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Predecessor activity- Activitate premergtoare- 1) In project management, in an activity-onarrow network, the activity that enters a node.

2) In project management, in an activity-onnode network, the node at the tail of the arrow. Activitate premergtoare- predecessor activity- 1) n managementul de proiect, ntr-o reea de activitate pe sgeat, activitatea care introduce un nod. 2) n managementul de proiect, ntro reea de activitate pe nod, nodul de la coada sgeii. Pre-deduct inventory transaction processing- Procesul pre-dedus de inventariere a tranzaciilor- A method of inventory bookkeeping where the book (computer) inventory of components is reduced before issue, at the time a scheduled receipt for their parents or assemblies is created via a bill-of-material explosion. This approach has the disadvantage of a built-in differential between the book record and what is physically in stock. See: backflush. Procesul pre-dedus de inventariere a tranzaciilor- Pre-deduct inventory transaction processing- O metod de inere a inventarului unde cartea (calculatorul) inventar a componentelor este redus nainte de emitere, la momentul n care o chitan programat pentru prini sau adunrile lor este creat printr-o explozie de facturi cu materiale. Aceast abordare are dezavantajul unui diferenial construit ntre cartea nregistrat i ceea ce este fizic n stoc. A se vedea: backflush. Predetermined motion time- Timp de micare predeterminat- An organized body of information, procedures, techniques, and motion times employed in the study and evaluation of manual work elements. It is useful in categorizing and analyzing all motions into elements whose unit times are computed according to such factors as length, degree of muscle control, and precision. The element times provide the basis for calculating a time standard for the operations. Syn: synthetic time standard. Timp de micare predeterminat- Predetermined motion time- Un organism organizat de informaii, proceduri, tehnici, i timpi de micare angajate n studiul i evaluarea de elemente de lucru manual. Este util n clasificarea i analiza tuturor micrilor n elemente ale cror uniti de timp sunt calculate n funcie de factori cum ar fi durata, gradul de control muscular, i de precizie. Timpii element furnizeaz baza de calcul a timpului standard pentru operaiuni. Syn: standardul sintetic de timp. Predetermined time standards- Standardele de timp predeterminate- A table of times of basic motions used to prepare artificial standards (Le., without direct observation of a worker). See: therbligs. Standardele de timp predeterminate- Predetermined time standards- Un tabel cu timpii micrilor de baz utilizate pentru a pregti standardele artificiale (Le., fr observarea direct a unui muncitor). A se vedea: therbligs. Predictable maintenance- ntreinere previzibil- Syn: predictive maintenance. ntreinere previzibil- Predictable maintenance. Szn: ntreinere previzibil. Prediction- Predicie- An intuitive estimate of demand taking into account changes and new factors influencing the market, as opposed to a forecast, which is an objective projection of the past into the future.

Predicie- Prediction- O estimare intuitiv de cerere innd cont de schimbrile i de factorii noi care influeneaz piaa, spre deosebire de o previziune, care este o proiecie obiectiv a trecutului n viitor. Predictive maintenance- ntreinere predictiv- A type of preventive maintenance based on nondestructive testing and statistical analysis, used to predict when required maintenance should be scheduled. Syn: predictable maintenance. ntreinere predictiv- Predictive maintenance- Un tip de ntreinere preventiv, bazat pe control nedistructiv i analize statistice, folosite pentru a prezice cnd lucrrile necesare de ntreinere ar trebui s fie programate. Syn: ntreinere previzibil. Pre-expediting- Pre-accelerarea- The function of following up on open orders before the scheduled delivery date, to ensure the timely delivery of materials in the specified quantity. Pre-accelerarea- Pre-expediting- Funcia de urmrire a comenzilor deschise nainte de data de livrare programat, pentru a asigura livrarea la timp a materialelor n cantitatea specificat. Preferred stock- Stoc preferat- A type of stock entitling the owner to dividends before common stockholders are entitled to them. Stoc preferat- Preferred stock- Un tip de stoc care d dreptul proprietarului la dividende nainte ca acionarii comuni s aibe dreptul la ele. Preferred supplier- Furnizorul preferat- The supplier of choice. Furnizorul preferat- Preferred supplier Furnizorul ales. prepaid- preplata- A term denoting that transportation charges have been or are to be paid at the point of shipment by the sender. preplata- prepaid- Un termen care denot faptul c taxele de transport au fost sau urmeaz s fie pltite la punctul de expediere de ctre expeditor. Prerelease- Prelansare- The period of product specification, design, and design review. Prelansare- Prerelease- Perioada specificaiilor produsului, design, i de examinare a proiectului. Prerequisite tree (PRT)- Arborele condiie (POR)- A necessity-based logic diagram that facilitates answering the third question in the change sequence: How do we effect the change? A PRT shows the relationship between the injections, desirable effects or ambitious target, and the obstacles that block the implementation of the injections. A PRT includes the intermediate objectives required to overcome the obstacles and shows the sequence in which they must be achieved for successful implementation. Arborele condiie (POR)- Prerequisite tree (PRT)- O necesitate bazat pe o diagram logic care faciliteaz rspunsul la a treia ntrebare n secvena schimbare: Cum putem efectua schimbarea? Un POR arat relaia dintre injecii, efecte de dorit sau de obiectiv ambiios, precum i obstacolele care blocheaz punerea n aplicare a injeciilor. Un POR cuprinde obiectivelor intermediare necesare pentru a depi obstacolele i arat secvena n care ele trebuie s fie realizate pentru implementarea cu succes.

