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Sistemul Educaional Informatizat (SEI) este un program complex iniiat de Ministerul Educaiei i Cercetrii n anul !""1 pentru susinerea procesului de predare# n$are n n$m%ntul preuni$ersitar cu te&nologii de ultim or' Programul spri(in o)iecti$ele reformei n n$m%nt* este conform cu planul de aciune eEurope 2005 demarat de +niunea European i cu iniiati$a european de eLearning' Programul este implementat de un parteneriat pu)lic#pri$at' Principalele companii implicate n implementarea SEI sunt SIVECO ,omania* HP i IBM'
Programul SEI

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Instruirea asistata de calculator este o metod de instruire* n care studentul n$a n ritm propriu* materialul educaional este structurat n sec$ene mici de studiu* urmate de c&estionare* instruitul i instructorul put nd s o)ser$e imediat e$oluia procesului de instruire' -olosirea calculatorului n procesul de n$m nt se do$edete a fi o necesitate n condiiile dez$oltrii n ritm accelerat a te&nologiei informaiei' Pentru noile generaii de ele$i i studeni* a de$enit o cerin conceptul de asistare a procesului de n$m nt cu calculatorul* n condiiile a$alanei de informaii multimedia'

.inamica noilor metode de n$/tare este fundamental alta* ele$ul este nv tat cu! s nvete adapt%nd mi(loacele propuse la propriile capacit/ti si a)ilit/ti* este deprins mai degra)/ s/ caute informatia* folosind algoritmi precisi* dec%t s/ o retin/ f/r/ discern/m%nt' 0ntre)area pe care pro)a)il multi dintre noi o pun n acest context fiind dac/ ntr#ade$/r este nevoie de aceste sc&im)/ri ma(ore* structurale* care pot genera pro"le!e de adaptare unor categorii de profesori sau ele$i' ,/spunsul este dat de c&iar societatea spre care ne ndrept/m' Societatea informational/ nu mai este o pre$iziune de $iitor ci o stare de fapt a prezentului* r/m%ne la latitudinea fiec/ruia c%t de repede $a sti s/ fac/ parte cu ade$/rat din ea si aceasta nu numai ca o cerint/ exterioar/* impus/* ci ca o necesitate indi$idual/ de armonizare'

&ttp122333')ritannica'com2E4c&ec5ed2topic216"7892computer#assisted#instruction#C:I co!puter#assisted instruction $C%I&' a program of instructional material presented ); means of a computer or computer s;stems'

! <&e use of computers in education started in t&e ()*0s' =it& t&e ad$ent of con$enient microcomputers in t&e ()+0s* computer use in sc&ools &as )ecome 3idespread from primar; education t&roug& t&e uni$ersit; le$el and e$en in some presc&ool programs' Instructional computers are )asicall; used in one of t3o 3a;s1 eit&er t&e; pro$ide a straig&tfor3ard presentation of data or t&e; fill a tutorial role in 3&ic& t&e student is tested on compre&ension' If t&e computer &as a tutorial program* t&e student is as5ed a >uestion ); t&e computer? t&e student t;pes in an ans3er and t&en gets an immediate response to t&e ans3er' If t&e ans3er is correct* t&e student is routed to more c&allenging pro)lems? if t&e ans3er is incorrect* $arious computer messages 3ill indicate t&e fla3 in procedure* and t&e program 3ill );pass more complicated >uestions until t&e student s&o3s master; in t&at area' <&ere are man; advantages to using computers in educational instruction' <&e; pro$ide one# to#one interaction 3it& a student* as 3ell as an instantaneous response to t&e ans3ers elicited* and allo3 students to proceed at t&eir o3n pace' Computers are particularl; useful in su)(ects t&at re>uire drill* freeing teac&er time from some classroom tas5s so t&at a teac&er can de$ote more time to indi$idual students' : computer program can )e used diagnosticall;* and* once a student@s pro)lem &as )een identified* it can t&en focus on t&e pro)lem area' -inall;* )ecause of t&e pri$ac; and individual attention afforded ); a computer* some students are relie$ed of t&e em)arrassment of gi$ing an incorrect ans3er pu)licl; or of going more slo3l; t&roug& lessons t&an ot&er classmates' <&ere are dra3)ac5s to t&e implementation of computers in instruction* &o3e$er' <&e; are generall; costl; s;stems to purc&ase* maintain* and update' <&ere are also fears* 3&et&er (ustified or not* t&at t&e use of computers in education decreases t&e amount of &uman interaction' Ane of t&e more di,,icult aspects of instructional computers is t&e a$aila)ilit; and de$elopment of so,t-are* or computer programs' Course3are can )e )oug&t as a full; de$eloped pac5age from a soft3are compan;* )ut t&e program pro$ided t&is 3a; ma; not suit t&e particular needs of t&e indi$idual class or curriculum' : course3are template ma; )e purc&ased* 3&ic& pro$ides a general format for tests and drill instruction* 3it& t&e indi$idual particulars to )e inserted ); t&e indi$idual sc&ool s;stem or teac&er' <&e disad$antage to t&is s;stem is t&at instruction tends to )e )oring and repetiti$e* 3it& tests and >uestions follo3ing t&e same pattern for e$er; course' So,t-are can )e developed in#.ouse* t&at is* a sc&ool* course* or teac&er could pro$ide t&e course3are exactl; tailored to its o3n needs* )ut t&is is e/pensive* ti!e#consu!ing* and ma; re>uire more progra!!ing e/pertise t&an is a$aila)le' &ttp122333'cedtec&'net2articles2!12!11'pdf

