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Pentru a incepe pregatirea pentru examenul de bac asa cum trebuie, va propun sa
incepem cu partea de Speaking, cea mai scurta ca interval de desfasurare (10- 15
min). Nu se stie exact cum se va derula, dar va fi in mod cert cu profesorul/
profesoara de la clasa plus un alt membru, avand ca specialitate tot limba engleza,
veti intra in sala, probabil se va alege un bilet pe care se va afla o intrebare si apoi
veti merge in banca, veti avea un timp de gandire ( cred ca nu mai mult de 5 min),
dupa care veti purta discutia cu cei din comisie, fara a citi prea mult de pe foaie.

Avand in minte modelul preluat, adica testul Cambridge, este posibil si sa mergeti
direct la comisie, care va va adresa o intrebare, la care trebuie sa raspundeti si sa
va argumentati raspunsul timp de 5-10 min. Deocamdata liniste de la Ministerul
Educatiei, deci ceea ce am descris eu acum se pot dovedi a fi simple speculatii.

Oricum, trebuie sa fiti pregatiti for the unknown, asa ca va prezint cateva tips and
tricks pentru proba de Speaking in cele ce urmeaza:

-orice intrebare veti primi, incepeti prin a saluta comisia si a va prezenta: Good
morning/ Good afternoon! My name is and I am very interested in studying English
or I am very fond of English! ( asta ca prima impresie si poate sa fie de mare ajutor
daca nu stapaniti limba engleza foarte bine la nivel conversational).

-sa aveti mereu in minte raspunsul la intrebare, care trebuie sa constituie punctul
de plecare;

Sa luam ca exemplu intrebarea :

What kind of work would you like to do in the future?,

reflectati intai asupra raspunsului pe care doriti sa il dati si apoi stabiliti 2-3
argumente care sa sustina raspunsul; raspunsul este cel care trebuie sa va ghideze
in alegerea celor mai bune argumente;
folositi cuvinte simple, de al caror sens sunt siguri spre a evita surprizele
neplacute- nu este necesar sa impresionati comisia cu folosirea unor termeni
academici, ci sa dovediti ca stapaniti limba engleza la nivel conversational,
intelegeti o intrebare care va este adresata si aveti capacitatea de a raspunde la
aceasta, construind un dialog cu replici simple, clare si la obiect;
utilizati in argumentare conectori, precum ati folosit si in argumentarea orala de la
limba romana, precum: in the first place, in the second/ in the third place, first of all,
at first, until, just then, later, finally, the last but not the least important argument
sau alte expresii asemanatoare;
de asemenea, folositi in argumentare si expresii ca: in my opinion, as far as I am
concerned ( in ceea ce ma priveste), from my point of view si verbe de opinie de
tipul: believe, think, consider, etc.
apelati la experiente personale si la exemple semnificative din romane, filme sau
alte surse relevante pentru intrebarea voastra; INSA NU INCERCATI SA VA ABATETI
DE LA INTREBAREA PE CARE O AVETI, divagand de la subiectul de discutie propus;
incheiati raspunsul cu o concluzie care sa reia raspunsul intial, utilizand: as a
conslusion, therefore, taking into consideration the above reasons
De pilda, la intrebarea de mai sus avem raspunsul: A-I consider that I would like to
work as a doctor in the future, after I graduate from the university.

B-Why would you choose such a job?

A-In the first place, I would choose this job because it is a very useful one, that
brings a lot of benefits to the community and also to the persons I care about. Being
a doctor, for instance a surgeon, I would have the possibility to cure diseases, to
relief pain and to prescribe medicines that would definitely help sick people.

A-Secondly, I have had this dream of curing sick people since kindergarden, when I
was trying to be a good doctor for my dolls. One of my biggest dreams is to discover
an antidote for cancer or for aids, as they are among the deadly diseases of our

B-The work of a doctor is really a noble one. Would you consider going to the
Faculty of Medicine?

A-Yes, indeed, I aim at entering the Faculty of Medicine. I am good at Physics and
Chemistry, I will prepare myself very well after the bacallaureate exam and I think I
have a great chance to succeed. I am also a fan of the Dr. House series in which
the main character is a skilled doctor, but also a modern one as he uses several
methods of alternative medicine.

A-As a conclusion I admit that my future work will be that of a doctor. Thank you
very much for your time and have a good day! (these words are addressed to the

Ceea ce am realizat eu mai sus reprezinta un posibil scenariu la proba de Speaking

a bacalaureatului 2010, proba orala de Limba engleza. Ca legenda, avem A si B,
unde A= elev, iar B= examinator/ examinatori ( your English teacher/s). Sper ca va
este de folos!

This is only the beginning, there is yet to come! Nu trebuie sa aveti emotii, respirati
adanc si fiti voi insiva in fata comisiei; pana la urma este doar o discutie- a friendly

Tell me a little about yourself.

"Tell me a little about yourself."

You should take this opportunity to show your communication skills by speaking
clearly and concisely in an organized manner. Because there is no right or wrong
answer for this question, it is important to appear friendly.

Short Answers

"I attended MIT where I majored in Electrical Engineering. My hobbies include

basketball, reading novels, and hiking."

"I grew up in Korea and studied accounting. I worked at an accounting firm for two
years and I enjoy bicycling and jogging."

"Im an easy going person that works well with everyone. I enjoy being around
different types of people and I like to always challenge myself to improve at
everything I do."

"Im a hard worker and I like to take on a variety of challenges. I like pets, and in my
spare time, I like to relax and read the newspaper."

"Ive always liked being balanced. When I work, I want to work hard. And outside of
work, I like to engage in my personal activities such as golfing and fishing."

Long Answer

"I went to the University of Washington and majored in English Literature. I went to
graduate school because I really enjoyed learning. Afterwards, I started my career at
Boeing as a web content editor. Ive been there for 3 years now. Although my
emphasis is in writing, I like numbers. I think solving logic problems and riddles are
quite fun. I also enjoy jogging, reading, and watching movies."

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