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Ronnie “Tsunami” Gandiza Robyn Rolfes Joanna Gustafson Dilip Barman Dana DeBellis Laura Crotty Kimber Dean Sarina Farb Barry Gaines Kate Kunkel Nele Liivlaid Dr. Milton Mills Eunice Reyes Angela J. Richardson Allyson Spellman Kayla Wingard ■
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The bitter, edible berries–also known as winter cherry–lack the healing properties found in the roots Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that is classified as an adaptogen, meaning it can help your body cope with internal stress (such as anxiety, insomn
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Our Advisory Committee…
Sarina Farb speaks around the country to organizations, vegfests, and conferences, while teaching high school chemistry and environmental science. She writes and creates YouTube videos on her channel Born Vegan. Katrina Fox is an award-winning journa
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Rated “V” For Vegan Dining
Have you recently drooled in awe over the growing number of restaurants that are now serving creative, delicious, vegan food!? If your answer is yes, then we have something in common! I’m Eunice, a huge vegan foodie, travel addict and the creator of
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TV Show Guide 52
Taste award-winning host Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, highlights tasty, plant-based meals with help from celebrity guests! Follow Angela Jelita as she bridges her passions of food, the environment, and a deeper connection to consciousness. M
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Holiday Comfort Food
SERVES 4 TO 6 5½ cups cubed butternut squash, (about 1 medium squash, peeled, seeded and cut in 1½-inch pieces)1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil1 tablespoon Italian seasoning blend¼ teaspoon sea salt2⁄3 cup raw cashews2½ cups filtered or spring wat
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Let’s Make The Future Merry & Bright!
Editor-in-Chief & Art Director, Plant-Based Network For Robyn, her editorial role combines two passions that support the Plant-Based Network: her professional expertise in visual design and personal commitment to plant-based nutrition. For more than
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Surfing through the Holidays
First and foremost, to stay on the board, don’t make your life difficult by pursuing perfection when it comes to traveling, visiting and social gatherings. Remember, it's about being together with your loved ones and not fighting about food. When you
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We didn't know if anyone would truly be interested in watching a streaming TV network that only had plant-based lifestyle and entertainment shows…no meat, dairy or drug commercials…no BBQ meat competitions…just shows that met our criteria of being po
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Try substituting them in your favorite holiday recipes this season! • 1/4 cup mashed banana (keep in mind that your recipe will have a hint of banana flavor)• 1 teaspoon no-taste vegetable oil, plus 2 teaspoons baking powder, plus 2 tablespoons water
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Here's What You Said…
Lynda R: It’s beautiful! Congratulations… and thank you for all you and your team are creating to make a plant-based lifestyle mainstream! Dawn W: Top shelf. Very well done magazine. Highly recommend everyone pick up a print copy in addition to the o
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THE BOOKSHELF [click On Each Book To Learn More And Order]
Jay Shetty distills the timeless wisdom he learned as a monk into practical steps to live a less anxious, more meaningful life. Shetty transforms abstract lessons from monks into advice and exercises we can all apply to reduce stress, sharpen focus,
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Holiday Stress sos
My pranayama breathing practice through my asana and meditation practices, is so helpful with mindful eating and anxiety during the holidays. Navigating a holiday social event, a bad food craving, or even just standing in line at the grocery store ne
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‘Tis The Season for Doing Good and Teaching Kindness
Even if you personally don’t have much to give, there are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s never too early or too late to start teaching children about helping others and filling someone else’s day with unexpected
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Barry The Vegan
My name is Barry Gaines. I grew up in the small beach town of Wildwood, New Jersey, where I lived in a three-bedroom house with my seven siblings. I was the youngest child, raised by a strong single mother. My life was simple. I loved family, music,
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I love winter squash all by itself—I used to eat it with vegan “butter” and sometimes cinnamon or cocoa. But because I don’t cook with oil anymore (except for tiny amounts to coat cast iron, etc.), I just enjoy it all by itself, or maybe with cinnamo
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Can Music Make You Merry?
MUSIC. This incredibly powerful antidepressant, anti-anxiety medicine has virtually no side effects. However, it is important to consider how music can affect your mood, and a song that makes one person happy could actually send someone else into a f
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Santa’s banana Berry Pancakes!
Mom or Dad: make a stack of your favorite pancakes either from a mix or from scratch banana pancakes would be a great choice! Then let the kids decorate their own pancakes with red raspberries or sliced fresh strawberries for Santa’s hat, a raspberry
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GIVING BACK Businesses That Are Making A Difference
We created Gangster Vegan Food Truck with a mission to make a difference. After feeding meals to kids living in a garbage dump in Guatemala, our hearts were changed. Then we went vegan, and experienced another transformation, of our bodies and hearts
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Pick It Up: how Mass Scale Clean-ups Inspire Change
“Selamat Hari Bersih Indonesia! (Happy Indonesia Cleanup Day!)” a teacher at a preschool in Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta exclaimed to her students as they gathered early on Saturday, September 21, 2019, to clean up their local neighborhood. The gro
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Want to Get Away? WHO DOESN’T?
TRAVEL IN 2020 LOOKS VERY DIFFERENT! But there are responsible and safe ways to enjoy some time away from home. So when you need a change of pace, we hope this list will inspire you for your next adventure. —Plus, a little daydreamin' never hurt anyo
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As part of its mission to help grow the plant-based movement, the Plant-Based Network has just launched Plant-Based Events, a new division focused on helping organizations to develop and market plant-based events around the world, such as vegfests, c
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Warming Winter Drinks
As the colder weather creeps in, finding the warmest holiday drinks is just as important as finding the right blanket! We’ve done the detective work to find and create vegan versions of holiday classics that those under and over 21 can all enjoy. che
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Following a healthy whole food plantbased diet increases our immunity, and it’s important that we do everything we can to protect ourselves from COVID-19: wear masks, wash hands, stay away from physical crowds, and eat healthy. The Coalition for Heal
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Holiday Goods & Goodies
" Mainstream laundry contains plastics, dangerous chemicals and toxins. Simply reducing plastic and harsh chemical use wasn’t enough for us. We completely ELIMINATED them with our Dissolv able Sheet of Laundry Detergent." Enjoy a delicious protein su
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What Supplements Should I Take For Covid-19?
While the good news is that great progress is being made with coronavirus vaccines, many thousands of people are still likely to fall ill from the virus well into 2021. We asked Dr. Milton Mills, a prominent plant-based physician, “What supplements s
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How Policies and Laws
As plant-based products and non-dairy alternatives have skyrocketed in availability and popularity over the last few years, so too has the push-back from the meat and dairy industry. One of the main ways that the meat and dairy industries are trying
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"I fell into the commonly held belief that coffee would allow me to do more and do it better. Soon, I was drinking 3 cups of coffee per day and began to experience anxiety, jitters and really poor sleep which led to a variety of other negative side e
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Holidays At The Sanctuaries
Remember to support these wonderful places this holiday season. Your gift makes a difference! BOB from Rooterville Animal Rescue [Melrose, Florida] is happily living among other rescued, injured or abused pigs, cows, goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens a
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TV Show Guide
The Plant-Based Network has a variety of lifestyle and entertainment TV shows in different categories with new shows and episodes added every week, so check back often. We also have specials, music videos, and more. Watch them all on our website, as
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