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Reading Images Against Racism
The Mandarin word shìchăng translates into “wet market”—a term that entered Western vocabularies with reports of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the theory that the virus was passed on to humans by an animal sold in a Wuhan, China wet market. Media misr
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Cooking the Books: Recipes by Artists
A marriage of ingredients and instructions, recipes seek to standardize. They translate how hands fold and pinch and how temperatures heat and cool. Cooking’s mother tongue is a physical one and recipes translate these acts into words. They sort thro
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To Reciprocate All They Freely Offer
Bees shimmy into apple blossoms, their wings making music with the petals. Ants crawl on peonies, so their petals, now tightly wrapped, may shortly bloom. Basil left uneaten, basil gone to flower, to seed, with one more gift to offer: a promise of fu
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A Convex, Minutely Puckered Surface Could Be Called A Vertical Sea*
What else can I describe to help create a more complete picture?1 There are approximately 11 seconds of silence before her voice begins, a silence that is loud and grainy when the volume is maxed out on my laptop—punctuated with a few disembodied cli
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Evaporative Losses
Breath travels. Our mouths are broken-open places—a house where only wind lives, searching the cupboards and closets. I replace your missing mouths with those of jars, mines, graves. What is gathered and dissipated by mouth? Once alternately filled a
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A Rock Isn’t Always a Rock
I first visited Iniskim Umaapi, the Majorville Medicine Wheel, in 2017. I had recently dropped out of graduate school and moved back home from Vancouver, homesick for the wide open Prairie. Moonlighting as a chauffeur for the day, I borrowed my siste
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Consciousness by Lex Brown
W. E. B. Du Bois coined the term double consciousness to describe a particular phenomenon of Blackness. The term refers to an ability to see oneself from a subjective vantage point, and simultaneously from the vantage point of the whiteness that oppr
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Bureau of Aesthetics: Native Art Department International (Maria Hupfield and Jason Lujan)
Walking into the Native Art Department International (NADI) Bureau of Aesthetics, I am immediately greeted by the rhythmic sound of jingles. They are coming from There is No Then and Now; Only Is and Is Not (2018), a projection of Bronx-based artist
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Miinakii and Me
In this collaborative artist project, Faye HeavyShield and Lauren Crazybull have created new work through intergenerational conversation, exchange, and kinship. Calling out and responding to each other in turn, the resulting works reflect the many wa
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David Wojnarowicz: Photography & Film 1978–1992
A mechanical heartbeat is heard in the gallery space, the methodical click-pause-click of a timed slide projector. A Super 8 video projection casts a slice of electric-blue light that spills from wall to floor. The monotone voice of the artist, David
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EDITOR Jaclyn Bruneau CO-EDITORS Ginger Carlson, Natasha Chaykowski INDIGENOUS EDITORIAL CONSULTANT Becca Taylor EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Margaryta Golovchenko SECOND READER David Bradford COPY EDITOR Oliver Fugler PROOFREADER Jovana Jankovic PUBLISHER Ka
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The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology Edited by Karina Vernon
The Prairies are my home. The Prairies are not my home. I am from the Prairies. I am not from the Prairies. It has always been like this. Although I, a Black woman of varied origins, have spent a significant portion of my life living in Alberta, my r
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Dear C Mag, The last issue spoke to something I’ve been thinking about often: that one of the most effective ways to neuter a destructive force is to laugh at its desperate fervour to harm. I think about the New York artist Betty Tompkins who turns c
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Revisiting “A Journal of the Plague Year” (2013) with Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero
C Magazine would like to congratulate Kate Whiteway on winning the 2020 C New Critics Award, and Olivia Klevorn on being named the runner-up. Now in its 11th consecutive year, this program gives C Magazine the opportunity to identify, support, and pr
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The story of this issue begins with the provisional confluence of C Magazine and a committee of the Alberta Association of Artist-run Centres (AAARC) who have spent more than two years planning a gathering called Lands to Travel Through (LTTT) in par
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The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Issue 07: TILTING (1), TILTING (2) Edited and published by Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga
We don’t have to pretend like an online version of something that was supposed to be experienced in person is an acceptable alternative—not even out of solidarity with the artist whose show was unfortunately cancelled, or dramatically permutated. It
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Alongside Underbrush
Alongside: The contingent act of joining with one another in mutual aid, solidarity, and support. Non-reducible to shared conditions. From the vulgar translation of wîcew-. Belong: Our long belonged longing. Gathering Otherwise: “We long for the othe