% 0rip to t.e Past and 1uture o, Educational Co!puting2 3nderstanding Its Evolution <&is paper focuses on computers as learning and teac&ing tools in education' :s pointed out ); Sc&ofield (1997)* computer use is influenced ); t&e context of t&e learning setting* and computers also affect t&e context in turn' Computers &a$e increasingl; )een affecting education* and it seems t&at t&e; 3ill li5el; to s&ape t&e future of education' <o understand t&ese effects* it is &elpful to ta5e a trip to t&e past B specificall; to t&e time 3&en computer s;stems 3ere first introduced into our education s;stems' Citerature s&o3s t&at t&e roles of computers in education

6 &a$e e$ol$ed a lot since t&at introduction' <&ere are man; dimensions on 3&ic& tec&nolog; use in education &as c&anged' -or instance* <a;lor and C&onac5 (198!) sa3 t.ree different roles for computer use in education1 :s a tutor* a tool* and a tutee' Do3e$er* t&e; mentioned t&at it is possi)le to add more roles to t&is frame3or5 )ecause of ongoing ad$ancements in tec&nolog;' In addition* Eenez5; and Asin (1991) dentified a num)er of different stages of co!puter#assisted instruction1 :ge of Engineers* :cron;m :ge* :ge of <itans* and t&e :ge of Small =onders' In t&is re$ie3 of t&e literature* 3e group t&e stages and ages into t&ree ma(or periods )ased on t&e primar; tec&nolog; t&at leads eac& period' <&ese periods are1 1) Mainframe Period* !) Microcomputer Period*and 6) Internet Period +nderstanding t&ese t&ree periods s&eds lig&t for predicting possi)le future trends in computer use in education' -urt&ermore* according to man; experts (e'g'* 4anat&;* 1991? .arling#Dammond* 199"? .uff;* ,ogerson* F4lic5* !"""? -ullan* 1996? !""6? ,eigelut&* 199G? <offler* 198")* educators recognize t&at educational needs are not t&e same no3 as in t&e past* and t&e; concluded t&at our education s;stems need s;stemic transformation (paradigm c&ange)' <&erefore* 3e 3ill use computer#use trends in t&e pre$ious periods* along 3it& educational trends in s;stemic transformation* to foresee a fourt&* information # age period* 3&ic& 3ill focus on customization and Apen Educational ,esources* and 3e 3ill identif; Personalized Cearning S;stems as t&e leading tec&nolog; of t&is period* 3&ic& 3e call t&e HPersonalized Computing PeriodI' J Periods o Co!"#$er Use i% Ed#&'$io% $o $(e Prese%$ 1) M'i% r'!e Period (L'$e 1*+0s $o L'$e1*70s) 2) Mi&ro&o!"#$er Period (L'$e 1*70s , E%d o 1**0s) -) I%$er%e$ Period (E'r./ 2000s - Tod'/) 0 <o conclude* alt&oug& it is difficult to predict t&e future of educational computing* 3e can zoresee some of t&e de$elopments t&at are li5el; to c&aracterize t&e next period of educational computing* and t&ese de$elopments s&ould &elp us in our attempts to e$ol$e to3ard an ideal use of tec&nolog; to support education' Current trends indicate t&at 3e s&ould start ); c&anging t&e perception a)out computers in education' Instead of using t&em as a 3a; to en&ance teac&er#centered instruction* 3e s&ould ma5e use of computers as t&e !a4or tool for teac&ing and learning in a learner#centered en$ironment' Moreo$er* c&anges in t&e needs and nature of information#age students create different needs and expectations for educational tec&nolog;' Coo5ing at societ;@s trends toda; 3ill s&ed lig&t on features of an information # age educational s;stem' =e see a great need for PIES since it supports personalized computing for an information # age educational s;stem' '''

