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VII - VIII Grades

Subiectele de la 1 la 10 valoreaz cte 3 puncte, cele de la 11 la 40 cte 4 puncte, iar cele de la 41 la 50 cte
5 puncte. Se acord 40 de puncte din oficiu.
Elevii trebuie s rspund la maximum 40 de ntrebri, dar nu mai mult de 5 ntrebri de 5 puncte.
Dac un elev rspunde la mai mult de 40 ntrebri sau la mai mult de 5 ntrebri de 5 puncte, atunci se
puncteaz n ordine descresctoare maxim 5 ntrebri de 5 puncte i maxim 40 de ntrebri n total.
Exemplu: Dac un elev rspunde la 44 de ntrebri: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11,..., 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48,
50, atunci se vor puncta 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10,..., 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50.
Fiecare ntrebare are un singur rspuns corect. Orice rspuns greit scade punctajul concurentului cu
un sfert din valoarea ntrebrii. Subiectele la care nu se indic niciun rspuns sau se indic 2, 3 sau 5 rspunsuri
nu se puncteaz. Dac vrei s anulezi rspunsul la o ntrebare, bifeaz nc un rspuns. Dac intenionezi s
schimbi un rspuns deja bifat, bifeaz toate celelalte rspunsuri n afara celui pe care l-ai ales n final.
Dac nu ai bifat limba german, se consider implicit limba englez.
Pentru a vizualiza, pe Internet, analiza n detaliu a lucrrii tale completeaz parola pe foaia de rspuns.
Dup ce vor fi afiate rezultatele concursului, vei gsi pe analiza rspunsurilor tale.

Read the text and answer the questions 1-5:

One day, a man wearing a long, warm winter coat, jumped into a river and began to swim vigorously. All
the passers-by stopped and stared at the unconventional swimming party. Although the river was quite
deep, the man did not seem to be in any danger. He seemed to be well aware of what he was doing.
One of the people, staring at him from the bank, couldnt help asking
him why he was swimming in such a strange manner and whether he
Limba englez clasele VII-VIII

needed any help.

Im trying to wash my winter coat, thats all!, answered the
Well then, why dont you try the washing machine? asked the
curious man.
I did, answered the former, but I got so dizzy in there!

1. What was strange about the swimmer?

A) He wasnt experienced. B) He swam in cold water. C) He was wearing a coat.
D) He was in danger. E) He was staring at people.
2. If you are staring at somebody, then you ................. .
A) are standing close to them B) are looking at them for a long time
C) are wondering about something D) are looking down on them
E) are looking up to them
3. He couldnt help asking ..., means:
A) He couldnt stop himself from asking. B) He helped somebody ask a question.
C) He couldnt stop a question. D) He didnt ask. E) He asked in a loud voice.
4. What does the word bank mean in the text?
A) A financial company. B) The side of a river. C) The bottom of the river.
D) Something to sit on. E) The bridge on the river.
5. The passers-by stopped to look at him because ................. .
A) he was handsome B) he needed help C) he was about to drown
D) he was a poor swimmer E) he looked bizarre
6. How ................. money do you have?
A) many B) often C) much D) some E) any
7. On which side of the street do British people drive?
A) on the left B) on the right C) in the middle D) on the pavement E) on both sides
8. Robert: Where is your little brother?
Mike: I dont know. I ................. him all afternoon.
A) am not seeing B) wont see C) dont see D) havent seen E) see not
9. In which country do men sometimes wear skirts?
A) Australia B) Scotland C) Canada
D) Ireland E) South Africa

10. Find the correct idioms:

1. as brown a. a sheet
2. as black b. a berry
3. as green as c. a cherry
4. as white d. grass
5. as red e. thunder
A) 1b/ 2c/ 3d/ 4a/ 5e B) 1c/ 2a/ 3d/ 4b/ 5e C) 1b/ 2e/ 3d/ 4a/ 5c
D) 1a/ 2c/ 3e/ 4d/ 5b E) 1b/ 2a/ 3c/ 4e/ 5d

Read the text and answer the questions 11-15:

Limba englez clasele VII-VIII

A merchant sent an order to his main deliverer for a large amount of goods totalling a
great deal of money. The deliverer, remembering that the previous bill hadnt been paid,
asked one of his staff to check it out. The latter left a voice-mail for the merchant saying:
We cant ship your new order until you pay for the last one.
The next day the deliverer received a collect phone call from the merchant, saying:
Please cancel the order. We cant wait that long.

11. What does a merchant not do?

A) He places orders. B) He checks the deliveries. C) He buys goods.
D) He chooses his customers. E) He sells goods and products.
12. What does the latter mean?
A) A written message. B) A newspaper. C) The last of two.
D) A unit of the alphabet. E) The first from two.
13. Did the merchant intend to pay his previous order any time soon?
A) Most definitely not. B) Probably yes. C) Most definitely yes.
D) Yes, but on one condition. E) He would love to.
14. Find the odd one out:
A) voice mail B) phone call C) teleconference D) email message E) operator
15. Put the sentences below in the right order:
1. Realizing that the previous one hadnt been paid, the deliverer thought about it.
2. He answered that it wouldnt happen any time soon.
3. Once, a merchant placed an order.
4. The merchant was informed that the goods would be delivered after paying.
5. He decided to have somebody check it out.
A) 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 B) 1/ 3/ 5/ 4/ 2 C) 3/ 1/ 4/ 2/ 5 D) 3/ 1/ 5/ 4/ 2 E) 3/ 1/ 5/ 2/ 4
16. A letter ................. a friend can make ................. your day.
A) of/ up B) to/ out C) from/ - D) off/ up E) from/ on

17. What does shallow mean in the following text:

Chimps cant swim, but sometimes they walk into shallow water and look for food.
A) not cold B) hot C) warm D) not deep E) deep

18. Put these bodies of water into order of size. Start with the smallest one.
A) ocean sea lake puddle pond B) puddle sea lake pond ocean
C) puddle pond lake sea ocean D) pond puddle lake sea ocean
E) puddle lake pond sea ocean
19. What runs around a yard, but never moves?
A) a tree B) a fence C) a flower D) a dog E) a cat
20. Which adjective describes someone who is happy one moment and upset and angry a moment later?
A) moody B) big-headed C) obstinate D) naive E) two-faced
21. Which of the following is considered lucky in Great Britain?
A) Walking under a ladder. B) Breaking a mirror.
Limba englez clasele VII-VIII

C) Opening an umbrella indoors. D) A black cat crossing your path.

