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Lecia a aisprezecea Lesson Sixteen



1. The Simple Future

Viitorul simplu

Viitorul se formeaz cu ajutorul auxiliarului will urmat de infinitivul verbului

de conjugat.
I will come
you will come
she will come
he will come
we will come
you will come
they will come

eu voi veni
tu vei veni
ea va veni
el va veni
noi vom veni
voi vei veni
ei vor veni

I will talk
you will talk
she will talk
he will talk
we will talk
you will talk
they will talk

eu voi vorbi
tu vei vorbi
ea va vorbi
el va vorbi
noi vom vorbi
voi vei vorbi
ei vor vorbi

The day after tomorrow we will have an exam. Poimine vom avea un
There will be a fair in two weeks. Va fi un trg peste dou sptmni.
She will do this next time. Va face asta data viitoare.
He will finish his work at half past ten. Va termina lucrul la zece i jumtate.
They will find a way to do this. Vor gsi o cale s fac acest lucru.
Auxiliarul will are dou forme negative:
I will not go there. Nu voi merge acolo.
I wont go there. Nu voi merge acolo.
n limba englez literar pentru persoanele I singular i plural se folosete,
de obicei, auxiliarul shall:
I shall come back. M voi ntoarce.
We shall send you a letter. V vom trimite o scrisoare.
2. The Collective Numeral

Numeralul colectiv

We ordered a couple of drinks. Noi am comandat dou buturi.

I bought a new pair of gloves. Eu am cumprat o pereche de mnui.
We are a team of doctors, we two. Noi suntem o echip de doctori, noi doi.
We have two dozen of eggs. Noi avem dou duzini de ou.
3. 10 Irregular Verbs

10 verbe neregulate



to hit(a lovi)
to hurt(a rni)
to keep(a pstra)
to know(a ti)
to leave(a prsi)
to let(a lsa)
to lose(a pierde)
to make(a face)
to meet(a ntlni)
to pay(a plti)


Past Participle

General concepts

Noiuni general

Telephone Calls

Convorbiri telefonice

reverse charge
intercontinental call
international call
long-distance call
local call
night time rate
full rate
weekend rate
reduced rate

convorbire telefonic cu tax invers

convorbire telefonic intercontinental
convorbire telefonic internaional
convorbire telefonic interurban
convorbire telefonic local
tarif de noapte
tarif ntreg
tarif de week-end
tarif redus



as a reward
at a distance
in a loud voice
in a low voice
on an average
on a large scale
on a small scale
on an equal footing
to be in a position
to have an answer for everything
to have a head for
to have a fancy for
to have an opportunity
to have a right to
to have a talent for
to keep it a secret

drept rsplat
la distan
cu voce tare
cu voce sczut
n medie
la scar larg
la scar mic
pe picior de egalitate
a fi n situaia
a avea rspuns la toate
a avea cap pentru
a avea chef de
a avea prilejul
a avea dreptul s
a avea talent la
a ine ceva secret

to make a fortune
to make a fuss
to take a seat
to go for a walk
At the Seaside
Where is the nearest beach?
Are there any currents?
Is it safe to bathe here?
Can I hire?
a kit for submarine fishing
Id like to hire a
rowing boat
life belt
windsurf board
surf board
calm sea
choppy sea

a face avere
a face caz
a lua loc
a se duce la plimbare
La mare
Unde este cea mai apropiat plaj?
Sunt cureni?
Scldatul este sigur aici?
Pot s nchiriez ?
o trus pentru pescuit subacvatic
A vrea s nchiriez o
barc cu motor
barc cu vsle
centur de salvare
labe de scafandru
plac de surf cu pnze
plac de surf
mare calm
mare nvolburat

Everybody is eager to find out what the future has in store for him or for
her. Everybody wants to know what he or she will become in a few years.
We all want to know if our dreams will come true and what difficulties we
will have to cope with. But the future depends very much on what we do in
the present.
Toi suntem nerbdtori s aflm ce ne rezerv viitorul. Toi vrem s tim
ce vom deveni n civa ani. Vrem s tim dac visurile nostre se vor
mplini i cu ce dificulti vom avea de-a face. Dar viitorul depinde foarte
mult de ceea ce facem n prezent.

