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PART 2: GRAMMAR PRACTICE — Choose the correct answer a, b,c or d. A. Language skills: ELEMENTARY LEVEL 1. All efforts were directed to save the ... of poor people. a. lifes b. life «. live d. lives 2. Next week they ... their 10th wedding anniversary. a. will be celebrating b. will have been celebrating c. will be celebrated d. celebrated 3. He suggested ... for a walk. a. to go b.go c. going d. of going 4. Mary ... down because she is feeling tired. a. is sitting b. is setting ¢. sits d. sets 5. ...a flying saucer? a. Had you ever seen b. Did you ever see c. Do you ever see d. Have you ever seen 6. They ... hard until they pass the English exam. a, had studied b. will study c. study d. have studied 7. Our school is headed by ... principal. a. the more smart SQ. the smarter \ c. the most smart “the smartest 8. She ... to school this morning because she was sick. a. hadn’t come ‘b. won't come c. didn’t come hasn't come 9. The man was arrested for failing ... the murder he had witnessed. a, reporting, b. to report c. of report 4. report 10. The doctors helped the victims as ... as possible. a. much ‘b. most . many d. more 11. They ... on this project for days. a. have been working ‘b. had being worked c. have been worked d. will work 12. They ... together for three years when they got married. a. had been 'b. would be c. have been d. were 26 13. All of ... sudden, hundreds of people gathered in the town square. an b. the Ga dian 14. We ... the chance to visit London last year. a. had b. have had c. had had d. have 15. Departments should consist of ... amounts of personnel. a. most large b. more larger c. larger d. largest 16. We haven't seen each other for ... time. a. such long b. aso long c.soa long d. such a long 17. Students are not allowed to bring ... and ... to school. a. knifes/ stics b. knives/ stiks ¢. knives/ sticks d. knifes/ sticks 18. He ... extremely quiet since his father died. a. was b. would be cis d. has been 19. Let’s have a cup of coffee. ... a café over there, look! a. There b. It’s cls d. There's 20. When he reached us, John ... for twenty minutes. a. had been running b. was run c ran d. has run 21. My uncle used the money he won to set ... his own business. a. out Sb. up ¢. forward d.on 22. ... going to Susan’s party. a. Everybody is b. Every people is c. Every people are d. Everybody are 23. We'll have to wait there until the doctor ... . a. arrives b. is arriving c. will arrive d. would arrive 24. I didn't like Bucharest at first. But now ... here. a. Lused to live b. Iam used to living ¢, Lused to living d. have been used to living 25. There were only ... people waiting in front of the cinema. a, many b. alittle c. nota lot d.a few 26. You'll fail the exams unless your work ... . a. would improve b. improved c. will improve d. improves a7 27.1 think I'll buy these shoes. ... me really well. a. They're fitting b. They were fitting c, They fit d. They have fit 28. Are our bikes in the garage? No, there ... in the garage. a. isn't nothing b. is nothing c. isn’t something 4. is anything 29, Since he started earning his own money, he ... a smart phone, a CD player and a computer. a. has bought b. buys c. bought 4. is buying 30. He just had to take the dog out ... of the terrible weather. a.even though b. in spite c. although d. despite 31. As they ... down the street, they heard a woman screaming. a. are walking b. had walked. c. have walked d. were walking 32. I've read this chapter three times, and I ... understand it. a. still can’t b. yet can’t cc. can't still d. can't yet 33. ... are these two shirts? a. How many b. What prices c, What d. How much 34, Your car is faster than ... . b. mine c. my’s d. mine's 35. Students... leave their classroom before the bell rings. a. should \. b, mustn’t c.can d. must. 36, If you want sandwiches for your trip, you need to buy a. a loaf of bread b. breads c.a bread dia loaf bread 37. Have they been to ...? a. Canada or United States b. the Canada or the United States c. Canada or the United States d. the Canada or United States 38. He ... ahero. a. is sayd to be b. is sayed to be c. is said to be d. said to be 39. Everybody ... to the picnic. a. is going b. are going c. gone d. am going 40. At eight o'clock yesterday morning we ... for the bus. a, wait b. waiting c. was waiting d. were waiting 28 41. Dorothy and William are married to... . a. each other b. himself c. herself d. themselves 42. As soon as we met, I knew I ... her before. a. would see b. had seen c. have seen d. saw 43. She has been studying English ... 2010. a. beginning b. until c. for d. since 44, | talked to the girl ... car was stolen. a. whose b. that . who d. which 45, It was too cold ... outside. a, for the children eating b. for the children to eat c. that the children should eat d. that the children eat 46. This isn’t my house. It’s ... . a. from my sister b. of my sister c. my sister . my sister’s 47, We bought an air conditioning system and installed ... ourselves. a.him b. your c. them 48. If my parents ... here, they would help me. a. had been b. were c. will have been d. have been 49. The teacher told her students ... to a native speaker of English. a. should write “wb. wrote ©. write to write 50. Catherine wants to sail around the world. She’s really keen ... the idea. a, about b. for con 4. with, 51. We spent a lot of time ... at the paintings in the gallery. a. to look b. looking «. for looking d. to looking 52. Mary prefers dogs ... cats. She hates cats. a. than b. from c. over 53. The article contained ... important information. a. another ban . many d. alot of 54, I was driving when I realised that I had forgotten my suitcase with important things in - at home. b. it’s 29 55, Technology has been extremely beneficial to those ... are physically disabled. a. whom 'b. whose ¢. which d. who: 56. The accident was seen by some girls ... at a bus stop. a. were waiting b. who waiting c. waited d. waiting 57. ... departments, from furniture to shoes, will be thoroughly inspected. a. Every b. All c. Both d. Each 58. Their cottage is ... Sheffield. It's only three miles away. a. by b. along c. near d. next 59, They were afraid the children ... feel faint. a, may b. can c. will d. might 60. David is not interested in clothes. He'll wear a. anything b. thing c.a thing 4. something 61. My husband promised he would call us as soon as he ... in Washington. a. arrives b. has arrived ¢, will arrive d. arrived 62. Two representatives of Oxford University ... invited to speak at the opening ceremony. a. had been 'b. have been c. were d. have 63. Electric cars will be ... affordablejn the near future. a. something \. be some c. somewhere d. sometime 64. When Jane got home, the guests were talking, It seemed that they a. were already eating b, have already been eating c, had already eaten dThad already been eating 65. After she examined the car, ... obvious to her that someone had damaged it. a. they were b. she was c. it was d. those were 66. The professor can meet us this afternoon ... we can make it. a. when b. if c. though d. unless 67. Can you lend me your car at five o'clock this afternoon? a. 'm sorry, I was to have used it then. b. I'm sorry, I'll use it then. c. Sorry, I'll be using it then. 4. Sorry, 'm using it then. 68. Are you coming to my party on Saturday? a. Yes, I'm being there. b. Yes, I'll be there. c. Yes, I'm to be there. d. Yes, about to be there. 30 69. Here’s my latest novel. ... it at last. a. I'm finished b. I finish c. I finished d. I've finished 70. As usual, tourists will be encouraged to try mountain climbing when they.... the Alps. a. visit b. will be visiting cc. will visit d. have visited 71. Last week Dorian said “T'll do it tomorrow” He said he would do it... . a. the following day b. tomorrow c. the previous day d. yesterday 72. 1 don't understand ... of these is to be included in the menu. a, which b. what cc. that d. some 73. The employer said my qualifications were ... varied than those of the other applicants. a, most b. very c. best d. more 74, The group had raised ... money. a, little b. a less cc. few d. small 75. The electrician would ... repaired the transformer last night if it weren't for this snowstorm! a. have been. b. been c. have 76. We need thousands of pencils for the conference, so we have bought ... expensive ones wwe could find. a. lesser b. least c. less d. the least 77. The students helped ... out during the class. a.other © “yb. another c. the other |. each other 78. Its the third time Henry ... his girlfriend today. a. has called b. is calling c. called d. calls. 79. How long is it sirice they last ... to the cinema? a. have been going b. have went ¢. went d. have gone 80. I don't believe there is anyone ... suited for the job than Mr. Cornby. a. good b. better c. best d. the best 81. The personal trainer advised him ... more often. a. to have swum b. to swim c. swam 4. swimming 82. Our company ... heavily in research recently. a. was invested b. is investing c. has been invested d. has invested 31 83. The children were found ... on the beach. a. playing b. to go play c. play d. to play 84, Andrew ... butterflies in his stomach the whole time he was in front of the cameras. a. would have b. had c. has had d. had had 85. If the bank representative ... here, he would sign your check. a. has been b. is c. will be d. were 86. I haven't been abroad ... . a. yet b. usually c.already d. just 87. He promised he ... us an e-mail as soon as he arrived at the destination. a. will send b. had sent c. will have sent d. would send 88, I am starving! I ... anything since breakfast. a, wouldn't have eaten b. haven't eaten c. hadn't eaten d. didn't eat 89. “What is she doing?” “...” a, She has dinner. b. She’s doing everything. c. She's an officer. d. She’s having dinner. 