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Halloween este o srbtoare de origine celtic, preluat astzi de multe popoare din lumea occidental,

ea rspndindu-se n secolul al XIX-lea prin intermediul imigranilor irlandezi din Statele Unite ale Americii. Ea
este srbtorit n noaptea de 31 octombrie, dei n unele ri data srbtorii variaz de exemplu, n Suedia
este srbtorit n prima smbt din noiembrie. Numele provine din limba englez, de la expresia All Hallows'
Even, numele srbtorii cretine a tuturor sfinilor, srbtoare cu care Halloweenul a devenit asociat n rile
unde predomin cretinismul occidental catolic i protestant, deoarece n aceste culte cretine, ziua tuturor
sfinilor este srbtorit pe 1 noiembrie. Specific pentru Halloween este dovleacul cioplit, care reprezint
Lanterna lui Jack. Cu ocazia acestei srbtori, copiii se mascheaz n vrjitori, mumii sau alte personaje i
colind pe la case ntrebnd Trick or Treat? (Pcleal sau dulciuri?), ca o ameninare c dac nu li se dau
dulciuri, persoanei colindate i se va juca o fars. n alte ri Halloween este serbat prin parade i carnavaluri.
How did Halloween begin (the legend of
Long ago, people believed that evil spirits stole
the sun at the end of summer. These spirits hid
the sun during winter, making the days short and
the nights long. People feared this dark and
monotonous time of year. The worst night of all
was October 31.
When is Halloween?
Halloween is a very old Celtic festival
celebrated on the night of the 31
of October
every year. The name Halloween comes from
Hallows Eve(ning) - the day before All
Hallows Day (the 1st of November, now
known as All Saints Day).
Halloween is traditionally the day when it is
possible to meet ghosts, witches, devils and
other scary monsters. On this day, the monsters
are able to visit us and cause bad things to
happen: accidents, sickness and bad luck of all
Trick OR treat
Many years ago some people believed ghosts
were the spirits of their dead relatives who came
home to visit once a year, on Halloween. Huge
fires were kept burning on hilltops to guide these
friendly ghosts home. The ghosts were
welcomed with feasts of nuts, apples, cakes,
bread, and meat. People thought if the ghosts did
not get enough treats, they would become angry.
They would then play terrible tricks, like
stealing children or killing cows and horses.
Why do we carve pumpkins on
Long ago, children in Ireland made lanterns
from large turnips (gulii). They hollowed out the
turnips and carved faces in them. Candles inside
the turnips were lit to make scary faces to
frighten away evil spirits. When the Irish came
to America, they found pumpkins growing here.
Since pumpkins ripen around the middle of
October they became part of the Halloween
tradition. Today we call carved pumpkins Jack-
Why do we have witches on Halloween?
There were witches long before there ever was a
Halloween. The word witch used to mean "the
wise one. Twice a year witches from one
region or country would gather for special
celebrations called Witches' Sabbaths. One
festival was held in the spring. The other was
held at Halloween.
Why are cats and bats Halloween
Cats became part of Halloween because people
associated them closely with witches. People
thought witches changed into cats to sneak
around. They thought cats carried messages
between the Devil and witches. Cats were even
believed to be mysterious spirits sent to haunt
Bats which frighten people in the dark as they
zip in and out of sight, also became Halloween
symbols. Some people thought witches could
turn themselves into bats in order to get around
Dracula and Halloween
Dracula is the best-known blood-sucking human
vampire. Dracula was a real man. He was Prince
Vlad, a cruel prince of Walachia, Romania.
During his reign he killed many people by
driving stakes through their hearts.
Lets have fun with Halloween jokes
What do ghosts wear in the rain? Boo-ts.
Why cant skeletons go trick -or- treating? They
have no-body to go with.
Where does a witch get a new cat? From a cat-
Why did the witch cry when she lost her cat? I t
was a cat-astrophe.
What is a witchs favorite snack? French
What is a ghosts favorite color? Boo.
Who is an Egyptian ghosts favorite person? Her

Vineri 30 octombrie 2009 Catedra de Limbi
Strine a Colegiului Tehnic Gh. Cartianu a
desfurat activitarea
Lets Celebrate Halloween

