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Talking About Your Children

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Presiunea examenului asupra copilului tu
Patrick: Hey Katie. Ce mkai faci?
Katie: Bun Patrik. M duc la coala Paulei. Ced c ea are probleme din nou / este n ncurctur din
Patrick: Asta este a treia oar n aceast lun. De ce nu vorbeti cu ea?
Katie: Am fcut-o. Cred c ea este ngrijorat pentru examenele ei. Este sub mult presiune.
Patrick: Este un boboc. Primul an poate fi dur.
Katie: tiu. Am vorbit cu ea pentru trei ore ieri. Este mut presiune asupra studenilor astzi. Ea nu ma ascultat i doar a nceput s plng.
Patrick: Asta este ru, Katie. Poate ar trebui s-o duci s-o vad un terapeut.
Katie: Cred c asta este exact ce voi face.

Despre hobiurile copilului tu

Katie: Hey Shawna. M poi ajuta cu ceva?
Shawna: Sigur Katie. Care este problema?
Katie: Paula a fost sub mult presiune n ultima vreme. Nu tiu ce s fac.
Shawna: De ce nu-i ceri s se alture la ceva ce-i place? Care sunt hobiurile ei?
Katie: Pi, ei i place s cnte la chitar. De asemenea i place s picteze i s fac schie.
Shawna: Crezi c i-ar place s participe la un curs de art sau de muzic?
Katie: Cred c da. Muzica i arta sunt hobiurile ei favorite.
Shawna: Perfect atunci. Eu tiu un loc care ofer programe de week-end pentru adolesceni. Putem
merge acolo mine.
Katie: Mulumesc mult, Shawna.
Despre coala copilului tu
Penny: Bun! Sunt Penny. Tocmai m-am mutat aici sptmna trecut.
Katie: Sunt Katie. mi pare bine s te ntlnesc. Bine ai venit n cartier. Te pot ajuta cu ceva?
Penny: De fapt, da. Fiul meu este boboc (elev n clasa nti / nou venit) i nu tiu nimic despre colile
de pe aici.

Katie: i fiica mea este un boboc. Ea merge la Belmont. Este o coal drgu.
Penny: Oh, ntr-adevr? Asta este drgu. Are Belmont o echip bun de fotbal? Fiule meu a fost la
cealalt coal n echipa de fotbal. El vrea s continue s joace.
Katie: Sigur. Nu te ngrijora, este o coal grozav. Eu mi duc fiica la coal n fiecare diminea.
Trebuie s vii cu noi i a arunci o privire.
Penny: Asta ar fi nemaipomenit. Mulumesc.

Fraze de reinut
Im going to Paulas school.
I guess shes all worried about her exams.
Shes under a lot of pressure.
What are her hobbies?
She also likes painting and sketching.
My daughters a freshman too.
She goes to Belmont.
I take my daughter to school every morning.

Varianta original
Exam Pressure On Your Child
Patrick: Hey Katie. Whats up ?
Katie: Hey Patrick. Im going to Paulas school. I think she messed up again.
Patrick: Thats the third time this month. Why dont you talk to her?
Katie: I did. I guess shes all worried about her exams. Shes under a lot of pressure.
Patrick: Shes a freshman. The first year can be tough.
Katie: I know. I talked to her four three hours yesterday.Theres a lot of pressure on students these
days. She didnt listen to me and just started crying.
Patrick: Thats bad, Katie. Maybe you should take her to a therapist.
Katie: I think thats exactly what Ill do.
About Your Childs Hobbies
Katie: Hey Shawna. Can you help me out with something?
Shawna: Sure Katie. What is it?
Katie: Paulas been under a lot of pressure lately. I dont know what to do.
Shawna: Why don't you ask her to join something she likes? What are her hobbies?
Katie: Well, she likes to play her guitar. She also likes painting and sketching.

Shawna: Do you think shell like to join an art or music class?

Katie: I think so. Music and art are her favorite hobbies.
Shawna: Great then. I know a place which offers weekend programs for teenagers. We can go there
Katie: Thanks a lot Shawna.
About Your Childs School
Penny: Hey! Im Penny. We just moved here last week.
Katie: Im Katie. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the neighbourhood. Anything I can help you out with?
Penny: Actually, yes. My son is a freshman and I dont know anything about schools around here.
Katie: My daughters a freshman too. She goes to Belmont. Its a nice school.
Penny: Oh, really? Thats nice. Does Belmont have a good football team? My son was in his last
schools football team. He wants to continue playing.
Katie: Sure. Dont worry about it. Its a great school. I take my daughter to school every morning. You
should come with us and have a look around.
Penny: That would be great. Thank you.

Messed Up : When something is messed up, we mean a cluttered, untidy and usually a dirty condition.
Exam : It is a test of specified kind which gives an idea about your knowledge.
Worried : To be worried means to allow ones mind to dwell on difficulties and troubles.
Pressure : When someone is under pressure, it means that he is going through a lot of stress.
Freshman : A freshman is a first year student at a university, college or high school, usually a beginner.
Therapist : A therapist is a person usually skilled in a particular type of therapy (treatment intended to
heal a disorder).
Hobbies : Hobbies are the activities done regularly in ones leisure time for pleasure.
Painting : The art of using paint in order to draw a picture.
Sketching : To sketch means to make a rough drawing of something.
Guitar : A guitar is a stringed musical instrument.
Teenagers : A teenager is a person aged from 13 to 19 years.
Neighbourhood : A district where large number of people live together.