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Cnd credei c o va primi

Doresc s trimit o sum de
bani la Constana.
Ce tax se pltete?
nainte de ancepe s
impachetez, fac o list.
ntotdeauna mpachetez cu.
Ai mpachetat tot ceea ce i
Sper c da.
Nu gsesc undia.
Nu gsesc adresa lui Bob 's.
Am avut-o.
L-amavut nmn tot timpul i
acumnu l gsesc.
Unde sunt biletele?
Unde sunt paapoartele?
Unde este cheia?
Nu mpacheta harta.
Vci avea nevoie de ca n
Nu uita s iei provizii.
Eti gata?
Ai terminat cu mpachctatul?
Acum incuie totul.
Acum stinge lumina ..
S mergem.
Este timpul s plecm.
Doresc s te conduc.
When do you think the
addressee \Vill get it?
1want ta send a sum of
money to Constana.
How much i5 the charge?
Bcforc _beginriing ta pack 1
make aEst.
1aJ ways do thc packing
Have you packed evcrything
you necd?
1hope solI hope 1have .
1miss the fishing rod.
1miss Bob'saddrcss.
1had it in myhand alJ the
time and now 1can't find it.
Whcrc are the tickets?
Whcrc is thc passports?
Where is the key?
Don't pack the map.
You'llbe wanting it on yaur
J ourney,
Don' t forget ta take some
Arc you rcady?
Have you finishcd packing?
Now put everything undcr
lock and key.
Now switch oU the lights.
Let's go.
It' s time ta go.
lwant to see you oU.
Dac nu te grbeti o s
pierzi sigur avionul.
Hei! Taxi!
Sunt ocupat.
Pune aceste geamantane
Bagajele mai mici le iau
Lepun pelocul delng
Repede, ne grbim.
La GaradeNord.
La aeroport.
Cu cetren plecai?
Ct amdeplat?
Pstreaz restul.
Mu!umesc. Cltorie plcut.
Amreinut un loc n col ,
ntr-un vagon denefuintori.
Acestaesteghieul debilete
pentru Expresul deBudaPesta?
Doresc doubilete clasa a '
Dai-mi vrog, dou bilete.
La ceorpleac trenul?
Trenul. ql direcia Cluj pleac
Nu la 9,15?
Nu, trenul de9,15 circulnumai
It you don't make haste you
are likely to miss the plane.
Hey! Taxi!
Areyou free?
Sorry, Sir.
1have already been hired.
What shall we do?
Ring upthe taxi Tank. ,
There it i81 .
Put these suitcases onthetop.
Cevagon. avei?
Vagonul 5, compartimentul 3,
locul 6.
Trenul aintrat n staie.
Nu avemtimp depierdut.
Trenul tuurmeaz splece
peste cteve minute.
Ali ntrziat, domnule.
The smaller luggage 1'11 talee
1'11put onthe seat beside you.
Where? .
Takeus to the Nortb Station.
The airport.
Which train do you go by?
There weare!
What is the fare?
Keep the change.
Thank you. Pleasant journey.
Trenul aplecat chiar acum.
CndpleacspreCluj trenul
n... ~f-" ? ',- "
UJ .uJ
Unde este: .
-biroul de informaii?
-casa debagaje?
-casa debilete?
-sala de ateptare?
Eu m duc scumpr bilet.
Trenul intrn staie.
Trenul ncetineste.
Grbetete i ocup dou
Sunt locuri libere?
1haveacorner seatreserveina
Is this thewindow for
Budapest Express? '
1want two tickets to second
Let mehavetwo ticketsplease.
,What timedoesthetrainleave?
Thetraiu for Cluj isduetostart
at nineo'clock..
Not at nine-fifteen? , ,
No~thenine-fifteen train mns
Which is your carriage?
Carriage 5, compartment 3,
seat 6.
Thetrainhas comeinto the '
No timeto waste.
Your dueto start in a
You arelate, Sir.
The train has just left.
When doesthe next train to
-theleft-Iuggage office?
-the toilet?
-the waiting-Toom?
-therefreshment room?
1'11 goto get my ticket.
The train enters the station.
Thetrain slows down.
Hurry up and'get hold of two
Anyfree seats here?
Vrei s-mi artai care estc, Will you sha\v me to my seat?
locul meu? .
Vrei s venii pn la minc i Will you come up to me and
s mii ajutai. s~-mi aranjai. help me adjust my safety-bc1t?
Este ocupat locul acesta?
Am uitat s cumpr.
Poftii n vagon.
Toat lumea sus.
V supr dac fumcz?
Ctui de puin!
Eu sunt fumtor.
Stai bine?
Vrei s schimbm locurile?
Mergem foarte repede.
Nu te apleca n afar.
Este periculos. .
nchide fereastra.
La ce or ajungem la Londra?
Nu tiu exact.
Biletele. v rog.
centura de siguran?
A vionul ncepe s urce.
Suntem n aer.
Is this seat engagcd?