90. When the boy entered the house, he had a black eye. He ... . a. would fight b. had been fighting c. has been fighting d. was fighting 91. “Did you enjoy ...?” “No, I didn’t”" XQ. be yourselves c. yourself d. myself 92. I would be grateful ... you didn’t make any comments during the play. a. unless b. even if c. supposing dif 93. “... that letter yet?” “No, Pll write it after I finish this report” a. Are you writing b. Have you written c. Were you writing d. Did you write 94, The coloured illustrations in the latest edition of the book made it ... appealing to the public. a, much more b. that more c. the more d. many more 95. We would answer his questions if he ... a bit longer. a. waited b. has waited cc. had waited d. would have waited 96. The alarm system of a car must ... without fault. a, functioning b. function cc. to function d. functioned 32 i A aN RHE 97. Unless they ... me, I'll probably get lost. a. would accompany ¢. would have accompanied b. accompanied d. accompany 98. Please wait while I ... you to the personnel department. connected ¢. to connect 99. You showed your ID at the gate, a. didn’t you c. don't you 100. Nothing ever happens in ... place. a. these c. this b. connect d. connected b. isn’t it d. did you b. that d. those 101. This portrait ... by a friend of my father’s, a. is painting c. was painting b. is painted is paint 102. The chemist’s was open, so fortunately they ... buy some aspirin. a. did can b. were able to ¢. can d. can't 103. ... a party next Friday. We've sent out all the invitations. a. We'll have b. We have c. We had d. We're having 104. Jenny will cry if you ... her. a. punished b. punish ¢. would punish d. had punished 105. “Where ... the car?” “It is right in front of the supermarket!” a. will you park c. have you parked did you parked . 'd. you parked 106. My legs hurt now because ... since three o'clock. a. I'm running ¢.Tran b.Trun d. 've-been running 107. Did you congratulate Dorothy ... her exam? a. passing c. to pass. 108. She has gone home, ...? a. doesn't she c. hasn't she? 109. Is that my book, or is it ...? a. the yours c. the your’s 110. Everyone present at the conference shook hands with a. each other c. themselves b. on passing d. of passing b. didn’t she d. isn’t she? b. your 4. yours b. one other d. one the other 33 111. Don't jog too fast. I can’t keep a. up to b. on to con with d. up with 112. Cairo, ... last fall, is a nice old city. a, that I visited b. I visited c. which I visited d. whom I visited 113. Ihaver't got a ticket. If... one, I could get in and watch the match! b. Thad d. [have 114. You're so tired! a. Are you working? b. Have you worked? c. Did you work? d. Have you been working? 115. Can you ... me with my luggage? a. help b. have help c. helping d. to help 116. George asked his boss for permission to close the door. George: “ ... I close the door?” a. Must b. Should . Shall d. May 117. He walked ... the stream which flows ... his home. a. near/next b. along/near c. by/next d. along/next 118. The tea is rather sour; they have put too ... lemon in it. a. some b. little c. many d. much 119. The air-conditioning comes on automatically. I ... turn it on. a. must ~, b. mustn't c, don't have to d. shouldn't 120. This ... the first time I ... snails. a. is/eat b. was/eaten c. is/have eaten eaten 121. That lake is known to contain .., thousands of fish. a.ten b. much c. few d. many 122. We visited ... the castles as the time was short. a. neither of ba few of c. several d.a couple of 123. My roomis ... the second floor ... the bathroom. a. by/behind b. in/next c. at/in front of d. on/in front of 124. “Why are you in a hurry?” “The plane ... at 7 o'clock.” a. will take off b. takes off cis leaving d. is taking off 34 pee hel Ae AE a ele 125. I can’t join you for supper tonight. I... . a. had my tooth been filled b. have had my tooth filled c. have filled my tooth d. had filled my tooth 126. My cat is chasing ... a. mices ‘b. mouse c, Mouses d. mice 127. | woke up and looked at my watch. It was five o'clock. I... for four hours. a, have been asleep b. was asleeping c. had been asleep d. had been sleeping 128. Chris is away on holiday and ... a. so Jenny is b. Jenny is, too c. 80 Jenny will be d. Jenny is either 129. Asa rule, my grandmother ... every day, but today is Sunday and she ... not ... . a. cooks/is ... cooking b. is cooking/cooks c. cooks/cooks d. is cooking/is ... cooking 130. They ... what you... . a. are not hearing/are saying b. don’t hear/are saying cc. don’t hear/say d. are not hear/are saying 131. The cruise ... a fortnight, according to the official schedule. a. is lasting b. has last «. last d. lasts 132. The soufflé ... disgusting but the girl ... it anyway. a. is looking/is tasting b. looks/tastes c, looks/is tasting d. is looking/is tasting 133. Newspaper headline: Messi ... the ball and ... the final goal. a. kicks/scores \b. is kicking/scores ¢. kicks/is scoring d. is kicking/is scoring 134, She has never seen a lion in her life. a. Neither do they. b. She doesn't, either. c. Neither have they. d. They don't either. 135. Both my sister and I ... high school students. b. is c. are d. has been 136. Don't ... your voice when. talking to her. She is rather emotional! a. rise b. raise c. rose d. risen 137. Our neighbours ... their house painted every spring. a. make b. do c. have d. fix 138. We started early ... to avoid the rush hour. a. so that b. in order not c. so long as 4d. in order 35 139. I told you that he ... back before 7. a, would not be b. has not to be c. did not be d. had not be 140. The business ... in 1977. a. was founded b. was found c. has been found d. has been founded 141. I can’t make pancakes. There is ... flour left and we have also run out of sugar. a. little b. alittle ¢. much d. alot of 142. His parents help him ... his homework. b. with ¢. for d.on 143. I can’t play ... violin, but my cousin can do it very well. an ba cc. the dan 144, ‘The weather was ... than I expected. a. gooder b. as good c, the better d. better 145. I don’t depend ... a.on b. with d. for 146. 1 ... fairy tales when I was a kid. a. used to reading c. used to read 147. I advised him ... to her. a. to nottalk ¢. to didn't talk ‘ b. am used to reading d. was used to read b. to don't talk d. not to talk 148. Turn the following into the Passive: Mother is cleaning the windows. a. The windows are cleaned by mother. b. The windows are being cleaned by mother. c. The windows are cleaning by mother. ~ d. The windows will be very cleaned. 149. “Who is your friend?” They wanted to know ... . a. who my friend is c. who my friend was 150, She has to leave early, . a. doesn’t she cc. isn’t it b. who was my friend d. who is my friend b. hasn't she d. has she “B. Language skills: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1. Three... soldiers were sent to Sarajevo to supervise ... of people threatened by war and starvation. a. hundred/thousand c. hundreds/thousands 5/ 36 b. hundred/thousands d. hundreds/thousand 2. At the party, there were ... guests than they have expected. /&2 & more few b. more less c. fewer d. lesser 3. They have promised they ... back soon. jos a.willhave come b. are coming ~ e.would come 4. will come 4. Sara ... on the grass in the middle of the park now. inh ais laying ba lies lying d. lays 5. ... peace is something that all nations fight for. Ise ba x ¢. the 6. This summer the weather is ... than last year. jag * more dry b. driest 2. dryer d. drier 7. The athlete was told to gather his ... and fight for his national ... . my ® forces/colours b. forces/colour . force/colour d. courage/colours 8. When they arrived at the...., all the ... were asked about their... . 5g @- Custom/peoples/effect b. customs/peoples/effects c. custom’s/people/effect d. customs/people/effects 9. Countries involved in conflicts need a(n) ... and much ... concerning the management of the crisis. [59 a. advise/information b. piece of advice/information ¢. piece of advise/information d. advice/informations 10. Mr. Jones .:. money for charity. Helhas done ital his life. eo. Biases \\ b. is rising c. rises d. is raising ll. ttle is known about such IFRC operations in the African regions. \6) a. b. the alec al dan 12. If only people .,. keep sending me bills! 2 = weren't b. wouldn't c. don't d. shouldn't 13. Susan worked ... . \3 Yesterday at school hard b. at school yesterday hard c. hard yesterday at school d. hard at school yesterday 14. By the end of the year, she ... with a degree in law. | #: has already graduated b. graduated c. will have already graduated d. already graduates 15. You ... watered the flowers because Jenny had already done it before leaving the house. ks a. needn't have b. can’t have been C5 ¢. shouldn't have 4. needn't has 37 16. All soldiers are psychologically prepared for ... or for Ket good/the worst b. gooder/bad c. better/worse d. the best/the worse 17. Radical ... ... offensive to the Queen’s decisions. a. politics/was b. politic/was Kt c, politic/were d. politics/were 18, Passengers are asked ... during the flight. * not smoke b. not smoking ° c. not to smoke d. don’t smoke 19. By this time next year, I... my apartment. wy * will sell b. will have sold c. have sold d. sold 20. [haven't been out much lately, because I ... for my final exams. [ig shave studied b. had studied c. studied d. have been studying 21, The weather this week has been ... last week. a. as good as or gooder than it was b. as good as or better than it was oH c. as good or better than d. as good as or better as it was 22. Ifhe ... harder, he would have passed the exam. wo * has worked b. was worked c. had worked d. works 23. The young man is considered to be very ... ly asensibley ’b, sensibly c, sensible d. sensiblely 24, Fortunately, the hospital’s new air-conditioning system ... when the weather became hot. a. had installed xX b. installed !