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Lecia a aptea Lesson Seven


1. The Genitive Case

Genitivul este cazul atributului i exprim, n primul rnd, posesiunea sau apartenena i rspunde la ntrebrile Whose? = al, a, ai, ale cui? What? sau Which? = care? We say: Spunem: Alans wife is an actress. Soia lui Alan este actri. The cats kittens are nice. Puii pisicii sunt drgui. Maggies house is on the corner. Casa lui Maggie este pe col. We are happy about my fathers arrival. Suntem fericii de sosirea tatei. It is good to have somebodys admiration. Este bine s te bucuri de admiraia cuiva. I am reading Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet. Citesc Romeo si Julieta lui Shakespeare. Pauls ideas are good. Ideile lui Paul sunt bune. Nicks parents are both doctors. Prinii lui Nick sunt amndoi doctori. But we say: Dar spunem: The key of my door is on the table. Cheia de la ua mea este pe mas. Sometimes the passage of time is slow. Uneori trecerea timpului este nceat. I have a feeling of joy. Am un sentiment de bucurie. The roof of the house is damaged. Acoperiul casei este stricat. I want a slice of cake. Vreau o felie de tort. The month of June is really beautiful in my country. Luna iunie este cu adevrat frumoas n ara mea. The cover of the book is dark blue. Coperta crii este albastru nchis. Observaii: Substantivele care se termin n s sau ss primesc numai apostroful: Dickens novels are in my book case. Romanele lui Dickens sunt n biblioteca mea.

2. The Adjective much and many


Much este folosit cu substantive nenumerabile i exprim cantitatea. Teaching English gives much pleasure to me. Predarea limbii engleze mi ofer mult plcere. There is much sand on your shoes. Este mult nisip pe pantofii ti. I need much sugar into my coffee. Am nevoie de mult zahr n cafeaua mea. She gives him much love. i ofer mult dragoste. There isnt much room left in their kitchen. Nu prea le rmne spaiu n buctrie. I need much time to think about it. Am nevoie de mult timp ca s m gndesc la asta. Many este folosit cu substantive numerabile i exprim numrul. There are many roses in my garden. Sunt muli trandafiri n grdina mea. We have many new ideas. Avem multe idei noi. Mary has many friends. Mary are muli prieteni. There are many chairs in their kitchen. Sunt multe scaune n buctria lor. There are many students in the library. Sunt muli studeni la bibliotec. They have too many pictures on their walls. Au prea multe tablouri pe perei.

General concepts
State of mind Im merry Im happy Im satisfied Im lucky Im sad Im confused Im amazed Im in a hurry Im unhappy Im unlucky Im tired Im dissatisfied Im worried Im shocked Im afraid Im scared

Noiuni generale
Stare de spirit sunt bucuros, bucuroas sunt fericit, sunt mulumit, sunt norocos, norocoas sunt trist, sunt derutat, sunt uluit, sunt grbit, sunt nefericit, sunt ghinionist, sunt obosit, sunt nemulumit, sunt ngrijorat, sunt ocat, mi-e team mi-e fric

Im hungry Im thirsty Im cold Im ill

mi-e foame mi-e sete mi-e frig mi-e ru

Its Saturday morning and I meet Jim at the market. Im buying vegetables: green peppers, hot peppers, onion, garlic, potatoes, mushrooms, beans, carrots, parsley, green salad, tomatoes, cabbage and eggplants. Jim is buying fruits such as strawberries, bananas, pears, apples, grapes, oranges, plums, peaches and apricots. Este smbt dimineaa i m ntlnesc cu Jim la pia. Eu cumpr legume i zarzavaturi: adrei grai, ardei iui, ceap, usturoi, cartofi, ciuperci, fasole, morcovi, ptrunjel, salat verde, roii, varz i vinete. Jim cumpr fructe precum cpuni, banane, pere, mere, struguri, portocale, prune, piersici i caise.

