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Inside Your Veg Box... LETTUCE
There was a time where a tightly packed Iceberg lettuce was one of the only varieties in supermarkets. Now, you’ll find different shapes, sizes and textures, all with unique flavour profiles. I often have a large head of lettuce in my veg box, which
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Three Drinks For May
SERVES 2 PREP 5 mins plus overnight chilling COOK 2 mins EASY V Chill two small tumblers overnight. Put 30g dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl and melt in the microwave in 20-second bursts. Dip the rims of the tumblers in the chocolate, then stand u
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Cassie’s 7-day Meal Plan
Food director Cassie Best shares some of the recipes she’s excited to cook from this issue and on I find making a meal plan fun and cathartic. Knowing I’ve got some recipes up my sleeve for the week ahead brings a sense of calm and m
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3 Lettuce Varieties To Try
This is a great all-rounder of a lettuce. It’s my favourite variety because it proves to be so versatile and useful in cooking, with a delicate and silky leaf and mild flavour. I love it with a crispy roast chicken and aioli, or in sandwiches. Curly
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Duck has a reputation for being fatty, but the actual meat is very lean. For leaner duck breasts, simply remove the layer of fat from the meat. What you’ll be left with is a fat-free duck fillet that looks a bit like (and can be treated like) venison
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Vodka Pasta
It may seem strange to add vodka to a pasta sauce, but a small amount balances out the acidic and intense flavours. You’re left with a rich and creamy dish that’s so moreish you’ll want to make it every Friday – especially as it’s so easy, too. SER
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THIS MONTH’S Wish list
1 Verdura asparagus platter Ј55, We love this beautiful, scalloped-edged serving platter with its hand-painted asparagus design – it makes an extra-special gift for a veg-loving dinner party host. 2 Radish gardening gloves Ј21.33, e
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Makan by Elizabeth Haigh
When people greet each other in Singapore, instead of asking ‘How are you?’ they say, ‘Are you hungry? Shall we go for some food?’ This is because Singaporeans ‘live by their stomachs’, says Elizabeth Haigh in her vibrant new cookbook. It sounds like
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This Is Your Good Food
‘I’ve been a Good Food subscriber for more than 10 years, and make lots of the recipes. In April 2020, at the height of the first lockdown, I set myself a challenge to cook all the cover recipes for a year. Some have been easy, many have been tricky
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Our Favourite Barbecue Recipes
When the sun is out, I love to get outdoors and barbecue. The smoky coals add so much flavour to dishes. But, with the British weather being unpredictable, barbecues are usually last-minute affairs, so I rarely cook anything that takes days to marina
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WE ARE BBC goodfood
A clinical psychologist with a decade of experience working therapeutically with young people and adults, Laura worked in the NHS for several years before setting up her private practice, Dr Laura Keyes & Associates Ltd, to support people local to Be
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The Truth About Eggs
Did you know an egg yolk is often the same size in any size of hen’s egg? If yolks are your favourite bit, the smaller the egg, the more likely you are to get more yolk. According to the British Hen Welfare Trust ( uk) smaller eggs are gener
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Use Up Your Leftovers
Use up any leftover baked feta and preserved lemon peas from p94 by crumbling the feta into a salad made with mixed grains and the peas. Dress with lemon juice and olive oil for a speedy lunch. Any leftover steak from p16 can be stir-fried with noodl
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Star Contributors
Emma Freud talks to the chef and TV and radio presenter about Caribbean food (p126), and Andi shares her recipe for Wadadli stew on page 128. Make the most of the early summer harvest with our deputy food editor’s fresh ideas using strawberries, peas
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I like to pulse this in a blender but not all are suitable for ice, so, if in doubt, or you want to use a hand blender, then try the following: Blend the ingredients until smooth, as per step 1. Transfer the mixture to a cocktail shaker, add the ice
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Showing their commitment to the welfare of children across Britain, Tom Kerridge and Premier League footballer Marcus Rashford have joined forces to ensure that no child should go to bed hungry. The BBC Good Food contributor and Manchester United str
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Treacle Tart
Comforting and nostalgic, a well-made treacle tart is guaranteed to win anyone over. Served just warm with lashings of ice cream or custard, it’s the ideal way to round off Sunday lunch. It’s also a great opportunity to perfect your pastry technique.
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Clever Ideas With Veg
Gazpacho is good – just blend them into a soup. Or cook the tomatoes down and make an amazing passata – cut the tomatoes in half, throw in some chopped onions and fry them with some garlic. Add a little tomato purée, some vinegar, sugar and crumble i
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Roast Pork Lunch
Sunday is the one day of the week when we all make a bit more of an effort in the kitchen. You can feel it in shops and food markets – people will pay a little more for something extra-special, and seek out interesting cuts they’ve read about, or bui
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Try It Yourself
I just love this recipe. Ground provision is literally what it says – the food that the ground provides. In the Caribbean, that’s usually things like yam, sweet potato, cassava, plantain, etcetera. I feel that if we’re cooking in Blighty, let’s use w
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One-pan Chilli
This is my go-to family recipe using a pack of chicken thighs. Shredding the meat makes it go further and the black beans bulk it out, so there’s plenty to go around. This is one of those meals that my kids think of as a kind of ‘takeaway’ treat with
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The Bread Doctor
When it comes to making bread, temperature increases the speed but time enhances flavour. The fermentation of yeasted dough occurs between 2-40C. The colder it is, the longer it will take. If it’s warm it will ferment quicker but will have less flavo
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Books For Cooks
Rukmini’s recipes always pack in flavour with minimal effort required, and she’s given meat-free barbecue recipes the same treatment here. This month, I’ll be making her inventive veg burgers, cauliflower wings and crispy corn with herby butter, and
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We Still Love… Fernet-branca
This bitter digestif (39% ABV) was developed in 1845 to be used as medicine – sounds delightful, right? But, don’t be put off! It’s enjoyed a recent revival because it’s a great addition to any drinks cabinet (in the US, it’s known as a bartender’s h
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Early Summer Harvest
Strawberries have ripened earlier in the season in recent years. You’ll see juicy English strawberries hitting the shelves in May and, if you’re lucky, growing on your veg patch. When ripe and ready to eat, strawberries should not have a green hue, t
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Quick-fire Questions
Favourite alcoholic drink. Bison Grass vodka with fresh pomegranate juice. I had it in Morocco last year, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. Favorite pudding. Oh, I’m sorry, I have to have two – spotted dick and jam roly poly with proper c
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is a qualified horticulturist, trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and is the gardening editor for BBC Gardeners’ World. This month, she answers questions on peas. If you’re growing mangetout peas, where you eat the whole pod, it’s obvious whe
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Tonight’s Special
SERVES 2 PREP 10 mins COOK 40 mins EASY V 2-4 tbsp olive oil, plus a drizzle1 large aubergine, sliced into rounds about 1/2cm thick2 large garlic cloves, crushed400g can chopped tomatoes1 tbsp harissa paste1/2 tsp caster sugar225g block halloumi, sl
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At BBC Good Food, we seek realistic solutions to avoid food waste and packaging, and adhere to the three Rs: 1) Reducing food waste 2) Recycling packaging 3) Reusing food storage packaging and containers. To find out more, go to bbcgoodfood. com/redu
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Family Matters
With two bank holidays ahead of us this month, here are my top tips for eating outside this summer Paper plates go soggy as soon as your salad dressing hits them. Instead, I have a collection of enamel plates and cups that I use for picnics and campi
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