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Duel: Rane Seventy-Two mkII vs. Pioneer DJ DJM-S11
Battle mixers designed specifically for scratching and juggling were once considered narrow spartan mixers for Hip Hop DJs. But since that time, battle mixers have catapulted to creative high-tech headquarters, including these two candidates: The Ran
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Imprint & Preview
Whether Techno or Pop, Hip-Hop or Chillout, drums have to sound crisp, be used cleverly and above all: they have to groove. But what to look for when searching for sounds, how do kick and bass become one, how can loops and samples be combined to crea
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Modern Mastering
Mastering is essential to give your productions a professional finishing touch. While a few years ago this required wickedly expensive analog hardware, today you can also achieve high-quality results with plug-ins and the appropriate know-how. In our
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Make Money With Beats
Airbit is a platform where you can sell your beats but also soundpacks. You can specify for what price you want to sell your instrumental and the extent of its use, depending on the selling price. After the purchase, an electronic contract is automat
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New Synths & Software
Synapse Audio A flexible combination of virtual analog, wavetable and FM synthesis make DUNE a true sound chameleon. The update, which is free for owners of DUNE 3, comes up with a native AU version for the latest Apple generation M1 chipset, as well
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New Tracks with Wild Sampling
The basic principle is simple: we collect existing ideas and combine them into one or more new kits. It doesn‘t matter whether the ideas were created in your DAW or on the MPC. Maybe you want to start from scratch, too? We start with a track that we‘
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All-round Synthesizer from IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia expands their successful Uno product series with the compact synthesizer duo Uno Synth Pro Desktop and Uno Synth Pro. The latter features an aftertouch-capable 37-key Fatar synth-action keyboard, while the Uno Synth Pro has a 32-key tou
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Song Management and Transfer
Download the Engine OS music analysis and song management software [1] and install it. Start the application so that the player is displayed in the upper third, which you can expand to two using the Dual Layer button. Below that is the song archive (
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Navigator: Best of Beat # 183
For many years, Beat has been inspiring its readers not only with practical and musical topics, but above all with the tight integration of editorial content. From the very beginning, Beat has been about creating, about the structured building of ide
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Powerful Moog Taurus Sound
Since Bully has four layers, creating multi-faceted sounds and sequences is a breeze. This makes the synthesizer an excellent provider of musical ideas. First, load a bass sound that you like. We decide on the preset „Bully II Det Sqrs Wide Tuning“ a
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Four Powerful Mixers from Mackie
Four new mixer models for recording and mixing are making their way into the studio and onto the stage as part of Mackie‘s Onyx series. The models are called Onyx8, Onyx12, Onyx16 and Onyx24, and feature eight, twelve, 16 and 24 channels respectively
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Test: Behringer System 100
At the beginning of the 80s, the Roland System-100m offered an affordable entry into the modular world. Since it was used prominently in the field of synth pop by musicians and bands such as Vince Clarke, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears and Human Leagu
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12 Questions To The Collective
Fraser T. Smith has been a force ubiquitous to the UK music scene, contributing his talents to 18 number one albums and picking up Grammy and Ivor Novello Awards. Over his 25-year career, he’s worked with Adele, Sam Smith, Gorillaz and Florence and t
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Excitement Boost For The Mix
Select the first band and set Side under Stereo Placement. Now you can edit the side signal. For particularly phase-accurate work, it is recommended that you set the mode to Linear Phase to ensure that the phase of the signal does not change and thus
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Talking To: Broke Boys Trap From The Capital
Beat / When did you start producing trap? Alex / It‘s difficult to define when certain music has become trap. Our music has always had trap influences. I would say I‘ve been making trap instrumentals since 2010. Greeny / I already produced beats in 2
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Punchy Korg Drum Machine Drumlogue On The Way
A hybrid, analog/digital drum machine, Korg has introduced the prototype called drumlogue. According to the manufacturer, it is supposed to offer a combination of powerful, unpolished analog sounds and flexible digital voices for a broad sound spectr
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Design Your Own Rock Organ
Load the Prologue synthesizer onto a new instrument track. With it, we create the basic sound of the organ so we can modulate it later. Set the Cutoff control in the middle to 20,000 Hz so that the complete frequency spectrum from Prologue can be hea
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Traditional Hip-hop And Catchy Melodies
Sido‘s hit „High“ (feat. Samra & Kool Savas) has a moderate tempo of 87 BPM. For the drums we use the kit „Planet Malaysia“ of the plug-in UJAM Beatmaker Dope [1]. We replace the first snare of the drum kit with the sound„ SN 1 West “. For programmin
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French House Constructor With their raw, organic sound, the legendary analog synthesizer VCS-3 and its no less popular successor, the Synthi-A, also show their strengths in modern electronic music. Reason enough for us to produce a French electro house
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3 Software Highlights!