Present value- Valoarea actual- The value today of future cash flows. For example, the promise of $10 a year from now is worth something less than $10 in hand today. Valoarea actual- Present value- valoarea de astzi a fluxurilor de numerar viitoare. De exemplu, promisiunea de 10 dolari pe an de acum valoreaz ceva mai puin de 10 dolari n mn azi. Pre-transaction elements- Elemente de pre-tranzacie- Customer service elements that pertain to the period before a product or service is sold, including flexibility, customer policies, and mission statement. Elemente de pre-tranzacie- Pre-transaction elements- Elemente de servicii cu clienii care se refer la perioada nainte ca un produs sau serviciu s fie vndut, inclusiv flexibilitate, politicile clienilor i misiune. Prevention costs- Costurile de prevenire- The costs caused by improvement activities that focus on the reduction of failure and appraisal costs. Typical costs include education, quality training, and supplier certification. Prevention costs are one of four categories of quality costs. Costurile de prevenire- Prevention costs- Costurile cauzate de activitile de mbuntire care se concentreaz pe reducerea costurilor defectelor i evaluare. Costurile tipice includ educaie, formare de calitate i de certificare de furnizor. Costurile de prevenire sunt unele dintre cele patru categorii de costuri de calitate. Prevention vs. detection- Prevenirea vs depistarea- A term used to contrast two types of quality activities. Prevention refers to those activities designed to prevent nonconformances in goods and services. Detection refers to those activities designed to detect nonconformances already in goods and services. Syn: designing in quality vs. inspecting in quality. Prevenirea vs depistarea- Prevention vs. detection- un termen utilizat pentru a pune n contrast dou tipuri de activiti de calitate. Prevenirea se refer la acele activiti menite s previn neconformiti n bunuri i servicii. Detectarea se refer la acele activiti concepute pentru a detecta neconformiti deja existente n bunuri i servicii. Syn: proiectarea n calitate vs control de calitate. Preventive maintenance- ntreinere de prevenire- The activities, including adjustments, replacements, and basic cleanliness, that forestall machine breakdowns. The purpose is to ensure that production quality is maintained and that delivery schedules are met. In addition, a machine that is well cared for will last longer and cause fewer problems. Syn: periodic maintenance. ntreinere de prevenire- Preventive maintenance Activiti, inclusiv ajustri, nlocuiri, i curenia de baz, care mpiedic stricarea mainii. Scopul este de a asigura c, calitatea produciei este meninut i c termenele de livrare sunt ndeplinite. n plus, o main care este bine ngrijit va dura mai mult i cauzeaz mai puine probleme. Syn: ntreinere periodic. Price- Pre- One of the four Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) that constitute the set of tools used to direct the business offering to the customer. Price is the amount charged for the product offering. The price set must take into account competition, substitute products, and internal business costs to return a desirable product margin. See: four Ps.

