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Van Damme Denies She Quit Party
NTOMBI NKOSI ntombi.nkosi@inl.co.za PHUMZILE van Damme has denied that she has resigned as a member of the DA. The DA this week accepted her resignation as MP and member of the party. But yesterday Van Damme said she remained a DA member and there
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Kia’s Sonet Pure Poetry In Motion
KIA’S new Sonet is the carmaker’s entry point into their SUV range and is probably the most attractive within its segment. It’s more understated than loud and in this market that’s not a bad thing. The LX versions are equipped with an impressive list
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Quick Read
SENIOR citizens have been left scrambling to get to vaccination points after receiving SMS notifications from the Department of Health to arrive in less than 12 hours. Family members are raising concerns over the short notice. As vaccination centres
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How To Deal With A Passenger From Hell
WHETHER you’re on the red-eye flight and all you want to do is catch 40 winks before you land, the last thing you need is to have to deal with an annoying passenger seated next to you. Even though you carefully selected your seat, you just never know
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Victorian Home To Snap Up
A SEMI-detached house in Woodstock will come under the Rawson hammer on Wednesday at noon. The two-bedroom home (pictured), on a 160m² erf, has a family bathroom, an open-plan lounge/dining area and a kitchen. It has a well-maintained garden and a vi
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Scandalous Life Of World’s Most Famous Geek
WHAT a week to be Bill Gates! Having failed to hit Ctrl+S on his marriage and money, the billionaire businessman’s reputation crashed spectacularly this week as details of his checkered past lifted the veil on the freak behind the world’s most famous
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RDP House Converted To Art Centre For Children
A PASSIONATE fine artist from Khayelitsha has turned an RDP house into an art centre which includes a gallery for children and creatives from the area. The two-bedroom house has been converted into an art gallery and an art studio, with some office s
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100-year-old Receives Covid-19 Vaccine
MAUREEN Waddington, 100, of Elphin Lodge retirement village in Modderfontein, received her Covid-19 jab this week as part of phase 2 of government’s vaccination programme. ■
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What Travellers Will Give Up For A Year For Safe Travel
WHAT would you give up to travel safely again? Would you sacrifice one of your vices? Would you give up your favourite food? Would you give up the comforts of your home to spend a night in prison? Well, according to the Summer 2021 & Revenge Travel S
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10 Things You Should Know Before Travelling In Africa
AFRICA is home to stunning landscapes, culture, cuisine and friendly people. Jennifer Morris shares 10 things you should know before travelling in Africa: Your passport needs to be valid at least six months after your date of return. If it isn’t, re
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Murder: Family Call For Fair Trial
THE FAMILY of an 19-year-old drum major who was murdered nearly two years ago are asking for a fair and just finalisation of the trial after the accused’s legal counsel asked for the charge to be dismissed. Charlton Dyers has been the accused in the
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Your Stars
This new year if you can dream it, you can make it happen. So go for broke, go for that love, give your all. Turns out a good year for good things. It’s that simple: it’s all good. For you and yours. It’s down to the wire and so be prepared for anyth
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From Goop Vibrations To 24K Magic – The Meteoric Rise Of The Humble Sex Toy
REMEMBER when sex toys were hidden under three layers of clothes in your underwear drawer only to be taken out when you were absolutely sure you’d have a few precious moments to yourself? Their obvious phallic shapes made them virtually impossible to
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Truth Stranger Than Fiction In New Netflix Thriller
IN A world where people are begrudgingly confined to their houses due to a global pandemic, it would seem difficult for an audience in 2021 to identify with a protagonist living in self-imposed quarantine. However, Anna Fox, the enigmatic lead charac
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Strange But Smart Tips To Boost Your Well-being
THERE are many ways to achieve health. Here are some strange but healthy tips: According Time Magazine, they contain up to five times more caffeine than coffee, but the boost they give is fleeting and comes with unpleasant side effects like nervousne
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DA Must Get Its House In Order
