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Kiva Loan Product Proposal / Kiva Propunere de mprumut

al Produsului
Please provide information on the loan product that you propose to fund on Kiva. Be as detailed as
possible and use as much space as you need. See the Guide to Kiva for Potential Partners for more
information on the types of loan products that Kiva will fund, including our policies on loan amounts, loan
terms, and interest rates.
V rugm s furnizai informaiile despre produsul de mprumut pe care v propunei s l finanai prin
Kiva. Fii foarte detaliat i folosii ct mult spaiu avei nevoie. Consultai Ghidul la Kiva pentru potenialii
parteneri pentru mai multe informaii despre tipurile de produse de mprumut pe care Kiva le va finana,
inclusiv politicile noastre pe sume de mprumut, termeni de mprumut i ratele dobnzilor.

Requested Funding / Finanarea solicitat


Partner Name/Numele partenerului


Total funding needed for proposed

product, next 12 months (from all
funding sources) / Total de finanare
necesar pentru produsul propus,
urmtoarele 12 luni (de la toate
sursele de finanare)


Total funding requested from Kiva

for proposed product, next 12
months (Kiva only) / Finanarea
total solicitat de la Kiva pentru
produsul propus, urmtoarele 12 luni
(doar Kiva)

Product Information / Informaii despre produs


Loan product name / Numele

produsului mprumutat


Is this a new or existing product? /

Este acesta un produs nou sau



New proposed loan product / Noul produs propus pentru

Existing loan product (already posting to Kiva) / Produs de
mprumut existent (deja postat n Kiva)
Existing loan product (not yet posting to Kiva) / Produs de
mprumut existent (nc nu postat n Kiva)

If an existing product, when did

you begin offering this product? /
n cazul n care este un produs
existent, cnd ai nceput a oferi
acest produs?
Which clients does this product
target (region, socioeconomic
status, sector, etc.)? / Ce clieni
urmrete acest produs? (regiune,
statut socio-economic, sector, etc. )?


How will a typical client use this

loan? / Cum va folosi un client
obinuit acest mprumut?


Is this an individual or group loan? /

Acesta este un mprumut individual
sau de grup?


If group, how many members

can be in a group? / Dac de
grup, ci membri pot fi ntr-un


If group, is the group responsible

for repaying loans for members
who are delinquent or in default?
/ Dac de grup, este grupul
responsabil pentru rambursarea
mprumuturilor pentru membrii
care sunt delincveni sau n mod



Individual / Individual

Group / De grup

What are the minimum criteria a

borrower must meet in order to
qualify for this loan? What are your
guarantor/collateral requirements, if
any? / Care sunt criteriile minime un
debitor trebuie s le ndeplineasc
pentru a beneficia de acest credit?
Care sunt cerinele dumneavoastr
de garant/garanie, dac exist?
Loan Terms/ Condiiile mprumutului
What is the loan amount? / Care
este suma de mprumut?

Maximum loan amount/

Valoarea maxim a creditului:
Minimum loan amount/ Suma
minim de mprumut:
Average loan amount/ Suma
medie de mprumut:


What is the loan term (in months)?/

Care este termenul de mprumut (in

Maximum loan term/ Termenul

de mprumut maxim
Minimum loan term/ Termenul
minim de mprumut
Average loan term/ Termenul
de mprumut mediu
Grace period on principal, if
any / Perioada de gratie
principal, dac este cazul
Grace period on interest, if any
/ Perioada de graie, dobnda,
dac este cazul


What is the interest rate? / Care este

rata dobnzii?

Maximum interest rate / Rata

maxim de interes
Minimum interest rate / Rata
dobnzii minim
Average interest rate / Rata
medie a dobnzii
How do you calculate the
interest rate (e.g., flat or
declining balance)? / Cum se
calculeaz dobnda (e. g. plat
sau Sold)?


What is the repayment schedule?

(You will also be required to attach a
sample repayment schedule with
this proposal.) / Care este programul
de rambursare?
(Vi se va cere de asemenea ataarea
unui eantion de rambursare cu
program n aceast propunere).


