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VERBELE REFLEXIVE As in probably all european languages, Romanian has reflexive verbs.

In this lesson, you ill learn ho reflexive verbs are !onstru!te" in Romanian an" e#ll start you off ith some of the most important ones you#ll nee" to $no . Follo ing is a list of the forms for the personal pronouns as use" in reflexive verbs.

Pronoun eu tu el ea noi voi ei ele

Reflexive m te se se ne v se se

%he follo ing are & of the most !ommonly use" reflexive verbs'

a se uita (la) m( uit te ui)i se uit(

to look (at) ne uit(m v( uita)i se uit

a se spla m( sp(l te speli se spal(

to wash oneself ne sp(l(m v( sp(la)i se spal(

a se trezi m( tre*es! te tre*e+ti se tre*e+te

to get up / wake up ne tre*im v( tre*i)i se tre*es!

a se ntoarce m( ,ntor! te ,ntor!i se ,ntoar!e

to go back / return ne ,ntoar!em v( ,ntoar!e)i se ,ntor!

a se duce m( "u! te "u!i se "u!e

to go ne "u!em v( "u!e)i se "u!

spl pe din!i" I#m brushing my teeth. #l se duce la piscin" -e#s going to the pool. $e trezim la opt diminea!" .e#re getting up at eight in the morning. #a se ntoarce n %ngaria" /he#s returning to -ungary. &a ce v uita!i' .hat are you loo$ing at0 duc la biserc" I#m going to !hur!h. (e speli' 1o you ash0 )e duc la *coal s se uit la noua cldire" %hey#re going to the s!hool to see the ne buil"ing. + ntoarce!i rspoimine' Are you !oming ba!$ three "ays from no 0 , s te ui!i la televizor' Are you going to at!h television0 (e vei duce la cri* acuma sear' Are you going to the river tonight0 , s se trezeasc dup mine" -e ill get up after me. (rebuie s se duc *i -aniel" 1aniel has to go too.