&ttp122333')uzzle'com2articles2role#of#computers#in#education'&tml Computer soft3are &elp )etter presentation of information' Internet can pla; an important role in education' :s it is an enormous information )ase* it can )e &arnessed for retrie$al of information on a $ariet; of su)(ects' <&e Internet can )e used to refer to information on different su)(ects' 4ot& teac.ers and students )enefit from t&e Internet' <eac&ers can refer to it for additional information and references on t&e topics to )e taug&t' Students can refer to 3e) sources for additional information on su)(ects of t&eir interest' <&e Internet &elps teac&ers set test papers* frame >uestions for &ome assignments and decide pro(ect topics' :nd not (ust academics* teac&ers can use 3e) sources for ideas on sports competitions* extracurricular acti$ities* picnics* parties and more' Computers ena)le access to t&e Internet 3&ic& &as information on literall; e$er;t&ing' Computers ena)le storage o, data in t&e electronic format* t&ere); sa$ing paper' Memor; capacities of computer storage de$ices are in giga);tes' <&is ena)les t&em to store &uge c&un5s of data' Moreo$er* t&ese de$eices are co!pact' <&e; occup; $er; less space* ;et store large amounts of data' 4ot& teac&ers and students )enefit from t&e use of computer tec&nolog;' Presentations* notes and test papers can )e stored and transferred easil; o$er computer storage de$ices' Similarl;* students can su)mit &ome3or5 and assignments as soft copies' <&e process )ecomes paperless* t&us sa$ing paper' Plus* t&e electronic format ma5es data storage more dura)le' Electronicall; erasa)le memor; de$ices can )e used repeatedl;' <&e; offer ro)ust storage of data and relia)le data retrie$al' ,ead more at 4uzzle1 &ttp122333')uzzle'com2articles2role#of#computers#in#education'&tml

&ttp122333'(aoa'org2content21"K2927L1'full'pdf M:A: N Eol 1"K N Oo 9 N Septem)er !""K Computer tec&nolog; pro$ides immediate access to information and a mec&anism for t&e rapid dissemination of 5no3ledge' <&e use of computer tec&nolog; &as )ecome an important component of education* particularl; at t&e medical sc&ool le$el* and computer#assisted instruction (C:I) &as also )een integrated into continuing medical education' Currentl;* medical educators are interested in determining &o3 )est to integrate information tec&nolog;B related learning into t&e medical curriculum and to clarif; t&e relations&ip )et3een t&e learning process and electronic media'

&ttp122333'3mitc&ell'edu2la3re$ie32Eolume682documents27'Plesner-ines'pdf :ll good teac&ing &as certain common elements' <&e teac&er must select and master t&e su)(ect matter and s5ills to )e taug&t* organize learning acti$ities t&at 3ill acti$el; engage students 3it& t&at su)(ect matter and allo3 practice of t&ose s5ills* and pro$ide prompt and constructi$e feed)ac5' <&is article descri)es one tool for impro$ed teac&ing1 translating one@s teac&ing into computer#assisted instruction' Computer#assisted lessons can )e useful for students ); pro$iding an efficient and interacti$e met&od for learning* and supplementing or re$ie3ing class materials'

&ttp122science'uniser$e'edu'au2pu)s2c&ina2$ol62CP6QM!'pdf Modern advances in !at.e!atics -it. co!puters :s 3e all 5no3* computer net3or5s and information tec&nolog; are de$eloping >uic5l;' <oda; t&e; &a$e )ecome an important part of life* and are 3idel; used to impro$e teac&ing and learning' RComputer :ided <eac&ing@ &as )ecome one of t&e most important de$eloping directions' <&e main ad$ances in teac&ing 3it& computers are1 1' =e) teac&ing and learning s;stems' +sing computer net3or5s and information tec&nolog; man; uni$ersities &a$e esta)lis&ed $irtual education and distance learning s;stems* suc& as =e)C<* =e4=orS* etc' <&e 3e) teac&ing and learning s;stem can ma5e man; pre$iousl; impossi)le t&ings )ecome realities' -or example* students can login to t&e s;stems to stud; at an; time and in an; place 3&ere t&e =e) exists? 3e can efficientl; gi$e instant feed)ac5 at an; time of t&e da; or nig&t' !' Mat&ematics soft3are' Man; mat&ematics soft3are pac5ages &a$e )een de$eloped* suc& as Maple* M:<C:4 and Mat&ematica' <&e; &a$e $er; po3erful functions* t;picall; including1 T mat&ematical computation? T algorit&m de$elopment? T data ac>uisition? T modelling* simulation* and protot;ping? T data anal;sis* exploration* and $isualization? T scientific and engineering grap&ics? T application de$elopment? and T s;m)olic calculations' J Most students stud; &ard and )ecome at least competent in Cinear :lge)ra* )ut man; students do not li5e t&e course' <&e reasons are1 1' it is $er; a)stract? !' it contains too man; ne3 concepts? and 6' t&e; don@t 5no3 3&at uses it &as' Oe$ert&eless t&e; &a$e to stud; it' <&e learning outcomes of students are poor* and some fail t&e final examination' M; teac&ing met&ods are still traditional1 text)oo5? lecture notes? lectures? assignments? and >uestion time' I noticed all t&e pro)lems mentioned a)o$e man; ;ears ago* and &a$e made some c&anges to tr; to sol$e t&em and impro$e t&e learning outcomes of students' Do3e$er* t&e effects &a$e not )een $er; satisf;ing' J


