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AN COLAR: 2008-2009
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Nr. Uniti de nvare O.R. Coninuturi Metode Mijloa For Evaluare
crt ce me

1 REVISIONS - exerciii de
Initial Revision Items previously learnt global de mesaje
1.1 audiate, prin marcare - Oral
pe o schem/ Obser
Progress check lessons 1.2 Countries, nationalities and diagram; Hand T-Ss vation
1-5 people -ntrebri viznd Outs
2.1 nelegerea mesaju-
Progress check lessons Revision: Adjectives, verbs, lui; activiti de
6-10 2.2 particles confirmare a recept- - Test
rii (bifeaz, ncercu- Ss-T
Progress check lessons 3.1 Idiomatic expressions iete); exerciii cu Text
11-15 alegere dual /multi- Book
3.2 pl - HW
Progress check lessons Relationships - exerciii de
16-20 intonaie; PW
- exerciii de formu-
Progress check lessons Words which are sometimes lare de ntrebri; Grammar -Project
21-25 confused exerciii de comple-
tare a informaiei;
Progress check lessons Homophones - descrieri cu suport IW
26-30 verbal (ntrebri,
cuvinte de sprijin) -Role
Progress check lessons Revision exercises sau vizual; Tape play
31-35 - exerciii de formu- GW
lare de ntrebri i
Progress check lessons Final Revision rspunsuri;
36-40 - activiti de selec-
tare i ordonare a
informaiei utile prin
parcurgerea mai
multor paragrafe
dintr-un text / a mai
multor texte;
Lesson 2. Going Places 1.2 Journeys by train - exerciii de
USA 2.3 Present simple and present nelegere - Oral
3.2 continuous global de mesaje Obser
4.3 audiate, prin marcare vation
Lesson 7. The Way Things Childhood memories pe o schem/
Used to Be Give an account/narrate events in diagram; Hand T-Ss
the past -ntrebri viznd Outs
used to and would + infinitive nelegerea mesaju-
lui; activiti de - Test
confirmare a recept-
Lesson 8. Cold, Lost, Experiences in a foreign country rii (bifeaz, ncercu-
Hungry and Alone Describing a sequence of events iete); exerciii cu Ss-T
(2): when, as soon as, as, while alegere dual /multi- Text
just as, until pl Book
- exerciii de conver- - HW
Lesson 14. Twin Cities Town features and facilities saie semidirijat,
Making comparisons - activiti n perechi,
grup cu simularea de PW
Lesson 19. Guided Tours Religion and tourism situaii de comu-
Talking about obligation, nicare uzual; Grammar -Project
permission and prohibition - activiti de selec-
tare i ordonare a
Lesson 27. Home Thoughts Holidays informaiei utile prin
from Abroad Defining relative clauses parcurgerea mai mul- IW
tor paragrafe dintr-un
Lesson 28. Local Produce Manufactured and natural text / a mai multor -Role
products texte; Tape play
The passive - redactare de
paragrafe i texte GW
Lesson 35. Lost in the The story of Amelia Earhart scurte;
Pacific Past perfect simple and - activiti de proiect;
Lesson 1. Could I Ask You Personal information
Something? 1.3 Asking questions - Oral
2.2 Make comparisons Hand Obser
3.1 - exerciii de identi- Outs T-Ss vation
Lesson 4. Are You a Couch Leisure activities ficare a ordinii logice
Potato? Adverbs (1): and adverbial i cronologice(ordo-
phrases of frequency; nai, eliminai,grupa- Ss-T - Test
Talking about likes and dislikes; i etc.)
Verb patterns (1) to or ing

Lesson 6. How We Met Friendship

Past simple and past continuous Text
Lesson 11. Do it Now! Organisational skills and routine
Present perfect (1) already, yet, PW - HW
- exerciii de formu-
Lesson 15. I Couldn't Live Personal possessions lare de ntrebri;
Without It Adjectives (2): order of adjectives exerciii de comple-
tare a informaiei;
Lesson 16. Do it in Style Style and fashion
Asking for and giving advice:
must and should

Lesson 18. What Do You Do for Jobs and conditions of work

a Living? Drawing conclusions; must, cant,
might, could;
Describing impressions
Lesson 20. How Unfair Can Emotional reactions
You Get? Talking about ability and
possibility: can, could be able to - descrieri cu suport -Project
verbal (ntrebri,
Lesson 29. Just What We're Furniture and fittings cuvinte de sprijin)
Looking for! Verb patterns (2): need + ing and sau vizual;
passive infinitive;
Causative constructions with have
and get; IW
Reflexive pronouns

