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Grandmother’s Wisdom
“SABISHII NE.” At my last dinner before leaving home to live in Tokyo, these words unexpectedly came out of my mouth. In Japan, they’re a common way of expressing feelings of loneliness. Early the next morning I would leave and Grandmother would be a
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Stream Of Tears
ON AN OTHERWISE ordinary Monday morning, I found my thirty-year-old son dead on his bed, for no apparent reason. No illness, no explanations, no goodbyes—just dead. Although I was stunned and paralyzed with grief, I guided my beloved son by repeating
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Open, Awake & TRULY SAFE
ALL MEETING ends in parting, said the Buddha. This is an inescapable—and heartbreaking—fact of life. Whether it is someone we love, a good situation, how we define ourselves, or life itself, there is nothing we can hold onto forever. Everything event
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Who Are You, Really?
WHO ARE YOU, REALLY? When asked this question, most people respond by saying what they do for a living, where they live, or something like, “I’m Sam’s father,” or “I’m Jessica’s partner.” These are all perfectly good answers, but what they have in co
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The time we’ve all spent in various degrees of lockdown has of course been difficult. Luckily, many friends of Lion’s Roar were able to make fine use of it by registering for our recent online offerings, including In the Footsteps of Thich Nhat Hanh,
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Sonic Satori
WHAT KIND OF MUSIC, if any at all, serves the purpose of helping meditators establish equilibrium? Some teachers would suggest that music is a distraction, and perhaps it is, but it’s one that has a core place in my own practice. My practice is a kin
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Faith For Troubled Times
IN A WORLD growing darker by the day, how can we find our way to the light? Author and activist Anne Lamott’s latest collection of essays, Dusk, Night, Dawn: On Revival and Courage (Riverhead Books), is a personal exploration of faith in troubling ti
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Our Boundless Mind
Until the arising of the Heart Sutra, Buddhist practitioners typically relied on the presence of an external teacher, a particular buddha, to show them the way. The Heart Sutra, however, pointed to an approach that was revolutionary, one that directs
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Richard Gere on TIBET’S GIFT OF LOVE
MELVIN MCLEOD: How did you first make your connection to the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet? RICHARD GERE: Well, it’s a long story, as most of these are long stories, but I’ll make it as brief as I can. In my early twenties, I was searching to ma
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The Buddhist Guide To Mindfulness
Uncover the spiritual roots of mindfulness meditation and deepen your practice with this just-reissued special edition from Lion’s Roar. Featuring teachings and commentaries from Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dzogchen Ponlop Rin
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Smile At Fear
When we look at the world around us—our immediate world and the world beyond—we see a lot of difficulty and dysfunction. The news we hear is mostly bad news, and that makes us afraid. The fear these days seems so palpable, so atmospheric. You can alm
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No Being, No Nonbeing
The Zen master asked the novice monk: “Tell me about your understanding of the Heart Sutra.” The novice joined his palms and replied: “I have understood that all the five skandhas are empty. There are no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, an
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Better With Butter
IN MARCH OF LAST YEAR, just after San Francisco started sheltering in place, my teaching position came to an abrupt halt. The school would finish the spring semester, but there’d be no fall 2020 incoming class. The adjunct faculty? We were all being
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Practice Self-caring
As Zen teacher Reb Anderson writes in Being Upright, “All suffering is worthy of compassion.” That means that our own suffering too, the kind we experience when life is challenging and uncertain, is worthy of our compassion. Self-caring is not a one-
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It’s The True Nature Of Things
It is important for us to avoid the misapprehension that emptiness is an absolute reality or an independent truth. Emptiness must be understood as the true nature of things and events. Thus we read, “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form; emptiness is
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Ring The Bell Against Hate
SINCE THE BEGINNING OF the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp and alarming rise in hate-fueled attacks against Asian Americans—up as much as 1,900 percent in 2020, not even including attacks that went unreported. Being yelled at to “go back wh
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Lion’s Roar
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The Zen of Retirement Living
HAD SOMEONE TOLD Susan O’Connell, when she started her Zen journey over thirty years ago, that one day the San Francisco Zen Center would be a partner in a retirement community, she would have politely questioned their sanity. And yet today that very
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The Heart Sutra
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The Wisdom That Cures Our Ills
By now the word bodhisattva is common in English. It’s included in the dictionary. A bodhisattva is a compassionate spiritual being completely dedicated to the love and support of others. What the dictionary doesn’t say is that the bodhisattva’s comp
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The Magic Of The Heart Sutra
Among the various genres of Mahayana sutras, perhaps the most famous are the perfection of wisdom (prajnaparamita) texts, renowned for their exposition of emptiness. Rather than having ornate names like so many Mahayana sutras, these tend to be known
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Buddhist Directory
5059 Newport Ave, Suite 303, San Diego, CA 92107. (619) 797-5483, • Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism in San Diego exists to share the teachings of meditation and mindfulness and to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to fr
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Discover The Joy Of Doing Nothing
Sometimes it feels as if we have nowhere to turn. Maybe it’s a sudden loss, or an ongoing struggle we have been trying to manage for too long. This last year seems to have intensified the personal suffering we experience. It is as if the outside worl
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After The Fire
ONE WINTER NIGHT, almost a decade ago, I sat on a city bus full of passengers. But we weren’t going anywhere. This bus had been sent by the fire department to keep us warm. Outside the bus window, our world was falling apart—our apartment building wa
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Rest In Your Buddhanature
Humanity is currently facing some of the greatest challenges in its history, including climate change and a global pandemic. Many of us face difficult challenges and uncertainty in our own lives, from illness to job loss to traumatic relationships. P
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Jolly Ranchers For Buddha
AFTER THE DIVORCE, I found myself living in a home too big for one person, a home with a pool and hot tub turning green from neglect and a one-acre lot I didn’t have the energy to mow. I sat in an oversized bean bag, a bronze Buddha above me, constan
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Mary Stancavage
BORN AND RAISED in New York City, I am a New Yorker through and through, even though I’ve lived over half my life in Los Angeles. When I was born in 1955, my father and mother were fifty-two and fortyseven, respectively. By the time I was five, my tw
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The Once & Future Buddha
I ’M LIVING WITH CANCER. All cancers are dangerous; glioblastoma, the grade four, terminal cancer inside of my brain, is monstrous. “Why me?” is a stupid question, or more gently, an unproductive one. There are known contributing factors for some for
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Heart Of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra
Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, when deeply practicing prajña paramita, clearly saw that all five aggregates are empty and thus relieved all suffering. Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is
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Heal In Community
Everyone, no matter how privileged, has moments when their world falls apart. Fear, despair, and grief can overwhelm us as we struggle with debilitating illness, economic insecurity, or the death of a beloved spouse or child. If we are members of a m
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