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Tatler Philippine
Editor-in-Chief ANTON SAN DIEGO Managing Editor CHIT L LIJAUCO Features Editor MARITESS GARCIA REYES Writer RYANNE CHENG CO Contributing Writer NIKKI MARTEL Global Artistic Director JOE ZEE Editorial Director ERIC WILSON Creative Director MIGUEL MARI
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Tatler Report
Both timeless and iconic, much of Graff's jewellery is set with clusters of fluttering butterflies that are brought to life by dazzling pavé diamonds. A signature motif, butterflies also define the design of Graff’s latest collection, Butterfly Silho
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Asia’s Most Stylish 2020
Singer Supermodel trainer and former Asia-Pacific head of Ford Models Fashion designer Fashion photographer turned DJ Multidisciplinary artist, DJ and designer Influencer Influencer and fashion designer Influencer Musician and member
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The Fashion Issue
It is our big fashion issue this month—so big that we have apportioned 74 pages in capturing the most stylish men and women in the Asia region. This gargantuan project is spearheaded by our global artistic director, Joe Zee, who used to be the creati
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Irene Neuwirth
Describe your jewellery in five words. Feminine, strong, colourful, beautiful, whimsical. Who would you love to see wearing your jewellery? Senator Kamala Harris (the Democratic vice-presidential nominee for the 2020 US election), and she did! Whe
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The Next Paradigm
The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, shaking almost all industries to their core and forcing many businesses to downsize or worst, fold up. The global fashion industry is no exception and the Philippine fashion scene is feeling the
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The Guest List
This fashion photographer has established himself in the industry with his fashion editorials and magazine covers. While he transitioned to advertising to broaden his horizon, it’s his work with New York-based non-profit organisation, Waves for Water
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Tatler Report
Unveiled earlier this year during LVMH Watch Week in Dubai, the Octo Finissimo Automatic Satin-Polished Steel is now available with a polished, lacquered, navy-blue dial. “It’s great for dressing up or dressing down,” says CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.
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We’ll Always Have Paris
How does one write about Paris … a city that eludes capture at every turn? This was the insurmountable task before Alexandra Senes who provides the text for Paris Chic, a book published by Assouline. Together with photographer Oliver Pilcher, she off
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Rising Stars
Local talent is in no short supply. For decades now, Filipino designers have continuously turned heads on the runway; stylish trailblazers such as Renz Reyes, Otto Mondi and Ched Studio have showcased the gamut of skills a Filipino creative is capabl
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Did You Know?
Rolex’s Submariner was the very first James Bond watch. It was worn with a leather strap by Sean Connery when he played Britain’s top agent in Dr No (1962) Sundials were the earliest type of timekeeping devices; the oldest that we know of is an Egy
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Small Talk
“Fifteen years now that I’ve been writing about what to see and do in Paris in guidebooks … When you’re on rue des Filles du Calvaire, and you have two of the same boutiques or two of the same restaurants, which do you choose? The one that’s run with
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Can’t Stop the Love
Last June 12, 2020, Anton Cojuangco and Sofia Miranda said their vows in the presence of only ten guests. Their intimate ceremony, held at the Santuario de San Antonio, was a meaningful celebration made more special by the presence of Anton’s immedia
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Chen Man
What does photography mean to you? People always ask me that question. To me, photography is about sharing that precious split second with someone else. It could be an object, a scene or a moment of eternal togetherness; an ever-lasting moment. Wha
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Altered States
JUNE 13 We haven’t even passed the city limits of Austin, Texas, our home town, before our three-year-old daughter announces, “I’m done with this trip, I want out of the car!” Fifteen minutes down, 70 hours to go. This seems daunting. It’s our first
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Furry Friends
Breed : French bulldog Name: Pele Self-centered and anxious, Pele never wants to share the spotlight. A symbol and mascot of the Ocampo family, he is a seeker of attention and a keeper of everyone’s love. It’s nine years of pure joy with him and h
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Time Management
Images Joël Von Allmen (Hermès); Imagie Photographie (Jaeger-LeCoultre) ■
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Urban Revival
Located in the heart of London in Knightsbridge, this duplex apartment encapsulates the multiculturalism of the British capital. A project that was six years in the making, it was designed by Natalia Miyar; the layout was reimagined to unite two adja
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How We Fight
Recognised by law as the country’s national sport and martial art, Arnis hails its origins from pre-colonial Philippines and continues to be appreciated today by the young generation. The book The Filipino Martial Arts—compiled by Dan Inosanto, Gilbe
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Taken by Surprise
Until recently, most watch-possessing people owned just one or two: a classic timekeeper for work or formal occasions and perhaps something sporty for downtime. It was only in the 1980s, with the proliferation of affordable digital and quartz watches
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Design Study
How ironic that top designer Carlo Calma would describe his favourite artist, Olafur Eliasson, as someone “who is blurring art and architecture” for the same would fit him to a T. Known for quirky sculptures or installations mixed in with cutting-edg
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Thanks For The Memory
It is hard to imagine patches of green in the Ayala Center, but it was so 60 years ago. Today, apart from the church park in the Greenbelt area, the rest of this commercial complex is completely enclosed in concrete. Negotiating the area means hoppin
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Combining Prestige and Technicality
The legendary reputation of Patek Philippe in complex haute horology dates back as far as 1839, and has remained untarnished. Adding to its premier collection are sophisticated timepieces that epitomise the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.
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Learn more about 17th century Europe female painter Artemisia and The National Gallery’s latest exhibition of her masterpieces in this live talk and Q&A with the exhibition’s curator, Letizia Treves, via Zoom. Grammy award-win
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Just Your Type
You may not have zoomed off anywhere (except via Zoom) for a good six months now, but you still operate in multiple time zones, and your watch is the essential tool that facilitates doing so.Co-ordinating contact with your businesses in Sydney, Singa
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Heard Around The Philippines This Month
Staggering friends and followers alike, top lifestyle journalist Thelma Sioson San Juan announced that she has decided to leave the Philippine Daily Inquirer after 12 years as its Lifestyle editor. A seasoned writer and editor, San Juan, who had also
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The Word “Stylish” Conjures A Cornucopia Of Images.
Perhaps it’s an immaculate woman posing grandly in a ballgown, or a popular inf luencer who can pull off any trend, or maybe it’s someone whose look is so distinctive she can be recognised a mile away. The men and women featured on this year’s Asia’s
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All About the Details
The Lexus Manila dealership reframes their concierge service for avid customers. With a brand new programme called the ‘Lexus Remote Guest Experience’, those eager to visit the showroom can now do so in the comfort of their own home. Through a virtua
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The Chameleon
Although she takes her fashion seriously, Camille Co-Koro doesn’t take herself seriously. She goofs around on TikTok or dresses up as matching bananas with her husband Joni for Halloween. This is what makes the digital content creator and entrepreneu
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Out of Office
Founder of Rumah Faye, a non-profit organisation that fights sexual abuse and human trafficking in Indonesia “I’m pretty handy in the garage. I just finished putting together this motorcycle-bike hybrid, which looks pretty cool, if I do say so mysel
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