Lesson 30. Sporting Chance New rules for old sports

Verb patterns (3) make and let; - exerciii de formulare
Infinitive constructions after de ntrebri i rspun-
adjectives suri; -Role
Lesson 31. I Never Leave Home Useful objects and equipment Tape
Without it Zero conditional: in case

Lesson 36. What's Your Advice? Relationships

Second conditional; GW
Giving advice

Lesson 39. Making the Grade Education in Britain and the USA
Expressing wishes and regrets
4 OBICEIURI I TRADIII 1.1 - exerciii de
Lesson 3. All Dressed in Red 2.4 Wedding customs in different nelegere
3.2 countries global de mesaje - Oral
Describing a sequence of events audiate, prin marcare Obser
(1) before and after; during and pe o schem/ T-Ss vation
for diagram; Hand
Lesson 9. Chocolate Like Facts about chocolate
Falling in Love Non defining relative clauses: - exerciii de Ss-T
who, which, where exprimare a prerii - Test
personale, a unor
Lesson 10. What Did I Do? Social gaffes around the world sentimente, n diver-
Verbs with two objects; se situaii de comu- Text PW
Complaining and apologising; nicare; Book
Making requests - HW

Lesson 23. Valentine A poem - activiti de selec- IW

Reported speech (1): statements tare i ordonare a
informaiei utile prin -Project
Lesson 26. Eat Your Heart American regional cooking parcurgerea mai Grammar
Out ... in the USA Giving instructions and special multor paragrafe GW
advice dintr-un text / a mai
multor texte; -Role
Strange and supernatural
Lesson 38. Now You See Me, play
Now You Dont
Past modals (2): may have, might
have, could have, must have, Tape
cant have
5 MIJLOACE DE - activiti de selec- - Oral
COMUNICARE 3.2 tare i ordonare a -Hand Obser
Lesson 12. London Calling 4.3 Radio news broadcasts informaiei utile prin Outs T-Ss vation
5.1 Present perfect continuous (1) for parcurgerea mai
asking and saying how long multor paragrafe -Text Ss-T - Test
dintr-un text / a mai Book
Lesson 24. Medium Wave The media multor texte; PW - HW
Reported speech (2): questions - redactare de paragrafe Grammar -Project
i texte scurte; IW
Lesson 32. Politely but Firmly Letters - activiti de proiect; Tape -Role
Describing a sequence of events - vizionri de casete GW play
video, utilizarea unor
surse bibliografice;
Lesson 5. Face the Music? 3.3 Different types of music -ntrebri viznd - Oral
4.3 Adjectives (1) ed and ing nelegerea mesaju- Obser
endings; lui; activiti de Hand T-Ss vation
Question tags confirmare a recept- Outs
rii (bifeaz, ncercu-
Lesson 13. Fictional Heroes Famous characters from fiction iete); exerciii cu
Never Die Present perfect simple (2) and alegere dual /multi- - Test
present prefect continuous (2) pl Ss-T
Lesson 17. Rose Rose A ghost story by Barry Pain Book
Making predictions: may and
might; going to and will - HW
Lesson 21. Cinema Classics Films - redactare de paragrafe
Adverbs (2): formation; giving i texte scurte; Grammar
opinons; emphasising -Project

Lesson 25. A Cup of Tea A short story by Katherine IW

Reported speech (3): reporting - activiti de proiect; Tape -Role
verbs play
Lesson 40. The Man Who Was GW
A thriller by Edward D Hoch
Everywhere Third conditional
7 MEDIUL NCONJURTOR 2.4 - exerciii de exprimare Hand T-Ss
- Oral
Lesson 22. Wild and Beautiful 4.1 Animal conservation a prerii personale, a Outs Obser
5.1 Adverbs (3) position of adverbs unor sentimente, n Ss-T vation
and adverbial phrases diverse situaii de Text - Test
comunicare; Book PW - HW
Lesson 34. The Green Tourist The effects of tourism on the Grammar -Project
environment Tape IW -Role
First conditional GW play
8 PROGRES I SCHIMBARE - exerciii de Hand T-Ss - Oral
Lesson 33. Superhints 1.1 Practical household advice nelegere Outs Obser
5.1 Verb patterns (4) infinitive of global de mesaje Ss-T vation
purpose; by+ing; audiate, prin marcare Text - Test
Giving advice; pe o schem/ Book PW - HW
If clauses diagram; -Project
Grammar IW -Role
Lesson 37. You Should Have Tourism in Hong Kong Tape GW play
Been Here Last Week! Past modal verbs(1) should have