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On The Olive Podcast Ukraine
All over the Ukraine, we’ve got these special outhouses – four walls, a roof and a little porch – but inside it’s just a kitchen. They exist because Ukraine is incredibly hot in the summer and people didn’t have air-con. But the summer is when you wo
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Teaming Up To Fight Child Food Poverty
The pair want to shine a light on the fact that 4.2 million children live in poverty in the UK – that’s 30% of children, and demand from children for food bank services has increased by 121%. The project aims to equip families with the skills to get
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Helping People With Disabilities In The Food Industry
In his early twenties, David Croft moved to Bermuda to work as a pastry chef, but a few days after his 21st birthday, was involved in a life-altering rock diving accident. ‘Thinking I was in a safe place, I dived into the water, but felt my head hit
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Recreate Our Stunning Cover Photo?
To enter, share your photos on social media with # Olive cookcover or email oliveweb@immediate.co.uk with the subject line ‘Cook the cover’ by 19 May. We’ll feature the winner in an upcoming issue. Want to sharpen up your photography skills? Gilli
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Welcome, Bakers!
This is a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to bake the perfect sourdough loaf, including how to make a starter, a levain, step-by-step recipes (including some inspired ideas of what to do with your excess starter) and advice on what sort of e
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The Measure
Many of you will have enjoyed a pisco sour – made with egg white, lemon juice, sugar syrup and bitters – but what do you know about pisco itself? A brandy made from fermented grape juice, pisco is found in Peru and Chile, although the spirits are mad
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Loving Your Local
As the UK reopens, many of us have already dined al fresco in a pub garden or on a restaurant terrace, reconnecting with family, friends and colleagues over a glass and – at last – a meal not cooked by ourselves. Perhaps, as you soaked up the atmosph
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Eat In Eat Out Baozilnn
BaoziInn, meaning ‘people’s canteen’, has six locations across London – the flagship restaurant in London Bridge, two more in Chinatown and one in Soho, as well as smaller takeaway outlets in Market Hall Victoria and Market Hall West End. Highlights
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More Of Olia’s Favourite Ukrainian Ingredients
Similar to Italian lardo, it’s a kind of cured, salted pork fat. Sometimes we freeze it and just slice and eat with pickles and a shot of vodka. You can also use it as a cooking fat, or bash with garlic, salt and dill to stir through borscht at the v
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10 Things I Love About Cambodia
When I was a boy, I helped my mother in her noodle shop in Phnom Penh. That’s where I learnt about noodles, flavourings and how to make a broth. She and my grandmother, a chef in the royal palace, gave me my love of cooking. I went to cookery school
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Cook’s Notes
If you want to enjoy this fruit cake over a week or so, don’t cover with the frosting in step 5. Instead, put the frosting in a bowl, cover and chill, then wrap the cake well and store at room temperature. Cut a slice of cake when you want one and sp
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When You’re Not Eating
• Book a treatment in the hotel’s small garden spa with use of the steam room and hot tubs • The town holds food and craft markets on different days – check dorsetfarmersmarket.co.uk for dates • Visit Sherborne Abbey and Sherborne Castle (and sample
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Menu Decoder
The Chinese word for dumpling. This is made from black glutinous rice, often called chinkiang black vinegar, named after the city it comes from. It has a complex, sweet, smoky, savoury flavour. This is a chilli oil hailing from Guangdong, made from p
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bolthole The Eastbury, Sherborne
What makes it unique? A very laid-back, homely atmosphere with accommodation in the main Georgian townhouse, Potting Shed rooms in the walled garden or in Eastbury Cottage. On the menu Chef Matthew Street values seasonality and quality, working with
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Wines That Prove Their Mettle
Canned wines have been around for some time, mostly to make simple wines convenient for a picnic, festival or train ride but which failed to excite the tastebuds of discerning drinkers. That’s now changing fast. Improvements in canning technology hav
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Cook’s Notes
If you can’t get hold of pre-made shawarma spice blend then you can make your own by toasting 1 tbsp each of cumin and coriander seeds with a 6cm stick of cinnamon and some cardamom pods. Remove the seeds from the cardamom, then blend to a powder in
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Everyday Healthy
25 MINUTES | SERVES 2 | EASY | LC extra-firm tofu 280g block, drained and patted drygram flour 40golive oil 3½ tbsplemon 1, ½ sliced,1/2 juiced to make 1 tbspgarlic 1 clove, crushedvegan dry white wine 120mlvegetable stock 80mlcapers 1 tbsp, draine
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Listen Up!
1 We’ve just launched a brand new series of the podcast Disasters and Triumphs. 2 Each episode we’ll be asking guests from the food world about pivotal moments in their career, and what success means to them. We’ll also explore the flipside of that
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Cook’s Notes
At Baozilnn, the chefs dye the dumpling wrappers pink and green – this is not only eye-catching but helps them differentiate between the dumplings. To make the chicken dumplings pink, whizz 150g of cooked beetroot together with 175ml of water in a hi
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Garden Party
Just-picked, freshly podded raw baby broad beans are a real seasonal treat. Here, they’re mixed with Taggiasche olives, a Ligurian delicacy from the small town of Taggia. They’re considered to be one of the best-flavoured varieties. 30 MINUTES | SE
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Using The Discard
The amount of sparkling water you need may differ depending on how much your starter has fermented – the older it is, the thinner it gets. 20 MINUTES | SERVES 4 AS A STARTER | EASY sourdough starter 200g (see p5)sparkling water 50-100ml, coldlong
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The Levain
The starter is ready but in order to make a loaf you need to make a levain. This is done by taking some of your starter and feeding it in order to bake with. By doing this separately you ensure that you never accidentally use all of your starter. Rem
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3 Ways With Soft Cheese
1 HOUR 25 MINUTES + SOAKING + COOLING | SERVES 8-10 | EASY spiced rum 100mlmixed peel 100g, choppedsultanas 100gglacé cherries 100g, choppedstem ginger 4 balls, choppedunsalted butter 150g, softenedgolden caster sugar 150geggs 2self-raising flour 1
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Cornish Saffron Company
Saffron is generally considered a Middle Eastern spice – 90% of the world’s crop is grown in Iran – but it’s also an integral part of Cornish history. In the 14th century, it was traded by the Phoenicians for copper and tin from the mines but, until
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Made using 100% British chicken, they are high in protein and just 161 calories per sausage. Not only are they chunky and perfectly seasoned to give a great savoury flavour, they’re also gluten free. Perfect for sausage fans who don’t want to comprom
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A Taste Of Turkey
A vivid red, warming spice made from dried and crushed peppers. The famous Turkish kebab is made using these impressive long, flat skewers. These are extra-long and brilliant for BBQs. This sweet but tart syrup is a winner for marinades, stews and
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The Starter
One of the most important elements in baking sourdough at home is having a good starter. You may have heard stories of people jealously guarding and nurturing their starter, naming it, carefully feeding it and controlling the temperature and environm
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How To Make The Most Of May’s Best Ingredients
A new way with watercress adds peppery notes to this saucy stir fry. 20 MINUTES | SERVES 2 | EASY | LC cornflour 1 tsplight soy sauce 2 tbspshaoxing or other rice wine 1 tbspchicken stock 4 tbsp made with ½ tsp of chicken powder or bouillonwhite
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Who Ate All The Pies? Charlie Did.
How do you think he perfected this one? When you see a Charlie Bigham’s on a supermarket shelf, you know Charlie has perfected the recipe time after time. Now your taste buds get to reap the rewards. Bon appétit. Discover Charlie Bigham’s delicious
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