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Love Lies Bleeding
One of my favourites, Amaranthus caudatus produces long, soft tassels. You may have seen the widespread crimson version that gives it its common name but try the fresh, acid-green ‘Viridis’ as a much better mixer – it subtly enhances whites and blues
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Arranging Notes
Beautiful and practical, this woven tote bag is just the thing to take into your flower patch to transport freshly picked blooms back to the house ready to be arranged. Sturdy and spaciously designed, each bag is individually handmade so no two are t
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Find Your Perfect Workshop
Floristry courses and workshops are the best way to expand your skills, and they come with the bonus that you’ll meet others who share your new obsession. Learning comes in all sorts of formats, so we called on the expert help of Rachel Wardley, foun
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the marigold is many people’s least favourite plant for some reason. I admit I used to be a subscriber to the ‘anti orange and yellow in your garden’ club, but once I was arranging flowers regularly I joined the opposite camp – the more bright, easy-
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The Elements Of Floral Design
The process of making a flower arrangement involves many of the same principles that go into making fine art, and that’s why the term ‘painterly’ is how I like to describe my style of arranging. I can remember standing, transfixed, in front of Monet’
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Inspiration For Your Bookshelf
By Louise Curley Frances Lincoln Limited Through years of experience on her own cutting patch, Louise (AKA blogger ‘wellywoman’) is able to advise with confidence on the flower varieties that are most abundant, easiest to grow and which last well whe
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Panicum Elegans
Panicum elegans is a beautiful, airy grass that forms great puffs of green. It’s one of the most productive foliage plants you can add to your cutting patch and one of the best upper-storey foliage plants for cutting. Just add three to five stems to
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Choosing The Right Vase
The vases we use for our arrangements are as important as the flowers we select to put into them. We look for containers, vessels and vases all over the place – car boots, charity shops, eBay, the flower market, antique shops, flea markets… When we w
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Try 5 Issues For Just £5
CALL NOW on 03330 162 153*(quote code ‘ITHA18’) ORDER ONLINE at *Calls from landlines will cost up to 9p per minute. Call charges from mobile phones will cost between 3p and 55p per minute but are included in free call
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Pincushion Flower
If you’re thinking of choosing scabious seeds (also known as pincushion flower), the mauves, dark oranges, whites and pinks of a collection such as ‘Tall Double Mix’ are pretty for informal bunches, but it’s the deep crimson form I like best. They li
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Your Guide To Vase Shapes
Your choice of container is going to add so much to the look of any flower display you create. There are no rights or wrongs here – it’s good to go with what appeals to you and fits with the scale of your flowers. You’ll only need a few shapes to sta
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Learning The Basics
Your flower patch will be beautiful to look at but you should think of it as a place to harvest a crop. To maximise your haul, you’ll need to consider these points when choosing where to plant… * A sunny situation is a must, with a minimum of six hou
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Snapdragons are invaluable for their full flower spikes, which last well over a week in water. Look out for the elegant, single-colour florist’s varieties and avoid dwarf forms (often sold as bedding plants) as the stem won’t be long enough for cutti
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Creating A Fan Display
What’s so lovely about arranging in this shape container is that you can make the display quite low and place it as a centrepiece on a table, but also go taller and use it on a mantelpiece, bar or windowsill. We particularly like adding a splash of c
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Troubleshooting Your Flower Patch
Gardening clubs are a way to share plant knowledge locally. Search on to help you find one. Growers are a friendly bunch and enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience. If you need a little extra help, try visiting
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Spider Flower
Cleome seeds can be bought in a variety of shades. ‘Colour Mix’ has elegant flowers of white, pink and purple, which look rather like daddy long legs on a stem. These look good in the garden and mixed up together in a jumble in a large vase, or you c
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Recording Your Flower Journey
As a flower writer and photographer, immersing myself in the incredible array of beautiful floral images on Instagram is something I just can’t resist. And to follow the personal stories of my favourite Instagrammers, week by week, is such a privileg
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Cutting a stem does cause a flower a certain amount of shock but there’s lots to do to give it a happy indoor life. One of the most helpful tricks is to gather your flowers early in the day, while it’s cooler and the bloom is full of energy. The cool
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Flowers in the home are a luxury, but I think they’re also a necessity – I agree with Vita Sackville-West’s view that ‘A flowerless room is a soulless room’. A display that makes you smile is worth its weight in gold, and if you grow the blooms yours
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At Sarah Raven, we’ve put years of flower-growing and floristry experience into practice to create a range of seeds, plants and bulbs that will help you plant and care for your perfect flower patch. We’ve tested all our varieties in Sarah’s own garde
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Be Inspired By Instagram
Be inspired by the romantic, natural blooms that are featured on Norfolk-based florist and grower Jo Rodwell’s feed. @joflowers Sharing images from behind the scenes of their idyllic flower farm in Oxfordshire are Rachel Siegfried and her partner Ash
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Your Flower Arranging Kit
Secateurs are like heavy-duty scissors and are perfect for trimming thick or woody stems. Try to buy these in person as it’s good to get a feel for them and see if the handle shape suits your hand. Avoid temptation in the form of pretty patterned han
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Growing Notes
Currently on trend, copper tools not only look the part but are said to enrich the soil with copper trace elements that are beneficial to plants. We love that this trowel has depth marks, which is super helpful when you’re planting bulbs. It also com
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Euphorbia oblongata is the all-round best-looking, longest-flowering foliage plant you can find anywhere in the world. It forms the base of 95% of my floral arrangements, and lines most of the beds in my garden at Perch Hill. You never tire of its br
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Pots Of Style
There’s a lot to be said for keeping your vases plain, to better show off the flowers within them, but this ingenious upcycling project shows how a decorated container can actually enhance your cut blooms. Designed by stylist Holly Becker, they’re a
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Your Summer of Planning, Planting & Arranging
Key: HHA – Half-Hardy Annual; HA – Hardy Annual. ■
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Connect To The Season
When you’re given a gift of flowers, what’s the first thing you do? You bury your nose in them and inhale deeply. What we love about a bunch of flowers is the sensory experience – the colours, textures, shapes and luscious scent. But as well as that,
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Sunflowers make the most glamorous cut flowers, and are hugely prolific and long-flowering. For daintier displays try Helianthus debilis ‘Vanilla Ice’ which has smaller, creamy white flowers, which are wonderful for hand-tied bunches. I’d also recomm
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Giving Notes
“Seeds are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone. Tiny fragments of hope and potential and happiness waiting to happen.” So says psychologist turned seed supplier Grace Alexander, who truly understands the benefit of seed planting for our wellbei
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