Pre- Price- Unul dintre cei patru P (produs, pre, locul, i promovarea), care constituie un set de instrumente folosite pentru a direciona clientul spre afacerile oferite. Preul este suma perceput pentru oferta de produse. Setul de pre trebuie s in seama de concuren, produsele de substituie, iar costurile interne de afaceri pentru a reveni marjei de produs dorit. Vezi: patru P. Price analysis- Analiza de pre- The examination of a seller's price proposal or bid by comparison with price benchmarks, without examination and evaluation of all of the separate elements of the cost and profit making up the price in the bid. Analiza de pre- Price analysis- Examinarea propunerii preului unui vnztor sau oferta prin comparaie cu reperele de pre, fr examinarea i evaluarea tuturor elementelor separate ale costului i de a face profit la preul din ofert. price break- scderea preului- A discount given for paying early, buying in quantity, and so forth. See: discount. scderea preului- price break- O reducere pentru plata timpurie, cumprarea n cantitate i aa mai departe. A se vedea: discount. Price-break model- Modelul de scdere a preului. Syn: quantity discount model. Modelul de scdere a preului- Price-break model. Syn: model de reducere la cantitate. Price discrimination- Discriminarea preului- Selling the same products to different buyers at different prices. Discriminarea preului- Price discrimination- Vnzarea acelorai produse la diferii cumprtori i la preuri diferite. Price elasticity- Elasticitatea preului- The degree of change in buyer demand in response to changes in product price. It is calculated by dividing the percentage of change in quantity bought by the percentage of change of price. Prices are considered elastic if demand varies with changes in price. If demand changes only slightly when the price changes, demand is said to be inelastic. For example, demand for most medical services is relatively inelastic, but demand for automobiles is generally elastic. Elasticitatea preului- Price elasticity- Gradul de schimbare n cererea cumprtorului, n rspuns la schimbrile n preul produsului. Acesta se calculeaz prin mprirea procentului de schimbare a cantitii cumprate la procentul de schimbare a preului. Preurile sunt considerate elastice doar dac cererea variaz n funcie de modificrile de pre. n cazul n care cererea se schimb numai puin n cazul n care se schimb preul, cererea este declarat a fi inelastic. De exemplu, cererea pentru cele mai multe servicii medicale este relativ rigid, dar cererea pentru automobile este, n general, elastic. Price fixing- Fixarea preurilor- Sellers illegally conspiring to raise, lower, or stabilize prices. Fixarea preurilor- Price fixing- Vnztorii conspir ilegal pentru a ridica, a scdea, sau a stabiliza preurile.

Price point- Punctul de pre- The relative price position at which the product will enter the market compared to direct and indirect competitors prices. It is considered within the context of the price-range options available: high, medium, or low. Punctul de pre- Price point- Poziia preului relativ la care produsul va intra pe pia n comparaie cu preurile concurenilor direci i indireci. Este considerat n contextul gamei de pre opiunile disponibile: mare, mediu sau sczut. Price prevailing at date of shipment - Preul n vigoare la data expedierii- An agreement between a purchaser and a supplier that the price of the goods ordered is subject to change at the supplier's discretion between the date the order is placed and the date the supplier makes shipment and that the then-established price is the contract price. Preul n vigoare la data expedierii- Price prevailing at date of shipment- Un acord ntre un cumprtor i un furnizor pentru care preul bunurilor comandate se poate modifica la discreia furnizorului ntre data comenzii i data la care furnizorul face transportul i c apoi, stabilit preul este preul contractului. Price protection- Protecia preului- An agreement by a supplier with a purchaser to grant the purchaser any reduction in price that the supplier may establish on its goods before shipment of the purchaser's order or to grant the purchaser the lower price should the price increase before shipment. Price protection is sometimes extended for an additional period beyond the date of shipment. Protecia preului- Price protection- Un acord ntre furnizor cu un cumprtor de a acorda cumprtorului o reducere a preului pentru care furnizorul poate stabili pentru mrfurile sale nainte de expediere de ordine din partea achizitorului sau de a acorda cumprtorului pre mai mic n cazul n care crete preul nainte de expediere. Protecia preului este uneori prelungit pentru o perioad suplimentar dup data de expediere. Price schedule- Programul de pre- The list of prices applying to varying quantities or kinds of goods. Programul de pre- Price schedule- Lista de preuri se aplic pentru diferite cantiti i tipuri de produse. Price skimming- Preul de skimming- Introducing a product above its long run price to maximize product margin before others can enter the market. Preul de skimming- Price skimming- Introducerea unui produs de mai sus la pre pe termen lung, pentru a maximiza marja de produs nainte ca alii s poat intra pe pia. Price to earnings (PE) ratio- Raportul preul pe venituri (PE)- The current price of a stock relative to its earnings per share. Raportul preul pe venituri (PE)- Price to earnings (PE) ratio- preul actual al unui stoc n raport cu veniturile sale pe aciune. Prima facie- La prima vedere- Latin for at first sight or on the face of it. Something is presumed to be true. La prima vedere- Prima facie- Latin pentru prima vedere sau fa de ea. Ceva se presupune a fi adevrat.

