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Tatler Report
In case you’re wondering about the year Louis Vuitton was founded, it’s 1854, which inspired the name of the French maison’s latest capsule. “Since 1854” honours the numbers by weaving them into its iconic monogram, interlacing them into floral motif
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Annie Darling
As a born and bred Brit, I am hardwired to love Jaeger-LeCoultre. A favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, Jaeger-LeCoultre even graced the royal’s wrist on her coronation day in 1953. This is why I’m so excited about the brand’s two high jewellery watches
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The Classicists
President of Rustan’s Commercial Corporation, which owns luxury department stores  Executive director of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, a government body that promotes Filipino products and businesses abroad  Mining tyco
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Rejina Pyo
How did you first realise you wanted to work in fashion? When I was young, my mother worked as a fashion designer, so I spent hours playing in her studio surrounded by fabrics, sketches and creativity. From a young age I learned how to sew and began
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Small Talk CHEN MAN
What does photography mean to you? People always ask me that question. To me, photography is about sharing that precious split second with someone else. It could be an object, a scene or a moment of eternal togetherness; an ever-lasting moment. Wha
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The Interpreters
Influencer and founder and designer of fashion label Exhibit Influencer and model Band member of The Sam Willows, actor, TV presenter and former national swimmer Influencer and granddaughter of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad Forme
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Around Asia
Asia’s Most Stylish honouree Chelsea Chau-Kuok stars on the cover of Tatler Hong Kong. She discusses how her dress sense was inspired by—and differs from—that of her famously fashionable mother, Reina Chau. Paula Insan Hasari, als
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Street Smart
Yoon Ahn nibbles on a vanilla cracker in her Tokyo studio as we catch up over Zoom. Sporting a blue bomber jacket, gold hoops and a bleached-blonde high ponytail, she pinches the foil packaging with her signature long, pointed gel nails. “I’m really
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Time Management
Images Joël Von Allmen (Hermès);Imagie Photographie (Jaeger-L e-Coultre) ■
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The Immaculates
Interior decorator and personal stylist Full-time mum Gymnast turned supermodel and ambassador for sustainable fashion Actor and goodwill ambassador for Unicef Indonesia Stylist and former editor-in-chief of Inquirer Red magazine Nonag
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Tatler SINGAPORE Editor-in-Chief KISSA CASTAÑEDA Editor TERENCE LIM Sub-Editor HASHIRIN NURIN HASHIMI Content Director, Dining DON MENDOZA Writer AMELIA YEO Contributing Fashion Stylist JOEY TAN Senior Art Director MATILDA
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Worlds Collide
Simone Rocha remembers cramming into Hong Kong’s trams with her extended family every Easter to visit the hilly cemeteries, where she laid cigarettes, ginger cake and tea in front of her grandparents’ headstones. Easter usually coincides with Ching M
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Tambour Chronograph LV277 by Louis Vuitton
Have you not heard? Bigger is better. And at 41.5 mm, the Tambour Chronograph LV277 is an oversized watch that fellow collectors won’t be able to help but notice. Made from 18-karat white gold, it’s also bright and glossy—what more could you want? Lo
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Hall Of Fame
Head of style advisory for Chanel Asia-Pacific, co-author of two cookbooks, Delicious and Too Delicious, and grand-niece of the late Run Run Shaw Medical director of TLC Lifestyle Practice and co-founder of A DrBrand Fine jewellery and handbag desi
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Strike a Pose
In the early days of the pandemic, the hashtag #Formal-Fridays trended depicting people dressing up while doing mundane things like taking out their rubbish. While working from home brings to mind the image of people in their pyjamas, I’d wager many
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Born Again
The Gucci Jackie 1961 bag was named after former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In the 1970s and ’80s, she was so frequently seen carrying the Gucci hobo bag that the Italian house decided to christen it “The Jackie”, while “1961” refers t
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Annie Darling
When I was first introduced to Cartier’s new Surnaturel high jewellery collection, all I could think was: wow. Clutches of coral and splashes of aquamarine, beryl and quartz pull your attention in different directions, but the Panthère Tropicale wris
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Asia’s Most Stylish 2020
Singer Supermodel trainer and former Asia-Pacific head of Ford Models Fashion designer Fashion photographer turned DJ Multidisciplinary artist, DJ and designer Influencer Influencer and fashion designer Influencer Musician and member
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French photographer Olivier Yoan has worked with brands such as Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo and Roger Vivier. He is also creative director of online platform The Ené, a directory of eco-conscious businesses and retailers around Europe. For this issue, Y
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Open to Interpretation
Ben Gorham has no idea what he’s doing—and he’s just fine with that. When the former basketball player launched his fragrance brand, Byredo, in 2006, and decided that he didn’t want to fit into the traditional parameters of the beauty industry, Gorha
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Liang Bo
Following the Alpine Eagle’s cameo appearance in the popular South Korean drama Crash Landing on You, Chopard has tapped into the influential Asian market and roped in Chinese singer Liang Bo to bring its most elegant collection to life. One of China
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Show Time
A spaceship has landed in Shunde, an affluent county in China’s booming Guangdong province. Rising from between office blocks and rows of luxurious suburban houses, a sleek, sprawling disc crafted from glass and concrete looks poised to shoot skyward
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Tatler The Scene
Images Wei Leng Tay (5 Pink Peonies); Wild Rice ■
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Full of Hope
Our genes determine our skin type and affect its overall condition and, to some extent, even lines and wrinkles. But it is the environmental aggressors such as stress and exposure to UV rays that affect the quality of skin. Japanese beauty giant Kane
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Taken by Surprise
Until recently, most watch-possessing people owned just one or two: a classic timekeeper for work or formal occasions and perhaps something sporty for downtime. It was only in the 1980s, with the proliferation of affordable digital and quartz watches
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Fresh Catch
When did you last indulge in truly memorable seafood dishes? Satiate your cravings at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, the local favourite that never fails to disappoint with its consistently fresh offerings and well-loved recipes. The seafood restaura
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Living in a world changed by a pandemic, we have to find new ways of going about our lives. As a response to this, over 170 local artists and those in the arts ecosystem have come together to present their Proposals for Novel Ways of Being (novelways
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Glow from Within
Is your skin getting the care and nutrition it requires? Because our skin needs are ever-changing, the pursuit of perfect skin is an ongoing journey. That is why German luxury beauty brand Noesa offers a myriad of products across four categories: Bas
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What, This Old Thing?
Zoe Abelson lives for vintage watches. The 31-year-old collector manages the Instagram account @watchgirloffduty and is a senior client adviser at WatchBox, an e-commerce platform that sells pre-owned luxury timepieces. She’s based in Hong Kong and h
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Erase and Rewind
Working on the go used to be the preserve of digital nomads, but the pandemic has made us all proficient at it. Even in rigid professional cultures such as Japan, the “work from anywhere” movement has caught on and is even encouraged in order to boos
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