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March Calendar
WHERE: Bharatpur, Rajasthan WHEN: 4 to 6 March The festival of colours is celebrated with much fanfare and for three days in March in the Brij region of Rajasthan. The event is marked by several music and dance performances – or Rasleela – by locals
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Vadehra Roshini The Flagbearer Of An Artistic Legacy
She tip-toed into her father’s art business and has now graduated to being a full-fledged celebrity businesswoman, who understands the inner workings of the Indian art world. Groomed by her father, Vadehra Art Gallery’s Arun Vadehra, and armed with a
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Luck by Numbers
1. Begin with your day of birth date 2. Reduce the date to a single digit by adding the digits if two numbers are involved. Eg 19= 1+9= 1 1 LOVE: There’s scope for some misunderstanding between you and your loved ones, but you should make every possi
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Sharing Her Father’s Passion For Painting Ines Salinas
Artist Inés Salinas has never had to look far for inspiration. Her father Manuel Salinas, one of Spain’s foremost abstract painters, was rarely without a brush in his hand as little Inés was growing up, and the family home is itself a work of art – a
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Amin Jaffer India’s Global Art Mogul
Amin Jaffer is a force to reckon with in the global art world. And with good reason. Author of Made for Maharajas and Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas: The Al Thani Collection and other iconic books, Jaffer is invested heavily in exploring
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Jagdip Jagpal
What’s your favourite part of being the Director of the India Art Fair? What is it that you look forward to the most, every year? “We work all year round to make each edition of India Art Fair better than the last. My favourite part is to see everyth
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Michelle Poonawalla
How did your years as an art student in London prove to be the best foundation for your journey as an artist since? “Growing up in London was an influence of course. It is one of the major art capitals of the world with some of the best museums and a
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“What Is This Instrument, Stripped Of Its Identity?” anoushka Shankar
You seem to be one of those lucky kids who had a mentor right at home, and possibly far less angst when choosing your path… would you agree? “Well I had guidance, but I would not say I had total clarity. There are external assumptions that I was just
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Sonal Ambani
Please tell us a little about your installation, Transcendental Time – what is it all about? “Transcendental Time is all about being in the moment – it’s about being fully present, in mind and body, in order to be able to immerse yourself in the worl
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Art Dubai Curtain Raiser
The biggest art fair in the Middle East, Art Dubai, is all set to train the spotlights on artistic talents from non-Western topographies in its upcoming edition. From 25 to 28 March, the 14th edition of the fair – to be held at the Madinat Jumeirah –
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Sculpting New Stories nandita Jain
Upon meeting Nandita Jain, wife of Vivek Jain (of the INOX Group of Companies), in the capital, one feels a sense of anticipation. One has sensed a lady who knows her mind, a lady rich in cultural exposure and a lady whose enthusiasm for life and exp
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Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum X Salamat Husain
As we make way into the gated complex of Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, flanked by well-landscaped lush green lawns and a two-tier fountain, the pathway leads to a 115-year-old colonial mansion. It was once home to the Lalbhai family – and there’s a cert
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Sanam Bakshi
Varanasi, the Feline series – Please share with us how you choose the themes for your collections… “I choose themes based on a variety of things. Varanasi is based on spirituality and spiritual places that inspire me, and causes that I care about. I
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Peter Nagy And Aparajita Jain Exploring The ‘Art’ Of The Matter
Peter Nagy, an artist who exhibited in the US and Europe first started Nature Morte as a gallery in America in the early 1980s. Aparajita Jain’s journey in the art world began in Kolkata, growing up in a family of art lovers, but it took a profession
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The 10 Most Expensive Works Of 2019
BY: PAUL CEZANNE SOLD FOR: US$ 59,295,000 ESTIMATED PRICE: US$ 40,000,000 Cézanne’s Bouilloire et fruits – which previously caused some stir for the notoriety of it being a part of the Memorial Day 1978 heist – grabbed headlines again at Christie’s
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In Pursuit Of All Things Artistic
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In Conversation With francesca Cartier Brickell
Although Louis-Francois, the founder of Cartier, did not have the resources to fill his store with ropes of pearls, and could not afford a showroom in the prestigious Palais Royal area, he chose one way in which his firm could distinguish itself. “Be
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Tripti Jindal Arya
“My first interaction with art was through none other than MF Husain, who had created a line of colours for Shalimar Paints(a company then owned by my family’s OP Jindal group) which had brought him home before the fashion show organised by the group
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The Inside Story
Former Team India cricketer Yuvraj Singh is all set to star in a web series, which is being backed by the Assam-based Dream House Productionz. Significantly, the series will also star the cricketer’s wife, Hazel Keech, and his brother, Zorawar Singh.
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Shyamal Bodani
“It was only five years ago when I started visiting galleries and shows, and I got into it hard. It’s like an addiction. It’s a solo hobby and I like to keep it that way. I hate going for art fairs with people because then you have to explain to them
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Frame To Fame prateek And Priyanka Raja
Please tell us about the kind Pof art that your gallery, Experimenter promotes… Prateek: “Experimenter was conceived almost 11 years ago as a space for free-flowing creative thought that challenged and provoked the viewers to think beyond the apparen
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Shraddha Bhansali
“I have always grown up with art around me and a really big reason for this is my father’s passion for it. Some of the best Sundays from my childhood were trips with my father to Jehangir Art Gallery followed by a visit to the Sizzling Brownie at Cre
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Once Upon A Rich Legacy… umang Hutheesing
With its quaint havelis, rich histories in textile and wondrous spiritual architecture, the aristocratic lifestyle in pre-Independence Gujarat is Umang Hutheesing’s favourite subject. Ensconced in a 500-year-old haveli in Ahmedabad, the land of the M
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Saloni Doshi
“My immediate family has never been into collecting art, yet my mother who hails from Kolkata trained me in all the classical forms of art – whether it was Bharatnatyam, Hindustani classical vocals, playing the harmonium and oil painting or portrait
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The India Art Fair, 2020
This year’s edition of the India Art Fair, 2020, saw participation by a number of national and international galleries. The Fair was also a promising site of the growing prominence of the Indian art scene, with international galleries exhibiting and
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The Art of Spring Fashion
The Italian couture house has chosen to saturate its latest collection with the colours of bougainvillea, lemon gardens, roses and pinks. Enhanced with frills and embellishment, the impact is extraordinary. The designer took inspiration from Sister R
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Letters To The Editor
letterstohello@gmail.com True power is when someone actually uses it for others. Unfortunately, it is often misused in our society and never fully utilised for the benefit of others. However, there’s hope in the new world order to redefine the essenc
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Curtain Raiser 2020
Welcome to a world of crystalised dreams, champagne laden celebrations and dazzling celebrities. The HELLO! HALL OF FAME has become a most anticipated occasion on the social calendar, bringing together and honouring as it does, stellar personalities
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15 FASHION Wishes
Is it a dress? Is it a handkerchief? A game of colours and shapes, this fun and cool dress (INR 7,440) proposed by the British firm Asos, is perfect for a sultry spring. Few accessories fill our face with more light than earrings. If they also have t
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Editor’s Note
Editor Over the last few years, I have noticed the surge of interest in ‘art’ not only among the super-elite, but more so among a new breed of professionals and youngsters, who are happy to spend money on things that matter, and buying art is definit
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