1havc forgottcn to buy.
Take your~scats plcasc!
All aboard! .
Do you mind if 1smoke?
Not in thc least.
1am a smokcr mysclf.
Arcyou comfortablc?
Will you chanac seats with me? _ b
We arc going fast.
Dan't lcan out of the window.
It is dangerous.
Shut thc window.
What rimedo wercach Landon?
I'don't know for ccrtain.
Y our tickets, please.
La cealtimd.ll1ezburm?
Iat vine stewardesa.
Cemfae daem simt ru?
Pot fuma aici?
Fumatul esteinterzis tot 1:1IlI'uI
Privete pe fereastr.
Este dineen cemai greu s
vezi lucrurile de subnori.
Intrmntr-un nOI.
Zburmprintre nori.
Mi separe cnu facemnici
un pas nainte.
ncepem s coborm.
ncepssevad acoperi.uriJ e
Avionul aterizeaz.
Avionu1este deasupra aeJ qX )11I.llui,
Cltorii ncep s coboare.
i-aplcut cltoriacuavionul?
Ai cltoritvreodatcuavionul.
Vaporul ridic ancora.
Un mic remorcher l trage
afar dinport.
Ct derepede ne ndeprtm
de rm!
Thc plane begins to height.
We arc in thc <:tir.
Cabinele de clasa 1sunt pe
Cabinele declasa aII-a i a
III -a sunt pe puntea inferioar.
Poatecinevas-mi aducjos,n
.What altitudeareweflying at?
There comes the stewardess.
Lunch is being served.
What am1to doiiI fecI sick?
May 1smokeinhere?
Smoking is forbidde alI time.
Look out of the window.
It ismoreandmore difficultto
secthings under the clouds.
We areentering in acloud.
We areflyingthrough clouds.
It doesn't seemto be going
any pace atalI.
We arebeginning to descend.
Theroofs of thehouses are
coming into view;
Thej>lane is landing.
Theplane is aver the airfie1d.
Thepassengers beginto alight.
Didyou enjoytravellingby air?
The .shipisweighing anchor.
A small tugis pulling her out
of theharbour.
How quiekly the shoreis
receding fromour sight!
Soontheeoastwill beoutof
Soon we'llbe onthehigh .
The fust-class cabins areon
the main deck.
The second and third-class
cabins arebelow deck.
Can anyonef~ch my luggage
bina mea, ba)~dl: depe punte?
Dorii s luai toate lucrurile
cu dv. n cabin?
Da, a dori s iau n cabin
acest mic bagaj.
Apropo, cnd se servete
Pe puntea de sus n:riii oameni
joac tenis, altii danseaz.
mi place sprivesc lan:iarinari.
fum 1bech:k oown 10our cabin?
Do you want to take every-
thing with you in the cabin?,
Yes, l' dratlier have thissmall
luggage. ,
By the way, what tiine is
lunch being served?,
On the upper deck some
people are playing temriS,
others are dancing.
Let' s go and have a100k al
1like to watch the seamen.
Pregtii-v pentru debarcare. '
Vaporul mtr n port. '
Vaporul arunc ancora:
Putem debarca?
Trebuie s:fiu la Chicago pn
la ora 11.
Este vreo curs spre Chicago?
Autogara se afl vizavi de
magazinul universal.
Get ready for the landing.
The shipsailsintathe harboUl
The ship drops ancboL'
May we go ashore?
1mustbe in Chicago by ] 1
Is there any bus 10Chicago?
The bus station 15 opposite I
Departament Store.
A_dori s vizitez v<poru1.
Ce destinaie avei?
Noi i~m ocroaziertk agrement
Ct dureaz traversarea?
Care este ruta cea mai scurt?
Ce valuri uriae!
Marea este agitat.
C1tc:rifl ar putea fi agitat.
Am ru de mare. . .
La ce or trebuie s fim la
Vaporul acesta face escal la
Priviti ~
ncepe s se vad rmul.
58 .
l' d.like10100k over the ship.
Where are you bound for?
We aretaking apleasure cruise.
How long doesthecrossingtake?
Which is tbe shortest crossing?
What biggest waves!
The sea is rough.
The passage might be rough.
1am seasick.
What time are we due at
Does this ship call at Calais?
Mai pot gsi un bilet n
autobuzul de 8,30 spre Cluj?
Autobuzul nostru efectueaz
cursa spre CIIlj din 2 n 2 ore.
pe cte ori pe sptmn?
In ce zile i ce ore ?
Ct cost biletul spre Londra?
Am nite bagaje. .
Look! .
The shoreof iscoming fitosight.
Acum ammaina mea..
Am primit pennisul de
conducere auto.
Ce fel de main ai? .
Can 1still get aticket on the
eight-thirty bus to Cluj?
Our coaches run every other
bour to Cluj.
How many times a week?
In what days and at what
time? '
What is.thc iare to London?
l'vc got some luggage.
1now run my own .car.
1havc got my driving licence.
What kindofcar haveysougot?,