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Wine Of The Week: Two Stunning Alpine Whites
The Wine Society sent over acase of tasting samples the other day entitled “Alpine Wines”. I was delighted to reacquaint myself with an old favourite of mine, 2020 Chignin Vers les Alpes Jean-François Quénard (£10.95), in this box of goodies. I first
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Feud Of The Week
A Spanish aristocratic family is being rocked by a bitter dispute over a painting by Goya, says Isambard Wilkinson in The Times. Diplomat and playwright Íñigo Ramírez de Haro alleges that his elder brother, Fernando (pictured), the 10th Marquess of V
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The Tennis Ace Who Saved Lloyds
Asked to identify the high point of his career to date, António Horta-Osório pinpoints an afternoon in May 2017 when he got a call from a Treasury official saying: “António, we’ve sold the final shares”. After eight long years, Lloyds Bank was finall
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Organic Food Is For The Birds The market for organic food has boomed, say Phil Harvey and Matthew Rees. In the US alone, sales expanded from less than $8bn in 2000 to more than $50bn in 2019. “But as the market has grown, so have the falsehoods about organi
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Money Talks
“Listen, there’s many a McDonald’s both here and in Britain that are more than willing to take on either one or both of them and then they can be truly independent earning their own money.” Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten (picture
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If Only You’d Invested In…
Greeting-card retailer Card Factory’s (LSE: CARD) shares have jumped by 118% over the last 12 months, and broker Liberum believes they could triple over the next three years, says Giulia Bottaro on Proactive Investors. The firm is well placed to bene
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Make Money From Your Art Social media has made it easier than ever for creative people to distribute their work and reach an audience, says Josh Constine. Kim Kardashian, for example, possessed of little more than “unapologetic self-confidence”, compl
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How Invoice Financing Can Help
Could invoice finance help your business? This form of funding, sometimes known as factoring, has hit the headlines in recent weeks because it was one of the services offered by the collapsed financial-services firm Greensill Capital. But the controv
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Best Of The Financial Columnists
A Deloitte survey finds that more than 20% of workers don’t want to return to the office, says Kate Andrews. The estimated number of people who want to work from home (WFH) permanently (7.5 million) is double the pre-pandemic figure. The “consequence
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We Could Still Use A Stiff Upper Lip The late Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh and husband to the queen, was long celebrated (or parodied) as a man “out of step with the modern world”, say Raj Persaud and Adrian Furnham. He couldn’t understand, for example, why s
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India’s Turmoil Hits Emerging Markets
“India’s problem is the world’s problem”, says Yasmeen Serhan in The Atlantic. Just weeks ago, the country thought it had put the Covid-19 pandemic behind it. Then it reported more than a million new cases and over 8,000 deaths over a three-day perio
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Addisford, Dolton, Devon. A refurbished and extended Grade II-listed, 17th-century cottage with bifold doors in the kitchen leading onto a dining terrace. The cottage is set in 11 acres of gardens and water meadows and has beamed ceilings and large o
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World Trade Shrugs Off Suez Crisis
Global trade in goods rose for nine straight months to March 2021, “the longest uninterrupted expansion in over 20 years”, says Simon MacAdam of Capital Economics. Data from the CPB Netherlands Bureau show that it jumped by 5.4% in February compared
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Will A Refurbishment Bring Down The PM?
“Only one of the accusations” made by Cummings (see above) has the potential to force Johnson out of office, says Daniel Finkelstein in The Times; the one about the flat. Aside from offending almost everyone with the phrase “John Lewis nightmare” (fo
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The Rise Of The “Bleisure” Trip
How business travel will look in the post-pandemic world is one of the great unanswered questions, says Conor Sen on Bloomberg. At the same time, many people are looking forward – or at least planning to book – their first big post-lockdown holiday.
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MoneyWeek’s Comprehensive Guide To This Week’s Share Tips
UK regulators might be “tightening their grip” on the sports-betting industry, but “the US is going the other way”. Flutter Entertainment is in “pole position” thanks to its FanDuel brand, which boasts a40% share of the US online sports-betting marke
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Nice Work If You Can Get It
The best-paid educational academy chiefs are “pulling even further ahead from the rest”, says Tom Belger for Schools Week. From 2017, the Education and Skills Funding Agency has sent letters to 277 trusts seeking justification for excessive pay. Of t
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Be Glad You Didn’t Buy…
Esken (LSE: ESKN), Britain’s only listed airport operator, has “halved the number of airstrips it runs”, says Robert Lea in The Times. It is undergoing a costly shake-up that includes selling its airfield in Carlisle and a small fleet of aircraft. Es
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Going Beyond Petroleum
Following one of its “worst years on record” oil giant BP is gaining confidence. It plans to boost returns to shareholders after “higher oil prices and strong trading results buoyed its first-quarter earnings”, says Sarah MacFarlane in The Wall Stree
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Are We Living In A New Era Of Sleaze?
David Cameron pestering the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, for a bung to rescue a business he stood to make a mint from. Communities secretary Robert Jenrick redirecting cash meant for deprived towns to marginal Tory seats that didn’t qualify for the help.
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Trapped Aboard The Ever Given
Of all the embarrassing mistakes you could make, disrupting global trade by blocking up the Suez Canal for an entire week must rank pretty high on the list. Those responsible for the ill-fated Ever Given must, then, have breathed a sigh of relief whe
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US’s Wealthy Brace For Tax Hikes
US President Joe Biden was this week expected to call on Congress to raise taxes on wealthy Americans for the “first time in nearly a decade”, to help pay for his “ambitious” $1.8trn plan to provide relief to families and “reshape the US economy”, sa
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The Bottom Line
€10,000 The fines demanded by senators in Italy for ice-cream makers caught pumping their product full of air to make it fluffier, says The Times. Artisanal ice creams may contain no more than 30% air, with the percentage rising to 80% for industrial
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Book In The News… A “Roll Call Of Ruderies”
During his time as an MP, Alan Duncan was well-known for being an “odd mixture of propriety, informality and emotion”, says Salma Shah in The Spectator. He was “never boring”, but had an unfortunate knack for “ending on the wrong side of the winning
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Book Of The Week
Jin Xu (translated by Stacy Mosher) Yale University Press, £20 At the start of the 14th century, the explorer Marco Polo marvelled at the Chinese use of paper currency, an invention that would be unknown in western Europe for another 300 years. Yet
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Tabloid Money… The Oscars’ £250,000 Goody Bag
• The 93rd Academy Awards, held last Sunday, might as well have been named the “Odd-scars”, says Alison Boshoff in the Daily Mail. London and Paris hosted hubs for the part-virtual £29m awards ceremony, while nominees, including Britain’s Daniel Kalu
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The Way We Live Now: Amazon Takes Up Hairdressing
From the publishing industry to our home speakers, Amazon has transformed everything, says Tom Knowles in The Times. Now it is turning its attention to hair. The tech giant is opening its first hairdresser in Spitalfields Market in east London, where
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Bad Week For
An oligarch’s son “caught up in the world’s largest divorce case” was ordered to pay £75m to his mother this week after the judge ruled him “a dishonest individual who will do anything to assist his father”, says The Guardian. Temur Akhmedov was foun
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A New Headwind For The Oil Market
A slowing Indian economy is a new headwind for oil prices. The country is the world’s third-biggest oil market, importing more than $100bn of the fuel in 2019. Before Covid-19, world oil consumption was around 100 million barrels per day (mbpd). That
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