Powerful Emulation of the Moog Taurus No question, in a list of the best bass synthesizers, the Moog Taurus shouldn‘t be missing! For Syntronik Bully, IK Multimedia has sampled the enormously powerful sound of all three variants of the legendary bass
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Review: GForce Software OB-E
GForce Software has always had a lucky hand when it comes to emulating vintage instruments. With the ImpOscar, modeled after The Oscar monophonic analog synthesizer, as well as the exquisite Mellotron reconstruction aka M-Tron Pro, the software audio
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Publisher (V.i.S.d.P.): Kassian Alexander Goukassian ( Chief Editor: Marco Scherer ( Managing Editor: Mario Schumacher ( Editors: Tobias Fischer, Sascha Blach and Jan Wilking. Editorial Staff: Matth
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New Effect Plug-ins
Fuse Audio Labs After software developer Reimund Dratwa developed analog modeling plug-ins for Brainworx / Plugin Alliance, he founded his own company Fuse Audio Labs in 2017. With Flywheel, the software developer offers a flexible tape machine simul
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Compact DJ Controller with Motorized Jog Wheels by RANE
If you want to experience the authentic feeling of vinyl even in the digital age, you might be happy about the new portable DJ Controller One from RANE. The complete setup consists of two motorized 7.2-inch turntables along with exchangeable vinyl an
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The Thing From The Deep
Load Operator‘s default preset and deactivate Oscillators B through D. Select Square D as the waveform for Oscillator A. Activate the Fixed Mode. Set Multi to 0. Now, set the Sustain of the envelope for Oscillator A to Inf. and Decay to 5.59 ms. Sele
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Synthesizer Clone Pro 800 from Behringer on the Way
Like its brother Prophet-5, the Prophet 600 synthesizer from Sequential Circuits is one of the legends of the synthesizer elite of the 80s. Now Behringer has tackled a much more affordable clone in the form of the Pro 800, which is eight-voice polyph
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Review: Blackhole Pedal
Blackhole is one of Eventide‘s most popular artificial reverb algorithms. With this algorithm, you can transport your synthesizers into deepest space, and even simple sounds are transformed by Blackhole into ambient pads and endless drones. So, it‘s
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Fat Moog Clone from Cherry Audio
Cherry Audio has recently focused more on recreating legendary synthesizers. With their 32-voice Polymode, they have now ventured into a Moog, which is supposed to authentically reproduce the unusual paraphonic technology. Two oscillator sections (Ra
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Practical Tip from Mastering Experts: Robert Babicz and Dominik de León
As a veteran of the Acid Techno scene, Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid certainly needs no introduction. In Bergisch Gladbach, the versatile artist, producer, sound designer, performer and photographer runs a renowned Mastering Studio with its very own sou
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Scratch Mixer for Hot Battles from Pioneer DJ
Pioneer DJ has announced the DJM-S7 as a performance scratch mixer with integrated audio interface. The smaller model of the DJM-S11 does without a touchscreen, but otherwise offers everything a modern 2-channel scratch expert needs. In addition to t
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