K <&e term computer#assisted instruction &as )een used to denote a 3ide range of computer applications for teac&ing purposes* suc& as simulators* management games* programmed learning* and computer managed instruction' <oda;* C:I is generall; used to define a more limited set of soft3are t&at teac&es a specific topic and ma; contain exercises 3&ic& reinforce 3&at is taug&t' <&is is more a5in to lecture notes* class materials* and transparencies used to supplement a text' In a sense* t&e computer su)stitutes for t&e teac&er' :s pointed out later* C:I ma; )e more effecti$e if it supplements rat&er t&an su)stitutes for t&e teac&er'

&ttp122csta'acm'org2Communications2su)2.ocsPresentation-iles2=&iteQPaper"LQ"K'pdf 0.e 5e- Educational I!perative2 I!proving Hig. Sc.ool Co!puter Science Education +nli5e ot&er more static disciplines* computer science is constantl; )eing res&aped' Oe3 t&in5ing and ne3 tec&nologies continue to expand our understanding of 3&at computer scientists can and need to 5no3' <&is &as resulted in considera)le de)ate a)out a single definition of computer science' <&e :CM Model Curriculum for SB1! Computer Science* &o3e$er* pro$ides t&e most appropriate definition of computer science for &ig& sc&ool educators' Computer science* it argues* is neit&er programming nor computer literac;' ,at&er* it is Ht&e stud; of computers and algorit&mic processes including t&eir principles* t&eir &ard3are and soft3are design* t&eir applications* and t&eir impact on societ;I (<uc5er* !""6)' Computer science t&erefore includes1 N programming* N &ard3are design* N net3or5s* N grap&ics* N data)ases and information retrie$al* N computer securit;* N soft3are design* N programming languages* N logic* N programming paradigms* N translation )et3een le$els of a)straction* artificial intelligence* N t&e limits of computations (3&at computers can@t do)* N applications in information tec&nolog; and information s;stems* and N social issues (Internet securit;* pri$ac;* intellectual propert;* etc')' &ttp122333'to(et'net2articles2$Gi!2G!G'pdf <&e <ur5is& Anline Mournal of Educational <ec&nolog; B <AME< :pril !""7 ISSO1 16"6# K7!1 $olume G Issue ! :rticle G (6 Co!puter assisted instruction $C%I& and its e,,ects on !at.e!atics curriculu! (6(6 Be.avior !odi,ication progra!s "e,ore C%I <&ere are t3o ma(or e$ents t&at &ad a great influence on education in general and mat&ematics education in particular in 1978 (.ic5* 198K)' <&e first one is t&e Sputni5 e$ent*