#4 — c.had been installed \\ d. had been installing 25. If [had been accepted at the University of Miami, I... in their Spanish immersion program. jpg shad participated b. could have participated c. could be participated d. could participated 26. The old man asked me where ... . Y a. is the railway station b. the railway station would be © cwasthe railway station d. the railway station was 27. lwish I ... ten years younger now. Jey a were bam c. would be d. shall be 28, Brenda was carrying a ... backpack. 122 a. black small plastic ‘b. small and black plastic c. small black plastic d. plastic small black 29. We received the letters this morning, but ... of them were for me. wg * all b. neither c. either d.any 38 30. I have two ... for you. /80 Piece of good news c. good newses b. pieces of good news d. good news 31. I can’t find my car keys anywhere ~ I... have left them at work. yey can c. must 32, Passports and IDs... . 1 a. must not be loosed 82 , must not be loose b. ought d. would ‘b. must not be lost d. must not been lost 33. The child’s arm was swollen because he ... by a bee. a. was sting 183 Chad been stung b. stung d. had being sting 34, If [had gone rafting with my friends, I ... down the Colorado River right now. [gu Would be floating 4c; would have float 35. “I need some help with this ladde: a. Could you 185°. May you b. would float d. would have floating lift the other end, please?” “Sure, just a second” b. Do you mind 4. Would you mind 36. If you want to have healthy teeth, you should avoid ... sweets. a. to eat "86. eating 37. She said she .... for five hours. a. had been studying b. eat d. from eating b. has studied d. has been studying b. be eating “\\. 4. having been eating 39. She can speak ... German, so she understood some parts of his speech. \8t c. studied 38. She is not used to ... oysters. a. eating . 183 eat a. many 183 cno 40. She did all the housework ... her own. Bo ¢ ip b. few d.a little b. with don 41. The project work ... finished by 5 o'clock. a. will have being c. was been 19) 42. If we’ ... an umbrella, we ... wet. (9) @-dtaken/wouldr’t have got c. ve taken/wouldn't have got b. will have been d. were been ‘b. d take/wouldn't have got 4, would taken/wouldn't have got 43. It's snowing outside and they are not wearing their coats; they ... be freezing. [93% must c. couldn't b. have d. should 39 44, The more home appliances you have, a. the higher your electricity bill will be 194 _b. your electricity bill will be higher c. will be higher your electricity bill d. higher your electricity bill will be 45. It took them quite a long time to get there. It was ... journey. i95 a five hours b. five hour c.a five-hours 4. a five-hour 46... taking me downtown on your way to work later today?” “Not at all” J9g Can you b. Would you mind c. Could you 4. Why dor’t you 47. Have they considered ... to New York? (sy * move b. to be moving c. to move 4. moving 48, We had a party last night. ... spend all morning clearing up the mess and now I'm dead tired. a. 've had to . I must have 138 c.Tvebeen to d. Tve must 49. George and Jim, if you want more coffee, help ... a. themselves b. yourself 198. yourselves 4. himself 50. Not one of our representatives ... to participate in the finals. 209 @- were choosing b. chosen c. have been chosen d, has been chosen 51. They were told they ... be able to book a seat on the boat that passes through the Arctic Circle. a. must b. might 21 can’ di had 52. It is better to take this important decision «+. than later. doy, B soonest b.soon 2 ¢.sooner d. more soon 53. I'm looking for ... to cut this rope. . gos, ®ascissors b.a pair scissors c.a scissor d. some scissors 54... Icarry that bag for you?” “Oh, thank you” doh = Will b. Would «.Do 4. Shall 55. By the time he has finished work, John will have hardly ... energy left for the weekend. Qos Bary b. much 4. same 56. I don't remember ... the windows when I left home this morning. a. closed b. closing PR cto close d. to have closed 40 | | 57. I find English meal times very strange; I'm not used ... dinner at 6 p.m. a. to having b. having Pot etohave d. have 58. ... you have your father’s permission, I'll take you parachuting next weekend. gog & Although b. Provided c. Unless 4. Asif 59. No... than thirty-five small enterprises had to close down last year due to the economic crisis. dog ®lower b. fewer . lesser d. less 60. The basics for starting your own business... in the seminars that accompany the lectures, 2io Provide b. providing c. are provided d. is provided 61. Did you know that the top floor of the ... Lennam building had collapsed? 2Q\\ #87 years old b. 87-years-old c. 87-year-old 4d. 87 year old 62. The Prime Minister flew back to his country after ... negotiating with China. Dy B success b. successes c. successful d. successfully 63. It really annoys me that you never help me around the house. I wish you ... from time to time. 2\3. & washed up b. wash up c. had washed up d. would wash up 64. She is wondering if he ... . Dy. will be coming home tonight b. would be coming home tonight ¢. would be coming home that night d. will be coming home that night 65. By the time the entire debt is paid back, the country ... over two million dollars in interest alone. S 2\5 a. will have paid ‘b. pays c. will be paying d. has paid 66. If he had examined each of the factors, he ... that it was their fault. ae * would have seen b. witkhave seen c. had seen d. saw 67. All people affected by the earthquake have applied for humanitarian aid and ... emergency relief. RIE a. one another b. each other c. others d. other 68. Library visitors often find that there are ... few assisstants available to help them when ayy needed. a. such b. mere ¢. too d. sheer 69. The ... produced in our factory from Sweden. Lig *s00d are b. good is c. goods are 4d. goods is 41 70. What do you think she'll do next? DYq a She's going to leave. c. She'll be leaving up. 71. What time is sunrise tomorrow? 2a & The sun comes up at 6.30. c. The sun is to be up at 6.30. b. She’s on the point of leaving. d. She’s just about to leave. b. The sun is coming up at 6.30. . The sun will come up at 6.30. 72. Ever since they discovered that exotic island off the coast of Greece, they ... anywhere else for vacation. a. didn't go c. weren't going 222 b. haven't been d. weren't 73. He wanted to find out for ... what the Chinese Wall was like. a, themselves c. himself 74, The little cottage was ... building. any aanice old stone ¢.a stone old nice 223 b. itself d. herself b.anice stone old d. an old nice stone 75. Our department is ... prepared ... willing to work for this project. a. neither ... nor b. either ... or 22°F Cc not only ... but whether ... or 76. The manager would have offered us a 25% discount if we ... a larger group. 22g abeen b. had been c. were d.are 77. Mrs. Becks, the manager of the company, ... to an enthusiastic audience at the fashion show. 22¥ a. that she spoke b. spoke c. who,spoke d. was spoken 78, One of a manager’ ... valuable ass¥ts may be his ability to say ‘not 5 a, more b. much 23 ¢ most d. the more 79. If inflation gets too high, it gradually ... the purchasing power of employees. a. would erode will be eroding 229 eroded 4. erodes 80. ... software seems to be much more appreciated than we had anticipated. a. The BA 230 Those 4. These 81. My partner and ... should be informed on the portfolio changes you have been working on. 23) #88 Je d.our 82. The writer avoided ... any complicated language for the sake of clarity. 23) ® being used b. been used .to use using 42 83. When the peace agreement ..., it will be satisfactory for all the parties involved. a. was approved 223 approves 84. The hostile tribes went to war with ... . 23h # one to another c. each other 85. The stock market is ... he would like to a. something 235 c. somewhere 86. The ... you leave, .... mac * sooner/the better c. soon/good 87. I'd like to treat ... to a theatre play. b. will be approved 4. is approved b. each others d. themselves learn more about. b. somehow d. somewhat b. soonest/better d. very soon/the best 23y ameself b. herself, c. ourselves d. myself 88. Only ... of the news today has been about the notorious crime in our town. 239 many b. either c. alittle d. few 89. Redecorating my office to accommodate the new air conditioning system was ... as expensive as the system itself. 233 a. just b. quite c. same d. rather 90. ... employees may be the cause for slower services. a. Few b. Fewer 2HO ce Less 4. Least 91. The trainees had a ... time filling out the application after they were told it was the only criterion for their selection. 24) a harder b. hardly c. hardest d. more harder 92. [haven't seen .......... of the films you've mentioned, so I don’t mind which one we go to. DAZ @any b. neither . none every 93. ... in the personnel department was asked to become familiar with the new software. 2h3 2 One another b. Anyone c. All d. Everyone 94. I've lost my car keys again! I ought ... them in a safe place. ayy * that I put b. to be putting c. to have put d. to put 95. The Ministry of Education will soon ... new guidelines for the next school year. 245 a. having issued b. issuing ¢. to issue d. be issuing 96. Not just ... has permission to enter official buildings. 24¢ a.noone b. anyone c. someone d. each one 43 97. They wanted to talk to someone knowledgeable in gadgets before purchasing ... . 2hy a other b. many c.any d. ones 98. If the form ... properly filled in, the transfer takes only two days. hg would be b. were cc. will be d. has been 99. If we had monitored economic trends, we ... have predicted this profit drop well in advance. 249 @-could b. should c. needn't d. must 100. ‘The officials did not find ... many errors in the documents of the department. 2rq afew b. any c. too d. hardly 101. It’s high time all children ... to bed. 2 a. went b. go Ble. goes d. should go 102. ‘The secretary ... book my flights. She says it isn’t in her job description. 