Primary demand- Cererea primar- The demand for a category of products rather than for a specific brand. Cererea primar- primary demand- Cererea pentru o categorie de produse, mai degrab dect pentru o anumit marc. Primary location- Locul de amplasare primar- The designation of a certain storage location as the standard, preferred location for an item. Locul de amplasare primar- Primary location- Desemnarea unui anumit loc de depozitare ca locaie standard, locaie preferat pentru un element. Primary operation- Operaiune primar- A manufacturing step normally performed as part of a manufacturing part's routing. Ant: alternate operation. Operaiune primar- Primary operation- O etap de producie realizat n mod normal, ca parte a rutrii produciei lui. Ant: funcionarea alternativ. Primary work center- Centrul primar de lucru- The work center where an operation on a manufactured part is normally scheduled to be performed. Ant: alternate York center. Centrul primar de lucru- Primary work center- centrul de lucru n care o operaiune de fabricaie este n mod normal programat a fi efectuat. Ant: centrul alternativ York. Prime costs- Costurile prime- Direct costs of material and labor. Prime costs do not include general, sales, and administrative costs. Costurile prime- Prime costs- Costurile directe ale materialelor i de munc. Costurile prime nu includ costurile generale, vnzri i costurile administrative. Prime operations- Operaiunile primare- Critical or most significant operations whose production rates must be closely planned. Operaiunile primare- Prime operations- Operaiunile critice sau mai semnificative a cror rat de producie trebuie s fie planificat cu atenie. Prime rate- Rata prim- The interest rate charged by banks to their most preferred customers. Rata prim- Prime rate- Rata dobnzii perceput de bnci pentru clienii lor cei mai preferai. Principal- Principalul- The party authorizing an agent to act on his or her behalf. Principalul- Principal- Partea care autorizeaz un agent s acioneze n numele su. Principle of postponement- Principiul de amnare. Syn: order penetration point. Principiul de amnare- Principle of postponement. Syn: punct de comand de penetrare.

Prioritization matrix- Prioritizarea matricei- A special type of matrix chart used to show the priorities of items by applying criteria and weighting factors to each item. Prioritizarea matricei- Prioritization matrix- Un tip special de matrice diagram utilizat pentru a arta prioritile de articole prin aplicarea unor criterii i factori de ponderare pentru fiecare element. Priority- Prioritate- In a general sense, the relative importance of jobs (i.e., the sequence in which jobs should be worked on). It is a separate concept from capacity. Prioritate- Priority- ntr-un sens general, importana relativ a locurilor de munc (de exemplu, ordinea n care locurile de munc ar trebui s lucreze). Este un concept separat de capacitate. Priority control- Controlul prioritar- The process of communicating start and completion dates to manufacturing departments in order to execute a plan. The dispatch list is the tool normally used to provide these dates and priorities based on the current plan and status of all open orders. Controlul prioritar- Priority control- Procesul de comunicare ncepe i finalizeaz datele de producie n scopul de a executa un plan. Lista de expediere este un instrument utilizat n mod normal pentru a furniza aceste date i prioriti pe baza planului actual i statutul comenzilor deschise. Priority planning- Planificarea prioritar- The function of determining what material is needed and when. Master production scheduling and material requirements planning are the elements used for the planning and replanning process to maintain proper due dates on required materials. Planificarea prioritar- Priority planning- Funcia de a determina ce materiale sunt necesare i cnd. Planificarea profesional de producie i materiale de planificare sunt elementele folosite pentru procesul de planificare i replanificare de meninere a datele scadente adecvate cu privire la materialele necesare. Priority report- Raportul prioritar. Syn: dispatch list. Raportul prioritar- Priority report. Syn: lista expediere. Private brand- Marca privat- A brand applied by a distributor rather than a manufacturer. Marca privat- Private brand- O marc aplicat de ctre un distribuitor, mai degrab dect un productor. Private carrier- Operator de transport privat- A group that provides transportation exclusively within an organization. Ant: common carrier. Operator de transport privat- Private carrier- Un grup privat care ofer transport exclusiv n cadrul unei organizaii. Ant: operator de transport comun. Private key- Cheia privat- In information systems, an encryption key that is known only by the sender and receiver of the message. See: public key.

Cheia privat- Private key- n sistemele de informaii, o cheie de criptare este cunoscut doar de expeditorul i destinatarul mesajului. Vezi: cheia public. Private ownership- Proprietate privat- A form of business ownership in which the business is either owned by a single person (i.e., proprietorship) or organized under law as a separate legal entity but in which the company stock is not publicly traded. See: partnership, public ownership. Proprietate privat- Private ownership- O form de proprietate de afaceri n care afacerea este fie deinut de ctre o singur persoan (de exemplu, proprietate) sau organizat n conformitate cu legislaia ca o entitate juridic separat, dar n care aciunile companiei nu sunt tranzacionate public. Vezi: parteneriat, proprietate public. Private trading exchange (PTX)- Schimbul comercial privat (PTX)- A trade exchange hosted by a single company to facilitate collaborative e-commerce with its trading partners. As opposed to public e-marketplaces, a private exchange provides the host company with control over many factors, including who may participate (and in what manner), how participants may be connected, and what contents should be presented (and to whom). The ultimate goal might be to improve supply chain efficiencies and responsiveness through improved process visibility and collaboration, advanced integration platforms, and customization capabilities. Schimbul comercial privat (PTX)- Private trading exchange (PTX)- Un schimb gzduit de o singur companie pentru a facilita colaborarea de e-comer cu partenerii si comerciali. Spre deosebire de e-piee publice, un schimb privat ofer companiei gazd, cu controlul asupra multor factori, inclusiv care pot participa (i n ce mod), ce pot fi conectai participani i ce coninut ar trebui s fie prezentat (i cui). Scopul final ar fi de a mbunti eficiena lanului de aprovizionare i capacitatea de reacie prin mbuntirea vizibilitii procesului de colaborare, platforme avansate de integrare i de capabiliti de personalizare. Private warehouse- Depozit privat- A company-owned warehouse. Depozit privat- Private warehouse- O companie cu capital. Probabilistic demand models- Modele de cereri probabilistice- Statistical procedures that represent the uncertainty of demand by a set of possible outcomes (i.e., a probability distribution) and that suggest inventory management strategies under probabilistic demands. Modele de cereri probabilistice- Probabilistic demand models- Procedurile statistice care reprezint incertitudinea cererii de un set de rezultate posibile (de exemplu, o distribuie de probabilitate) i care sugereaz strategii de gestionare a stocurilor sub cerinele probabilistice. Probability- Probabilitate- Mathematically, a number between 0 and 1 that estimates the fraction of experiments (if the same experiment were being repeated many times) in which a particular result would occur. This number can be either subjective or based upon the empirical results of experimentation. It can also be derived for a process to give the probable outcome of experimentation. Probabilitate- Probability- Matematic, un numr ntre 0 i 1, care estimeaz fraciunea de experimente (dac acelai experiment a fost repetat de mai multe ori), n care s-ar produce un anumit rezultat. Acest numr poate fi subiectiv sau pe baza rezultatelor empirice de

