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The Sporting Hero Saving Street Dogs
John Rush is a fullback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Canadian football team. Five years ago, he began to investigate a vegan diet out of interest from a sports performance perspective. He says, “The first week, my body felt significantly better and
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Pinkabet (Filipino Vegetable Stew)
Serves 4-6 Pinkabet, also called pakbet, originated in the northern part of the Philippines. Traditionally, the vegetables are left to stew, without stirring, in an earthen pot called a banga. Although pinkabet usually includes pork and bagoong (ferm
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Elderflower & Berry Cake
Serves 10-12 This elderflower and berry cake is a perfect spring showstopper and makes a great centrepiece for your Easter celebration. • 600g (1lb 6oz) caster sugar• 850g (1lb 13oz) self-raising flour• 700ml (23.5 fl oz) plant-based milk of choice•
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Follow Me Socially
If you ever need vegan beauty advice, tips, tricks and reviews, Nicole is your girl — her award-winning blog and Instagram pages seek to make cruelty-free living a breeze. Nicole uses her expansive vegan knowledge and love of cosmetics to helps follo
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Medicine Of The Future
Lifestyle medicine is an exciting new medical specialty which offers a truly holistic approach to healthcare. It’s an evidenced-based approach, which focuses on six pillars: a whole food plant-based diet, regular exercise and physical activity, resto
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Editor's Choice Leafology
Struggling with shampoo bars? Try this unique, effective and gentle powder-to-lather formulation. It smells amazing, is plastic-free, sulphate-free and completely plant-based. Comes packaged in a recyclable metal bottle with refills sent to your door
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Family-friendly Vegan Takeaway Restaurant Opens In London
A brand-new vegan takeaway restaurant has launched in London across two locations in Kensington and Wandsworth. BVRGER is the brainchild of three experienced entrepreneurs — Jeremy Ford-Young, Paul Brothers and Afzal Khan. As the name suggests, BVRGE
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Grow Your Own: peas
Peas are so good for you and tasty, too! Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein, every vegan should try growing them. Peas eaten straight from the pod immediately after harvesting are so sweet they can be eaten as a snack or added to salad
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Lemon Pound Cake with Fresh Spring Berries
Serves 16 Pound cake by definition is a cake that contains equal weights of flour, butter and sugar… whoa! This lightened-up version is charmingly refreshing with the lemon flavour and then made even more so with a bounty of berries. This recipe make
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WIN: A Year’s Supply of Human Food Bars
Human Food is the world’s most nutritionally dense organic food. Developed to support a plant-based diet, with added functional ingredients for long-term health and well-being. Each bar is packed full of essential nutrients, such as 100 per cent reco
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A Retreat For All Beings
In the picturesque village of High Halden in Kent, UK, you will find The Retreat Animal Rescue Sanctuary, a haven for broken and abused animals that offers sanctuary to people, too. Now home to over 1,250 animals, the story behind this special refuge
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Tuck In
There is no better day to get together with your household and enjoy a tasty home cooked meal, than on Easter Sunday (4th April). Celebrate life and all it has to offer, with these delectable meat-alternatives, showstoppers and accompaniments, whethe
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The Joys Of Veganic Gardening
Growing our own food brings us back to who we really are. Below the modern day distractions, we are humans and it is in our very nature to grow and harvest food. It is therefore no wonder that the benefits of doing so are so abundant and include not
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Vegan Entrepreneur
New wellness brand, Kacchi London, has unveiled a range of sustainable, vegan savoury condiments and marinades to support digestive health and immunity. Aradhana Bhandari was inspired to launch Kacchi London, after years of digestive health struggles
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Vegan Founded
co-founder, Mummy Meagz Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire I have been vegetarian since the day I discovered what meat really was. I have always loved animals and when I found out that people eat them, I remember as a child being genuinely horrifie
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Let The Indulgence Begin
It’s Easter Sunday on 4th April! And that means chocolate eggs and goodies galore. You’ll be overwhelmed by choice with this lot — there’s something for everyone, from crème egg-type delights and nut-free highlights.
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Vegan News
All things vegan from the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, animal advocacy and more. Got news for us? Email Source: Source:
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Indulgent Drinking
Easter is another of our annual celebrations which appears full of seemingly random traditions, from hot cross buns to an Easter bunny delivering chocolate eggs! Since ancient times, before Christianity, eggs and rabbits have been a symbol of fertili
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Quinoa Sushi with Chickpea ‘Tofu’
Makes 24 maki (bite-sized) pieces Quinoa is a complete protein source containing all the essential protein building blocks (amino acids) required in the diet to make cells, muscles, hormones and chemical messengers. With the encasing nori seaweed del
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7 Ways To… Advocate For Veganism
So, you’re vegan — that’s amazing! Simply by abstaining from animal products you are doing wonders for the movement — helping to save hundreds of animal and human lives, as well as lessening destruction wreaked on the planet. But perhaps you have bee
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Breakfast Potato Cakes with Chilli Jam
Serves 2 (makes 12-14 cakes) Soft, crispy and hearty breakfast patties made from sweet potato and warming spices. These are easy to make with simple ingredients and are a healthy, wholesome and vibrant meal at any time of day. They are naturally vega
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Eat The Rainbow Fresh Spring Rolls
Rolling these spring/summer rolls takes a little bit of practice, so you may want to keep a few extra sheets of rice paper handy just in case your rolls tear in your first few attempts. Recipe from SPICEBOX KITCHEN: Eat Well and Be Healthy with Globa
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Butter Tofu Curry
Serves 4 This curry will really surprise you with its authentic taste. Full of flavour and comforting, it will satisfy the biggest eaters. Firm tofu soaks up the flavours and provides a tender bite swimming in silky, creamy and rich sauce. Absolutely
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Vegan Thoughts With Jake
The year is 1986, and Jan Arkless has just published a seminal new cookbook called How To Boil An Egg. It’s a new kind of cookbook that starts at Ground Zero for someone who has never hobnobbed with a hob. It has sold 230,000 copies to date, which is
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What I Eat In A Week…
During the spring, I’m more prone to having a cold smoothie in the morning instead of a warming porridge. Today, I blitzed up frozen summer berries with hemp milk, a big spoonful of peanut butter, a dash of agave syrup, and some spinach remaining in
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Recipes For Celebrating Life
Recipe by Vegan Life in-house chefs Serves 6 This side salad is the perfect accompaniment to a spring roast, adding plenty of flavour and vibrancy to your plate. • 100g (3.5 oz) frozen broad beans• 350g (12.3 oz) fresh asparagus• 50g (1.7 oz) frozen
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VeganLife meets… Evanna Lynch
She is well known the world round for her acclaimed acting roles in the Harry Potter franchise, G.B.F. and My Name is Emily (among many others), but actress Evanna Lynch is also an incredible advocate for veganism. We catch up with Irish-born Evanna
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Red Wine Gravy
Recipe by Vegan Life in-house chefs The gravy can be made in advance and frozen for up to 3 months. Simply defrost overnight in the fridge and reheat thoroughly before serving. Serves 8-10 This gravy takes a little more time to make than a usual inst
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Vegan Life
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Ethical Pet Care Brand HOWND Launches Plant-powered Superfood For Dogs
Contrary to popular belief that dogs are carnivores, dogs are actually obligate omnivores and can therefore not only survive but thrive on a plant-based diet. With this in mind, HOWND, a pioneer of cruelty-free, plant-based pet care products since 20
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