L t&e satellite launc&ed ); t&e ,ussians' <&e ot&er one is t&e paper presented ); S5inner* an in fluential and famous neo#)e&a$iorist* on programmed instruction' 4e&a$iorism is considered to )e t&e t&eor; underl;ing C:I' Dence* it is understanda)le t&at t&e C:I programs are mainl; )e&a$ioral control programs (Dartle;* 1981)' :n example is S5inner@s Programmed Instruction (PI) 3&ic& 3as designed to c&ange t&e )e&a$ior of t&e learners' -undamental approac& of S5inner 3as to identif; t&e desired )e&a$iors* t&en to prepare situations in 3&ic& successi$e approximations of t&e )e&a$ior 3ould )e reinforced' :ll t&e students stud; t&e so called Hlinear textU* t&e instructional material used ); S5inner' =&en students complete t&e text* t&e; 3ere assumed to &a$e ac>uired t&e )e&a$iors re>uired from t&em' <&e )asic c&aracteristic of programmed instruction is t&e small steps approac&* meaning t&e di$ision of t&e tas5 into small managea)le units* and t&e immediate feed)ac5 gi$en to students from eac& response t&e; gi$e' <&e !ac.ine is t&e )ox designed to expose t&e programmed instruction text one frame at a time' It is commonl; considered to )e ancestor of t&e de$ice called t&e HcomputerU to )e used for educational purposes' S7inner8s progra!!ed instruction formed a "asis for t&e co!puter assisted instruction mo$ement (.ic5* 198K)' 1'!' <&e t;pes of C:I programs C:I means* in )roader terms* t&e use of a computer to provide t.e course content in t&e form of drill* practice* tutorial* and si!ulations' .emonstration* testing* information* and communication are t&e main facilities pro$ided ); C:I' Datfield (1987) counts eig.t )asic t;pes of C:I' <&e ,irst t;pe of C:I includes Hdrill and practiceI programs' Dere* t&e students re&earses different elements of teac&ing and de$elop related s5ills' <&e; are presented to students in t&e educational soft3ares produced for sc.ool and .o!e computers' <&at t;pe of program relies &ea$il; on positi$e reinforcement' <&at means* a re3ard follo3s a correct response* negati$e reinforcement is also used )ut not fre>uentl;' : good example for drill and practice programs are t&e ones designed to &elp c&ildren learn multiplication ta)les' <&e drills mig&t )e presented to students 3it& a car race game for instance' <&e rule is simple1 t&e refuelling of t&e car depends on t&e correct ans3er t&e student gi$es to a multiplication >uestion' 4esides drill and practice facilities t&e use of H co!puters as tutorsI are as 3idespread as t&e former' <&e tutorial progra!s are t&e one designed to teac. "asic concepts or !et.ods as 3ell as certain su)(ect in mat&ematics for instance' <&ose t;pe of programs tr; to )e&a$e li5e a good stimulating teac&er' It in$ol$es explanations* >uestions* as 3ell as feed)ac5 and correcti$es' -or example* 3&en t&e user as5s for &elp in a certain step &e2s&e ma; need &elp for &andling t&e pro)lem' <&e t.ird t;pe*I si!ulationI is reall; a $er; useful ad$antage t&at C:I pro$ides for t&e users' It is t&e facilit; to set up t&e realit; in t&e classroom* 3&ic& ma5es C:I $er; attracti$e for t&e users' <&is feature of C:I presents great ad$antages for t&e science curriculum' =it& t&is 3a;* experiments t&at are difficult* time consuming and costl; could )e realized in t&e classroom (=atson* 198G)' It is also useful in t&e mat&ematics curriculum' Man; of t&e t&ree dimensional o)(ects t&at are $er; difficult to )e $isualized ); t&e students' <&ese o)(ects can* t&en )e presented to t&e learner t&roug& t&e screen of a computer'

8 H9a!ingI* t&e ,ourt. t;pe of C:I is t&e most stimul ating use of computers' <&ese programs are a 5ind of simulation offering co!petitive situations in 3&ic& one or more persons can pla; and 3in' <&at does not mean t&at all games are educationall; useful' <&e stress &ere is upon t&e ones t&at produce 3ort&3&ile learning situations related to t&e o)(ecti$es contents and processes in t&e mat&ematics curriculum (Datfield * 198G)' <&e; are ot&er t;pes of games 3&ic& are not necessaril; )ased upon a 3inning and loosing t&eme' Suc& programs gi$e opportunit; to t&e user to -or7 as tea! and explore t&e en$ironment 3it& ot&er team mem)ers' -or instance t&e game .E-CI< as5s to form t3o t&emes* )ot& &a$ing t&e goal of )alancing t&e )udget (=atson* 198G)' <&e programs reall; offer great opportunities for t&e mat&ematics students to 3or5 3it&in a co#operati$e en$ironment to learn difficult mat&ematical concepts' <&e idea t&at games can )e used to en&ance t&e learning of mat&ematical concepts stems from t3o different $ie3s (.ugdale 1987) N UMa5ing mat&ematics ,unU1 mat&ematics is uninteresting and di,,icult' It can )e made easier and en(o;a)le ); pla;ing computer games' N 4; pro$iding t&e structured en$ironments 3it& 3&ic& students manipulates t&ings in mat&ematics1 mat&ematics is useful and interesting J

&ttp122333'slides&are'net2$alio)agiu2suport#curs#tic#matematica 1' .ISCIPCIO: G' +<ICIV:,E: <IC PEO<,+ .EVEAC<:,E C+,,IC+C:,W !' Scopul disciplinei1 -amiliarizarea cursanilor cu aspecte teoretice i practice pri$ind utilizarea <IC n sistemul de n$m%nt' A)iecti$e urmrite1 # # # -ormarea i dez$oltarea competenelor de predare n$are utiliz%nd <IC? Cunoaterea i nelegerea de ctre cursani a tipurilor de programe de instruire asistat de calculator? Stimularea interesului cursanilor pentru utilizarea <IC n procesul instructi$#educati$'

Prin parcurgerea disciplinei* cursanii $or do)%ndi urmtoarele competene specifice1 # # :ccesarea di$erselor surse de informare n scopul documentrii +tilizarea calculatorului n procesul instructi$#educati$