experimentare. Acesta poate fi, de asemenea, determinat pentru un proces pentru a da rezultatul probabil de experimentare. Probability and impact matrix- Matricea probabilitii i impactului- A matrix combining two dimensions of risk: (1) likelihood of occurrence and (2) impact if it happens. Matricea probabilitii i impactului- Probability and impact matrix- O matrice care combin dou dimensiuni de risc: (1) probabilitatea de apariie i (2) impactul, dac se ntmpl. Probability distribution- Distribuia de probabilitate- A table of numbers or a mathematical expression that indicates the frequency with which each of all possible results of an experiment should occur. Distribuia de probabilitate- Probability distribution- Un tabel de numere sau o expresie matematic care indic frecvena cu care fiecare dintre toate rezultatele posibile ale unui experiment ar trebui s apar. Probability tree- Copacul probabilitate- A graphic display of all possible outcomes of an event based on the possible occurrences and their associated probabilities. Copacul probabilitate- Probability tree- Un grafic al tuturor rezultatelor posibile ale unui eveniment bazat pe evenimente posibile i probabilitile asociate acestora. Probable scheduling- Programarea probabil- A variant of scheduling that considers slack time to increase or decrease the calculated lead time of an order. Interoperation and administrative lead time components are expanded or compressed by a uniform "stretching factor" until no difference exists between the schedule of operations obtained by forward and backward scheduling. See: lead time scheduling. Programarea probabil- Probable scheduling- O variant de programare care consider timpul zilei, pentru a mri sau micora timpul de livrare calculat de un ordin. Componentele timpului de livrare interoperaionale i administrative sunt extinse sau comprimate de un "factor de ntindere" uniform pn cnd nu exist nicio diferen ntre programul de operaiuni obinute de programul nainte i napoi. Vezi: programarea timpului de livrare. Problem-solving storyboard- Istoricul de rezolvare a problemelor- A technique based on the plan/ dol check/ action problem-solving process. The steps being taken and the progress toward the resolution of a problem are continuously planned and updated. Istoricul de rezolvare a problemelor- Problem-solving storyboard- O tehnic pe baza planului / verificarea dolului / problema de aciune- rezolvarea procesului. Paii fcui i progresele spre rezolvarea unei probleme sunt n continuare planificai i actualizai. Procedure manual- Manualul de procedur- A formal organization and indexing of a firm's procedures. Manuals are usually printed and distributed to the appropriate functional areas. Manualul de procedur- Procedure manual- O organizare formal i indexare a procedurilor unei firme. Manualele sunt, de obicei, tiprite i distribuite n zonele funcionale corespunztoare.

Process- Procesul- 1) A planned series of actions or operations (e.g., mechanical, electrical, chemical, inspection, test) that advances a material or procedure from one stage of completion to another. 2) A planned and controlled treatment that subjects materials or procedures to the influence of one or more 111leBcof"energy (e.g., human, mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal) for the time required to bring about the desired reactions or results. Procesul- Process- 1) O serie planificat de aciuni sau operaiuni (de exemplu, mecanic, electric, chimic, inspecie, testare), care avanseaz un material sau procedur de la o etap de finalizare la alta. 2) Un tratament planificat i controlat ca materialele sau procedurile de subiecte s fie influenate de una sau mai multe "energii 111leBcof (de exemplu, umane, mecanice, electrice, chimice, termice) pentru timpul necesar pentru a aduce cu privire la reaciile sau rezultatele dorite. Process average- Media proces- Expected value of the percentage defective of a given manufacturing process. Media proces- Process average- Valoarea ateptat a procentului defect al unui proces de fabricare.