Time Will Tell

Timpul va decide

Jim Patrick: This is a good topic to talk about: future. As far as I am

concerned, I am a dreamer. (Iat o tem bun de discuie. In ceea ce m
privete, sunt un vistor.)
Minnie Jones: And you probably know what they say: Happy are those
who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come

true. (i tii probabil ce se spune: Fericii sunt cei care viseaz visuri i
sunt gata s plteasc preul pentru a le face s se mplineasc. )
Jim Patrick: Well, this can be a problem. I am not sure if I am ready to pay
the price of all my dreams. I think some of them are really impossible. (Ei
bine, asta poate fi o problem. Nu sunt aa de sigur dac sunt gata s
pltesc preul viselor mele. Cred c unele dintre ele sunt cu adevrat
Minnie Jones: You may know French people say Impossible does not
exist. (Poate tii c francezii spun c Nimic nu este imposibil.)
Jim Patrick: I am not French at all. I am just an Englishman and I have only
English dreams. Dont laugh at me, my dear Minnie. (Dar eu nu sunt
francez. Sunt doar un englez i am visuri englezeti. Nu rde de mine,
draga mea Minnie.)
Minnie Jones: Im not laughing at you at all. But you made me very curious:
what impossible dreams do you have? (Nu rd de tine deloc. Dar m-ai fcut
foarte curioas: ce visuri imposibile ai?)
Jim Patrick: I have at least one and it is a sort of a secret. Only Paula
knows about it. And she has promised not to laugh at me. (Am cel puin
unul i est eun fel de secret. Doar Paula tie despre el. i a promis s nu
rd de mine.)
Minnie Jones: I can keep a secret. And I make a promise to you: I wont
laugh at you! What is it? (Pot pstra un secret. i i fac o promisiune: n-o
s rd de tine. Care este secretul tu?)
Jim Patrick: I always wanted to be an actor. I think I have the skills for it.
But talking about the price, I think I was never prepared to pay the price of
fame. (ntotdeauna mi-am dorit s fiu actor. Cred c am talentul necesar.
Dar vorbind despre pre, nu cred c am fost vreodat pregtit s pltesc
preul celebritii.)
Minnie Jones: I think this is not a foolish dream but Im not sure if it is fit
for you. (Nu cred c este un vis prostesc, dar nu sunt sigur c este unul
potrivit ie.)
Jim Patrick: You may be right. Anyway, Im not too proud of my secret
dream. (Probabil c ai dreptate. i oricum nu sunt prea mndru de visul
meu secret.)
Minnie Jones: Dont worry! Your secret is safe with me. But you must know
it is never too late for dreams to come true. (Nu te ngijora! Secretul tu
este n siguran cu mine. Dar trebuie s tii c niciodat nu este prea
trziu ca visurile s se transforme n realitate.)
Jim Patrick: You must be joking. Youve promised not to laugh at
me(Glumeti probabil. i ai promis s nu rzi de mine...)
Minnie Jones: A promise is a promise. Who is laughing? (O promisiune
este o promisiune. Cine rde?)

eager to = nerbdtor s
to have in store = a rezerva, a avea pe stoc, n depozit
to become = a deveni
to come true = a se mplini
to cope with = a face fa
to depend on = a depinde de
topic = tem, subiect
dreamer = vistor
to dream = a visa
to be ready = a fi gata
to pay the price = a plti preul
to laugh at = a rde de
a sort of = un fel de
to keep a secret = a pstra un secret
to keep a promise = a ine o promisiune
actor, actress = actor, actri
skill = abilitate
fame = faim, celebritate
foolish = prostesc
to fit = a se potrivi
proud = mndru
safe = sigur
to joke = a glumi
boat = barc
motorboat = barc cu motor
rowing boat = barc cu vsle
life belt = centur de salvare
flippers = labe de scafandru
mask = masc
windsurf board = plac de surf cu pnze
surf board = plac de surf
deck = punte
calm sea = mare calm
choppy sea = mare nvolburat
to hit = a lovi
to hurt = a rni
to keep = a pstra
to know = a ti
to leave = a prsi
to let = a lsa
to lose = a pierde
to make = a face
to meet = a ntlni
to pay = a plti

as a reward = drept rsplat

at a distance = la distan
in a loud voice = cu voce tare
in a low voice = cu voce sczut
on an average = n medie
on a large scale = la scar larg
on a small scale = la scar mic
on an equal footing = pe picior de egalitate
to be in a position = a fi n situaia
to have an answer for everything = a avea rspuns la toate
to have a head for = a avea cap pentru
to have a fancy for = a avea chef de
to have an opportunity = a avea prilejul
to have a right to = a avea dreptul s
to have a talent for = a avea talent la
to keep it a secret = a ine ceva secret
to make a fortune = a face avere
to make a fuss = a face caz
to take a seat = a lua loc
to go for a walk = a se duce la plimbare