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Maini hidraulice, Curs 13, partea a 2-a

centrifugale (intrare axial,
ieire radial)

diagonale sau mixte

(direcie nclinat)

de tip ejector
(antrenarea aerului
cu alt curent de aer)
Ventilatorul centrifugal

instalaie de ventilare:
Ventilatorul centrifugal
cu pale reglabile
Ventilatorul axial

rotor axial

diafragm reglabil

instalaie de ventilare:
Ventilatorul axial
Curbe caracteristice ale ventilatoarelor
Punct de funcionare
Ventilatoare centrifugale i
axiale cu design special
Ventilator cuplat cu ejector: Dyson air multiplier
n luna mai 2010, compania Dyson a lansat
o main hidraulic realizat prin cuplarea
unui ventilator diagonal i a unui ejector
toroidal, bazat pe o tehnologie nou
denumit Dyson Air Multiplier
Blades cause buffeting. Technology.

No blades. No buffeting.

Dyson Air Multiplier fans

Dyson Air Multiplier: ventilatorul diagonal
montat n piciorul de susinere al
ansamblului Dyson Air Multiplier (imaginea
din stnga); ansamblul format din piciorul
de susinere i ejectorul toroidal (imaginea
din dreapta)
Principiul ejectorului

aplicaii a relaiei
lui Bernoulli
Dyson air multiplier
Funcionarea ventilatorului pe principiul ejectorului
Aeroterma tip ejector
Funcionarea aerotermei pe principiul ejectorului

Fastest whole room heating in winter.

Smooth cool air in summer.

The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater uses Air

Multiplier technology for long range heat
projection to heat the room evenly. There are
no fast-spinning blades or visible heating
elements, so its easy to clean. Theres also an
automatic cut out that switches off the unit
if its tipped over.
Air is drawn in Air is accelerated
Up to 33 litres of air per second is drawn in Airflow is accelerated though an
by an energy-efficient, brushless motor. A annular aperture. It passes over an
combination of the technologies used in airfoil-shaped ramp, which channels its
turbochargers and jet engines generates direction.
powerful airflow.
Air is entrained
Air is induced Air around the machine is also drawn
Air behind the machine is drawn into the into the airflow, through a process
airflow, through a process known as known as entrainment, amplifying it up
inducement. to 18 times.

Other technologies in Dyson fans and heaters:

Mixed flow impeller
To draw in the air required to generate a powerful enough jet,
Dyson engineers developed a mixed flow impeller. It
combines the technologies used in turbochargers and jet
engines. It has nine asymmetrically aligned fins with rows of
tiny holes that reduce the friction caused by colliding high
and low air pressure.
Brushless motor
Dyson fans and fan heaters use energy-efficient, brushless Mixed flow impeller
DC motors, so you can precisely control airflow.
Usctor de mini Dyson

Cel mai rapid i igienic usctor de mini (hand dryer) Usuca mainile in 12 secunde
Viteza aerului: 400 m/h = 0,11 m/s
Debitul de aer: 30 l/s (68 cubic feet per minute)
Timp de uscare a minilor: 12 s
Motor digital cu rotor centrifugal care are turaia de 81.000 rot/min (de 5 ori mai
mult dect motorul unei maini de formula 1 = F1 engine)
Usctor de mini Dyson

Air knives
Air knives are high-intensity sheets of airflow often used
in industry to separate materials. A Dyson engineer
inspired by the technology saw they could be applied to
hand drying - the rapid, uniform airflow acting as
an invisible wiper blade, literally scraping water from
Airblade technology
Air is forced through two continuous apertures the width
of an eyelash creating sheets of air travelling at 400 mph.
Water is scraped from hands in just 12 seconds
Film care ilustreaz curgerea fluidului unidirecional, fr
component elicoidal, printr-un ventilator cuplat cu ejector
!!! este din 2011, n prezent nu mai este activ, ci e vndut ca joc
Dyson Balloon game
Dyson engineers have created an addictive
game where you direct balloons around
using Dyson Air Multiplier fans.
It's free to download from iTunes.