252 * can't b. won't cc, doesn't d. would rather 103. ... UNICEF protects the rights of children all over the world, aA b.An ee 4. The 104. The car ... for two days when the mechanic came to repair it. 254 a. hadn't been functioning b. didn’t function c. hadn't function d. wasn't functioning 105. Ifhe ... me, I... in real trouble last year. a5 ahadnthelped/wouldbe — \__ . didn't help/would be c. hadn't helped/would have been ~ d. didn’t help/would have been 106. | feel... grateful to our host, General Brave. 250 a. the most b. the more c. more d.most 107. There was no one else in front of the theatre. I ... ina queue. 25, 4% mustn't wait b. didn’t need to wait c. needn't have waited d. needn't wait 108. The ... were grazing all over the valley. 256% a.sheeps b. sheepes. c. sheep's d. sheep 109. If only the world ... a better place. 25g ashould be b. had been c. were d. would be 110. As she was extremely exhausted, she ... 269 alaydown b. lied down c. laid down. d. lain down 44 111. “I've made a simple mistake but I must pay for it” He admitted that .... a. T've made a simple mistake but I had to pay for it 2264 b. he had made a simple mistake but he had to pay for it ¢. Thad made a simple mistake but I must pay for it d. he has made a simple mistake but he must pay for it 112. Between the two islands, there’s a ... lagoon. r a. two-miles b. two-mile 32 ewo miles d. two-miles’ 113. He suggested ... for a stroll, but she said she would ... watch TV. 3% to gollike b. going/like c, to go/rather d. going/rather 114. I can‘t believe he is going to cut my hair. I can't believe ... . a. 'm going to have my hair cut 264 — b. ’'m going to have my hair cutted c. P'm going to cut my hair d. T'm going to have cut my hair 115. The baby is asleep, ...? Bje aisntit b. isn’t she c. isn’t he d. is it 116. ... Union Jack is ... national flag of ... United Kingdom. 26g, ® The/the/the b. -/the/— . The/a/the d. -/the /the 117. He hardly knows anyone, ...? a. isn’t he b. does he eis Cases he d.ishe 118. Supposing he ..., tell him to call n¥&immediately. 269 a.will come b. comes c. would come d. came 119. It was a chilly day; Jack didn’t wear a coat. 69 3: Although it was a chilly day, Jack didn't Wear a coat. S/ b, Even though Jack didn't wear a coat, it was a chilly day. c. Despite of being a chilly day, Jack didn't wear a coat. d. Although being a chilly day, Jack didn't wear a coat. 120. She was so concentrated ... her work that when we came ... she didn't even look .... D¥o aatfatfup b. on/in/up c. atfin/at 4. on/in/at 121. Sa nu care ele bagajul! ol) a. Let's not carry them the luggage! _b. Let them not carry the luggage! ¢. Let not them carry the luggage! _d. Let's them not carry the luggage! 122. You ... try one more time, and then decide whether you like it or not. ¥2 @ would rather b. would better . might d. had better 45 123. ... the man ... wife you ... last night? 23, & whose/whose/meet b. who's/whose/met c. whose/who/have met d. who’s/whose/have met 124. ... of the two children knew ... of the new classmates. ¥} a. Neither/any b. Neither/nor c. None/none d. Neither/neither 125. Nu sunt obignuit s4 muncesc pana la ora 20. aye & Lam not used to working until 8 o'clock p.m. b. 1am not used to be working until 8 o'clock p.m. c. 1am not used to work until 8 o’clock p.m. d. Iam not used to work until 20 o'clock. 126. Please, refrain ... inside the room. J¥¢ a. for smoking b. against smoking c. from smoking d. to smoke 127. Baiatul blond de langé noi nu a platit transportul cu autobuzul. ‘yy. & The fare boy next door didnt pay the bus fair. b. The fair boy next door didn’t pay the bus fare. c. The fare boy next door didn't pay the bus fare. d. The fair boy next door didn’t pay the bus fair. 128. He doesn’t want to harm ... unless they ... him. Hed rather ... by himself. 2%9 a. somebody/don't harm/to live b. anybody/harm/live c. somebod /harm/lived d. anybody/don't harm/live 129. He is the kind of man ... by ... statements. D9 a. to be troubled/such “4b. to trouble/so c. to be troubled/so d. being troubled/such 130. They were not used to ... in any difficult situation ... . 80 ato be/also b. being/either ¢. to be/neither d. being/too 131. ... evening I found a photo of ... taken ... after I came to live in London. eh a. The other/myself/shortly ‘b. Other/mine/shortly cc. Another/me/short d. The other/mine’s/short 132. ... father and ... Aunt Julia are likely ... what I want to do. yqy. t= /the/to be approved b. - /-/to approve of “82. ¢. The /-/to have approved 4d. The/the /approving of 133. Owing to Sue’s warning, ... scissors ... kept ... Michael’s reach. 233 * these/were/out of b, that/is/out of c. this/were/out of d, those/is/from 134. Her paintings are worth ... . I've got some ... and ... on my bedroom wall. 22h a, seeing/framing/hanging b. to see/framed/hanged c. seeing/framed/hung d. to see/to frame/to hang 46 148, Many ... work in this hospital, my daughter-in-law included. 29g a. woman’s-doctor b. women-doctors ¢. woman-doctors d. women-doctor 149. “Johnny can be interesting, too” means: 299 4 Heis allowed to be interesting. _b. He is able to being interesting. c. He is interesting sometimes. d. He has the possibility of being interesting. 150. If [had my car stolen, I... the police. a. call b, would call ¢. would have called 4. will call _C. Language skills: ADVANCED LEVEL 1. John ... in the bathroom when we arrived because we could hear the shower. 304 achas to be b. must have been c. need have been 4. can have been 2. Three new ... were added to agenda of the conference related to the ... of assisting people 30) _ in disaster areas. a. appendices/criterion b. appendixes/criteria c. appendixes/criterion d. appendices/criteria 3. You could have averted the strike ... you had not become emotionally involved. 303% Whether b. except for c. unless d. on condition that 4. After a... conference, the Committee agreed on the data issued from the other international 2h a. fifty minutes/symposiums b. fifty-minute/symposia ¢. fifty-minutes/symposium d. fifty minute/symposium 5. In spite of the fact that times were ... now, the soldiers felt much ... that they would survive. 305 a. harder/surer \\, behardest/more sure c, hardest/more surer \d. harder/most sure 6. Kelly persuaded me not to buy that car. ..., a-Kelly talked me out to buying that car. SG b, Kelly talked me into buying that car. c. Kelly talked me in buying that car. . Kelly talked me out of buying that car. 7. Choose either regular or express post service; the ... . 30% a. first is less expensive and the latter is faster b. former is less expensive and the latter is faster c. first is least expensive and the last is faster d. former is least expensive and the latter is fastest 8. How ... do you have? 39 & much pieces of carry-on baggage b. many pieces of carry-on baggage c. much carry-on baggages d. many carry-on baggages 48 9. If you wait until May, the 2nd, the manager ... for two days by then. 29 * has been waiting b. has waited c. will have been waiting d. was waiting 10. ... they invested in food industry, they would be rich now. 310 * Will b. Should c. Shall d. Had 11. ... on the continuous evolution of Asian markets, government economists are still issuing predictions of no inflation. 31| a, Counting b. Counted c. Being counted d. Having counted 12. All the goods they had bought were ... left at the store. 3), mistaken b. mistakenly c. mistaking d. mistook 13. The manager would feel much better if we ... all the logistics worked out before we leave. a. will have b. had had 3B chad 4. would have 14. After a... walk, the recruits arrived at the ... 3 a. ten miles/barracks b. ten-mile/barracks hc. ten mile/barrack 4. ten-miles/barrack 15. ... of the first-aid training is mostly theoretical, often being unused in real life. 315 a. Few b. Much c. Less d. Many 16. If we had proven that the jewellery ... to the Queen, it would be in the national museum today. 3)¢. @would belong b. belonged © e.belong d. were belonging 17. Most crops in our region ... by the government. 31y. a will have been subsidizing ‘b. being subsidized c. are subsidizing d. are being subsidized 18. Don't blame everything on me, you should have gone there earlier. a. If you have gone there earlier, you wouldnt be blaming it on me. 312 b. Have you gone there earlier, you wouldn't be blaming it on me. c. Had you gone there earlier, you wouldn't be blaming it on me. 4. If you had gone there earlier, you wouldn't have blamed it on me. 19. It rained all the time, that’s why he didn't enjoy his holidays. a. But for the rain, he would have enjoyed his holidays. 319 b. But for the rain, he wouldn't have enjoyed his holidays. c. But for the rain, he didn't enjoy his holiday. 4. But for the fact that it rained, he would have enjoyed his holidays. 20. Satul era situat intr-o vale cu padure. a, The village lied in a wooded valley. 320 b The village laid in a wooded valley. c. The village lay in a wooded valley. 4. The village laid in a wooded valley. 49 21. There ... no ... things ... unicorns. 3Q| as is/such/like b. is/such/as c. are/such/like d. are/such/as 22. Fie ce-o fi, tot plec de-acasa! a. Be it like that, I’m still going from home! 3.92 _b.Come what can, I'm still going home! c. Be it as it is, I’m still leaving my home! d. Come what may, I'm still leaving home! 23. Oricat as incerca, tot nu o sa trec examenul! a. How much I try, I still don't pass the exam! 323 bs How much Pd try, I still dontt pass the exam! c. Try as I might, I won't pass the exam! d. Try as I can, I can’t pass the exam! 24. Were ... the big prize, he ... satisfied with his performance. 3.5 ache to have won/would have been _b. he to win/would be c. he to have won/would be d. to win/would be 25. Daca te cAsatoresti cumva, imi vei frange inima. a. Were you to get married, you'll break my heart. 3255 b. Ifyou were to get married, you'll break my heart. c. If you would get married, you'll break my heart. d. Should you get married, you'll break my heart. 