Cold Snaps
TIPS FOR WINTER LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY There are quite a few parts of southern Australia that experience frosty conditions and the occasional fall of snow, but if you want a guarantee of the white stuff then your best bet is head for either the Victor
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Close Up And Personal
As we’ve noted on a number of occasions recently, the mirrorless camera world is really all about lenses at the moment. Of course, the particular capabilities of the camera bodies are important, but it’s the lenses that give a particular system its a
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Digital Slr Cameras
THIS CHECKLIST is designed to allow direct comparisons between different camera models, listed here in price order within each brand. The published prices are mostly supplied by the distributors as recommended retail prices (RRPs). However, some dist
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The 39 Steps
This issue marks 39 years since my byline first appeared in this magazine. I started working for the founding publisher in March 1982, but such were the lengthy production cycles back then (everything was done manually), it wasn’t until the May issue
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Quality And Control
We had become accustomed to seeing new inkjet models arriving from Epson and Canon about every two years, but it has taken five years for the Epson SureColor P600 (reviewed back in the September/October 2015 issue) to be replaced. Consequently, the S
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What’s New
NIKON HAS CONFIRMED it has a professional-level Z series full frame mirrorless camera in the pipeline with a launch date scheduled for some time later this year. The camera gets a model number – the Z 9 – and we know it will have a stacked backside-i
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Fujifilm Showcase
Here’s a good example of why you should always have your camera with you (yes, yes, we know all about smartphones, but we mean a real camera). Paulus Tjahjadi happened to have his trusty Nikon Coolpix L19 with him in his car when he spotted this fogg
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Fired Up
Winner of the People’s Choice Award in the 56th Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition (2020) run by London’s Natural History Museum. Titled Bushfire, this image received a remarkable 55,485 votes from around the world, making it the clear win
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2021 Sony World Photography Awards Open Category Winners And Finalists
The 14th running of the Sony World Photography Awards received over 330,000 entries from photographers in 220 countries and territories. The Awards are split into four sections – Open, Professional, Student and Youth – with 10 categories in the Open
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Epson International Pano Awards 2020
The Epson International Pano Awards was founded in 2009 by Australian landscape photographer David Evans (the 2015 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer Of The Year) with the support of Epson Australia, and has since grown into a collaboration betwe
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Digital Slr Cameras Buyer’s Check List January/february 2021 THIS CHECKLIST is designed to allow direct comparisons between different camera models, listed here in price order within each brand. The published prices are mostly supplied by the distributors as recommended retail prices (RRPs). Ho
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Playing Possum
Highly commended in the Urban Wildlife category of the 2020 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition. Gary Meredith, Western Australia. Nikon D850 with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at 62mm; 1/250 second at f/16 and ISO 640. Nikon SB-700 flash with Godox
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The Crowd Pleaser
While Nikon was a latecomer to the category of full-frame mirrorless cameras, the original Z 6 and Z 7 were immediately big hits. They’re both now upgraded to Mark II versions to address the few initial criticisms, but the fact that we’re only talkin
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Making Movies
There’s little doubt Nikon decided to prioritise the wants and needs of still photographers with the Z 5, although if you only want to shoot in Full HD, it’s still a pretty decent video camera. Bear in mind, despite all hoopla surrounding 4K (and now
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Nikon Z 5 $2,299
Type: Enthusiast digital mirrorless camera with Nikon Z bayonet lens mount Focusing: Automatic via 273-points wide-area system (90% vertical/horixontal frame coverage) using hybrid phase/contrast detection. Focus points may be selected manually or au
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Primed Up
If you’re a lens maker then, after the obligatory ‘fast fifty’, the next badge of honour is an f/1.4-speed 85mm short telephoto prime – the classic portrait lens. You just have to do one, but the optical design leaves nowhere to hide. It looks decept
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SAMYANG AF 85mm f/1.4 RF $1,399
Format: Full-frame digital sensors. The focal length is equivalent to 127.5mm on an APS-C format sensor (with a 1.5x focal length magnification factor). Angle-of-View: 28.9 degrees (diagonal on 35mm). Construction: 11 elements/8 groups. Minimum Focus
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One Size Fits All
Big camera or small camera? What’s your preference? There’s no question that plenty of photographers rank many other things ahead of a camera size, especially if they’ve been used to using a higher-end DSLR with a full-frame sensor. It’s equally true
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Making Movies
You’d expect a new Panasonic mirrorless camera to have pretty decent video capabilities, but the Lumix S5 goes a lot further than that, and there’s more to come with an imminent firmware upgrade. Of course, Panasonic isn’t giving everything away, but
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Panasonic Lumix Dc-s5 $3,199
body only, recommended retail price Type: Enthusiast level digital mirrorless camera with L bayonet lens mount. Focusing: Automatic 225-point wide-area system using contrast-detection via imaging sensor using Depth From Defocus (DFD) processing at 48
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Editing Sweet
We all know that the monitors in desktop and laptop computers are usually the cheapest displays manufacturers can get away with. We also know that a calibrated monitor is essential for image editing, especially if you’re planning to make accurate pri
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Australian Camera Inspire Your Photography
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021 Editor: Paul Burrows Art Director: Kristian Hagen Sub-editor: Sharmishta Sarkar Bruce Usher, Trevern Dawes, Stephen Dawson, Alison Stieven-T
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