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Lucky 21
An editorial director at HarperCollins, and author of four novels, with The Wild Girls due out in April @Phoebe_A_Morgan I think it’s safe to say 2020 has been a curveball for us all. Thankfully, the publishing industry has got through it, and the to
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Cathi Unsworth
‘My third novel Bad Penny Blues is republished by Strange Attractor Press, by Mark Pilkington, whom I met working for Bizarre. Bad Penny directly relates to Dora Suarez and Red Riding. It is an evocation of a crime that really did happen – the ‘Jack
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LOUD And Clear
What’s the big idea behind your story? The central concept, the big question, the one line pitch, the overarching theme – any or all of those things, because to some extent they are roughly interchangeable – how does your story-indevelopment measure
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Look North
The 2021 Northern Writers Awards from New Writing North are open for entries from writers based in the North of England. The Awards are given to support work in progress by new, emerging and established writers, enabling them to develop work towards
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Soft Punk Wants Strong Meat
Soft Punk is an international arts and culture quarterly, based in London and New York. The editorial team ‘are intentionally agnostic of a “house style” and liberated from dogmatic conceptions of brow’. The team ‘curate emotive, insightful, and occa
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Reach New Readers Through Portal
Portal Books are launching a new imprint devoted to fantasy and science fiction. While all subgenres of speculative fiction will be considered, the editorial team of Taran Matharu (author of the multi-million selling Summoner series), Michael Miller
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Glittering Prize For Raven
New York born and based author Raven Leilani has won the $50,000 Kirkus Prize For Fiction for her debut novel, Luster. Raven also won the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, a remarkable double which establishes her as a major new figure in the US
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Star Letter
I just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you. I’ve been cluelessly stumbling about for a long time trying to find somewhere to place my short stories – and then I discovered Writing Magazine’s invaluable Writers’ News section. I saw a call for s
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Your Writing Critiqued
The grey metal lockers of the changing rooms slam with a familiar rhythm.1 Some staff carry the end of work day weariness2 in their shoulders, 3others give a cheery ‘See you tomorrow.’ Never to me.4 If I had an identifier it would be “the quiet dark
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I Wish I’d Known
‘At the beginning, I wish I’d known that it is easier to there. In fact, you can only edit words that are actually there. So, rather than obsess about every sentence being perfect as it lands on the page (because, unless you’re a genius, that’s not g
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Win A Souper Prize
Win a £1,000 prize for an 800-word story featuring a secret location in the Globe Soup Winter 2020 Flash Fiction Competition. Writers entering the competition will be sent the details of the competition when they have paid their entry fee. All entrie
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And Then There Were Four
In the biggest shakeup of the industry in years, the ‘big five’ publishers are about to become the ‘big four’, as Penguin Random House (itself part of the giant German media company, Bertelsmann) is in the process of purchasing Simon & Schuster from
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New Online Home For Gay Lit
Queer Lit is a new UK online bookshop for readers of LGBTQ+books. Managing director Matthew Cornford said he had the idea to start Queer Lit after visiting ‘the biggest bookshop in the North’ and being shocked to discover it didn’t have an LGBTQ sect
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David Price
David Price says he fell into writing by accident. ‘When I was a kid,’ he says, ‘I wanted to be a journalist but in 1970s north-east England, to articulate that ambition would have caused riotous laughter. So, I followed my other creative passion ins
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Explaining Terms
Find out what the SoA could do for you at www.societyofauthors.org and get 15 months for the price of 12 with the code WRITINGMAG The SoA advisory team reviews thousands of contracts sent in by members each year for confidential, clause-byclause cont
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In Summary
There’s some very good writing here. It’s difficult to capture the natural rhythms of thought or speech, but that effect is achieved in the juxtaposition of short and longer sentences. It feels like the character is talking directly to us, which make
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Your Money Or Your Life
READ THE STORY AT: https://writ.rs/rockinghorsewinner Last month’s story was about love, but this month we have a story that starts with an absence of love. In The Rocking Horse Winner by DH Lawrence, Hester is a woman who should feel love for her ch
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The Art Of The Short Story
The Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition is inviting entries. Win a £1,000 prize in the annual international competition from the Scottish Arts Trust. The competition is for original, unpublished short fiction up to 2,000 words. Stories may be
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Arts Sector
Previously unpublished articles that are ‘well written and thoughtful’ are wanted for Australia based Quadrant magazine which sees itself as a ‘journal of ideas, essays, literature, poetry and historical and political debate’ and has a founding bias
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New Poets Welcome
Published three times a year in February, May and September, Poetry London features both acclaimed contemporary and new poets. The magazine has an editorial aim to encourage emerging poets and on average, a third of its pages contain work from poets
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A Streak Of Good Fortune
You’d think that after being published for over two decades my skin would be thick enough to take any kind of rejection, but I’m not sure that is something any writer ever fully manages. I’m much more philosophical now, but I discovered not so long a
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Well over ten years ago when I was doing a series of anonymous blogs for The Bookseller (as Agent Orange: a name which seemed funny at the time, but which now makes me wince a little), I wrote a piece – one of many about the challenges to the industr
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What’s In A (pen) Name?
Iam returning to writing after a long break. Previously, I felt a mixture of embarrassment and pride when someone at work mentioned they’d seen one of my articles. Pride to have achieved publication in a recognised magazine and embarrassed because I
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Books For Life
Last year, in a city park, I came across a children’s book, with a tag that said, ‘Whoever you are, this is for you. Happy Book Giving Day!’ I counted six children’s books in the park that day. International Book Giving Day takes place on 14 February
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Get To Know The Correspondent
The Correspondent styles itself as a journalism platform focused on constructive, in-depth reporting. Managing editor Eliza Anyangwe says the site places a high value on diversity and wants to impact journalism itself with an approach to stories that
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Let Music Be The Food Of… Writers
Unpublished poems and short stories on the theme of ‘Music’ are invited from adults and under-eighteens for the Elmbridge Literary Competition 2021. There are four age categories for children: 5-7 years, 8-11 years (junior), 11-13 (Secondary) and 14-
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Go Underground With Gypsum
Australian publishers Gypsum Sound Tales specialise in short stories and novellas. They have two main publications, Colp and Thuggish Itch, which ‘allow… every author, no matter their experience or background, the opportunity to get their work out th
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True Crime
With a past as a probation officer and a partner who is an ex-murder detective, there is no question that Mari Hannah’s crime fiction bears the stamp of authenticity. But it also involves the kind of emotion you would expect in an epic romance. In he
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Under The Covers Accentuating The Positive
This may surprise you, but I’m not known for my relentless positivity. Sometimes I think all the humour I have is sucked out into my writing, so that what’s left for my friends and family to enjoy is a grumpy, paranoid husk of a woman – the kind of p
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Keats Encounters
The great romantic poet John Keats died on 23 February, 1821, at the age of 25, his body racked by then-incurable tuberculosis. Despite his young age, he had already studied for a career as an apothecary and surgeon, and then given up medicine in ord
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