26. They insisted that he ... the best offer. 3g % takes b. would take © e.took d. take 27. It’s essential that she ... with dignity in such situations. By abehave b. will behave c. would behave N d. behaves 28. They choose the products ... random but their quality is ... reproach. 309s by/above b. at/above c. by/beyond 29. Every spring, people in this village ... the ground. ag sew b. saw cc. Sow d. seed 30. This bike ... in my family for years. First, my father ... it; then, my brother ... for three 33q Yeats and I... itfor the last two. a. is/has riden/used/have had b. had been/had riden/had used/had c. was/rode/used/had d. has been/rode/ used/have had 31. He ... when he ... 10 that he ... an engineer. 3 \eiee didn't thought/would turn/would become b. hasn't thought/turned/will become c. didn’t think/turned/would become d. hadn't thought/turned/will become 50 32. The best solution was thought of by Jerry. 3 a. Jerry came up with the best solution. b. Jerry has come with the best solution. 32. ¢. jerry came with the new solution. d. Jerry has come with the new solution. 33. His innocence didn’t fool her. a. She was not taken into by his innocence. 333, b. She was not taken in by his innocence. c. She was not taken of by his innocence. d. She was not taken aback by his innocence. 34. They don't consider themselves ..., but they are true ... . 331% heroes/men-of-war b. heroes/men of war ¢. heros/man-of-war d. heros/men of wars 35. They eventually confessed ... the young woman a year before. 335° a. having killed b. to having killed . killing d. killed 36. We simply don't understand how they can be so cheerful after ... through all that trouble last week. 336 a. being gone b. having been gone c. having gone d. gone 37. The work ..., they went for a stroll. 23 a. having being done b. done c. been done d. having been done 38. Many people can't help ... when they see someone ... on a banana skin, 33g a. bursting into laughter/slip b. burst into laugh/slip ¢. burst into laughter/slipping d. bursting into laugh/slipped 39. “Why don't you take it back to the shop or get it changed”, said Carla. 3.39 % Carlaasked why I didnt take it Back to the shop or get it changed. b. Carla suggested to take it to the shop or to get it changed. c. Carla suggested taking it to the shop or get it changed. d. Carla suggested taking it to the shop or getting it changed. 40. We felt very ... so we weren't able to walk any... . 3ho a.tiredly/farther b. tired/further c. tiredly/highest d. tired/farther 41. I wish I had come with you in India, but my boss doesn't give me time off. 3h4 a: Ifmy boss had given me time off, I would have come with you in India. b. I would 'come with you in India, unless my boss gave me time off. c. If my boss gave me time off, I would have come with you in India. . Unless my boss gives me time off, I would have joined you in India. 42. If you insist on doing all the housework yourself, of course you'll feel exhausted. 32. % Ifyou keep on doing al the housework yourself, of course you'll feel exhausted. b. If you will do all the housework yourself, you'll feel exhausted. c. Ifyou will insist on doing all the housework yourself, you'll feel exhausted. 4. If you would do all the housework yourself, you'll feel exhausted. 51 43. Shortly after she began her conference, the lights went out. a. Hardly had she begun her conference than the lights went out. 343 _b. No sooner did she begin her conference when the lights went out. ¢. Hardly had she began her conference when the lights went out. d. No sooner had she begun her conference than the lights went out. 44. It was only when the secretary phoned me that I found out about the appointment. a. Not until did the secretary phone that I found out about the appointment. 344 — b. Not until the secretary phoned me have I found out about the appointment. cc. Not until the secretary phoned me did I find out about the appointment. d. Not until did the secretary phoned me that I found out about the appointment. 45. Only when ...,... the program. 345 a. Mike has arrived/we can resume _ b. Mike will arrive/can we resume ¢. Mike has arrived/can we resume has Mike arrived/can we resume 46. Cathy didn’t know what was going to happen. a. Little didn't Cathy know what was going to happen. 346 b. Little did Cathy know what was going to happen. c. Cathy did little know what was going to happen. d. Cathy little knew what was going to happen. 47.1 wish I... that decision when I ... so young. 34y a. hadn't made/was b. didn't take/was c, took/were d. made/was 48. ... information they give us ... important even if... not... . 3hg a Any/is/it is/much b. Every/is/it is/mu ¢. Every/is/it is/many . Any/is/they are/many 49. The government ... gathered around the huge table and ... the new law against assault. 349 avis/itis discussing . b. are/they are discussing c. is/they are discussing “\ dvare/it is discussing 50. My parents don't allow us ... inside our house but they allow ... when guests come. 350 a. to smoke/to smoke b. smoking/to smoke c. smoking/smoking 4d. to smoke/smoking 51. The effect of these drugs only lasts for a couple of minutes. 354 ‘The effect of these drugs ... just ... that. a. wears off/like b. wears off/as c. wears up/like . wears up/as 52. He can stay here for two weeks. 35) Wecan... for two weeks. a. hold him up b. put him in ¢, put him up 4. hold him in 53. His bedroom ... at the time, so it ... its best. 353 Was being painted/didn't look b. was being painting/wasn't looking c. was painted/didn't look d. was painting/wasn't looking 52 54. They ... to California a year ago. They ... there for a while and then ... to Florida. B54 a went/have worked/went b. went/worked/went c. went/had been working/went d. went/had worked/went 55. ... late arrivals be admitted to any of the concerts. 355 a.Inno way b. No way c. Under no circumstances will d. Under no circumstances are 56. ... he ... off the light, ... he heard somebody knocking. 256 a. Scarcely had/turned/than b. Scarcely had/turned/when c. No sooner/turned/than d. Hardly/had turned/when 57. It is impossible that they behaved like that. 35y. & They can't have behaved like that, b. They shouldn't have behaved like that. c. They shouldn't behave like that. _d They couldn't behave like that. 58, They think that three men were repairing the bridge. 359 he three men ... the bridge. a. are thought to repair b. are thought to have repaired c. are thought to be repairing d. are thought to have been repairing 59. They should try to make ... the time they have lost by spending this weekend together. 353 a.up for b. down to c. up of, d. down for 60. I just ... an email saying that we ... for the Internet connection. . 309, that last week? a. have received/didn't pay/Didn’t I give b. have received/haven't paid/Didn't I give c. have received/didn't pay/Haventt I give d. received/didn't pay/Didn't I give . “Its high time you passed your g test. I'm tired of driving you wherever and whenever you need’, my brother saich.My brother said... . a. it’s high time I passed my driving test because he was tired of driving me wherever xT y P y driving 8 and whenever I needed b. its high time I passed my driving test because hei tired of driving me wherever and whenever I need c. it was high time I had passed my driving test because he was tired of driving me wherever and whenever I needed d. it was time I passed my driving test because he was tired of driving me wherever and whenever I needed .. you the money for 6) 62. He had developed ... crazy passion for playing ... cello and for ... skiing. 32 a. the/the/~ b. a/the/- c. the/-/ ~ d. a/the/the 63, Daca nu ar fi fost harnic, nu ar castiga multi bani. 363% But for his hard working, he would earn a lot of money. b, But for his industrious, he wouldr’t earn a lot of money. ¢. But for his industry, he wouldn't have earned a lot of money. . But for his industry, he wouldn't earn a lot of money. 53 64, We were all caught ... surprise by his .. 26h a. at/decision to live b. by/decision to live ¢. at/decision to leave d. by/decision to leave 65. His ... upset everybody. 365 a.reluctance to speak b. reluctance for speak c. reluctance for speaking d. reluctance to speaking 66. I'm telling you the truth lest you ... have a shock when hearing it from the police. 3QQ a. might b. shouldn't c. should d. might not 67. You ... me a hand when I needed it! 3hy% a. must have given ‘b. might have given c. must give d. may give 68. His economic ... are to be taken into account by the bank manager. 3¢q analyses D. analysis * c.analysises d. analyzing 69. Many ... are working hard for the queen. 36g © # Women - servants b. woman - servants ¢. woman ~ servant d. women - servant 70. M-a intrebat daca sunt interesat de pictura si daca mi-ar plicea si ma alitur grupului lor. 4¥q a He asked me if am interested in painting and if I like to join their group. b. He asked me if I was interested in painting and if I would like to join their group. c. He asked me if I was interested in painting and if I liked joining their group. d. He asked me if I am interested in painting and if I like joining their group. 71. Td rather you ... the house when you had the chance. BY) sold b. have sold c. had sold Ny d. sell 72. Try ... ... home late. He hates ... kept ... . 3Y¥y @ toavoid/to come/being/waiting _b. to avoid/coming/to be/waiting c. to avoid/coming/being/waiting _d. avoiding/coming/being/waiting 73. He insisted upon... . ~ 3%3 a. Ishould leave b. my leaving c. [leave d. me leave 74. “Lwish you came to visit me when you have the opportunity’, she told John. She told John 3%h a, she wished John had come to visit her when he had the opportunity b. she wished John came to visit her when he had the opportunity c. she wishes John came to visit her when he had the opportunity d. she wishes I came to visit her when I had the opportunity 75. It’s no use ... on him after he ... you down when you needed him. 3¥5 a. rely/let b. to rely/had let c. relying/let . rely/had let 54 E 76. Ar prefera ca tu sa nu te duci la petrecere saptamana viitoare. a. He'd prefer that you didn't go to the party next week. 3¥6 b. He'd rather you will not go to the party next week. c. He'd prefer you wouldn't go to the party next week. d. He'd rather you didn’t go to the party next week. 77. Everybody is here, ...? 