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XK8 SPECIAL! Celebrating 25 years of Jaguar’s ground-breaking GT
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Great Pretender
THE S-TYPE Sport 200 is one of the most mysterious Jaguars that you’ve probably never heard of. For unless you were a Jaguar dealer in 2003, or were one of the lucky 200 alleged customers, then it was a car that appeared with little in the way of fan
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2013 XF Sportbrake 2.2 Luxury
EVERYONE AND everything in my house needs to work.Whether it’s the kids washing up after dinner, or my cat catching mice (which, admittedly, wouldn’t be a problem if she hadn’t brought them in to start with), we all need to be useful. This includes m
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PRODUCTION 1966-1969 PRICE GUIDE £8,000-£15,000 OUR CHOICE 420 Many dismiss the 420 as a Mk 2 with a boot and with the nose from the larger Mk X/420G. Obviously, that is exactly what it is, yet it’s also much more than that. With the 4.2-litre XK eng
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Finishing Lines
BY THE mid-Fifties, when the Cand D-type were freely available, there was little need for Jaguar to develop a competition version of the XK 140 in the way it had done with its predecessor. So the car saw little action, and only a handful of people us
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Routine inspection: XJ6 and Daimler Sovereign Series 3
ROUTINE IS the keyword to making sure particular aspects of a car are frequently checked, especially during winter storage. With so much that can be checked it’s often difficult to knowwhere to start and finish. So, we asked Classic Motor Cars (CMC)
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Useful Contacts
Codmore Hill Garage Stane Street Pulborough West Sussex RH20 1BQ Tel: 01798 874477 Web: Unit 1&2 Independent Business Park Mill Road Stokenchurch HighWycombe Bucks HP14 3TP Tel: 01442 833311 Web: 38 Tanners Drive
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Jaguar’s Virtual 2021 Challenger
Jaguar’s designers have seen their work in the virtual world turned into reality with the production of a stunning full-scale model of the Vision Grand Turismo SV, which will no doubt excite gamers. The latest all-electric 255mph virtual race car has
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Breakfast Club celebrations
The Jaguar Breakfast Club is planning to mark four important anniversaries in 2021 at the British Motor Museum, at Gaydon in Warwickshire with three special events. The first, on1May 2021, is a joint celebration for the V12 and V8 engines for their 5
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10 Cars For £10k
FROM £500 X-TYPEs to £5m D-types, there is a Jaguar to suit every budget. While these examples may be extreme ends of the spectrum, an especially sweet spot in Jaguar values is the £10,000 mark, where there’s a huge variety of models available: from
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DVLA Ends Black-and-silver Plates
The law is changing to prevent any vehicle constructed after 1 January 1980 from displaying a black-and-silver numberplate, despite being recorded in the DVLA’s historic tax class. Previous rules permitting any vehicle over 40 years old and registere
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[XJ6 Series 14.2]
PRODUCTION 1968-1973 PRICE GUIDE £8,000-£15,000 OUR CHOICE XJ6 4.2 It seems inconceivable that a car as innovative as the XJ6 remains so affordable. Not only did it set new standards in ride quality and handling, but also its perfect proportions rema
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[xf 2.2d]
PRODUCTION 2011-2015 PRICE GUIDE £5,000-£10,000 OUR CHOICE 2.2 197bhp Sportbrake It was incredibly tempting to include the 3.0-litre V6 diesel in this list. With the most powerful version producing 275PS (271bhp), it is a smooth, forceful, yet reason
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[xe 2.0d]
PRODUCTION 2015-current PRICE GUIDE £7,000-£40,000 OUR CHOICE 180PS R-Sport There was no real surprise when the XE made its 2014 debut. Neither was there any real surprise at its design. After the XK, XF and XJ, a small saloon was the next logical st
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Keith Helfet
I HAD been aware of Don Law Racing for several years and its involvement with the XJ220, but it wasn’t until the 2017 Silverstone Classic, when the car was to be the star feature as it was its 25th anniversary, that I got to know more. Leading up to
