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PROBA SCRISA DE VERIFICARE A CUNOSTINTELOR DE LIMBA ENGLEZA PENTRU CLASA A IX-A INTENSIV SEPTEMBRIE 2017 SUBIECTUL I: Fiecare rispuns corect va fi punetat cu eate 1 punet For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer (A,B, G or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). ‘Mark your answers on the separate answer sheot Example: ° A doubt [a B reason C purpose. © motive A POWERFUL INFLUENGE : Thore can be 99 (0) os at all that the Internet has mado a hugo difference to our However, most parents worry that thelr children spend too much time browsing the Internet or playing computor games, hardly (1) time. Naturally, parents want to know if those activities are (2) What should they do if thelr children spend hours (3) Obviously, if children spend too much time (4) ‘thoi homework, then somet! ocide together how much use should be (6. (6) ... that it wan interfere with homework. Ifthe child does not (7) arrangement, parents can take more drastic (8)... Any parent who is (9) appointment to (10)... computer screen does not (11) .--doing anything else in thelr spare for their children, a computer screen? in ebmo game instead of doing 19 Is wrong. It is @ good idea if parents and children ‘of the Internet, and the child should to this, alarmed about a child's behaviour should make an the matter with a teacher. Spending time In front of a affect a chile's performance at school. Even if a youngster seems obsessed with the computor, he or she is probably just (12) through a phase, and in a few months parents will have something else to worry about! + always B rarely € naver Dever 2 Aharming —— Bharmful C hurting Db hurtful 3 Astating at Balancing at —_C looking D seaing 4 Aconcentrated occupied concerned D absorbed 5 Adone Bhad made Diaken 6 Aassure Bpromise secure Desi 7 stick B hols Cfollow D accept ® Aeulos B procedures Cregulations. «steps 9 Avwidely B heavily C seriously D broadly 10 Aspeck 5 discuss crak D debate M1 Apossivly ——nacessarily —_C probably D consequently 12 Agoing B passing C traveling D walking SUBIECTUL IL: Fiecare rispuns corect ya fi punctat cu cate 3 puncte For questions 13-24, road the text bolow and think of the word which best fits each ‘Gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example atthe beginning (0) Write your answer IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer shoot. Wie. Example: DRIVING BLIND ‘The ides thet» bibl person could drive @ car sounds eraay. And the. cohedpt of ‘s0me0Ne (0) ne cant see driviig a carat slmost 160 milés per hour sounds ven cretion. Miranda Nay, (13) aya blind accountant from Southport, has done exactly that in an attempt (14) money for charity. Mrs Naylor drova a sports Car (1B) anew Bo mils Ia a straight tine aldrig the runwray of a disused Zirfiold. Sho Was (16)... radiocontact-with her husband, Pete Naylor, who was 68 to give (17) xan. ditections.2nd advice inthis way. Her amazing achieverent (18) sm expaetodt6 raise shout £50,000, which will be donated to 8 company that {rang 4098 f0F (19) sn Bind, Mrs Naylor (20) been blind since she was six years old, and she still has some visual memories of the world argund her. She adits that ot having her sight makes life awkward (21) sn. times, Sho Bolioves that it you are disabled in any Way, you shouldnt waste time feeling s3rry, f6F (22) muon «tt makes, ot (23 snouts sense to koop busy sho says. “Ahioying something tan bo a goat source of self-confidence,’ Mirandais now looking (24) «in. 2 now challenge and ‘would tke to try motorbike riding. SUBIECTUL III: Fiecare rispuns corect va fi punetat cu efite 2 puncte read the text below. Use the word given in capitals atthe end oteo ma -d that fits in the gap in the same line. Th (of some of the fines to foren a wor texaanple at the beginning (0. ‘your answors IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer shoot, we example: [5] EXCTTING j FOLLOWING SWALLOWS etre e's job dovant immediately ste you 2 (0) e ree esas mae of coh on 0 const tind wats bid. Salons fal whose (26) i ana Bata ster dangerous ight kee -n ofsummer, BEG sie oven weather coed by (28) von warring makes their GI journey tougher each year. ‘TOTAL: Maximum 70 punete, din TIMP DE LUCRU: 60 m re 10 din oficiu. Vizat inspector de specialitate Inspectoratul Scolar al Municipiului Bucuresti TEST DE VERIFICARE A CUNOSTINTELOR DE LIMBA ENGLEZA PENTRU ADMITEREA IN CLASA A IXA, ENGLEZA INTENSIV PROBA ORALA Bilet nr. 19 Read the text below and answer the questions that follow: Cycling You might be surprised to know that bicycles have existed for less than two hundred years, No one is sure who invented this popular two-wheeled machine, but it was probably either the German Karl von Drais, in 1817, or the American W K Clarkson, in 1819. Cycling is on the rise is the United Kingdom, and the number of annual journeys made by bike in London has increased 50% over the last five years. Experts say there is a mixture of reasons for this boom: concerns about the environment, the desire to keep fit, and also the fact that cycling is often not only cheaper but also quicker than travelling by car. Cycling is becoming more popular as a competitive sport, and the most famous race is of course the three-week Tour de France, which takes place every July. American Lance ‘Armstrong won this event every year from 1999 to 2005 ~ one of the greatest individual sporting achievements of all time. 1. What is this text about? 2. When did bicycles come into being? 3. Why did the use of bicycles increase over the last five years? 4. “Cycling is the only way to stay fit and be healthy.” Give your opinion and support it with arguments.