9 # # # Exersarea sc&emelor de aciune n $ederea do)%ndirii2perfecionrii deprinderilor practice Conceperea i utilizarea materialelor2mi(loacelor de n$are :plicarea strategiilor didactice de utilizare eficient a mi(loacelor2auxiliarelor didactice n procesul de n$m%nt






=i5ispaces # &ttp122333'3i5ispaces'com2 +n 3i5i este o aplicaie care permite crearea unui site 3e) al crui coninut este creat n cola)orare de ctre utilizatori* pstr%nd $ersiunile succesi$e' =i5ispaces are o interfa simpl* conine forum* inserare de fiiere* lin5uri* imagini* statistici i un numr nelimitat de pagini' :re o $ariant gratuit:' :lternati$e1 p)3i5i* =etpaint =all3is&er # &ttp122333'3all3is&er'com2 Permite crearea unui Ha$izierI $irtual pe care pot fi postate scurte mesa(e conin%nd text* imagini i legturi' Poate fi folosit pentru )rainstorming* a posta adrese de Internet utile* cu$inte noi* termeni sau comentarii pe o tem dat' Cola)oratorii pot fi in$itai prin e#mail sau cu a(utorul +,CB ului' 1"' Plogster # &ttp122333'glogster'com2 :plicaie simpl pentru crearea de postere interacti$e ce pot fi ncorporate n pagini 3e)' Com)in imagini* $ideo* muzic* fotografii* lin5uri i audio pentru a crea pagini multimedia' 1!' 6'!' IOS<,+MEO<E PEO<,+ P,EC+C,:,E:IM:PIOICA, Slide # &ttp122333'slide'com2 Instrument online gratuit pentru creare i stocare de slides&o3#uri* incluz%nd efecte* tranziii i muzic care pot fi nglo)ate ntr#un )log sau pagina 3e)' Interfa simpl* mai multe moduri de $izualizare' Picni5 # &ttp122333'picni5'com Editare online simpl i precis a fotografiilor1 redimensionare* rotire* aplicare de efecte i text' Poate fi folosite pe mai multe sisteme de operare* nu necesit do3nload sau instalare' 16' Picasa # &ttp122picasa'google'com2 :plicaie gratuit oferit de Poogle pentru organizare* stocare i editare de fotografii' Afer numeroase instrumente de editare* precum i posi)ilitatea de a crea slides&o3#uri* cola(e*

1" pu)licare de al)ume pe Internet* pregtirea fotografiilor pentru utilizare extern (tiparire* email)* geo#tagging' Oecesit do3nload i instalare' -oto)a))le # &ttp122333'foto)a))le'com2 Permite adugarea unui comentariu la o imagine sau fotografie' Se ncarc imaginea i apoi se nregistreaz naraiunea folosind un microfon i poate fi nglo)at n )loguri sau pagini 3e)' 17' 6'6' <ES<E* CDES<IAO:,E XI IOS<,+MEO<EC+.ICE Dot Potatoes # &ttp122&otpot'u$ic'ca2 :nsam)lu de aplicaii gratuite pentru crearea de teste interactive' Xase aplicaii pentru teste cu r:spuns !ultiplu* cu rspuns scurt* cu$inte ncruciate* formare de perec&i* ordonare i completare de fraze' Oecesit do3nload i instalare' ProProfs # &ttp122333'proprofs'com2>uiz#sc&ool2 Este un instrument gratuit pentru generare de teste online cu opiuni $ariate de siguran* notare* limitare n timp* afiare a statisticilor etc' Conine ase tipuri de teste i c&estionare* n care pot fi incluse imagini sau $ideoclipuri' <estele pot fi tiprite* trimise prin email sau nglo)ate n )loguri sau pagini 3e)' 1L' 6'G' IOS<,+MEO<E PEO<,+ C,E:,E .E P:PIOI=E4 XI P+4CIC:,E AOCIOE Poogle Sites # &ttp122333'google'com2sites2&elp2intl2en2o$e r$ie3'&tml Ser$iciu gratuit care permite crearea de site#uri dup a)loane presta)ilite' Pot fi ncrcate fiiere i informaii de la alte aplicaii Poogle (Poogle .ocs* Poogle Calendar* Zou<u)e and 1G7 Picasa)* precum i coninut nou' Pot contri)ui mai muli autori* interfaa este simpl i accesul poate fi controlat' 18' 6'7' IOS<,+MEO<E PEO<,+ PC:OI-IC:,E XI 4,:IOS<A,MIOP 4u))le'us # &ttps122)u))l'us2)eta2 :plicaie simpl pentru crearea de &ri conceptuale cola)orati$e online' Drile pot fi stocate sau exportate ca imagini sau &tml pentru a fi pu)licate pe )log sau n pagin 3e)* pot fi printate sau trimise prin email' 19' 6'K' IOS<,+MEO<E PEO<,+ P,EVEO<W,I Slides&are # &ttp122333'slides&are'net2 Site pentru stocarea i pu)licarea gratuit de prezentri Po3erPoint* =ord sau pdf' Se poate face trimitere ca lin5 sau pot fi nglo)ate n )log sau pagin 3e)' .e asemenea* se pot sincroniza cu un fiier audio (MP6* podcast) pentru a crea un slidecast # un mod mai puternic de a distri)ui prezentri sau tutoriale' Slides&are este* de asemenea* un site $aloros de resurse su) form de prezentri' Prezi # &ttp122prezi'com2

