Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Lungime: 7 minute
Astronomer Carl Sagan takes us on a tour of the universe in this timeless classic of scientific inquiry.

Carl Sagan was the most influential astronomer to ever grace the modern imagination with his insights. Spanning eons of time and cultural evolution, Sagan’s classic treatise “Cosmos” pieces together forces both measurable and indeterminable in the story of our very existence. By exploring our place in the universe — and the universe’s in us — Sagan offers an erudite philosophy of purpose.

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  • Are familiar with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos” and want to know what inspired it
  • Are passionate about science and its effect on humankind
  • Want to ponder larger questions in a time of obsessive details and distractions
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