E) Friday the 13 .

22. I prefer tea ................. coffee.

A) to B) from C) for D) instead E) because
23. She is used to ................. alone.
A) to travel B) travelling C) travel D) traveled E) traveler
24. Which one of the following nouns does not go with the verb to say:
A) hello B) a prayer C) a lie D) something E) your name
25. Ive had my hair ................. this morning.
A) made B) cut C) do D) cutting E) painted
26. Mr. Jones is on ................. this week. Hell be back in the office next Monday.
A) the moon B) duty C) leave D) the plane E) foot
27. Complete the proverb:
................. grapes can never make sweet wine.
A) Sweet B) Soft C) Juicy D) Salty E) Sour
28. Were playing a game. Why dont you .................?
A) join in B) come in C) get in D) break in E) sit in

29. The part of a shirt which goes round your neck is the ................. .
A) sleeve B) tie C) collar D) button E) bow tie

30. Which phrase best completes the sentence:

If I won the lottery, ................. to China.
A) I would go B) I would visit C) I should visit D) I will go E) I am going

31. What are the big red buses in London called?

A) a big bus B) a red bus C) BRB D) a double decker E) a taxi bus

32. The correct singular form of lettuce leaves is:
A) a lettuce leave B) a lettuce C) a head of lettuce
D) a lettuce live E) a lettuce leaf
33. Where would you expect to see this notice: Do not lean out of the window!
A) in a car park B) on a train C) on a plane D) on a boat E) on a motorbike
34. They love Chinese ................. .
A) kitchen B) cuisine C) cousin D) dish E) meal
35. I dont really know which one to ................. . Its a difficult ................. .
A) choose/ choose B) chose/ choice C) chosen/ decision
D) choose/ choice E) chose/ decision
36. Everyones going to be at the meeting, .................?
A) isnt it B) hasnt it C) arent they D) are they E) havent they
37. Honolulu is three time zones from Los Angeles and Los Angeles is three time zones from New York.
What time is it in Honolulu when it is 6 a.m. in New York?
A) midnight B) 3 a.m. C) 6 a.m. D) 9 a.m. E) noon

Limba englez clasele VII-VIII

38. I wish I were a film star. It would be wonderful. I would spend my time ................. interviews and
................. autographs.
A) giving/ delivering B) taking/ giving C) giving/ getting
D) taking/ getting E) giving/ signing
39. Which of these Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales takes place at Christmas?
A) The Little Mermaid B) The Fir Tree C) The Ugly Duckling
D) The Tinderbox E) The Red Shoes
40. Which adjective describes someones character and not appearance?
A) curly haired B) sun-tanned C) skinny D) two-faced E) blue-eyed
41. Of all the books Charles Dickens wrote, this was his favourite. Some of
the characters are Mr. Murdstone, Aunt Peggotty and Mr. Micawber. Which
book is it?
A) David Copperfield B) A Christmas Carol C) Oliver Twist
D) Great Expectations E) A Tale of Two Cities
42. Bill ................. get a new job after he had completed the training course.
A) should B) can C) was able to D) might E) must
43. I could do ................. a cup of coffee, Im very tired.
A) for B) up C) along D) through E) with
44. Measles ................. contagious.
A) are B) is C) is being D) arent E) have
45. Match the beginnings of the sentences with their endings:
1. After the party, we were left to a. cry on.
2. Hes only got himself to b. light up a cigarette.
3. I dont believe her claim to c. clean up the mess.
4. Eat some fruit if you have the urge to d. blame for the trouble hes in.
5. You ll always have my shoulder to e. have special healing energy.
A) 1c/ 2d/ 3e/ 4a/ 5b B) 1c/ 2d/ 3e/ 4b/ 5a C) 1b/ 2a/ 3e/ 4d/ 5c
D) 1a/ 2b/ 3c/ 4e/ 5d E) 1e/ 2b/ 3c/ 4d/ 5a
Read the text and answer the questions 46-50:

A king was tired of his jester and of his puns, so he ordered the jester to be hanged. But when the noose
was placed around the mans neck, the King said he would spare his life if the clown would never make
another pun. I promise, your Majesty, said the jester solemnly.
No noose is good news and so he. .

46. What is a jester?

A) A man whose job it is to make jokes to amuse the king.
B) A man in charge of male servants.
C) A woman in charge of female servants.
D) A man who serves food to the King.
E) A man who teaches Science to the Kings children.
47. What is a pun?
A) a traditional dish B) a play upon words C) a fairy tale
D) a play E) a traditional dance
48. The king wanted the jester to be hanged because his Majesty ................. .
A) was exhausted of energy B) was very sick C) was very bored
Limba englez clasele VII-VIII

D) no longer liked the food E) had found a noose

49. Complete the sentence in order to make a true statement about the
situation in the text:
If the jester ................. another pun, the King would have spared his life.
A) didnt make B) wasnt making C) had made
D) hadnt made E) made
50. Which is the best ending to the story?
A) ran away B) laughed C) was hanged
D) said a prayer E) hung