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This Revolution is just Getting Started
Here’s a hard, cold fact for Harley-Davidson management: You deserve every bit of skepticism that greets this, your latest reorganization. When you look back at the last 10 years – even longer, in fact – you’ll find you’ve worked pretty darned hard t
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By The Numbers
Dick Mann was the first racer to win all five types of circuits in the AMA Grand National Championship: short track, TT, half-mile, mile and road race. Mann passed away in April 2021 at the age of 86. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame
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REMEMBER WHEN? Your Motorcycle Memories
Submissions to Remember When? are always welcome. If your photo(s) is printed we will send you $25.00 High resolution digital photos are acceptable as well as prints. If you wish the print back please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Send t
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NEXT ISSUE |August 2021|
In the days before Covid and closed borders, Jeff Davison travelled to the U.S.’s first coast to visit family. In addition to finding great roads, he discovered a wealth of information and 400 years of rich history Triumph Motorcycles has released th
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Gentleman’s Express
Alan Cathcart brings us the most lust-worthy bikes from around the world It’s become a cliché to describe MV Agusta as the Ferrari of two wheels, with each marque dominant in its own form of Grand Prix racing, and each presided over by an autocratic
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Spring Cleaning
Funny how priorities change over the years. Back in 2009, I found myself watching TV more than I liked and I realized that I needed a project bike to tinker with. Shortly afterward, I found a 1977 Honda CB750F at a garage sale. The bike was in really
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Recycle Your Used Oil
Motorcycle-related online web forums run ablaze when someone asks what kind of oil they should use in their motorcycle. Opinions vary widely, as do brands of oils, brands of motorcycles and the drain bolt torque specifications. Well, we’re not here t
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Say What?
I know this is probably heresy, and you’ve been asked this before for sure, but have you ever considered writing about the CanAm Spyder? I’ve been a motorcycle rider for more than 40 years. I’m turning 76 this year and have been riding a 2016 Honda F
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Sammy Miller Museum
The Sammy Miller Museum in New Milton, Hampshire, UK, is crammed full of interesting machines – including factory prototypes and numerous ingenious designs from all over the world. There’s one of the world’s largest collections of exotic racing bikes
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I’ll Take My Chances
If you are looking for a good read during lockdown, or this summer beside the pool, consider Gary Turner’s trilogy I’ll Take My Chances. Turner began his writing career here in the pages of Motorcycle Mojo (November 2012) with an account of his nine-
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Riding With Billy And Bob
I would like to introduce you to two typical yet fictional riders. Rider A, whom we’ll call Billy, has had his driver’s licence for 10 years, and took a two-day college safety course in a parking lot to get his motorcycle licence. He learned the basi
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The Mother of all Brake Pad Reviews
Trust me when I tell you that this didn’t start out to be a product test. Really, it didn’t. All I wanted to do was install a set of new brake pads. I was in a hurry and I was heading to Montreal in the morning and, for whatever reason that happensta
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Change Is Hard To Deal With
Valentino Rossi should retire. In fact, he probably should have retired last year. I say that as a lifelong fan who still views 2015 as an injustice that has gone too long unpunished. Nonetheless, since even his recent visit to Jerez, a favourite tra
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Custom Graphics
I’ve always wanted custom graphics on a motorcycle, but I’ve never really had the means or the bike for them. That changed, however, when all the plastics on my KTM 200 XC-W had to be replaced. (Yes, I crash that often.) There sat my bike for a few w
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Ten Years Gone
Ten years ago, around this time of year, I was hiking through the rugged northern B.C. terrain, keeping one eye on a bear in the distance while rooting through dirt along forested hillsides trying to find valuable morel mushrooms. I was mid-trip from
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A Revolution On The Dyno
As we noted in the main story, our Revolution Max engine pumped out a stellar 133 hp at the rear wheel. What we didn’t tell you was that it produced that enviable number at 9,300 rpm. Yes, past its 9,000 rpm redline. In fact, it was bumping over its
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Circle AroundAlberta
Keith Tully, John Ritz and I have been doing an annual bike tour for many years now. We plan a trip at the beginning of July, during the world-famous Calgary Stampede, and seek entertaining roads outside of our backyard. For 2020, our plans were to h
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An Eighth Of A Litre Of Fun
Everyone knows riding a motorcycle is fun, but if you really want to turn up the entertainment factor, you gotta turn down the engine displacement – by a lot. While motorcycles displacing an eighth of a litre are relatively slow, they’re a real hoot
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A Sublime Loop in this Southwestern States
Wheeling up on my BMW F650GS to the U.S. border at Tecate on the Mexico side felt more like a “Triple Whopper with fries” drive-thru experience than the usual cacophony of queues and chaos surrounding the more southern fronteras. The two-year familia
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Riding Into The Sunset
Lawyer Moe Warren tells a joke about how he got involved in his law career, and it includes his first job and motorcycles. When he was just a teen, he rode around Calgary on his Honda 150 Benly, delivering prescriptions for Crooks Drugs. “My friend B
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2022 Yamaha YZF-R7
Yamaha has expanded its line of motorcycles with an all-new sportbike based on its now proven and potent 689 cc parallel twin. Yamaha introduced the 689 cc CP2 parallel twin in the FZ-07 in 2014, which eventually became the MT-07 of today. The MT-07’
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Fast Facts began in 2001 with one of the first bully prevention and awareness programs in Canada. Bikers Against Bullying was launched in 2009 by a team of volunteers who support students, parents, schools and communities. is a go-to
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Is It Time For A Bigger Bike?
A new rider asked the following question on a riding forum: “I’ve owned a 400 since the end of 2019 and only put about 700 kilometres on it. I’m thinking about moving up in displacement, but I don’t know if I’ve logged enough seat time yet. How do yo
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A Little Ingenuity Can Save The Day
Your bike dies as you are riding along. What should you do? If you ride long enough or have a poor maintenance routine, then this problem will probably happen to you. First of all, pull in the clutch to coast and pull off in a safe spot. If you are s
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Fast Facts
It isn’t known what exactly initiated the Hatfield–McCoy feud, which began in 1863 and finished in 1891. The hostilities may have been formed during the American Civil War – the McCoys were Unionists and the Hatfields were Confederates – or it may ha
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By The Numbers
The percentage increase by which Canadian motorcycle sales were up in February 2021 compared with February 2020. February 2020 marks the last month before the pandemic was declared, and motorcycle sales in Canada have climbed steadily since then. The
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Reimagining Backyard Back Roads
Covid-19 put a serious damper on all of our riding plans for the summer of 2020. My planned ride to and through New Mexico in late spring last year was cancelled because of closed borders. British Columbia cancelled early summer camping reservations
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Appreciate What You Have
Well, here we are in Ontario under yet another lockdown that four days later turned into a “stay at home” order. Every time one of these lockdowns are announced, the public gets a little more confused. The government says it’s not confusing, while th
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