Process batch- Procesul de lot- The quantity or volume of output that is to be completed at a workstation before switching to a different type of work or changing an equipment setup. Procesul de lot- Process batch- Cantitatea sau volumul de producie care urmeaz s fie finalizat ntr-o staie de lucru nainte de a trece la un alt tip de munc sau la schimbarea configuraiei echipamentelor. Process benchmarking- Procesul de benchmarking- Benchmarking focused on the target firm's business processes, including process flows, operating systems, and process technologies. See: benchmarking. Procesul de benchmarking- Process benchmarking- Evaluarea comparativ axat pe procesele de afaceri ale firmei int, inclusiv fluxuri de procese, sisteme de operare i tehnologii de proces. A se vedea: benchmarking. Process capability- Capacitatea de proces- Refers to the ability of the process to produce parts that conform to (engineering) specifications. Process capability relates to the inherent variability of a process that is in a state of statistical control. See: C p , C pk process capability analysis. Capacitatea de proces- Process capability- Se refer la capacitatea procesului de a produce piese care se conformeaz (inginerie) caietului de sarcini. Capacitatea de proces se refer la variabilitatea inerent a unui proces care este ntr-o stare de control statistic. A se vedea: analiza capacitii de proces. Process capability analysis- Analiza capabilitii de proces- A procedure to estimate the parameters defining a process. The mean and standard deviation of the process are estimated and compared to the specifications, if known. This comparison is the basis for calculating capability indexes. In addition, the form of the relative frequency distribution of the characteristic of interest may be estimated. Syn: capability study. See: process capability.

Analiza capabilitii de proces- Process capability analysis- O procedur pentru a estima parametrii care definesc un proces. Media i deviaia standard ale procesului sunt estimate i comparate cu specificaiile, dac se cunosc. Aceast comparaie este baza pentru calculul indicilor de capacitate. n plus, forma de distribuie, frecvena relativ a caracteristicii de interes poate fi estimat. Syn: studiul de capacitate. Vezi: capacitatea de proces. Process capability index- Indexul capacitii de proces- The value of the tolerance specified for the characteristic divided by the process capability. There are several types of process capability indices, including the widely used C pk and C p . Indexul capacitii de proces- Process capability index- Valoarea toleranei specificate pentru caracteristica divizat de capabilitatea de proces. Exist mai multe tipuri de indici ai capabilitii de proces, inclusiv utilizai i pe scar larg. Process chart- Diagrama de proces- A chart that represents the sequence of work or the nature of events in process. It serves as a basis for examining and possibly improving the way the work is carried out. See: flow process chart, process flow. Diagrama de proces- Process chart- O diagram care reprezint secvena de munc sau de natur a evenimentelor din proces. Ea servete ca o baz pentru examinarea i, eventual, mbuntirea modului de lucru n care se desfoar. Vezi: graficul procesului de flux, fluxul de proces. Process control- Controlul de proces- 1) The function of maintaining a process within a given range of capability by feedback, correction, and so forth. 2) The monitoring of instrumentation attached to equipment (valves, meters, mixers, liquid, temperature, time, etc.) from a control room to ensure that a high-quality product is being produced to specification. Controlul de proces- Process control- 1) Funcia de meninere a unui proces ntr-un anumit interval de capacitate de feedback, corectare i aa mai departe. 2) Monitorizarea de instrumente ataate la echipament (valve, contoare, mixere, lichid, temperatur, timp, etc) de la o camer de control pentru a se asigura c un produs de nalt calitate este produs n caietul de sarcini. Process control chart- Diagrama de control a procesului. Syn: control chart. Diagrama de control a procesului- Process control chart. Syn: grafic de control. Process controllers- Controlori de proces- Computers designed to monitor the manufacturing cycle during production, often with the capability to modify conditions, to bring the production back to within prescribed ranges. Controlori de proces- Process controllers- Calculatoare concepute pentru a monitoriza ciclul de producie n timpul produciei, de multe ori cu capacitatea de a modifica condiiile, pentru a aduce producia napoi pn la limitele prescrise. Process costing- Procesul de calcul al costurilor- A cost accounting system in which the costs are collected by time period and averaged over all the units produced during the period. This system can be used with either actual or standard costs in the manufacture of a large number of identical units.