THE DA prides itself in being South Africa’s official opposition party hellbent on exposing corruption and presenting a transformed, unified front. Yet the cracks appear to be widening, showing signs of a party in disarray. This week, DA MP Phumzile
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Mossel Bay Is SA’s New ‘It’ Town
WITH remote working becoming commonplace, more people are moving to seaside towns and areas usually considered holiday destinations, and Mossel Bay is coming up tops for coastal living in the Western Cape. While many parts of that province enjoyed ma
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Delft Power Supply From Eskom, Not City
THE story “Delft’s tsunami of electricity woes”, Weekend Argus, May 15, 2021 refers. The City of Cape Town does not supply electricity to the Delft area. The area is supplied by Eskom. It is unfortunate that the media office was not approached for co
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Cape Family Gets Land Back
THE MARINUS family has finally had a piece of land in Grassy Park that was taken from their dad 43 years ago restored to them. The 2 000m2 piece of land was seized for the establishment of a ‘border strip’ separating the ‘Coloured Group Area’ from th
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How The ANC Chews Up And Spits Out Its Children
ONE OF the most often heard comments about the ANC is incomprehension at the loyalty it continues to command. “When will the scales drop from the eyes of the true believers? When will ANC voters vote with their minds and not their hearts?” goes the r
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Nicki Minaj’s Nude Snap ‘Causes Website To Crash’
NICKI Minaj’s nearly nude snap in a pair of custom hot pink Crocs reportedly caused a 4900% spike in sales of the footwear. The 38-year-old rapper posed with just two fluffy heart pillows covering her modesty and a pair of bedazzled Crocs, featuring
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Quick Read
THE DA has failed to convince the ANC to support its motion seeking to scrap e-tolls. DA MPL Solly Msimanga introduced the motion in the Gauteng legislature this week. The ANC in Gauteng has taken a different stance to its national party members on h
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Verstappen Needs To Put The Squeeze On Hamilton
THE Monaco GP is on the bucket list of world sporting events for many, and who can deny its glitz, glamour and the courage, skill and talent it takes to squeeze an F1 car through its insanely tight circuit? After being cancelled last year due to Covi
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Opera Show Dedicated To Madiba
AN OPERA dedicated to Nelson Mandela will be staged in Cape Town today. Madiba the African Opera, a mixture of Xhosa and English music composed by Sibusiso Njeza, will be staged at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre in Parow. Njeza said he composed th
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All You Need To Know To Manage Your Money
AT ITS most basic level, estate planning is ensuring that your “house is in order” by, among other things, having a valid will were you to die suddenly. It’s not rocket science. However, it’s surprising how many people are ill-prepared in this regard
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Strange Group Of Friends Work To Solve A Slippery Problem
WITH help from a group of friends anyone can find solutions to their problems. The book I See a Leopard tells the story of a leopard who goes swimming to visit his friend. Author, Elaine Macdonald, said: “Leopard is wearing snorkels and goggles. What
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The Language Of Tea: What Does Your Favourite Brew Say About Your Personality?
TEA is just a beverage with some herbal mixture, milk and water – but, for many, it is an emotion. Tea is a lifesaver for many, as it helps them in coping with their mood. Different types of teas say a lot about your personality and emotions. As said
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Somali Business Owners Give Up On Police
SOMALI business owners have lost hope that police will ever get to the bottom of the ongoing extortion and racketeering in townships. Criminals are targeting local and foreign business owners to pay an amount to avoid their businesses being robbed or
Weekend Argus Saturday1 min cititeCrime & Violence
Cele Allocates R1.2 Billion To Fight Gender-based Violence
POLICE Minister Bheki Cele said more than R1.2 billion has been allocated in fighting gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) and the resourcing of the family violence, child protection and sexual offences units (FCS). ■
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Pensioner Waits Years For Payout
AS THE threat of a third wave of Covid-19 looms over the country, more people are growing concerned about another cycle of financial distress. Pensioner Pieter Adams, 60, said he has been waiting 19 years for his pension fund to pay out. However, aft
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