11 Creare de prezentri non#lineare* cu posi)iliti ca1 zoom* itinerar al prezentrii* inserare de legturi* imagini* $ideoclipuri* texte* fiiere pdf* desene' +n pas nainte fa de Hera Po3erPointI' !1' 6'L' IOS<,+MEO<E PEO<,+ (E.I<:,E) EI.EA XI :OIM:YIE <eac&ertu)e # &ttp122333'teac&ertu)e'com Pzduire de $ideoclipuri i materiale utile create de profesori n scopuri educaionale' =indo3s Mo$iema5er &ttp122333'microsoft'com23indo3sxp2do3nloads2updates2 mo$iema5er!'mspx =indo3s Mo$ie Ma5er este o aplicaie de creare i editare $ideo* inclus n Microsoft =indo3s Me* [P i Eista' :ceasta conine caracteristici cum ar fi efecte* tranziii* titluri2 credite* piste audio* naraiunea cronologic' Poate fi folosit i pentru editare a fiierelor audio' Pot fi importate imagini sau fiiere $ideo' !!' 6'8' PC:<-A,ME E.+C:YIAO:CE AOCIOE Platforma i<eac& # &ttp122333'iteac&'ro2 i<eac& propune i implementeaz dou concepii actuale asupra acti$itii de perfecionare1 1' -ormarea continu a cadrelor didactice nu se rezum la parcurgerea unor cursuri* ci este un proces care include i sc&im) colegial de experien* participare n proiecte* $izite de studiu* acti$iti cola)orati$e* cercetare pedagogic i n domeniul de specializare* experien i reflecie asupra propriei acti$iti didactice* eforturi personale de sintez i de $alorificare a experienei prin pu)licarea de articole i materiale didactice' !' ,eelele socio#profesionale online pot fi utilizate cu succes ca i comuniti de n$are i de transfer de idei* informaii* resurse* $alori* practici i atitudini' Platforma permite integrarea cadrelor didactice ntr#o reea naional dedicat dez$oltrii socioprofesionale oferind oportuniti pentru dez$oltare profesional* prin pu)licarea de materiale i participarea la grupuri de discuii sau cursuri online de formare continu' !6' 6'8' PC:<-A,ME E.+C:YIAO:CE AOCIOE Platforma :eC # :d$anced eCearning # 333'ad$ancedelearling'com2 Platform integrat complet de instruire asistat de calculator* dez$oltat de SIEECA ,om%nia' :ceasta ofer suport pentru1 # predare # n$are # e$aluare? # monitorizarea procesului de n$m%nt' :eC Educational este structurat pe patru categorii de elemente componente1 1G9 )i)lioteca $irtual clasa $irtual administrare i testare dicionar integrat cu toate celelalte module' +tilizarea leciilor :eC n la matematic i disciplinele socio#umane permite1 # accentuarea laturii pragmatice a aplicrii curriculum#ului1 profesorul face legtura

