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French Database Filae Grows
FRENCH GENEALOGY SUBSCRIPTION website Filae , which launched an English-language platform in 2019, continues to grow. Over 7 million users have registered; many have created searchable family trees. Public archives, local societies, sp
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Christopher Columbus lands in Puerto Rico, dubbing it San Juan Bautista and claiming it for Spain Spain authorizes the importation of African slaves to the Antilles Construction begins on “Del Morro” citadel in San Juan; amendments continue for the n
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Organizing Genealogy
Having your research and files in order offers many benefits, including: • More time to do research, as you’ll spend less time looking for needed files or doing duplicate work • More efficient research time, as you’ll have clear goals and a research
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Loc Launches Newspaper Image Search Tool
The Library of Congress has launched an image search tool for its enormous trove of digitized historical newspaper pages at Chronicling America . With the Newspaper Navigator tool , user
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Caribbean Genealogy Research Cyndi’s List: Puerto Rico FamilySearch Wiki: Puerto Rico Genealogía Nuestra: Our Caribbean Genealogy
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How To Name Your Files
How to organize your files (whether paper, digital or both) is one of the most basic decisions genealogists must make to get organized. Your naming scheme will depend on where you’ll be storing files and what kind of files you have, but good naming s
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British Newspaper Archive Nears Completion
In Fall 2011, the British Newspaper Archive , a collaboration between cloud-servicing company Brightsolid and the British Library, launched with the goal of digitizing more than 40 million pages in 10 years. At time
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Prussian BLUES
Many things are said to be a “state of mind.” For genealogists seeking 19th-and early 20th-century ancestry in what was then the largest German Empire state of Prussia, “Prussian” is a kind of a state of mind. The term’s meaning differed greatly duri
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Organizing Your Workspace
Whether you have a whole room to dedicate to your genealogy or just a corner of your family’s living room, you’ll need a home base from which you can do your work. Choosing an ideal workspace largely depends on your resources and your needs as a rese
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Genealogy Resolutions
Over the years, I’ve acquired kitchen utensils from my mother, mother-in-law and both grandmothers. I have fond memories associated with many of them. To display these family homemaking heirlooms, I picked up this old wire basket for a few dollars at
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Prussian Provinces
The Kingdom of Prussia (Konigreich Preuβen) was divided into regions, each called a Provinz. Many Provinzen had distinct historical and cultural identities, which your “Prussian” ancestors (and even their descendants today) may have identified more s
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Organizing Your Research Process
Follow these three simple steps for creating an efficient, purposeful genealogy research plan. For this example, I’ll identify and document my eight great-grandparents. First, identify specific questions that you want to answer, as this will guide wh
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Arcane Romaine
WHAT BETTER TIME than the New Year (when many resolve to eat more healthfully) to celebrate the crunchy, vinegar-y history of salads? The Burpee seed company’s 1894 invention of the durable, much-loved and-loathed iceberg lettuce (a staple for salads
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Security Measures
For years, Peggy Ash of Mesa, Ariz., tried to solve a family mystery. Her grandmother was a twin, but the two sisters’ tombstones have different birthdates—according to family story, the sister was born eight hours later, on the next day. For years,
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Organizing Your Goals
Know where you’re going! Before you begin your research, make concrete, achievable research goals that will motivate you and give your work purpose. You should also make sure your goals have a definitive achievement point, as this will help you bette
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Saving Paper Artwork
Remember how, in grade school, your crayon drawings would smear or turn brittle and brown? Tools like graphite pencils, crayons, charcoal and chalk are portable and grant wide possibilities for color and shading. Unfortunately, these same features ma
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Show Me the Money
Would you like to know how much earnings your relatives reported to the government during their working lives? The SSA knows the answer. Unfortunately, under most circumstances, they won’t tell you. But if you’re a qualifying next-of-kin or heir, you
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Tips For Organizing Your Research
1 Store things you need most often closer to you. Perhaps the simplest strategy in organization is the most valuable: Whether on your digital or physical desktop, position the items you use most often (frequently referenced books, a hyperlink to an i
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Running Toward Home
Natalie Zett never felt she belonged anywhere, even among her family. That changed during the 1980s when the Cleveland native took a road trip. “The feeling started in Chicago,” she says. “The more I was in the Upper Midw
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How to Decode a Social Security Card
1. Area number: Geographical region issued, with lowest numbers in the Northeast and highest in the West (except for Railroad Retirement Board, 700–728) 2. Group number: Administrative codes for filing purposes 3. Serial number: Assigned consecutivel
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Organization Tools
Thanks to modern technology, genealogists have access to hundreds (if not thousands) of applications and software programs that can aid in managing your genealogy research life. The table below shares some of the most useful tools, plus what they can
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Get Organized
In each issue, Your Turn offers a form that’ll help you preserve your family’s unique stories and organize your research. Tear out and use the form or make a photocopy. ■
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The Case of the Missing Ancestors
For more than 100 years, mystery books have ignited a love for problem-solving in children while also introducing them to the basics of genealogy research. An army of writers under pseudonyms penned popular series such as Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boy
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“I DON’T PROMISE TO FORGET THE MYSTERY, but I know I’ll have a marvelous time.” Teenage detective Nancy Drew shrugs off-her father’s request to set aside a case for the evening to enjoy a football game and dance in Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, the eigh
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Nancy Drew Today
2020 marked the 90th anniversary of the Nancy Drew Mystery Series debut, and Nancy continues to inspire. We can easily imagine how quickly Nancy would solve those Depression-and wartime-era mysteries with the cutting-edge tools available to genealogi
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Free & easy for free? Yes—there is a way! For one thing, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial, perfect if you’ve got two weeks to do research. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription before your trial is over. (Otherwise, your card will be
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DID YOUR ANCESTOR SERVE? You can consult a variety of documents stemming from military service or conscription, notably compiled military service records (CMSRs), muster records, pension applications and (for later conflcts) DD-214 forms. And even if
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Helping Hand
“Can you research my family?” Because of my job as the editor of this magazine, I occasionally field genealogy questions from friends and relatives. And every once in a while, I’ll take them on to keep my sleuthing skills sharp. (My wife’s grandmothe
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In the Navy
Maureen A. Taylor is the author of Family Photo Detective (Family Tree Books). 1 By the 1910s, studio photographs used protective and utilitarian sleeves that framed the picture—like this pale gray/green embossed enclosure—and were sturdy enough to s
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