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Jaguar World's Technical Advice Service
Q I have a niche problem and wonder if you can help. I am building a Lightweight E-type replica in as close to original specification as possible. Via eBay, I bought a pair of the correct Mk IX calipers; aluminium piston/cylinder assemblies and pads
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Meet The Expert
Matthew Norbury North Wales Jag Centre Director Qualifications and past experience I started working with my dad – also a Jaguar specialist – when I was 13 on an evening, at weekends, during holidays and (occasionally) when I should have been in scho
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[xk 4.2]
PRODUCTION 2006-2014 PRICE GUIDE £7,000-£15,000 OUR CHOICE 4.2 coupe Realising the popularity of the previous generation of XK, Jaguar was clever enough not to change the recipe toomuch for its 2006 replacement. As a two-door coupe or convertible, no
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Bob Berry 1929-2021
BOB BERRY, Jaguar’s famed PR man for four decades, has passed away, aged 91. From the early Fifties until the early Eighties, Berry was instrumental in Jaguar’s success both on and off the track. Four decades after he left the company, he remains hig
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[XJ12 Series 3]
PRODUCTION 1979-1992 PRICE GUIDE £8,000-£15,000 OUR CHOICE Daimler Double-Six It is ironic that one of the most desirable cars on our list was never meant to have been produced in the first place. It was the result of a decision to give the existing
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Jaguar World Magazine
THE EDITORIAL TEAM Editor: Paul Walton Sub Editor: Laura Jones Executive Editor: Jim Patten Technical Consultant: Ray Ingman Technical Editor: Rob Hawkins JEC Motorsport Correspondents
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2008 X-TYPE 2.2D SE auto
MY MUM is starting to have a panic attack. She is trapped in the car and, she fears, what if there were a fire? I had been quite proud of DG58 WHT’s spacious interior allowing us to (almost) socially distance as I’d driven Mum to the hospital to get
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Jim welcomes the E-type’s 60th anniversary (p19) before driving a gorgeous example (p42) Our Nineties saloon expert looks at a rare limited-edition S-TYPE, the Sport 200 (p50) Technical editor Rob explains how to change a wheel bearing on a FWD X-TYP
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[xjs 4.0]
PRODUCTION 1991-1996 PRICE GUIDE £5,000-£15,000 OUR CHOICE 4.0 coupe Another car that shouldn’t have seen the light of day is the facelift XJS, a result of Ford cancelling the XJ-S’ proposed replacement (the XJ41, which became the Aston Martin DB7) i
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Special F-type Marks E-type’s 60th Anniversary
JAGUAR’S RAREST F-TYPE pays homage to its iconic E-type. Just 60 examples of the all-wheel-drive sports car will be available for sale worldwide, each one hand-finished by the personalisation experts at SV Bespoke. Based on the 575PS (572bhp) superch
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[xkr 4.0]
PRODUCTION 1998-2002 PRICE GUIDE £6,000-£15,000 OUR CHOICE XKR convertible With its smooth, svelte lines so reminiscent of the E-type’s, when the X100 generation of XK8 made its debut in 1996 it was clear that Jaguar was heading back to its roots fol
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Richard Bremner
JAGUAR, “Could be wonderful again,” says Gerry McGovern, Jaguar Land Rover’s chief creative officer. McGovern has propelled Land Rover to new heights not only of design accomplishment – no other SUV brand offers such a classily handsome array of mode
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Letter Of The Month
The originator of the Letter of the Month will receive a gift from Jaguar’s official lifestyle range. This month, E-type fuel gauge keyring. For the full range of Jaguar-branded products, please go to the online store at I found t
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2004 Xj6 Se
NEVER LOOK back. It is a mantra I’ve followed throughout my life and it applies to almost every aspect of it. But driving isn’t one of them. So, when I came out of the house the other day to find that a passing vehicle had not only clobbered the driv
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