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Idyllic With The Finest Treasures
Just like every day in her business, Stine Borup, who owns "Idyl Idyl", also spends lots of time cooking at home. She experiments with new ideas for organic dishes which are later served in her café. She lives on a farm with her husband Lars and thei
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Retailers Selling Vintage Paint Products
Brayden & Brooks, 37012 High Chaparral, 77355 Magnolia Regina Annes, 16500 Gallion Drive, 70769 Prairieville Vintage Violet, 20909 Bull Pine Rd, 19947 Georgetown White Peo
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In this edition, and throughout 2021, you can watch as Sanne Boer renovates several rooms in her home. Sanne is one of our photographers, she’s 32 years old and she’s been living in Noordbroek, Groningen, in The Netherlands with Anton and their two c
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Retailers With A Large Selection Of JDL Products And Magazines
AD Femmage, 946 Tyler St, 94510 Benicia, CA AD BK MG PD Bayside Vintage Living @Spotted Cow Barn, 641 Escobar St, 94553 Martinez, CA AD BK MG PD Seaside Souvenirs @ Summer Cottage, 153 Kentucky St, 94952 Petaluma, CA AD MG PD Thist
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RUSTIC & CHARMING Cutting boards
Using wooden cutting boards in the kitchen has been a trend for a long time. Place several cutting boards together, preferably of various sizes, shapes and colors. Tine went to a few markets to look for old cutting boards but you can also buy new cut
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New life to THE OLD WOOD
Our handyman Ole was visiting some friends who were renovating an old barn. The wood that they were going to get rid off had a fantastic, natural patina and colors in shades of gray, green and silver. The wood was carefully removed and brought back t
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Dear Reader
The new year has begun, along with all its expectations and dreams. It’s time to turn a bit philosophical and that’s a natural thing at this time of year, I think. We start off with lots of New Year’s resolutions and plans, and that’s a good thing be
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As soon as the new year commences, it’s time to think about flower bulbs and spring bouquets made with the first heralds of spring. They tell us that longer days are coming up and that a new, blooming season is about to start. At this time of the yea
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Jeanne d'Arc Living
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This time, creative Janne from "Anno 1808" has created some wonderful plaster of Paris reliefs that you can easily make yourself. You need clay, plaster of Paris powder, steel wire or fencing wire for hanging, a selection of leaves, seed heads, flowe
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We’re visiting Miranda who lives with her husband Hugo and their three sons in the quiet part of the town of Hilversum in The Netherlands. Miranda’s a graphic designer and she also offers home furnishing consultancy services. The family home is a bea
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Stian and Mariken Steen-Forgaard live in this wonderful home along with their children Mira and Filip. Stian’s two sons, Theodor and Ferdinand, have already flown the nest. Stian is a former author, director and film producer and now he’s the manager
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When Christmas is over and all the decorations and decoration items have been packed away, it’s often a relief. You just wanted to get rid of it again. Still, the home might feel a bit strange and empty afterwards, and it feels as if something’s miss
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We’ve got lots of traditions in Denmark – not least when it comes to food. When we talk about "grandma food", everyone knows what we’re talking about. These are traditional, Danish dishes that have been passed down through many generations and they’r
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Vegetarian food can be both healthy and tasty, and that’s what we’d like to focus on in one of our new food article series here in the magazine. To many people, leaving out the meat can be quite challenging and it might be difficult to find filling d
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Rough style with JUNK & ART
Meeting people who’re really passionate about what they do is always incredibly exciting and inspiring. It doesn’t really matter what their passion is because any passion inspires and creates joy, but still, it’s even more exciting if you’ve got a sh
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A good picture often has a sharp cropping that allows plenty of space for whatever you’d like to focus on – the main motif. The rule of thumb is that you should position your main motif slightly to the left or right in the picture. This is a simple m
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Kitchen Theme
As the option of travelling and exploring the world has been restricted for a while, many of us focus on our home instead, feeling a need to change things and be creative. Perhaps your kitchen needs renovating? You can do that in many different ways.
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Decorative MOOD TILES
Historically, a crisis has always led to positive change. That’s what happened to Michelle Høegh Stjernvik who established "MoodTiles by Michelle Stjernvik" in 2020 during the corona crisis at the age of 34. Michelle has always been very creative, sh
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With A Touch Of BRASS
Actually, Mie’s kitchen is an old Ikea kitchen that she’s had for years. She’s given it a makeover by updating it with beautiful tabletops made of white carrara marble, a brass sink and domestic appliances from Siemens. The raw brick walls look amazi
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Welcome to Femme Façon
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A Small And Simple KITCHEN
We’re showing you a kitchen on a budget in a small apartment in the Danish city of Aarhus. Stine wanted a new kitchen but didn’t have much money to spend. The kitchen elements are from Ikea and they’re very simple and features a neutral shade of gray
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Smarten Up Your POTS
If your pots could do with a change, you can easily renew them with Vintage Paint. Pots don’t need any kind of pre-treatment because our paint sticks to more or less all surfaces. Start by painting the entire pot with white paint. Once it’s dry, meas
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Yvonne König lives with her husband in a wonderful, small house in the countryside. She calls the place her "Villa König". Yvonne was born and raised in the city of Cologne in Germany but now she just loves living in the middle of nature rather than
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White And Blue NOSTALGIA
We’re visiting a family who’s been living in this house in Westeinde in Westerbork, The Netherlands, for more than 7 years. The house was constructed around 1890 and it was a butcher’s store until the 1970s. A large part of the house hadn't been used
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A Kitchen Full Of COZINESS
Helle lives with her daughter Klare in the town of Kerteminde on Funen in a very cozy, small semi-detached house. They both love the country style and that’s reflected in the kitchen which is a true country style kitchen full of charm and coziness. T
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HYGGE Is A Feeling You Can’t Translate
The Danish word "hygge" is hard to describe. Somehow, it’s about moods. "Hygge" is informal and often happens at home. You can "hygge" alone or with others. It’s about the simple joys in life. A wonderful atmosphere. It doesn’t take much to create "h
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We’re visiting Sussi Borup in the Danish town of Gråsten. She lives with her family and their three dogs in a big, old house that they’ve renovated themselves. They bought the house in 2011. The kitchen was renovated big time, including digging up th
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Wonderful Christmas Roses
The Christmas rose (white Christmas rose or hellebore), "Helleborus niger", belongs to the ranunculus family and is an evergreen perennial that grows naturally in the Alps and on the Balkans. In the Nordic countries, Christmas roses are especially cu
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