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Somonas translation: 'Bingo,'i-a spus, n oapt. Persoana respectiv purta un rucsac pe spatele su.

Cteodat sub forma unei siluete alteori a unei umbre, acesta ddea ocol din nou betonului nainte ca mai apoi s scoat din ghiozdan o frnghie i s o arunce peste creanga unui copac iar apoi s o trag strns.

My translation:
Bingo, i-a spus el, n oapt. Persoana ducea in spate un rucsac. Uneori n siluet i alteori ca o umbr, el nainte de a scoate o frnghie din geant i de a arunc-o sus peste ramura de copac, apoi de a o trge tar, a ncercuit din nou betonul.

In my translation doesnt exist respectiv. In my opinion we should not insert respectiv because it doesnt exist in the text. We know that is a about a totally mysterious figure that appeared and the text mention about it before. We do not need to say respectiv because we already about this figure. Maybe Simona wanted to emphasis that is this particular figure and not another person. For purta un rucsac pe spatele su., I think is not really the best choice because if we speak about purta un rucsac we do not need to mention where he was carrying the rucksack, it is obvious. But if we say duce then we need to mention, as the text does. Simonas translation ddea ocol I wanted to use as well, but I thought that Loc. vb. A da (cuiva sau la ceva) ocol also means a ocoli (pe cineva sau ceva) not only a merge de jur-mprejur. And that is way I decided to use a ncercuit to be more specific. Simona uses conjunctive s scoat, but conjunctivul exprima o actiune realizabila, posibila in prezent, ireala in trecut, and in the text all the actions of the person are described at the past then we can not use conjunctive. I think before producing is participle and must be translated as it is. Because the translation did not accept her conjunctive she inserted other words ca mai apoi. Again she translated tossing with conjunctive and not with ing participle. I change the order of the last sentence in order to sound better in romanian and I did not changed the topic.