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Puha Mirela Cristiana Anul II Agroturism

Universitatea de Stiinte Agronomice si Medicina Veterinara Bucuresti

Departamentul de Invatamant la Distanta Inginerie si Management in Alimentatie Publica si Agroturism


Testul I
I Translate the following text into Romanian: What the world needs in healthy, sustainable growth .To achieve sustainable growth growth com!atible with the needs and constraints of nature we must secure the lin" the between environmental and economic !olicies at all levels of government and in all sectors of the economy. #armonizing economic ex!ansion with environmental !rotection re$uires recognition that there are environmental benefits to growth, %ust as there are economic benefits from healthy natural systems. &ood growth unifies environmental, social and economic concerns, and stresses the res!onsibility of all individuals to sustain a healthy relationshi! with nature. 'umea are nevoie de o sustinuta crestere sanatoasa.(entru a obtine cresterea sustinuta cresterea com!atibila cu nevoia si constrangerea naturii) trebuie sa a!aram legatura dintre mediu si !olitia economica la toate nivelele guvernamentale si in toate sectoarele economiei. *rmonizand extinderea economiei cu !rotectia mediului cere o recunoastere a mediului avand beneficiile cresterii, dar si beneficiile economiei de la sistemul natural sanatos. +una crestere unifica mediul, !rvind socialul si economicul si streseaza res!onsabilitatea tuturor indivizilor de a sustine o relatie sanatoasa cu natura. II Translate into English ,.Terenul arabil re!rezinta a!roximativ -./ din su!rafata totala a 0arii +ritanii, iar !rintre !rodusele agricole de baza se numara cerealele, sfecla de zahar, fructele si legumele.

1.In 23* su!rafata arabila ocu!a doar 1,/4 aici se cultiva !orumb, soia, grau, bumbac, tutun, sorg, cartofi si fructe5lamai, !ortocale, mandarine, ananas, mere, !iersici, struguri, etc6 -.7restere animalelor are un rol semnificativ in economia 23*, in s!ecial cresterea bovinelor, !orcinelor si cabalinelor. 8.9esi numai :/ din teritoriul sau este destinat agriculturii,7anada este unul dintre marii !roducatori mondiali de grau4alte !roduse agricole im!ortante sunt:orz, ovaz, in, ra!ita, cartofii si tamatele. ;.*ustralia face !arte dintre !rinci!alii ex!ortatori de carne de vita si miel, de lana si grau, cu toate ca numai circa </ din teren este arabil. ,.The !luggable ground re!resent a!!roximate -./ from the &reat +ritain all surface, and through the base agricultural !roducts it count : cereals, sugar beet, fruits and vegetables. 1. In 32*, !luggable surface !osses only 1,/4 here are cultivate: maize, soy, bean, wheat, cotton, tobacco, sorghum, !otato and fruits 5lemon, orange, mandarins, !inea!!le, a!!les, !eaches, gra!es, etc.6 -. The animals= growth has one significant role in 32* economy, es!ecially in horned cattle, swine and horse growth. 8. Though only :/ from his territory destine agriculture, 7anada is one of the biggest world !roducers of wheat4 others im!ortant agricultural !roducts are: barley, oat, flax, ra!e, !otatoes and tomatoes. ;. *ustralia ma"es !art of the !rinci!al=s ex!orters of caw and lamb meat, of wool and wheat, by all that only about </ of the land is !luggable.

III Imagine a dialogue 5at least ,. lines >uestion)*nswer6 based on the following situation: * +ritish tourist wants to "now what he can see in the ?orth of Romania, in 9obrud%a and in Transilvania. What would you recommended@

Aames 0r., sorry to disturb you. Basile It=s all right. Aames I=m curios about something4 can you answer me, !lease@ Basile Ces, what do you want to "now exactly@ Aames I want to "now what I can see in the ?orth of Romania. Basile Dur country is really beautiful in the ?orth. Basile Cou can see a lot of history and art monuments, castles in Transilvania Aames 7astles@ Basile Ces, +ran, (eles. Aames Than" you for this information. Basile It was a !lesure for me. Aames +yeE Basile +ye)bye, have a good dayE