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The Case For Nature
At the start of 2020 a strange, beautiful creature, whose kind had been around for at least 200 million years, was declared gone forever. By comparison, we homo sapiens have spent a mere 300,000 years on the planet. The dinosaurs were wiped out 65 mi
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View From Africa
As I write, Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is locked up in a highsecurity prison in Harare, again. Dragged through the courtroom in leg irons, Chin’ono’s crime was using Twitter to criticize Zimbabwe’s government, apparently in breach of his
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Afro-futurism has a long history within jazz music. Simply expressed, it parallels written sci-fi texts: stories describing alternative and alien worlds, places where politics, cultures, relationships are different. Musicians such as Sun Ra and, more
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Nature’s Restoration
for the New Internationalist Co-operative Probably by mistake, a tiny bird flies up to my balcony in the busy, restless city and looks me in the eye. Is it sheer sentimentality that floods me with joy? Why does it feel like a visitation? I
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The Facts
estimated total animal and plant species, documented and undocumented. of them are insect species.1 Previous estimates of unknown species have been as high as 100 million. of fungi remain unknown to science.2 the world’s GDP – $44 trillion – is depen
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The Search For Syria’s Missing
The day began like any other. Mohamad al-Sheikh, then aged 14, walked to school with his father in their home town of Moudamiah al-Sham, near Damascus. He had his lessons, chatted with friends, went home and watched some television while his mother p
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‘Kologo here before the banjo, kologo here before the lute… kologo music be the root.’ So goes the refrain to the opening song to the Alostmen’s homage to their instrument of choice. The kologo is a two-stringed lute, a precursor of the banjo, and an
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New Internationalist
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Action And Info
African Biodiversity Network Indigenous knowledge, ecological agriculture and biodiversity-related policy Convention on Biological Diversity Multilateral biodiversity agreement Convention on International Trade in Enda
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Southern Exposure
Kids hang around the edges as a community meeting gets underway in Ada, Ghana, to discuss the encroachment of private commercial interests on the salt-rich Songhor Lagoon, traditionally a communal resource. Women are particularly disadvantaged, as th
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Agony Uncle
Q: I love the odd beer and in recent years have become a bit of a connoisseur, as well as starting to brew my own. Those who have tried it have been very complimentary about my beer. I’m really fed up in my current line of work and this could become
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This Month’s Contributors Include:
Jack Lo Lau is an awardwinning Peruvian journalist focused on indigenous communities’ rights, socioenvironmental conflicts, and natural territories and wildlife. Seirian Sumner is a Professor of Behavioural Ecology at University College London specia
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Why I Matter
I matter to you because I am one of nature’s most important pest controllers. I am a hunter. I hunt the spiders that terrify you in the rainforests of Northern Australia. In the endless savannahs of Africa, I feast on the flies that carry your diseas
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Betty Bigombe
Born into a poor community in 1950s Uganda, the eighth of eleven children, Betty Bigombe seemed to be destined to a life of carrying water and fetching wood. But her talent as a natural ‘problem solver’ was spotted while she was still at school. At t
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We Got Real About Sustainability?
How well are countries doing in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they signed in 2015, designed to put the global economy back into balance with nature by 2030? The obvious place to look is the United Nations’ Sustainable Development G
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Send Us Your Feedback
Congratulations on NI 528. Excellent in so many ways. I do, however, think that the cover photo of a black carer (doctor or nurse) ought to have stated who she is, given her a name, an identity. Leaving her anonymous confirms the impression that care
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The Limits Of Eden
After two hours’ travel through driving rain, Lucio arrived in the village with his two wives and children aboard a raft, all soaked to the skin. Four weeks earlier, they had decided to leave their nomadic life in the high reaches of the River Comerj
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View From Brazil
At a civilian event in Texas, in May 2019, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro saluted a US flag, military style. Then he said: ‘Brazil and the United States above everything’ – echoing his campaign slogan ‘Brazil above everything’. That scene of subs
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Uganda ‘Let Them Own Their Country’
What’s it like running for president of Uganda? ‘Horrifying,’ says Bobi Wine. The popstar-turned-politician has been riding a wave of popular support since he embarked on his bid to dislodge Yoweri Museveni, the ruling strongman who has held power si
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Beyond The Touirst Trail
The devastating impact of the Covid-19 crisis has been felt across Africa, not least in national parks, reserves and wildlife areas. With the dramatic loss of tourism, jobs have disappeared. Poverty has increased. Poaching has risen, fuelled by peopl
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Finland has become the ‘by way of contrast’ country, as the British Medical Journal described it in 2018. Finland is the one place that shows that something much better is possible than the status quo. That is a weighty responsibility. Of course, Fin
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A Homecoming
Whenever a plane filled with returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) touches down at Manila’s international airport, a loud, thunderous applause reverberates around the cabin. Elsewhere in the world, travellers may roll their eyes over the lack of
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‘Indigenous People Respect All Species’
Can you explain more about indigenous peoples’ relationship to nature? Indigenous people from every corner of the globe recognize that other species are part of nature and as human beings we are also part of nature. We do not see other species as sep
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Carrie Lam
JOB: Chief Executive of Hong Kong REPUTATION: Yea-sayer to Beijing’s authoritarianism No-one can accuse Carrie Lam of not taking her duties seriously. She shows an almost obsessive dedication to maintaining law and order and imposing a ruthless Chine
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As countries increasingly slam the door on travellers from low-income countries, there are some migrants who are actively courted: ‘high-value’ people with access to large sums of capital. Bulgaria and Cyprus both offer ‘citizenship by investment’, a
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What It Takes
The whooping crane, a migratory species that traversed between sites in the US and Western Canada, had all but died out by the mid-1940s, with just 21 birds remaining. Habitat loss and indiscriminate hunting had just about done it in. Hunting the bir
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View From India
As India staggers on under the Covid-19 pandemic, the fallout for working people has been devastating. Between April and June last year the economy underwent a massive unplanned contraction of 23 per cent. Millions lost their jobs; farmers and day-wa
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Nigeria ‘We’re Coming For Them’
For years, Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives profiled young people, branding them criminals for simply sporting tattoos or dreadlocks, carrying a laptop or iPhone, or driving flashy cars. But on 8 October 2020, after a viral vide
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The Sheltering Forest
As we drive along a dirt road up into the hills towards Gedeo in southern Ethiopia, the forest becomes noticeably denser and the air increasingly humid. I roll the window all the way down, close my eyes and smell the fresh, sweet air flowing in. I am
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Spotlight Tse Tse Fly Middle East
When the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar in November 2022, it will be more than the adventures of a soccer ball that the world’s press will be following. Some will be asking awkward questions about the Gulf state’s human-rights record, especially i
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