3yy a.don't they b.ishe c.arentt they d. isn’t he 78. Doar cand am ajuns acasi mi-am dat seama c& sora mea plecase. a. Only when I arrived home did I realize that my sister had left. 3¥2_ b. Only when I arrived home I realized that my sister left. c. Only when did I arrive home I realized that my sister was left. d. Only when I arrived home did I realized that my sister left. 79. They warned him that unless he ... the pills, his friend ... . 3% didn't bring/would die b. brought/would die c. doesn’t bring/will die d. brings/wor't die 80. ... in a hurry, lest he ... them at the party. 320. ® They left/found b. They leave/found c. They left/should find d. They leave/finds 81. To ..., there are ... things to consider before buying that ... coloured car. iB ‘ying, 3a) # myself/a few/beautiful b. my mind/some/beautifully c. my mind/a few/beautiful 4, myself/some/beautifully 82. Prefera si patineze decat sa schieze. 3) » He'd prefer skating than skiing. b. He'd rather he skated than he skied. c. He’d rather he skate instead of ski. d. He prefers skating to skiing. “\_ 83. The plural of which noun is formed the same way as “lookers-on”? 393 a. passer-by b. take-off ¢. fellow-citizen d. grown-up 84. Fie ce o fi, eu am s&-i spun adevarul! 32h a. Be it as it is, I will tell her the truth. b. Come what may, I will tell her the truth. c. Come what it may, I will tell her the truth. d. Be it as it can, I will tell her the truth. 85. The plural form of “schema” is: 325 a. schemata b. skemata c. schemas d. schemae 86. Which one is NOT correct? 38Q a.alump of sugar b. a feat of passion c.a heap of rubbish d. a word of advice 55 87. The Egyptians ... the papyrus around 2000 B.C. 3¢4 a. knew to having invented b. are known to have invented c. are being known to invent d. were known to invent 88. Were Garry ... the truth back then, his wife ... him for a divorce now as they ... for years. 399, ato tell/wouldn’t ask/are married b. to have told/wouldn’t have asked/have been married c. to have told/wouldn't ask/have been married d. telling/wouldn'’t have asked/have been married 89. Am vazut-o in timp ce traversa, dar nu m-a auzit cand am strigat-o. a. I saw her crossing the street, but she didn’t hear me calling her name. 339 b. I saw her crossing the street, but she didn't hear me call her name. c. I saw her crossing the street, but she didn’t heard me calling her name. d. I saw her cross the street, but she didn’t hear me calling her. 90. Cu cat erau mai muli, cu atat le era mai greu si vorbeasca. a. The more they were, the hardlier it was for them to speak. 330 b. The more they were, the hardest it was for them to speak. c. The more they were, the more hard it was for them to speak. d. The more they were, the harder it was for them to speak. 91. Highways ... be very misleading during the night. I think you ... go now lest you ... agy ve after midnight. a. can/may/might b, may/should/might c. may/shall/should d. can/should/should 92. Just as she felt tears ... her eyes, a song began to play. She ..., listening to it, for several minutes. 39) a. tocome in/laid b. come from/laid c. having come into/was laid d. coming into/lay 93. Here they are at ...! They ... us a message at ...! 393 a. last/must have sent/last “\. by last/might have sent/least c. least/should have sent/last d, least/could have sent/least 94. Although she was ... busy ... a letter, she tried ... the conversation ... . 39h a. pretty/writing/to follow/closely _b. pretty/having written/to follow/close c. prettily/to write/ following/closely “A. prettily/written/following/close 95. We would be more satisfied if there ... strict ... to help ... our choice. 395 a. had been/criterius/choose b. were/criteria/make c. was/criteria/do d. was/criterion/make 96. This faraway land is said ... by ... . The Netherlands, their native country, 320 ocean-loving nation. a. to discover/Hollanders/was used to being 'b. to be discovered/Danes/used to be c. to have discovered/the Danish/used to being d. to have been discovered/the Dutch/used to be 97. Christian is the ... of the two brothers. But his younger brother is ... intelligent than he is. a. oldest/much more b. eldest/more c. elder/much more d. older/more much 56 39y 98. He felt like ... outdoors. ... the garden gate, he stopped ... at the trees. a. working/On arriving at/to look 39g b. to work/Having arrived at/to look c. working/ Arriving to/looking d. work/Arrived in/looking 99, ... ten years and you'll... all about this misfortunate event. a. Other/be forgetting b. The others/have been forgetting c. Another/have forgotten d. The other/forget 100. He lost the trial and was put into ... prison. People suppose he ... his lawyers. 409 a, -/ought not to have listened to b. the/should not listen to 399 c. ~/ought not to have heard d. a/must not have heard 101. She met .., of students but ... she knew. yoy % the number/neither b.a number/neither ca number/none d. the number/none 102. He says he'd rather ... squash ... tennis, but I'd prefer ... fishing. jo) *'© Play/rather than/to go b. play/than/go 2 ¢. to play/rather than/going d. play/than/to go 103. He comes here every ... Monday. He is looking forward to ... the new job. Jos, *anotherigiving b. other/give 3c. another/being given 4, other/being given 104. Sam and I had a talk ... day, but ... of us ... pleased with it. fos, *the other/none/was b. another/neither/were . the other/neither/was 4. another/none/were 105. ... you are proficient in Chinese, you are sure ... a problem of communication ... you visit China. a 405 a, When/having/would b. Iffto have/after c. As/have/before 4. Unless/to have/should 106. Never before ... so ... as 1... yesterday. a, have I made/many homeworks/made 406 b. had I done/much homework/did c. [have done/much homework/did d. had I made/much homework/made 107. Itsoon became crystal clear that he did ... us then. a. lie to b. lie fF Chay to d-lied to 108. What ... in five years’ time? What ... by 2019? a. will you have been doing/will you do 409. b. will you do/will you be doing . will you have done/will you have done d. will you be doing/will you have done 57 109. It is unusual for Athens to have snow in spring. Seldom ... snow in spring. hog tisthere b. it has had c. there is d. does Athens has 110. It was typical of them to do that! They ... do that! hig ® Would b. used c. were used to d.will 111. No member ... wear casual clothes when on club premises. hy shall b. should c. won't d. mustn't 112. By next month, we ... married for fifteen years and not for a single moment ... married anyone else. 4/2 a.willhave been/doIwish Thad —_b. have been/did I wish I would have c. will be/I wish I were d. are to be/I wish I had 113. We ... in if it was rainy and cold. a. would have stayed b. should stay 4 2 3 stayed d. would stayed 114, “My mother won't sew my dress today” “Never mind. T'll have your mother ... it tomorrow.” 414 asew b. to sew c.sewn d. sown 115. It was our policy to deal with conflicts as they ... a. arise b. rise tae crane d. rose 116. Everything ... in Paris in 1990. hig % ocurred b. ocured c. occurred x dhoccured 117. ... we will come back home by ear. 4y a. Soitrains b. For it rains c. Even it rains d. Should it rain 118. It’s advisable that a young person ... without any of his family or relatives. dyg wlive b. lived c. would live d. lives 119. If you ... me some money, I will appreciate it. w)q &willlend b. borrowed ~~ e.will borrow d.lent 120. Te voi suna cand voi pleca de acasi spre tine, ca nu cumwva sa fii plecat. jog ® Hil call you when I'llleave for your place, let I should find you gone. b, Pll call you when I leave for your place so that you might be gone. c. ll call you when I leave for you place lest I should find you gone. d. I'm going to call you when I'm leaving for your place in order to find you gone. 58 121. His sister lent him more money than he needed. a. His sister didn't need to lend him so much money. Y4| b. His sister needn't have lent him so much money. c. His sister didn’t need to lent him so much money. d. His sister needn't have lend him so much money. 122. She is fat now because she ate a lot of sweets. a. If she hadn't eaten a lot of sweets, she wouldn't be fat now. 422 b. If she weren't fat she wouldn't eat a lot of sweets. c. If she hadn't eaten a lot of sweets, she wouldn’t have been fat now. d. But for the sweets, she would be fat now. 123. It is essential that he ... over the paper before handing it in. a. will look b. is looking 423 c. looks d. look 124. I wouldn't doubt his sincerity for one moment. ... doubt his sincerity. 424 a. For one moment wouldn't I b. Not for one moment wouldn't I c. Not for one moment would I d. Not for moment I would 125. She is ... but ... of the two sisters. ye & younger! wiser b. the younger/ the wiser & ¢.the more young /the more wise __d. the youngest/ the wisest 126. He ... on the streets now if his wife hadn't divorced him. ag wouldnt live . wouldn't be living © ¢. wouldn't have lived d. wouldn't have been living 127. The principal suggested that each matter ... during the next meeting. hoy # should be discuss b. must be discussed © ¢, should be discussing d. be discussed 128. Even if she has lied to me once, she iS’ good person. «so but she is a good person. 428 a. She could have lied to me once b. Even if he would lie to me once c. She may have lied to me once d. She might as well lie to me 129. The plane is said ... by terrorists soon after it took off. hag tobe hijacked b. to have been hijacked c. to have been hijacking d. to be hijacking 130. His neighbour is suspected ... his property. 