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Who cares about pollution?

Permite-mi sa te intreb: Tu ce crezi, in lupta dintre natura si poluare, cine crezi

ca invinge?
Acum 2-3 saptamani am hotarat sa merg impreuna cu prietenii mei la munte.
Venise primavara, era cald afara, numai bine pentru un gratar si o drumetie in natura.
Ajunsi la munte ne-am gandit ca prima oara sa facem o mica drumetie, si apoi sa
avem un picnic pe iarba, in mijlocul naturii. Dupa ce am facut drumetia, am cautat
mai mult de o ora un loc in care sa facem picnicul. Nu am reusit sa gasim, pentru ca
erau foarte multe gunoaie, altii ascultau muzica foarte tare, in alte locuri era un miros
urat.. si tot asa. Si atunci mi-am zis “Who cares about pollution? Let`s eat!”. Dar
credeti ca am putut?
Primul lucru care ma deranjeaza in orasul meu, este poluarea fonica. Acest
lucru se poate corecta usor, daca se iau anumite masuri tehnice sau daca oamenii vor
intelege ce este bunul simt. Atat fabricile sau alte locuri de munca pot sa investeasca
in anumite sisteme care sa izoleze fonic munca lor. Cat despre persoanele care asculta
muzica tare, ar trebui sa li se tina lectii de bune maniere.
Un alt tip de poluare, este poluarea aerului. Masinile, fabricile si omul prin
activitatile lui zilnice deterioreaza stratul de ozon. Efectul de sera este o problema
mondiala, cu totii ne confruntam cu ea. S-au luat niste masuri in privinta asta, dar nu e
suficient. Calitatea aerului trebuie imbunatatita, si pentru asta trebuie sa contribuim cu
Poluarea solului este un alt lucru catastrofal de pe urma caruia suferim.
Legumele, fructele, florile si copacii s-au modificat foarte mult de pe urma poluarii.
Organismele si vietuitoarele din sol mor din cauza chimicalelor folosite de om.
Poluarea le ucide incet si sigur, si personal, nu stiu ce fac autoritatiile statului.
Probabil ca si autoritatile statului sufera de o poluare foarte grava: indiferenta si
coruptia. Consinder ca nu este prea tarziu sa incepem sa facem noi ceva.
Impreuna putem sa facem lumea mai buna. Si asta nu e un slogan, este
adevarat. Natura ne-a fost datuita sanatoasa, fara defecte si probleme de genul asta.
Dar ignoranta si prostia noastra au adus-o intr-o stare deplorabila. Ar fi cazul
apreciem ce ne-a daruit natura de-a lungul anilor, si sa-i intoarcem favorul, sa ii
daruim si noi mai multa atentie si “ingrijire medicala”. Crezi ca poti sa faci asta?
Let me ask you something: What do you think, in this fight between nature
and pollution, who do you think will wins? Two weeks ago I decided to go with my
friends at mountain. The spring had come, it was hot outside, only good for a
barbecue and a hike in nature. Once in the mountains we thought first to do a little
hiking, and then have a picnic on the grass in the woods. After we did the hike, we
searched for more than an hour for a place where we could picnic. We coulden`t find
a place, because there was a lot of garbage, others was listening to music very loud,
and in some places was a horrible smell and so on. And I told myself: “Who cares
about pollution? Let`s eat”. But do you think that we could do that?
The first thing that bothers me in my city is noise pollution. This can be
corrected, if they take certain technical measures or if people will understand what is
common sense. Factories or other work places may invest in some systems to
soundproof their work. About people who listen to loud music, we should give them
lessons of good manners.
Another type of pollution is air pollution. Cars, factories and man through his
daily activities deteriorating ozone layer. The greenhouse effect is a global problem,
all we are dealing with it. They took some action on it, but not enough. They took
some action on it, but not enough. Air quality must be improved, and we all must
contribute with something.
Soil pollution is another catastrophe pollution from which we suffer.
Vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees have changed greatly because of it. Soil
organisms and creatures dying from chemicals used by humans. Pollution kills them
slowly and surely, and personally I don`t know what state authority does. Probably
the state authorities is suffering from a very serious pollution: indifference and
corruption. I belive that is not too late that WE start doing something.
Together we can make the world better. And that's not only a slogan, it's true. Nature
has gifted us healthy, without defects and problems like that. But our ignorance and
stupidity have brought it in a deplorable state. As if we start appreciate what nature
has given over the years and turn the favour to it. We could give nature more attention
and "medical care". You think that you can do this?