Procesul de calcul al costurilor- Process costing- Un sistem de contabilitate a costurilor n care costurile sunt colectate de perioada de timp i n medie pe toate unitile produse n timpul perioadei. Acest sistem poate fi utilizat fie cu costurile efective sau standard n fabricarea unui numr mare de uniti identice. Process decision program chart- Diagrama programului de decizie a procesului- A technique used to show alternate paths to achieving given goals. Applications include preparing contingency plans and maintaining project schedules. Diagrama programului de decizie a procesului- Process decision program chart- O tehnic utilizat pentru a arta ci alternative pentru atingerea obiectivelor date. Cererile includ pregtirea planurilor de urgen i meninerea orarelor de proiect. Process design- Procesul de design- The design of the manufacturing method. Procesul de design- Process design- Proiectarea metodei de fabricaie. Process engineering- Procesul de inginerie- The discipline of designing and improving the manufacturing equipment and production process to support the manufacture of a product line. See: manufacturing engineering. Procesul de inginerie- Process engineering- Disciplina de proiectare i mbuntire a echipamentelor de producie i procesul de producie pentru a sprijini producerea unei linii de produse. Vezi: inginerie de fabricaie. Process flexibility- Procesul de flexibilitate- The speed and ease with which the manufacturing transformation tasks can respond to internal or external changes. Procesul de flexibilitate- Process flexibility- Viteza i uurina cu care sarcinile de fabricaie pot rspunde la schimbrile interne sau externe. Process flow- Fluxul de proces- The sequence of activities that when followed results in a product or service deliverable. See flow process chart, process chart. Fluxul de proces- Process flow- Secvena activitilor care atunci cnd au urmat duce la un produs sau serviciu realizabile. Vezi graficul procesului de flux, graficul proces. Process flow analysis- Analiza fluxului de proces- A procedure to evaluate the effectiveness of a sequence of business activities. The analysis determines which elements of the flow are value-added and eliminates those that are not, determines which parts of the process can be automated, evaluates activities as to whether they contribute to the core competencies of the business or are candidates for outsourcing, and designs a structure for the activities of the process that remain to improve productivity. Analiza fluxului de proces- Process flow analysis- Procedur pentru a evalua eficiena unei secvene de activiti de afaceri. Analiza determin care elemente ale fluxului sunt valoare adugat i elimina cele care nu sunt, determin care pri ale procesului pot fi automatizate, evalueaz activitile pentru a stabili dac acestea contribuie la competenele de baz de afaceri sau sunt candidai pentru outsourcing i proiecteaz o structur pentru activitile procesului care rmn pentru a mbunti productivitatea.

Process flowchart- Diagrama proces. Syn: flow process chart. Diagrama proces- Process flowchart- Syn: diagrama procesului de curgere. Process flow production- Procesul de flux al produciei- A production approach with minimal interruptions in the actual processing in anyone production run or between production runs of similar products. Queue time is virtually eliminated by integrating the movement of the product into the actual operation of the resource performing the work. Procesul de flux al produciei- Process flow production- O abordare de producie cu ntreruperi minime n prelucrarea efectiv n orice ciclu de producie sau ntre serii de producie de produse similare. Timpul de ateptare este practic eliminat prin integrarea micarii produsului n funcionarea efectiv a resurselor pentru executarea lucrrilor. Process flow scheduling- Fluxul procesului de planificare - A generalized method for planning equipment usage and material requirements that uses the process structure to guide scheduling calculations. It is used in flow environments common in process industries. Fluxul procesului de planificare- Process flow scheduling- O metod generalizat pentru planificarea utilizrii echipamentelor i cerinele de materiale care se utilizeaz n structura procesului de a ghida calculele de planificare. Acesta este utilizat n medii de curgere comune n industriile de proces. Process focused- Concentrarea pe proces- A type of manufacturing organization in which both plant and staff management responsibilities are delineated by production process. A highly centralized staff coordinates plant activities and intracompany material movements. This type of organization is best suited to companies whose dominant orientation is to a technology or a material and whose manufacturing processes tend to be complex and capital intensive. See: product focused, process-focused organization. Concentrarea pe proces- Process focused- Un tip de organizaie de producie n care att responsabilitile de management ale fabricii ct i de personalul sunt delimitate de procesul de producie. Un personal foarte centralizat coordoneaz activitile fabricii i micrile materialelor din companie. Acest tip de organizare este cea mai potrivit pentru companiile a cror dominant orientare este la o tehnologie sau un material i ale cror procese de fabricaie tind s fie complexe i intensive de capital. Vezi: produs concentrat , organizarea procesului concentrat . Process-focused organization- Proces-organizaie concentrat- An organization that is oriented toward executing linked activities that constitute a given end-to-end business process with a given set of resources. Responsibilities of the members of the organization are oriented toward the performance of the process that creates the product or service and not toward a product or functional silo. See process focused, product focused. Proces-organizaie concentrat- Process-focused organization- O organizaie care este orientat spre executarea activitilor conexe care constituie un anumit proces de afaceri endto -end, cu un anumit set de resurse. Responsabilitile membrilor organizaiei sunt orientate spre performana procesului care creeaz produsul sau serviciul i nu fa de un produs sau siloz funcional. Vezi proces concentrat , produs concentrat .