4239 a. of having trespassed b. having trespassed c. to have trespassed d. of trespassed 131. Try as 1... the door ... unlock. 443) might/couldn't b. may/wouldn't ! ¢. can/wontt d. might/wouldn't 132. The wind was still howling. Nor ... likely that the snowstorm was going to stop very soon. 432 a. seemed it b. did it seem c. was it seeming . didnt it seem 59 133. She burned his last letter, ... he ... to her, ... her parents ... ever discover the truth. a. in which/proposed/for fear/would 433. that/ proposed/so that/would c. which/proposed/for fear/will d. in which/ had proposed/lest/should 134. ... ahouse we really liked, we ... money quickly. 43 a. Having found/must have risen b. Finding/must have risen 4 caving found/had to raise d. Having found/must have raised 435. Profesorul le-a spus elevilor s& nu plece din laborator sub nicio forma pana nu termina | experimentele. 4 435 a. The teacher told his pupils that on no account they would leave the laboratory until they finished the experiments. ; b, The teacher told his pupils that on no account should they leave the laboratory until they had finished the experiments. c. On any account said the teacher to his pupils that they will leave the laboratory until they have finished the experiments. d. On no account told the teacher to his pupils to leave the laboratory until they would finish the experiments. 136. My twin brothers are ... that people can hardly tell ... . a. so like one another/one from another 43C _ b.solike each other/one from the other like every other/each from another 4d. as like one another/each from another 137. If his friends ... false, they ... him when all his fortune ... on luxury. a. weren't/shouldn’t desert/has been spent 43% bp hadn't been/wouldn't have deserted/had been spent c. wouldn't have been/hadn't deserted/was spent d. wouldn't be/didn’t desert/was Spent 138. New York City ... 400 years ago, in 1610, by Henry Hudson, an English explorer. 3g Wasbeingssaid to have founded _b. says to be founded c. is said to have been founded d, is said to being founded 139. One day, the girl ... her clothes in the river when a weird man, dressed like a beggar ... 439 and ... her where ... and if ... him something to eat. a. had been washing/had come/had asked/would have been able to give b. washed/has come/has asked/did she live/she would be able to give c. was washing/came/asked/she lived/she could give d. has been washing/had come/had asked/was she living/could she give 140. Id rather you ... her invitation. I know you always prefer ... TV to ... to parties but this time we had better ... to her birthday party. 440 4. didn’t turn down/watching/going/go b. don’t turn down/to watch/go/should go c. shouldn't turn down/to watch/going/shall go d. won't turn down/watching/going/would go 141. The witch .... that the beautiful princess ... dead until a prince ... to kiss her. a. decided/would remain/would have come 444d. was deciding/remained/would come c. decided/should remain/came d. has decided/shall remain/will have come 142. Suppose you ... supernatural powers, ... your life? a. will be given/will you change hy b. would be given/did you change c. had been given/should you have changed d. were given/would you change 143. We ... the work in the garden before it ... dark. bh, @ shall be finishing/has got b. are finishing/will get . shall have finished/gets d. shall finish/is getting 144, If they ... you a better paid job, would you accept it? ys, & would offer b. were to offer c. are offering d. have offered 145. It’s time you ... fooling and ... your homework. ‘ye: * Stoppediaid b. should stop/do ¢. will stop/will do d. have stopped/have done 146. The ship set out ... dawn ... Australia ... accordance ... the captain’s orders. 47 9¢ * inltolwith/to . by/at/under/in ¢. at/for/in/with d. to/towards/by/in 147. Our city was founded ... a hill, ... a village ... shepherds and farmers, and entered 44x. history ... 753 B.C., the traditional date... its founding. a. at/like/of/about/for b. to/like/with/in/after ¢. from/in/for/before/from. d. on/as/of/around/of 148. ... times he sat looking ... nothing fdr hours. 442% In/for b. For/to ¢. To/on d. At/at 149. The character of a people manifests ... as much in ... clothing and eating habits as in . features and language. 449. a. itselfitheir/their b. themselves/their/their c. oneselff/his/his d. itself/its/its 150. I'd rather he ... to get off the bus until it ... at the bus stop. 450 * didn't try/has stopped b. shouldn't try/stopped ¢. won't try/stops d. doesn’t try/won't stop 61 PART 3: VOCABULARY PRACTICE | Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d. A. Language skills: ELEMENTARY LEVEL 1, Father wants to get a better ... and earn more money. 5) a. work b. employment c.job d. company 2. Three-piece suits are back ... style. jy | @through b. for cin d. unto 3. Before you can drive, you must have a... 453 diploma b. license c. card, d. ticket 4. You'll read about the economic crisis in the ... section. 454 a. business b. health c. politics d. education 5. She broke the world ... for the 5000-meter run. yee a. level b. standard cc, time d. record 6. We have to go home ... because our car is being serviced. a. walking b. by foot ee c. with foot d. on foot 7. It is polite to look ... someone when they are talking to you. yy afor b.on cat d. by 8. John made a lot of grammar and vocabulary ... in his composition, that’s why he has received such a low score. 458 a. faults c. mistakes I. 9. It was just an accident! He simply fell ... the chair. 45g off b. from c. down. d. of 10. When I was a student, I ... a room in a flat. h@o a.made b. rented c. hired d. booked 11. He's old and finds it difficult to ... the stairs. 4g) a.cimb b. walk cc. raise d. lift 12. My room is on the ... floor. 462 achigh b. peak ¢. point d. top 62 ey ei ACN A A nb Reach 13. I've booked a single ... at the “Holiday Inn”. 4c3 * bed b. room ° e.bad 4d. person 14, Don't play football near the house. You might breaka .... a. door b. ceiling Oo window d. gate 15, There is somebody ... the door. I'll get it! ain b. out 5 con dat 16. Many people like to watch ... film. og ® anexciting b. a delighted © cagrateful d. an interested 17. I never ... in the mirror first thing in the morning. oey see b. watch c. look d. sea 18. The sea was very ... that day and the ferry crossing was rather unpleasant. 4G) a rough b. salty c. strong, d. blue 19. Like most people, I ... the fork in my left hand. 469 ahold b. carry c. keep d. use 20. I went for a ... in the hotel pool. Wo a tide b. match c. swim d. run 21. The sky ... and the sun came out. yz) a.cleared - b. cleaned c. emptied d. opened 22. It was easy to keep close to the path because it was a ... that night. h¥) a complete moon b. round moon = ¢. full moon d. round moon 23. There was a heavy snow ... overnight. 4ys a drop b. fall “ ¢. quantity d. pile 24, Andrew, could you ... the table for lunch, please? 4¥y amake c. lay lie 25, She was just lying on the beach, watching the waves ... on the shore. 4¥5 a. coming b. falling c. washing d. breaking 26. I will never understand those people who ... animals badly. 4#¢ to b. consider c. deal with d. treat 63 27. I'll just go in the garden and ... some roses. WEY a. pick b. raise c. grow . watch 28. Testing drugs ... animals is cruel and must be banned. 4Y9 a.for b. with cat d.on 29, I was fourteen when I learned to ... my bike. neg aride b. walk with c. drive d. carry 30. Have you got a table ... the window? Be by b. with HES eer 4. through 31. Since you're leaving, I'll... a taxi for you. a. ring b. call 8 c. ride d. drive 32. Mrs. Jones is one of our ... customers. She comes here every week. 4g a. regular b. usual c. ordinary d. regularly 33, The Tower of London ... millions of tourists every year. hea acalls b. attracts c. appeals . visits 34. Many tourists have been ... recently. Don't carry cash around! 424 a stolen b. mugged c. carried d. bought 35. Is the seat next to you free or is it ...? yes saved b. booked. cc. taken. d. reserved 36. I don't feel like ... today. Let’s go out for dinner! 490 a.eating b. roasting c. drinking cooking 37. Lalways have ... for breakfast. It gives me energy for the rest of the day. sey * cereal b. serial c. serials d. series 38. I need a wooden spoon to ... the soup in the pot. 42g b. stir ¢. turn, d. put 39. We left ... because the waitress was nice and friendly. veg a inahurry b. a big tip c.anote d. the restaurant 40. I want to ... something so I need the menu. 490 aorder b. command cask d. request 64 41. I don't think it is a good idea for a child to ... breakfast! 49) a jump b. avoid Pe skip d. deny 42. They had a three-course ... and then went to the concert. 492% table b. menu “ ¢.dish d. lunch 43. Dont ... the train while it is still moving. 493 a getup b. get off c. get out d. go out 44. If you want to eat at that restaurant, you have to ... in advance. They have a lot of customers. hgh a. booka table b. order a table c. choose the menu d. pay the bill 45. I raised the ... to my lips and took a sip of wine. y95> a.cup b. glass c. jar d. plate 46. I don't drink ... coffee late at night because I can't sleep afterwards. 490 * white b. brown °c. thick d. black 47. I got him a teddy-bear from the local ... 49y a. stationary b. greengrocer’s c. toy shop d. newsagent 48. I buy clothes from ... . They are cheaper there. 499. @ charity shops b. boutiques c. malls d. the butcher's 49. The gang ... the shop and stole expensive jewelry. ga P jewelry. 499 a. came to * b. broke into c. closed d. opened 50. We ... the meat in the oven for two hours. So a-sliced b. chopped c. froze d. cooked 51. I don’t eat meat. I have been a ... for three years. Fo) vegetable b. vegetarian c. veg d. vet 52. The meat was not cooked well enough. Actually, it was almost ... . 