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Ww Which picture? Read, look and say AorB. 1 There's a green carpet on the floor. 2 There are seven pictures on the wall. ty Read, look and answer. 3 There are four rooms. 4 There are pictures of mice. 5 There are three flowers in the vase. 6 There are green curtains. 1 Is there a teddy bear on the sofa? Yes, there is. Is there a chair? Are there any cushions on the sofa? 4 Is there a book on the bed? 5 Are there any CDs on the table? Is there a carpet on the floor? on ba the sums and say. Then write in your notebook. NA 245-7] Ve v's 9+9-77) Yb Two and five Loo “a A carpet B curtain is 10+5-§2) 3+2-(2) ‘ead and choose. lp A policeman B postman ’ Sa Read and choose. V1 What's this? It’s ... umbrella. VY Aa 2 Look at... dog! It’s so cute! ATom Vv Ban B Tom's “@ A desk Ve 745-02] % ae A B sharpener B spider B bookca: A frog A cupboat . ty Read and choose. 3 There are five ... in this box. Whose are they? V3 A lorries B lorry 4 This is my friend. ... name is / Mary. Vv, VJ Anis B Her 5 ... two mice on the table. Y AThereis —B There are 5 @ A: What are these? B: a)It’s a book. b) They’re cameras. A: Where's Alvin? B: a) He's at school. b) He's my friend. A: Happy Birthday, Ted! B: a) You're welcome! b) Thank you! "A: Where's the vase? B: a) Yes, itis. b) On the table. A: What's that? B: a)It’s Tina’s schoolbag. b) It’s next to the table. "