A Birthday Barbecue for Peter Un grtar de ziua lui Peter

Minnie Jones: Its Peters birthday today. So we are having a barbecue in our garden. You and your wife are both invited to the party. Are you coming, Jim? (Este ziua lui Peter astzi. Aa c vom face un grtar n grdin. Tu i soia ta suntei invitai amndoi la petrecere. Venii, Jim?) Jim Patrick: Well, Minnie, I have to talk first with Paula about it but I think this is not a problem. We dont have a program for today. I think the answer is yes, we are coming. (Ei bine, Minnie, trebuie s vorbesc mai inti cu Paula despre asta, dar nu cred s fie o problem. Nu avem program astzi. Cred c rspunsul este da, venim.) Minnie Jones: We are delighted to have you and Paula among us then. (Suntem ncntai s va avem pe tine i pe Paula printre noi, atunci.) Jim Patrick: Thank you, Minnie. Im doing my shopping and Im going home to tell Paula about the party. But I have to buy fruits first. (Mulumesc, Minnie. mi fac cumprturile i m duc acas s-i spun Paulei despre petrecere. Dar mai nti trebuie sa cumpr fructe.) Minnie Jones: I have a lot of things to buy, too. Today we are very busy because of this special celebration. I do the shopping and Emily is cooking a delicious birthday cake for her brother. Anna is helping her. (i eu am o mulime de lucruri de cumprat. Astzi suntem foarte ocupai cu aceast srbtoare special. Eu fac cumprturile i Emily pregtete un tort delicios pentru fratele ei. Anna o ajut.) Jim Patrick: What are the men of your family doing? Are they helping you, too? (Ce fac brbaii din familia voastr? V ajut i ei?) Minnie Jones: Of course they are. Al is working very hard to decorate a place in the garden, Peter and Johann are building a stage for dancing and

playing the music. (Sigur c da. Al se strduiete din greu s decoreze un loc n grdin, Peter i Johann construiesc un ring pentru dans i muzic.) Jim Patrick: Thank God the weather is splendid. The sun shines, the sky is clear and theres no wind. We arent afraid of any shower. (Doamne ajut c vremea este splendid. Soarele strlucete, cerul e senin i nu bate vntul. Nu ne temem de vreo ploaie torenial.) Minnie Jones: Yes, we are lucky. Now you have to excuse me, Jim. Im in a hurry. I have to go to the grocers and also to the butchers as I have many things to buy: beef, pork and fish. Im sorry. (Da, suntem norocoi. Acum trebuie s m scuzi, Jim. M grbesc. Trebuie s trec pe la bcnie i pe la mcelrie pentru c am multe de cumprat : carne de vit, de porc i pete. mi pare ru.) Jim Patrick: It is all right, Minnie, I understand. I have only one question for you. What do we wear? Casual or elegant clothes? (Este n regul, Minnie, neleg. Am o singur ntrebare pentru tine. Ce purtm? Haine obinuite sau elegante?) Minnie Jones: What a question! Of course you wear what you want. We are looking forward to seeing you! Bye, Jim. (Ce ntrebare! Bineneles c v mbrcai cu ce vrei. Abia ateptm s v vedem. Pa, Jim.) Jim Patrick: Bye, Minnie, thank you for the invitation. I call you when I come home. (Pa, Minnie, mulumim pentru invitaie. Te sun cnd ajung acas.) Vocabulary: market = pia vegetables = zarzavaturi, legume, verdeuri fruits = fructe green pepper = adrei gras hot pepper = ardei iute onion = ceap garlic = usturoi potato, potatoes = cartof, cartofi mushroom = ciuperc beans = fasole carrot = morcov parsley = ptrunjel green salad = salat verde tomato, tomatoes = roie, roii cabbage = varz eggplant = vnt strawberry, strawberries = cpun, cpuni banana = banan pear = par apple = mr grapes = struguri

orange = portocal plum = prun peach = piersic apricot = cais barbecue = grtar to invite = a invita party = petrecere to have to = a trebui s problem = problem program = program answer = rspuns to answer = a rspunde among = n mijlocul, printre to shop = to go shopping = a cumpra, a face comprturi to tell = a spune special celebration = srbtoare special delicious = delicios birthday cake = tort very hard = din greu to decorate = a decora to build = a construi stage = podium, ring to play = a cnta (la un instrument), a (se)juca thank God = i mulumesc lui Dumnezeu sun = soare to shine = a strluci grocers = bcnie butchers = mcelrie beef = carne de vit pork = carne de porc fish = pete to understand = a nelege to wear = a purta(haine) casual = obinuit elegant = elegant clothes = haine to look forward to = a atepta cu nerbdare s to call somebody = a telefona cuiva