1! direct i e$ident ntre ce se n$a i de ce se n$a? # integrarea te&nologiei informaiei i a comunicaiilor n procesul didactic ceea ce poate contri)uie la creterea eficienei formati$e a n$rii i dez$oltarea deprinderilor de lucru n grup? # m)inarea eficient a metodelor de n$are programat # algoritmizarea* modelarea i simularea # cu cele euristice* asigur%ndu#se astfel formarea unui stil de munc participati$* prospecti$ i creati$? # auto#instruirea i n$area anga(at? profesorii de$enind g&izi* consilieri* c&iar componeni ai unor ec&ipe create cu scopul in$estigrii unei situaii' Ceciile :eC i propun promo$area unei noi a)ordri n matematic i la disciplinele socio#umane # Cultur ci$ic* Cogic* argumentare i comunicare* Sociologie* Economie* Psi&ologie* -ilosofie # asigur%nd ele$ilor condiii pentru descoperirea i $alorificarea potenialului creati$ i rezoluti$' !G' 6'8' PC:<-A,ME E.+C:YIAO:CE AOCIOE Platforma IOS:M B 333'insam'soft3in'ro2 Platforma are ca scop dez$oltarea i implementarea de instrumente i mecanisme digitale de m)untire a proceselor e$aluati$e i de autopoziionare2 autoe$aluare a ele$ilor din n$m%ntul preuni$ersitar liceal' Sistemul este accesi)il cadrelor didactice i ele$ilor din n$m%ntul preuni$ersitar i cuprinde 17"'""" de itemi de e$aluare i 7""" de teste de e$aluare predefinite pentru 1! discipline' Pentru Matematic i pentru disciplinele socio# umane1 Cogic* argumentare i comunicare* Psi&ologie* Economie* Sociologie* -ilosofie au fost realizai aproximati$ !7'""" itemi de e$aluare' !7' :PCIC:YII # :C<IEI<:<E .E P,+P S:+IO.IEI.+:CW Eizitai platforma i alegei itemii care pot fi integrai n e$aluarea formati$ a acti$itilor de n$are din cadrul unei uniti de n$are alese de dumnea$oastr' Eizitai platforma i alegei un test de e$aluare sumati$ pentru o unitate de n$are i analizai msura n care este n acord cu competenele specifice ale unitii de n$are alese de dumnea$oastr' !K' 6'8' PC:<-A,ME E.+C:YIAO:CE AOCIOE Platforma ,ationale # &ttp122rationale'aust&in5'com Instrument soft3are n care se poate opera cu &rile argumentati$e )azate pe organizatori grafici* eficient pentru crearea de eseuri argumentati$e* materiale de opinie i analiz de text* ntruc%t g&ideaz ele$ii s analizeze i s g%ndeasc critic* i a(ut s se pregteasc pentru o dez)atere' Platforma pune la dispoziia exerciii de g%ndire critic i de a)loane eseu pentru a stimula realizarea de ctre ele$i a sarcinilor de lucru i realizarea unui proces de n$are eficient i interacti$' :stfel* platforma poate fi integrat cu succes n n$m%ntul secundar la disciplinele Cogic* argumentare i comunicare* Sociologie* Psi&ologie* -ilozofie dar i la Matematic' !8' 6'8' PC:<-A,ME E.+C:YIAO:CE AOCIOE Scoala .isco$er; B 333'scoaladiscorer;'ro ,esursele disponi)ile pe acest site mpreuna cu programele difuzate pe canalul de tele$iziune .isco$er; reprezint un instrument alternati$ modern* care contri)uie la creterea

16 interesului ele$ilor pentru tiine' Scoala .isco$er; $a pune la dispozitie o linie de programe <E cu continut educati$* precum si o serie de materiale on#line care sa $a spri(ine in procesul didactic' Puteti folosi programele si textele pentru a )eneficia de o perspecti$ nou asupra su)iectelor care $a intereseaza* putei s recomandati ele$ilor s $izioneze programele <E sau putei s le urmrii n cadrul unei ore speciale* dup care s discutai mpreun su)iectele rele$ante pentru ni$elul i programa $ala)ile n cazul respecti$' .isco$er; C&annel ,omania difuzeaz o serie de programe educati$e n fiecare zi* de luni p%n $ineri la ora 1G'"" i apoi n reluare' Programele prezint su)iecte tiinifice* de la c&imie i matematic* fizic* )iologie i ecologie p%n la in$enii' :cestea au fost special selectate pentru a#i a(uta pe ele$ii claselor E#[II s neleag mai )ine fenomenele tiinifice* transmi%nd mesa(ul c tiina este un domeniu interesant i capti$ant' Programele sunt du)late n lim)a romana* fr a a$ea pauze pu)licitare' Portalul este dedicat profesorilor* care pot descrca materiale#suport ce pot fi folosite la clasa* cu ele$ii' Site#ul include o grila de programe si un P&id pentru profesori complet* despre fiecare episod* prezent%nd o)iecti$ele leciei* seturi de ntre)ri care s i apropie pe ele$i de coninut* propuneri de acti$iti n clas i definiii pentru termenii de $oca)ular' 0nregistrarea i folosirea unor materiale la clasa* n scopuri educati$e* este permis conform legii drepturilor de autor' !9' 6'8' PC:<-A,ME E.+C:YIAO:CE AOCIOE Platforma Moodle # &ttp122333'moodle'ro2 Moodle este un CMS (Cearning Management S;stem B EO* Sistem de :dministrare a 0n$rii) Apen Source i este cea mai popular platform de administrare a n$rii la ni$el mondial'' :ccesul pe platform se face gratuit* prin identificarea ca utilizator i parol' ,ecomandrile de utilizare i implementarea platformei de e# learning pentru n$m%ntul preuni$ersitar $izeaz1 Postarea leciilor* )i)liografiei* temelor? E$aluarea si autoe$aluarea cunotinelor? Crearea unor clase $irtuale de cola)orare intre licee? Arganizarea de concursuri i dez$oltarea de proiecte ntre licee? Pregtiri pentru )acalaureat? Comunicarea i socializare'