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- Nu cumva ha, ha, ha? - Lest ha, ha, ha?

M-a mbriat strns i m-a pupat pe frunte, apoi i-a aruncat He embraced tightly and kissed me on the forehead, then threw
fularul pe marginea patului. his scarf on the bed.
- Ce caui aici, nebunule?, l-am ntrebat, urmrindu-l cum cuta - What are you doing, fool ?, I asked, watching him search for
o priz pentru instalaia din brad. an outlet for the plant fir.
- mi place s fac srbtorile n Braov, mi-a rspuns, concentrat asupra - I like to make holidays in Brasov, replied, concentrated on a
ctorva podoabe care s-au mprtiat pe jos. few ornaments that were scattered on the floor.
Robert a aranjat bradul, a pornit instalaia i a stins lumina. Robert has arranged tree, started the facility and turned off the
Apoi s-a desclat, i-a dat jos haina i sa aezat pe pat lng mine. light. Then remove his shoes, and took off his coat and sat on the bed
- Haidei, fetelor, o telenovel, ceva? next to me.
- S te uii tu la telenovele, b!, a strigat Timeea din hol. - Come on, girls, a soap opera or something?
Nu l puteam privi pe Robert, pentru c mi amintea de toat - Do you watch soap operas, man !, cried Timeea from hall.
viaa mea trist i de pierderi. Pn i el era una dintre pierderi, o I could not look at Robert, because it reminded me of my sad
pierdere dureroas, pentru care nc m nvinoveam. life and loss. Even he was one of loss, a painful loss, I still blamed for
-Ce ai mai scris n jurnal?, m-a ntrebat el lund caietul gros ce that.
zcea pe marginea noptierei. Regretele sunt cele mai urte -What you wrote in the journal ?, he asked her taking thick
sentimente. Aa este, Irina... notebook that was lying on the nightstand. "Regrets are the worst
M uitam la televizor, fr s vd ceva, desigur. Gndurile mele feelings." That is, Irina ...
rtceau aiurea. Simona i Timeea au decis c erau obosite i c vor I was watching TV without seeing something, of course. My
dormi n sufragerie, aa c ne-au spus pe fug un noapte bun i ne- thoughts wandered elsewhere. Simona and Timeea decided they were
au lsat singuri. tired and will sleep in the living room, so we were told to flee a "good
- Cum te simi?, m-a ntrebat Robert, aezndu-i perna. night" and left us alone.
- Nu tiu. Cred c nu mai simt nimic. Mi-am anesteziat sufletul. - How are you ?, I asked Robert, placing a pillow.
- Vrei s vorbim? Vrei s facem ceva anume? - I do not know. I do not feel anything. I anesthetized soul.
- Nu. Nu vreau dect s am linite. - Do you want to talk? Want to do something?
- Sunt aa de obosit! Te superi dac adorm? - No. I just want to have peace.
- Dezbrac-te. - Ai gnduri nebuneti c-un biet otean, - I'm so tired! You get upset if I fall asleep?
maiestate? - Take your clothes off. - You crazy thoughts that a poor soldier,
- Bi, tu deja visezi? M gndeam s dormi comod, atta tot... your majesty?
Robert a adormit imediat, iar o dat cu somnul lui aveam senzaia c - Dude, you already dreaming? I was thinking to sleep
ncepeam i eu s m linitesc, pentru c m simeam n siguran lng comfortably, that's all ...
el. Robert fell asleep immediately, and once with his sleep and I felt I was
beginning to settle down myself, because I felt safe around him.