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Darkness Is As Deep As The Darkness Is: Rita McKeough
Since I’ve moved back to Vancouver, what’s struck me most is the amount of construction. There are the buildings fenced off and boarded up with plywood, the rezoning notices posted like billboards. There are the piles of broken-up buildings—bricks an
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Câhcacêp Art & Tea House: A Conversation with Jerry Saddleback and Jo-Ann Saddleback
Câhcacêp: a Cree word that means a little bit of everything. When elders speak with us, even when telling specific stories, it is also about everything. In this conversation, Jerry Saddleback and Jo-Ann Saddleback tell us about Câhcacêp Art & Tea Hou
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The Undying: Pain, Vulnerability, Mortality, Medicine, Art, Time, Dreams, Data, Exhaustion, Cancer, and Care by Anne Boyer
Anne Boyer understands that “pain doesn’t destroy language: it changes it.” As a poet, Boyer follows this maxim within the body of her latest book, The Undying, writing through the ways her recent experiences of pain surrounding triple-negative breas
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My Words Will Heal You: On RISE Edutainment
Randell Adjei’s wide, toothy grin fills the screen. “Hello, hello everybody! If you don’t know, my name’s Randell—” He interrupts his own introduction with a constant string of enthusiastic interjections. “Hello Emily! How y’all doin? Allison! I see
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This Is The Future: Hito Steyerl
In September 2019 a nearly 50-year-old man collapsed on the floor of the Amazon warehouse where he worked, just outside Columbus, OH. The Guardian reported that he lay there for 20 minutes in cardiac arrest before receiving medical attention. Other e
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Crip Hope
Many Canadian art institutions assert their desire to be considered gathering spaces for diverse communities while claiming tenets of inclusion and openness. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most, if not all, were forced to close their doors to
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On Venus: Patrick Staff Serpentine Galleries, London, UK November 8, 2019 – February 9, 2020
Heading to On Venus, Patrick Staff’s exhibition at London’s Serpentine Sackler Gallery, I crossed Hyde Park on foot. Rain poured from an open, sunlit sky. A real rainbow arched over Winter Wonderland, the holiday-themed amusement park that occupies t
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The Shoreline Dilemma Toronto Biennial of Art September 21 – December 1, 2019
How can we think about place more expansively, and against behaviours like imposition, dispossession and extraction? The guiding question that curators Candice Hopkins and Tairone Bastien posed in response resonated throughout the Toronto Biennial of
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Civilization #1 Edited by Richard Turley, Lucas Mascatello and Mia Kerin Self-published, 2018
Reading the first issue of Civilization (2018), I felt something like relief after telling myself it didn’t want to be read. Newspaper is already uncomfortable—an extreme medium, with its walls of text on pages proportionate to none. It is impossible
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La douche écossaise: Katie Bethune-Leamen Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto November 28, 2019 – January 25, 2020
Things—whether extracted, manufactured or discarded—are a defining part of modern life. They are also a defining problem for modern art, one which Katie Bethune-Leamen’s most recent show at Susan Hobbs Gallery addresses with generous helpings of drol
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Transits and Returns: Edith Amituanai, Christopher Ando, Natalie Ball, BC Collective with Louisa Afoa, Drew Kahu‘āina Broderick with Nāpali Aluli Souza, Hannah Bronte, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Mariquita Davis, Chantal Fraser, Maureen Gruben, Taloi Havini, Lisa Hilli, Carol McGregor, Marianne Nicolson, Ahilapalapa Rands, Debra Sparrow and T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss Vancouver Art Gallery September 28, 2019 – February 23, 2020
Post-it notes left by gallery-goers blanket a corner of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s third floor, enclosed by a modular office cubicle. One of them reads in a hesitant pencil scrawl: “I want to be the Ocean.” It’s part of an interactive component of a
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Sontag: Her Life and Work: Benjamin Moser Harper Collins, 2019
The gist of Benjamin Moser’s recent 800-page biography of Susan Sontag is that there were two of her: the “Susan” and the “Sontag.” If this has been a common dilemma of the celebrity who is now anyone with access to a camera phone—the projected perso
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Δ: Joi T. Arcand, George Arlook, Pierre Aupilardjuk, Esaias Beardy, Nick Beardy, Elizabeth Flett, Philip Hakuluk, Jeremiah Harper, Stanley Houle, Peter Inukshuk, Toona Iquliq, Octave Tigumiak Kappi, David Keno, Dwight Keno, Jacob Keno, Nelson Keno, Saunders Keno, Jonas Little, Anthony Manernaluk, Paul McKay, John Pangnark, Yvo Samgushak, Robert Tatty and unidentified artists Winnipeg Art Gallery November 8, 2019 – ongoing
The first time I learned about linguistic empathy—the practice of listening to someone else in the absence of a shared language—I was attending Winnipegbased artist Hassaan Ashraf’s presentation at the 2018 Conference of the Universities Art Associat
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