Process-focused production- Procesul producie concentrat - This type of factory operation requires frequent machine changeover and produces small batches of unique products that flow along different paths. Procesul producie concentrat - Process-focused production- Acest tip de operaiune de fabricaie necesit frecvent schimbarea mainii i produce loturi mici de produse unice, care curg de-a lungul drumurilor diferite . Process hours- Orele de proces- The time required at any specific operation or task to process the product. Orele de proces- Process hours- Timpul necesar de la orice operaie sau sarcin specificat a procesului . Process improvement- Procesul de mbuntire- The activities designed to identify and eliminate causes of poor quality, process variation, and non-value-added activities. Procesul de mbuntire- Process improvement- Activitile menite s identifice i s elimine cauzele de proast calitate, procesul de variaie i activiti non-valoare adugat . Process industries- Industriile de proces- The group of manufacturers that produce products by mixing, separating, forming, and/or performing chemical reactions. Paint manufacturers, refineries, and breweries are examples of process industries. Industriile de proces- Process industries- Grup de productori care produc produse prin amestecarea, separarea, formarea, i/sau efectuarea de reacii chimice. Productorii de vopseluri, rafinrii, fabrici de bere sunt exemple de procese industriale. Process integration- Procesul de integrare- Coordinating operations and consolidating data to simplify processes and increase efficiency. Procesul de integrare- Process integration- Coordonarea operaiunilor i consolidarea datelor pentru a simplifica procesele i de a crete eficiena. Process layout- Procesul de aspect. Syn: functional layout. Procesul de aspect- Process layout. Syn: aspectul funcional. Process list- Procesul list- A list of operations and procedures in the manufacture of a product. It may also include a statement of material requirements. Procesul list- Process list- O list a operaiunilor i procedurilor n fabricarea unui produs. Aceasta poate include, de asemenea, o declaraie a necesarului de materiale. Process manufacturing- Procesul de fabricaie- Production that adds value by mixing, separating, forming, and/or performing chemical reactions. It may be done in either batch or continuous mode. See: project manufacturing. Procesul de fabricaie- Process manufacturing- Producia care adaug valoare prin amestecarea, separarea, formarea i/sau efectuarea de reacii chimice. Acesta poate fi realizat fie discontinuu fie n mod continuu. Vezi: fabricarea proiect.

Process map- Procesul hart- A diagram of the flow of a production process or service process through the production system. Standardized symbols are used to designate processing, flow directions, branching decisions, input/output, and other aspects of the process. Procesul hart- Process map- O diagram de flux a unui proces de producie sau proces de serviciu prin intermediul sistemului de producie. Simbolurile standardizate sunt utilizate pentru a desemna preluca traseul de curgere, decizii ramificate, de intrare/ieire i alte aspecte ale procesului. Processor-dominated scheduling- Programarea-procesor dominat- A technique that schedules equipment (processor) before materials. This technique facilitates scheduling equipment in economic run lengths and the use of low-cost production sequences. This scheduling method is used in some process industries. See: material-dominated scheduling. Programarea-procesor dominat- Processor-dominated scheduling- O tehnic care programeaz echipamentul ( procesor ) naintea materialelor. Aceast tehnic faciliteaz programarea echipamentului n lungimi de rulare economice i utilizarea de secvene de producie low-cost. Aceast metod de programare este folosit n anumite procese industriale. Vezi : programarea materialului dominat. Process organization structure- Structura organizaiei procesuale- An organizational structure in which people are removed from their functional departments and placed into a group that works as a single unit to perform the entire linked process. This is in contrast to a functional organization in which the activities that make up the process are performed by people in multiple functionally oriented departments. Structura organizaiei procesuale- Process organization structure- O structur organizatoric n care oamenii sunt eliminai din departamentele funcionale i plasai ntr-un grup care funcioneaz ca o singur unitate pentru a efectua ntregul proces legat. Acest lucru este n contrast cu o organizaie funcional n care activitile care alctuiesc procesul sunt efectuate de ctre persoane din mai multe departamente orientate funcional. Process oriented- Orientarea pe proces- A characteristic in which the focus is on the interrelated processes in a business environment. It includes the activities to transform inputs into outputs that have value. Orientarea pe proces- Process oriented- O caracteristic n care se pune accent pe procesele interdependente ntr-un mediu de afaceri. Aceasta include activiti pentru a transforma intrrile n ieiri care au valoare. Process planning- Procesul de planificare- Determining the technological steps and sequence required to produce a product or service at the required quality level and cost. Procesul de planificare- Process planning- Stabilirea msurilor tehnologice i succesiunea necesare pentru a produce un produs sau serviciu la nivelul de calitate i de cost cerut .