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Hollywood’s Not Dead
How are you supposed to live, when you know your life could end tomorrow? Babyteeth isn’t the first coming-of-age drama to address this quandary, but the performance of Australian actor Eliza Scanlen, who plays the terminally ill teenager Milla, puts
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Manu’s Moment
Manu Crooks can remember the first time he tried to rap. He was in Ghana, where he grew up before moving to Australia at the age of 12, and 50 Cent’s debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ had just been released. “They would play ‘In Da Club’ on the radi
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Rewriting History
It’s been a year of highs and lows for us all. But Bruce Pascoe’s has been especially bumpy. The Bunurong, Yuin and Tasmanian Aboriginal man blew into 2020 on the back of a fire truck, fighting to protect his East Gippsland community from the worst f
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Home Advantage
Sure, those plans to spend a couple of weeks luxuriating on a Greek island or jetting off for a white Christmas in New York have been set aside for now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your travel fix. In fact, between the restrictions and risks
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It Boy
The Timothée Chalamet comparisons are inevitable. That porcelain skin, those thick brunette curls, the lithe build; Jack Dylan Grazer makes for a convincing mini Chalamet. In fact, that’s exactly who he played in the 2018 film Beautiful Boy, as a 12-
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Elements of Byron
During the Covid-pocalypse, it was hardly surprising that anyone who could, decamped to Byron Bay. There are few better places in which to lay low while the rest of the world goes to seed. Just ask anyone who’s tried to book a weekend away there in t
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GQ Big Ideas Presented By Optus
Supported by paco rabanne A generational talent and two-time NBA All-Star, Simmons has become Australia’s most high-profile athlete – and he’s only 24. But it’s his performance off the court that’s perhaps most inspiring. Having set up the Philly Ple
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Eat Less Meat, Eat Better Meat
Let’s get one thing straight off the bat – or in this instance, the grill – no one is saying you have to forgo your summer barbecue or that richly marbled piece of steak singing away on it. Like many Australians, however, we at GQ are not filling up
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Modern Heirlooms
Emily Adams Bode is in a car. “I’ve been running errands and the time just disappeared,” explains the designer as she answers our video call from Manhattan. She’s riding shotgun and members of her team are juggling fabric samples in the back. Outside
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Can Do
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary drinks and the current generation of tinnies is light-years from what your dad sank over the family barbie. For a start, those sugar-laden alcopops have now been replaced by expertly mixed classic cocktails.
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’90s Vibes
It was a time when boy bands ruled the world, when double denim was ubiquitous and when Justin Timberlake had actual noodles for hair. But believe it or not, the ’90s are back in a big way. And as we plunge into summer, we take a moment to revisit so
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Sleep Matters
It’s been a challenging year for many of us. From social isolation to loss of job security, the pandemic has crept uninvited into almost every aspect of our lives – and that includes our beds. A global study by the Turner Institute for Brain and Ment
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Crafting A New Future
Earlier this year, Reese Cooper found himself in a predicament familiar to many independent designers. A sizable portion of the American brand’s stockists had reduced or cancelled their seasonal orders due to the pandemic, leaving Cooper with a whole
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Watch Your Sleep
Counting your steps is so passé. Now, with the new Apple ‘Watch Series 6’, you can track everything you need to know about your sleep patterns, too. By monitoring micro movements from the watch’s accelerometer, the device can detect how long you slee
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Form And Function
Jordan Gogos doesn’t just design objects; he creates spaces. “I grew up in the suburbs and a lot of Australiana decor is quite bulky,” he says of his upbringing in southern Sydney. “So when I make pieces I always want to cut out elements of furniture
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Driving Real Change
On a nondescript day in the middle of June this year, in a scene typical of lockdown entertainment in the age of Covid-19, four twenty-somethings stepped into their respective bedrooms, turned on their gaming PCs and began broadcasting what they were
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Badass By Name
It takes a certain swagger to inhabit the creation that is Joey Bada$$ – note there is not merely one dollar sign but two. It’s also safe to assume that he is not the child of Mr and Mrs Bada$$ of Brooklyn. Rather, the rapper has manifested a persona
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+gq Directory
Sleek fashion-forward designs have long been the signature calling card for BOSS. That stylish thinking extends to work and lifestyle accessories such as this savvy document case. Australian premium skincare company Made For Man formula
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La Dolce Vita
Being tapped as the quintessential anything can be fraught with pressure. However, as the face of ‘K by Dolce & Gabbana’ – now available in a potent EDP variant – model Mariano Di Vaio wears the mantle of all things Italian with an easy grace. If you
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Thanks, 2020. Thanks A Lot.
What a decade 2020 has been. The year started with the country on fire, and it feels like the world has been burning ever since. From the Covid-19 pandemic to classy fights over toilet paper in Woolies, WFH over Zoom, home schooling, social distancin
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Editor’s Letter
Idon’t know about you, but every morning when I wake up, I have to fight the urge to pick up my phone and check the various ways the world is ending. Fires, floods, plagues – it’s all happening. By the time this issue is out, the US election will hav
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An Iconic Update
In 1962 a 28-year-old Jack Heuer, fresh from a stint in the States, stepped off a plane in Switzerland and took charge of the family business, Heuer (the TAG came later, in 1985), founded by his great grandfather Edouard in 1860. The young CEO was a
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GQ: What does a typical day for a GQ and Vogue producer look like? Emma Proudfoot: A lot of emails and calls! Depending on the shoots I’m working on, my days vary massively. I’m either in the office working with stylists and co-ordinating crew, loc
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Fresh Faces
The picturesque Swiss city of Basel has been in the business of showing watches for over a century. For two weeks of the year, the Swiss (and global) horological industry descends on the Rhine-bound enclave for a glittering bacchanal of luxury timepi
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The Road Ahead
Let’s finish what we started.” Daniel Ricciardo calmly pressed his team, determined, hungry. It’s September’s Tuscan GP at Mugello Circuit and for the entire race, the Perth-born Formula 1 racer had been driving flawlessly. 2020’s disruptions had mea
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Personal Space
Timothy Moore has been thinking about the office. Not the TV show (though maybe that too; we’ve all been stuck indoors), but Sibling Architecture’s Melbourne and Sydney studios, which have been sitting dormant since March. “How do you incorporate sta
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The Culture Clash
Make-up Joel Babicci atAssembly Agency using MAC.Hair Pete Lennon at Vivien’s Creativeusing Hair Ritual by Sisley Paris.Talent Evan Betts at ChadwickModels; Jude Cooper at PriscillasModel Management; Dylan Rass atFiveTwenty Model Management;Bozhen at
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A Trio Of Triennial Highlights
If you didn’t know Richard Quinn before 2018, the presence of Queen Elizabeth II at his AW18 show earned the young British designer global headlines galore. For the Triennial, a provocative look from Quinn’s AW20 collection will be on display. Inspir
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Flower Power
Music and fashion have long been close allies, but few are as skilled at blending the two worlds as Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. Since taking over as creative director of the Italian fashion house in 2015, the 48-year-old has been joined by a merry ba
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