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Summer Jerseys
1 Mons Royale Redwood Enduro VT Made from ultra-light merino wool, this can be used as an all-year jersey/baselayer thanks to the fabric’s insulating and temperature-regulating properties. It comes in men’s and women’s (here) versions. €80 https://eu
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Saracen’s New Model Army
After a quiet couple of years on the Saracen front, they’ve announced some major changes. The British outfit are the latest to move to an online-only ‘direct sales’ model, which should help keep prices competitive – something also aided by sharing th
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Canyon Spectral 29 Cf 7
Canyon have built one of the best trail bikes out there. The frame is excellent, with geometry that’s right on the money for this category. That includes a reach that’s long enough (485mm, large) to give confidence on steep terrain, while still letti
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I won’t lie, I was pretty excited when, a few weeks ago, James – YT Industries’ UK manager – turned the corner of my street wheeling my new bike. That excitement grew further when I saw the bike was matt black, because as anyone who’s ridden with me
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SO GOOD… Despite its light 100g weight, it feels well made and solid. Its 13 tools include most Allen and Torx keys, and the latter have an accurate fit. The 8mm Allen key undoes tight pedals easily, and the tool body doesn’t flex under high loads.
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Martha Gill
The Enduro World Series recently announced that they’d delay round one until the end of June, so with a super-long off season, I’ve only just started to get back into the swing of training. Every winter, I spend time at the skate park on my jump bike
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Jump Gaps With Style
“Do one thing that scares you every day” is what they say, right? Finding a gap to jump is a great way to do just that, especially if it hasn’t been jumped before. There’s that excitement you get when you first spot the gap, then a wave of fear as yo
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Uplift MBUK
We’re thrilled by the boom in mountain biking over the past year or so, but that does come with consequences. Local woodlands and other natural spaces are being accessed by more people than ever before – not just higher numbers of folk on bikes, but
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Our Ratings
A genuine class leader One of the best you can buy It’ll do the job and do it well Flawed in some way Simply put, don’t bother!
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Angles Explained
Or to give it its full name, effective top tube length, this is the horizontal distance from the centre of the top of the seatpost to the centre-top of the head tube. This determines how roomy a bike feels when you’re sat down pedalling. Women tend t
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Send It!
I started my mountain biking adventure as a middle-aged divorcee – probably not your typical target audience! I didn’t have much cycling experience, in fact I didn’t even own a helmet. After a traumatic breakdown in my private life, my determined fri
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Frame Reynolds 853/ Pace chromoly steel Fork RockShox Pike Ultimate RC2, 140mm (5.5in) travel Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle (1x12) Wheelset Hunt Trail Wide wheels, Maxxis Minion DHF (f) and DHR II (r) EXO TR 29x2.4in tyres Brakes SRAM G2 RS, 200/180mm
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Privateer 141 Slx/xt
It was only during repeated back-to-back testing of our top-scoring bikes that the Privateer missed out on a podium spot. We’ll come on to why that is a little bit later in this review, but the 141 highlighted just how good trail bikes are these days
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HOW TO True A Buckled Wheel
1 Put the wheel in a truing stand. If you don’t have one (as here), you can leave the wheel in the frame and use zipties as reference markers to see whether the rim is central. Attach one ziptie to each seatstay and cut them so that they’re close to
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Supplements That Work
Supplement marketing is usually far more effective than the products being pushed. That said, there are a handful of tried, tested and, most importantly, evidence-backed supplements that can safely improve your endurance on the trail or recovery afte
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Let’s Not Forget…
With arresting views across the Mourne Mountains, Castlewellan’s flowing singletrack boasts great riding for all abilities. There are blue and red trails (with black options), plus a pump track all set in the forest park, next to a Victorian castle a
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It’s Time To Put Our Top Three Head-to-head To Find The Winner Of... Bike Of The Year 2021 Enduro
As ever, getting to the point of having just three finalists was a tough, drawn-out process, this year especially. With the restrictions in place, we weren’t able to swap bikes around between testers as much as usual and had to pedal our laps of Bike
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Mbuk Bike Of The Year 2021 Trail Winner Bird Aether 9
As we said at the start of this section, picking a winner this year was a real struggle. The Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7 has arguably the most sorted frame here, while the Saracen Ariel 30 Pro is really good value and we love its geometry, too. Both the
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Thanks To...
A massive thank-you to BikePark Wales for granting us access to their trails despite the bike park being closed to the public. Cheers also to Fox clothing for sorting the kit for the photo and video shoots. And not forgetting Muc-Off, for their help
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£3,319 Steep and fast or tight and twisty, Pace’s hardtail does it all There aren’t many brands with a history in mountain biking that runs as deep as Pace’s. After making waves with the RC100 hardtail back in 1987, the pioneering Yorkshire company’
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Bluffer’s -GUIDE-
Roof racks tend to be one of the most secure options, with the majority featuring some kind of locking mechanism. Your view is never obscured, and parking is nice and easy. Wheel-off racks make lifting the bike easier. Be aware of both weight limits
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Wheel-truing Jig
Designed for building and fixing wheels, this useful piece of kit holds the hub, allowing it to spin, and uses a pincer-like jaw to help you measure the rim’s deviation from centre. You can also use it to set the rim’s vertical distance from the hub,
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This has been the strangest and toughest Bike of the Year test we’ve ever put together. Our biggest issue was getting hold of bikes. The surge in cycling over the past year, coupled with delays brought about by the global pandemic and Brexit, meant i
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Kona Process 153 Dl 29
The Process 153 29 pumps out 153mm of rear travel via a RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ shock and Kona’s ‘Beamer’ suspension configuration, a linkage-actuated single-pivot layout. There’s a longer-travel version, the Process X, with 161mm of travel, bu
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Our Two Categories
With 150mm to 180mm of travel, enduro bikes are designed to be hurled down the roughest downhill tracks but still be pedalled back to the top. The best ones are fun on less full-on terrain, too. With plenty of international racing experience, Rob kn
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Best Eating
The Pantry Cafe & Kitchen in Yattendon may be small but it has outside seating, some amazing cakes and also serves a fabulous full English breakfast. On the route, in Chapel Row, The Blackbird Cafe is well worth a visit. Try The Bladebone inn next do
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Based in Andorra la Vella, Forestal and Production Privée are two relatively small bike brands that have teamed up to pool resources and broaden their scope for innovation. Their backgrounds are very different, with Production Privée born out of a lo
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Fairer Specs?
Many years have passed since bikes were simply sprayed pink, adorned with glitter, bestowed with an oversize saddle and labelled as women’s models. Most of society, including the bike industry, has moved on from such stark stereotypes. However, brand
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There was a point where our big Bike of the Year test looked like it wasn’t going to happen. Unprecedented demand for new bikes meant we had to pull all kinds of strings to get hold of the trail and enduro contenders we wanted, without too big a vari
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