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Jay Leno
Alittle over 100 years ago the future of the automobile was at a crossroads. How do we power the future? A third of cars were steam, a third were electric and the rest were powered by internal combustion. Steam was already 100 years old, and reliable
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Showroom Briefs
Only 310 Corniche coupés were produced, and this 23,000-mile example looks like one of the best. Coming from its last owner of 32 years, it has just been fully recomissioned by Hillier Hill. tomhartleyjnr.com (UK) Extremely well-equipped Holland & Ho
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The Shape Of Water
She is beautiful. Even from a distance, she makes you stop and stare. The lines, the curves: everything attracts your attention. The closer you get, the better she is: so refined, every detail adding to an almost perfect whole. She is not young, and
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A Real Cracker
OLD CARS, EH? When they don’t work properly, it’s all part of the character. After all, car manufacturers didn’t really have a clue back then, and neither did their customers, who just accepted their lot. So when an old car doesn’t work quite faultle
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A Spanish Surprise
RALLY THE GLOBEwas established in 2018 to do exactly that, but the club (it is run as a not-for-profit for the benefit of its members) has inevitably been forced to pump the brakes on a series of events intended to take crews right around the world.
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Touring Class
I first saw this car on a visit to Beckenham-based Aston Martin specialists Pugsley & Lewis in late 2019. Tucked away in an outbuilding with a monstrous 7.3-litre V8 Vantage for company, it looked heartbreakingly pretty. Freshly restored, it was the
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Open Season’s Back
GLEN WADDINGTON SPRING HAS SPRUNG. And that means it was MoT time. As usual, the BMW flew through with no advisories. Of course, it hadn’t seen much use recently. Our last trip out as a family had been to Silverstone Circuit in the run-up to Christma
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The 2021 Calendar
1-2 May Donington, UK doningtonhistoric.com 1-8 May Starts/ends Marrakesh, Morocco zaniroli.com 20-23 May Salsomaggiore Terme to Reggio Emilia, Italy granpremioterredicanossa.it 20-23 May Amelia Island, USA ameliaconcours.org 21-23 May Based at Bices
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Sabine Schmitz b.1969
THE QUEEN of the Nürburgring became instantly famous to UK audiences, those that had never visited the Nordscheife at least, when she appeared on Top Gear coaching Jeremy Clarkson to drive a Jaguar S-type around the Green Hell in under 10min, and lat
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Ultimate McLaren F1 GTR
Book of the month If ever a car model could be considered to have had a charmed life, it is surely the McLaren F1 GTR. First, because neither chief engineer Gordon Murray nor company boss Ron Dennis initially wanted the F1 to be used for racing in an
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Great Escapes
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The Lowdown
Once the cheapest, Phase 1s are now so rare that you’ll pay a premium for a low-mileage unmodified example. £2500 is your starting point, past £4000 for the best; £1500 for a project. Add 20% for the Exclusive model. Phase 2 172s and 182s are roughly
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Farewell Mitsubishi
THE FATE OF Mitsubishi’s struggling UK operation has, sadly, been sealed for some time, and a stark reminder comes in the form of Auto Auction’s sale of the company’s treasured heritage car collection. The new auction house, fronted by racing driver
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Canada At Its Most Colourful
FIGURES FROM the Canadian Government show that 679,000 Brits visited the Great White North in 2019, which sounds like a lot until you learn that seven times as many holidayed in the USA that year. Relatively speaking, then, Canada is unexplored by us
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Renaultsport Clio 172 &182
HOT HATCHES have always been a particular French speciality, but Renault has enjoyed an almost unbroken chain of greatest hits. Any ‘Top 10’ list will most likely feature at least half-a-dozen Renaults, and somewhere near the top of that list will be
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Amy Shore
HAVING MY PHOTOGRAPHS published in Octane really was the start of my career. I graduated from university in the summer of 2013 with a degree in Design Craft, specialising in silver-smithing and metal-smithing, but I still wasn’t sure what I was going
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Mustang Sally
MARK DIXON LETTING A CLASSIC stand idle for a long period is never a good idea, but the Covid crisis meant many of us didn’t have a choice. As the lockdown eased, I became ever keener to get the Mustang out of hibernation; not just to get the oils ci
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There was a time when impact-bumper 911s were kept marvellously cheap thanks to the snotty attitude of Porsche purists, but even in those days we never came across a deal as good as this one: for 120 quid Lego will sell you not only a 930-generation
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Auction Tracker BMW 2002 Turbo
Only 1672 Turbos were produced, all left-hand drive and finished in Polaris (silver) or Chamonix (white). A five-speed gearbox, sunroof and Mahle alloy wheels were among the few options available. Increasing values in recent years saw the best exampl
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Manifold Depressions
DELWYN MALLETT BACK IN Octane 200, I wrote that uneven firing on my ‘rat rod’ Studebaker’s straight-six had left me scratching my head about the cause. The car was street legal other than in the lighting department, so figured I’d replace the time-ra
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Any Other Business…
Ford has discontinued the Mondeo. It is indicative of the aspirations of the working man (or woman) that the market deserted the car long before the car left the market. Before Mondeo we had Sierra, the radically sleek body of which sat atop underpin
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Top 10 Prices March 2021
1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, USA. 20-27 March 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe Mecum, Glendale, USA. 18-20 March 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, USA. 20-27 March 2018 Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition
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Preservation Of The Species
SQUIRRELLED AWAY in a private Southern California collection since the mid-1960s, this 1955 Ferrari 250 GT Europa is thought to be one of the most original and best-preserved examples left anywhere in the world. As the first of the roadgoing Ferrari
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Perfect Picnic
MASSIMO DELBÒ PICNICKING IS not an Italian tradition but, ever since I visited Scotland during my first trip to the UK in 1986, I’ve loved the idea. So much so that, when I got back home, I dug out my mum’s long-forgotten picnic basket, which had not
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$5.5m Cobra Wows In Scottsdale
BARRETT-JACKSON DOESN’T do small, and its $105million bonanza at WestWorld of Scottsdale on 20-27 March re-affirmed that. The sale of 1054 vehicles was headlined by the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake (above) at $5.5million. CSX 3015 is one of two
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Miss Veedol
FOR TWO DECADES Miss Veedol glided along the highways of Europe on an imaginary ribbon of ice. During the 1950s and into the ’60s, no self-respecting German truck driver would consider his vehicle fit for the road unless it sported a Veedol ‘blonde a
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Derek Bell
Well, the 2021 motorsport season is well and truly underway. Obviously, having raced sports cars for so long, I was excited to watch the Sebring 12 Hours, and the stars were aligned for Sébastien Bourdais, Loïc Duval and Tristan Vautier who claimed h
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The Future Of Liquid Fuels
THE CHALLENGE of ‘Net Zero by 2050’, coupled with the Government’s announcement that the sale of petrol and diesel cars will cease in 2030, is a serious concern for classic and historic vehicle enthusiasts. Everyone is quite rightly asking what fuels
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Lock-up Garages
There are four universal rules to lock-ups: you can never have too many, they can never be too close to home, you can never turn a good one down (you know, just in case) and you will always instantly fill however many you have. Whether used legitimat
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Auction Diary
Due to cancellations and moves online, it is essential to confirm details with auction houses 21-29 April RM Sotheby’s, online, global 28 April – 1 May Mecum, Las Vegas, USA (motorcycles) 1-2 May Anglia Car Auctions, online, UK 3-7 May Gooding & Comp
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