What fees or insurance costs are

associated with this product? Please
specify whether fees and other
charges are flat, variable, or
assessed as part of the loan amount.
/ Ce costuri de asigurare sau taxe
sunt asociate cu acest produs? V
rugm s specificai dac taxele si
cheltuielile sunt plate, variabile sau
evaluate ca parte din suma


Are borrowers required to deposit

savings in order to access this loan
If yes: / Sunt debitori obligai s
depoziteze economii pentru a
accesa acest produs de mprumut?
Dac da:


How much is the borrower

required to save? / Ct de mult
este debitorul obligat s salveze?


What is the frequency and timing

of required deposits? / Care este
frecvena i calendarul
depozitelor necesare?


Does the borrower earn any

interest on savings? / Debitorul
ctiga orice interes pe

Frequency of repayment on
interest / Frecvena de
rambursare pe interes
Frequency of repayment on
principal / Frecvena de
rambursarea a principalului




Does the borrower have the option

to open a voluntary savings
account? If so, what is the minimum
requirement to open an account? /
Cel ce mprumut are opiunea de a
deschide un cont de economii
voluntar? Dac da, care este cerina
minim pentru a deschide un cont?


Are any non-financial services

offered in conjunction with this loan
(e.g., financial education, livelihood
training, access to markets)? / Exist
oarecare servicii ne-financiare ce
sunt oferite n legtur cu acest
mprumut (e. g. Educaia financiar,
mijloacele existente de formare,
acces la piee)?

Financing Needs / Nevoile de finanare


Do you expect seasonal peaks in

demand for this product? If so,
please describe the seasonality. / Te
astepti la vrfuri sezoniere n cadrul
cererii acestui produs? Dac da, v
rugm s descriei aspectul


Why does your organization need

Kivas 0% interest, risk-tolerant
capital to fund this product? For
example, is this product riskier than
your standard loan product(s)? Are
other funders unwilling to finance
this product? / De ce organizaia
dumneavoastr are nevoie de
dobnda 0% Kiv, risc-tolerant de
capital pentru a finana acest
produs? De exemplu, este acest
produs mai riscant dect produsele
dumneavoastr standard de
mprumut? Sunt ali finanatori
dornici s finaneze acest produs?
Please also provide any additional
information to help Kiva understand
why this specific product would have
high social impact and should be
supported. / V rugm, de
asemenea s furnizai informaii
suplimentare pentru a ajuta Kiva s
neleag de ce acest produs ar avea
mare impact social i ar trebui s fie


Are there other organizations in your

market that offer a similar product? /
Exist alte organizaii n piaa
dumneavoastr, care ofera un
produs similar?


What are your longer-term plans for

this product? Please provide a
timeline on how non-Kiva funding
might eventually be used to expand
this loan product. / Care sunt
planurile tale pe termen lung pentru
acest produs? V rugm s furnizai
o cronologie cum finaarea non-Kiva
n cele din urm ar putea fi folosit
pentru a extinde acest produs


Kiva Borrower Profile / Profil de debitor Kiva

Please review the borrower profiles
at and consider
how your organization would
represent its borrowers to Kiva
lenders. Draft a sample profile for a
typical borrower for this product. /
V rugm s consultai profilurile de
debitor la i luai
n considerare cum organizaia va
reprezenta debitorii si la creditorii
Kiva. Proiectai un profil de prob
pentru un debitor tipic al acestui
acest produs.

Documentation / Documentaia


Required: Please send an example

repayment schedule for this loan
product to Kiva along with this
proposal. / Obligatoriu: V rugm s
trimitei un program exemplu de
rambursare pentru acest produs de
mprumut la Kiva mpreun cu
aceast propunere.

Attached/ Ataat


Optional: Please attach any

additional materials available for
this proposed loan product.
Examples include (but are not
limited to) market research, credit
manuals, projections, portfolio
reports or product reviews. While it
is not mandatory, this information
will help Kiva evaluate your
Opional: V rugm s anexai
orice materiale suplimentare
disponibile pentru acest produs de
mprumut propus. Exemplele includ
(dar nu sunt limitate) cercetare de
pia, manuale de credit, proiecii,
rapoarte de portofoliu sau de
mrfuri Recenzii. Dei nu este
obligatoriu, aceast informaie va
ajuta Kiva s evalueze propunerea

Attached/ Ataat