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Five Ideas For Family Historians
Take some copies of photographs from your research, and arrange them in ways that seem to you logical and connected. Think about how the images resonate together. Choose someone key to your family history. Write eight sentences describing them, incl
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Counting House
An office where a company’s accounts and money were held, and correspondence was received – the term is first recorded in the mid-15th century 20,000 The number of commercial clerks listed in the 1841 census; the occupation became much more popular
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Who’s Your Hero?
Share your family hero with us and they could appear in the magazine! Each month we’ll award our favourite a year’s Pro subscription to findmypast.co.uk worth £159.99. Please write to us at the address on page 6 or email wdytyaeditorial@ immediate
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Dudley Watkins 1907—1969
Born in Manchester to a lithographer and his wife, Dudley Dexter Watkins grew up in Nottingham and studied at the Nottingham School of Art. He moved to Dundee and joined DC Thomson in 1925 where, to quote Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury’s Great Briti
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Archives In Lockdown
The first UK lockdown began in March 2020, enforcing the mass closure of libraries, museums and archives. The restrictions have provided archives with a unique opportunity to focus on the kinds of behind-the-scenes work often forced aside by us pesky
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Newspapers can offer all kinds of information that is unavailable elsewhere. Snippets can vary from simple birth, marriage and death notices, to classified ads and other advertisements, and newsworthy events such as civic celebrations, strikes and di
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Writing our ‘Around Britain’ section for years has given Jonathan lots of contacts in the industry. On page 19 he talks to archivists about their experiences during lockdown. Rebecca is the author of Marriage Law for Genealogists and has appeared on
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Joan Skillicorn/‘j Carmen Smith’, Chasing Shadows
Growing up in Liverpool, Joan was never told anything about her mother’s Spanish roots. “When I was young any hint of foreignness was frowned upon,” she says, “but when I was getting older I wanted to know this other half of my identity.” In 2000 Joa
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w archiveshub.jisc.ac.uk/search Here you can search collections and online resources from 371 depositories in the UK. w archives.wales Learn more about collaborative cataloguing projects taking place across Wales. w discovery.nationalarchives.gov.u
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Who Do You Think You Are? Episodes Made Into Podcasts
Audio versions of eight classic episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? are being aired in a new podcast. The podcast launched on 16 March, and a new episode is released every Tuesday. The episodes available so far follow Alexander Armstrong, Davina Mc
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Marriage Licences
The purpose of a marriage licence is to dispense with the need for banns to be called in church. Modern marriage licences date back to the 1533 Ecclesiastical Licences Act, when Henry VIII’s break with Rome removed the possibility of obtaining a papa
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Search The Web Like A Pro For Better Results
Anyone who’s tried to search for their ancestors on Google will tell you how frustrating a task it can be. Occasionally you might strike gold with a lucky surname and location search, but for best results you need to understand how Google’s many sear
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Findmypast Rolls Out Improvements To Image Viewer
Family history website Findmypast (findmypast. co.uk) has introduced an improved version of its image viewer designed to make it easier to explore historic records. The viewer’s new features and tools include brightness and contrast adjusters, which
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Comic Capers
An era came to an end o n 4 December 2012 when the final issue of the Dandy went on sale. Published by DC Thomson, which is based in Dundee in Scotland, the comic was launched in 1937 and entertained generations of children with the adventures of suc
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A Hang-glider Pilot’s Folder, 1946–2007
Whether the idea of taking to the skies in a hang-glider fills you with terror or joy depends on how you feel about heights. An early form of the hang-glider was invented by Otto Lilienthal in Germany in 1891. Luckily, pioneers such as British invent
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Reader Review
The Chester Creek Murders is the first book in the Venator Cold Case series by Nathan Dylan Goodwin, who writes crime novels with a genealogical theme. Detective Clayton Taylor is reviewing a serial-killer case from 38 years ago. With no traditional
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The sun is shining brightly on this October day, and I am just about to conduct a creative-writing class over Zoom, but one with a difference. The members of the workshop are not your standard group of budding writers, but instead a set of family his
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North-east Wales Through The Ages
St Winefride’s Well in modern-day Flintshire becomes a site of pilgrimage around this time. Denbighshire scholar William Salesbury translates the New Testament into Welsh from the original Greek. Naturalist and antiquarian Thomas Pennant is born in
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Archive Funding Bid Approved
Staffordshire County Council has approved a proposed bid for £3.9 million from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to help fund a new home for the county’s archives. The Staffordshire History Centre project would see an extension to the existing Staff
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More Than One Million Scottish Church Records Released
Images of more than one million kirk-session and other court records from the Church of Scotland have been released on ScotlandsPeople (scotlandspeople.gov.uk), the Scottish government’s records website. The records are a key source for family histo
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Get More From Your Online Family Tree
THE ROYAL MARINES WELSH TITHE MAPS POLICE RECORDS THE LIFE OF AG LABS NORFOLK KIN The story of Coventry’s motor industry and those who worked in it ■
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One year ago we sent our May 2020 issue to press, packed up our things and prepared to work from home. Looking back at my welcome letter for that issue I see that we had to scrap our ‘What’s On’ page at the last minute as everything was put on hold.
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Expert Picks
w britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk Search 41,684,280 pages (and counting) from national and local newspapers for references to the HG by place and date. w bit.ly/home-guard-gb This website covers the HG in Staffordshire and generally with plenty of st
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Alex Kingston
Census returns are a vital source, and the 1851 census helped us uncover Elizabeth’s colourful life. She is listed as a “lodging house keeper” in Shepherd Market, an area of Westminster in London that was a hotbed of prostitution. The lodging houses
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Who Do You Think You Are?
Editor Sarah Williams Production editor Seth Burgess Staff writer Rosemary Collins Art editor Robbie Bennie Ad manager Sam Jones 0117 300 8145 Ad sales executives Andy Williams 0117 300 8803, Tony Robinson 0117 300 8826 Inserts Laurence Roberts
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Societies In Sickness
The lockdowns continue as I write. Among my tasks for the next fortnight are preparing a Zoom talk on crime in a Lancashire town in the 17th century for a family history society, and collating the material for four online talks about bastardy and ill
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Reader Tips
• Write down everything you discover so that you don’t keep going over the same records. • DNA testing can help to prove conclusively that you have found your ancestor. • Never give up. New records or lateral thinking may help you break down your bri
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Throughout 2020 archive teams across the UK took to YouTube to create a flurry of how-to videos, archival walkthroughs, Q&A sessions, collection reports, safety tips and more. The team at Warwickshire County Record Office took a different approach, c
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North-East Wales was a place where both agriculture and heavy industry flourished. The archives contain material relating to brick-making, metalworking and iron smelting, as well as coal and lead mining, including the papers of the National Union of
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1851 Census Online
Index and images for England and Wales, index-only for Scotland. Occupation indexed for Scotland. Irish index links to National Archives of Ireland census search forms. Only records for some areas in Ireland survive. Also has census search forms fill
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