Activitatea a vizat o prezentare a tradiiilor
srbtorii de Halloween, urmat apoi de
activiti specifice pe nivel de cunotie.
Elevii participani de la clasele a IX-a (10 elevi)
au rezolvat dou tipuri de activiti: un Word
Jumble (litere amestecate care trebuiau
rearanjate) i un Word Search (cuvinte care
trebuiau identificate dintr-un tabel de litere
amestecate). Toi participanii s-au descurcat
excelent i astfel primii clasai sunt: locul I-
Chitic Rzvan IX F, locul al II-lea- Agafiei
Andrada IX F i locul al III-lea- Bostan
Constantin IX F.
Elevii claselor a X-a au rezolvat un Crossword
(rebus) folosind informaiile din prezentarea
despre Halloween. Din cei 10 elevi care au
participat in cadrul activitatii, podiumul este
ocupat de: locul I- Vezatu Sorina X E, locul al
II-lea- Velea tefan X G, Luca Rzvan X B i
locul al III-lea- Ranghiuc Larisa X B.
Elevii claselor a XI-a ( 20 elevi) au fost cei mai
creativi dnd dovad de cunotine solide de
englez, acetia au impresionat prin poeziile lor.
Cei mai talentai scriitori sunt Laiu Mdlina XI
H, Arusoaiei Alexandra XI C, Tnase Alexandru
XI H, Rogin Florin XI E, Samson Andrei XI E,
Crciun Petru XI H, Gondor Laura XI B,
Andronescu Oana XI B dar nici ceilali
participani nu sunt mai prejos.
Elevii claselor a XII-a( 22 elevi) au ascultat
povestirea The Black Cat de Edgar Allan Poe
i au rspuns la 7 ntrebri care urmreau nivelul
de nelegere al unui text de nivel avansat.
Activitatea desfurat cu elevii claselor a XII-a
a fost gndit pe modelul evalurii
competenelor lingvistice specifice Cadrului
European de Referin a Limbilor Strine. n
cadrul acestei activiti cei mai buni asculttori
au fost: locul I- Stanciu Alexandru XII G, locul
al II-lea Toma Alexandru XII G i locul al III-
lea Negrescu Alin XII I.
Aceast activitate a avut ca scop familiarizarea
elevilor cu tradiiile limbii engleze i ncurajarea
creativitii fiecrui elev.
Profesor: Ana Raluca Ciocan

Halloween Poems
Im standing on the bridge,
Im waiting in the dark,
Im listening and I hear a sound:
Im so scared,
I cant feel my legs,
A witch is coming to me,
She gave me a kiss.

I have wings and i can fly,
Give me a reason to smile,
Im seeing a ghost
Shes on the rooftop and shes telling me:
Catch me if you can!

I look at her but I cant see,
Its calling me.
I hear a sound
Tirck or treat?
Tirck or treat?
Wont you take me by the hand,
Take me somewhere new?
But I cant do this,
Im so scared ......
Arusoaiei Alexandra XI C

Great, great Halloween
Now I wonder who are you followin
In this night of vampires
But sorry I have no desires
Now you are here in October
Why dont you come in November?
The witches have cats
And Dacula has bats
So, I have just a hat
If in that morning had I fought
Dracula wouldnt have got.
The ghost are hunting you
And the witches are following you
So take a ride and make a scary pumpkin
Great , great Halloween
Now i wonder who are you followin.
Laura Gondor XI B

Its Halloween
Many bats are flying inthe sky
Can you tell me why?
Whya they fly so high?

Many noises, scary faces
Masks, vampires and witches
They are here for candy
Is this really scary?

Waiting in the dark
The blood master is here
Im not scared of him
You cant have no fear!
The haunted house is waiting us
We can not go
It is a trick
They can capture us there.
Scary ghosts and black cats
They try to put a spell on you
Do not fear, what can you do?
Eat some candy and have fun!
Mdlina Laiu XI H

On the last october day
Ghosts come to play
A dark knight is here
With a pumpkin as a head
Come to take your hear! he said.

Witches with their brooms
Fly around your neighbourhood
From the graveyard skeletons
To haunt you on a night from hell.
Petru Crciun XI H

Tick or treat
Smell your feet
Give us something good to eat!
If you dont, in the dark
Ghost will haunt you back
Put the candy in the skull
Cause the witch will eat it all.
Goblin, zombies everywhere
Party like they just dont care.
Oana Andronescu XI B