50) @natural b. fresh craw d. tender 53. Go and buy a ... of milk if you want me to make pancakes. 593 acup b. glass c. box d. carton 54, I don’t drink milk. I'm ... to it. So aallergic b. allergical c. allergy d. allergically 65 55. Oranges and bananas have to be ... before you can eat them. a. washed b. peeled 5 dried d. frozen 56. We ... all our own vegetables in the garden. 50g % bring up b. grow * choose d. store 57. A huge lorry ... the back of the bus. 50% a raninto b. ran away "can up d. ran on 58. In order to fry the meat you should use a... . 50g plate b. pot c. kettle d. pan 59. The meat was perfectly cooked. It was very ... « 50g mild b. soft c, smooth d. tender 60. To make a sandwich, you need two ... of bread. Iq aslices b. loaves c. chunks d. pieces 61. Poor people in this region live on a(n) ... of rice and fish. 5} | a complex diet b. simple diet c. additional diet d. complicated diet 62. She is addicted to chocolate. She eats a ... every day. 5 * bar b. chocolate . tablet d. plate 63. Shall I ... some butter on the toast? b/2 a.cover b. spill c. spread d.lay 64, My throat is... . I shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream. . hurt b. pain te P 51) cred d-sore 65. John is a good goalkeeper. He’s tall, with big hands and long ... - 5 yc pants b. arms '5 sleeves dears 66. Jerry was holding a 50p coin between his finger and ... . rig atoe b. wrist * ¢. thumb ring 67. In our bar, you'll have to ... your fingers to attract the waiter’s attention. yy a snap b. click fe c. stump d. touch 68. He broke his right ... playing football. Big Bear b.eye c. finger d.leg 66 69. Don't ... your finger at me! a. show b. point 519 Shold 4. tap 70. Always remember to ... your knees when lifting heavy objects. a. bandage b. fold me c. bend d. get down 71. Who's the lucky ... of such a large amount of money? &) ahair b. hare c. heir 4. air 72. What colour do you intend to ... your hair? 5 a, paint b. dye te d. colours 73. There is blood all over the handkerchief! My nose is ... . 5)3 blowing b. breaking c. blocking d. bleeding 74. Lused the napkin to ... my mouth after dinner. Sy a wipe b. clear c. clean d. tidy 75. I gota fish bone stuck in my ...! a. neck b. throat bus c. hair d. language 76. You should ... this blouse to see if it is the right size. 52g a geton b. put on c. take on d. try on 77. She is an animal lover and this is why she never wears ... . S2y a. cotton clothes b. plastic clothes c. natural coats d. fur coats 78. I've eaten too much and now I need to ... my belt. Koga release b. open c. loosen d. free 79. He always ... his credit cards in his wallet. Bag acarries b. wears cc. brings d. takes 80. Have you seen a... of keys around? 539 a. group b. ring ¢. lots d. bunch 81. She is divorced now so she isa... . 53) a. singular parent b. single parent c. sole parent d. lonely parent 82. They don't have any children and they decided to ... alittle girl. S a. adapt b. get 3a c. adopt d. raise 67 83. Have you heard? Susan has a, made c. done 84. 'm going deaf! 53u, a You might need a hearing-aid. _b. You should see an optician. c. You should go on a diet. d. You need more exercise! 85, Jeans are... . Syy around and hot b. cheap and light > ¢. casual and useful d. high and famous 86. Her new baby is so... . ag ahotand dry b. calm and rough c. nice and dangerous d. tiny and weak 87. We disturb ... 55% aa football with our feet b. people if we are noisy c. houses or walls d. hungry animals and children 88. We repair ... . 539 a.aproblem if we can b. food if it is not good c. broken machines if we can d. bicycles, motor-bikes or horses 89. We hang .... 539 _ a. our clothes when we pack b. a nail into the wall with a hammer c.a picture on the wall d. our hands if it is very cold 90. She loves meeting people. She is a very ... person. 5hq a.sociable b. impatient c. ambitious d. adventurous 91. He always knows the right thing to do. He isa ... boy. Shy a sensitive b. sensible c. easy-going d. talkative 92. This is a big area of land where feod is grown. a. ground D. field FH earth 4. Bil 93. Susan’s ... present was a new computer game. 543 a, favorite b. preferate . great d. better 94. They decided to go sailing on their... . 544 a. festival b. celebration c. holiday d. journey 95. They bought a newspaper which ... houses for sale. 5s a. advertised b. announced cc. informed d. wrote 96. Mother didn’t want to ... in the countryside so we moved back to the city. Fhe c. leave d. walk 68 97. Very often one can see ... pages at the end of a book. 54 a.empty b. clear c. clean d. blank 98. We ... a math test yesterday, but I failed again! 5hQ agave b. took c. passed d. made 99. You have to stick ... on the envelope before you post it. 549 a.anaddress b.aname c.a stamp d.asign 100. When the General came into the room, all the soldiers stood up and ... . 550 a. greeted b. said hello c. saluted d. left B. Language skills: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1. Pete had ... in his stomach waiting to take his girlfriend out. 55) aflies b. butterflies c. birds d. nerves 2. There are lots of ... shops to check out in Milan. a. style b. trendy POX © seshion d. popular 3. [got a $30 ... for illegal parking downtown yesterday. 553% sentence b. price c. charge d. ticket 4, ‘The battery of the camera was not flat. We needn't have ... it. 554% liquidized b. operated . installed d. recharged 5. After hours of debate, he still wasn't able to ... my view point. 555 a. observe . c. mind 6. Christine ... going for a picnic. 55¢ 3a said b. invited c. suggested d. asked 7. Dairy products are ... not only in calcium, but also in vitamins. 55% acrich b. full c. wealthy d. reach 8. The little things he has done so far are just a drop in the ... compared to the workload of the entire project. 552 a.lake b. sea c. river d. ocean 9. The two teams sing their ... anthems before the match begins. 55g astate b. country c. national d. countryside 69 10. The wind was ... hard that day and everything was frozen. QO a. roaring b. blowing c. rolling . whistling 11. For heaven’s ...., behave yourself and be reasonable! 56 a. love b. behalf c. name d. sake 12, I've ... for the job and I am sure my qualifications are the best. J q 2. a-applied b. succeeded c. interviewed d. elected 13. No one expected you to turn ... at the party. We all thought you were abroad. a. away b. in eS up 4. around 14, She doesn't want to go for a swim, She'd rather lie on the ... getting a tan. se, * beach b. seaside c. bank d. coast 15. I want to get a job in the new furniture ... . sem fabric b. industry C5 ¢. factory 4. firm 16. The new recruits remind me ... my cadet years. op 8208 b. from 566. off 17. I want this camera; it ... the best photos. a, makes. b. takes ret c. does d. achieves 18. “May I borrow your car?” “Only if you promise ... me wherever I want.” 5GQ a totake b. to lift ¢. to bring d. to lead 19. I tried hard to listen to him, but I still couldn’t hear what he was ... . 59 a. saying b. telling c. speaking dztalking 20. You may leave if you want to but, ... the other hand, why not spend the night here? ko Bon b. from cin d. by 21. Ihave been looking ... for my glasses; I must have left them at the office. sy) inal over the place b. at all places “Tc. in alll places d. everywhere 22. We moved into our new home ... six months ago. sey abeyond b. rather c. almost d. already 23. The two friends ... hands when they met again after a long time. pz a. offered b. gave c, stretched d. shook 70 s nite ant 24. Don't you feel ... living here in the middle of nowhere? a. single b. solo ay alone d. lonely 25. The old lady ... her neighbour's son for the crack in the wall. 5¥R a accused b. denied c. blamed d. complained 26. Even if our points of view may sometimes ..., we're very good friends. 5% & differ b. disagree c. divide d. oppose 27. Why didn’t you ... that you were not feeling very well? rey a remark b. mention . confess d. tell 28. The company commander ... to make everybody stay late if they didn't obey his orders. ore warned b. threatened c. insisted d. remarked 29. I heard that Jason won the lottery. What a ... of luck! 5¥5 a-hit b. stroke 3 c. blow d. touch 30. ... your father allows it, I'll take you bungee jumping next weekend. 599 a. Even b. Provided c. Although d. Unless 31. In the preface ... the book, the writer offers details about his writing technique. 52 | . for d. from 32. People no longer need to carry large amounts of cash; actually, all financial ... are 59,2, currently conducted online. a. transitions b. transformations ¢, transactions d. transmissions 33. Last night I ... my mother on the phone. +23, a. told b. called c. spoke d. talked 34, Nobody ... that something was definitely wrong with him. 5ey * expressed b. commented c. didn't see d. noticed 35. The article discusses a drug which is so ... that it is able to change brain chemistry. 55 a. powerful b. monstrous c. poisonous d. influential 36. Young people are becoming more and more interested in the ... of wildlife, a. campaign b. research BBC . preservation d. conserving 71 37. You can use the card to ... cash from your account at any time. a. pay b. spend et c. waste d. withdraw 38, In my opinion, his situation is similar ... mine. b. from oe cc. with 39. The UK features many ... sights such as Stonehenge. 529 a-historics b. historian c. historical d. history's 40. After so much walking, my feet are ... me! a. killing b. itching ls falling d. leaving 41. He just ... his shoulders, saying he didn't know where the thief was. 59) raised b. nodded c. shook d. shrugged 42. They operated ... him immediately. 59) a.for b- c. in d.on 43, She took it easy. 593 a.Her head hurt. b. She rested. c. She smoked less. 4d. She couldn't hear very clearly. 44, Tell me what's worrying you? What's ...? 534 a.onyour mind b. on your head c. in your thoughts d. on your brain 45. She is from the Netherlands. She is ... . 535 a. Danish b. Netherlandish c. Holandese d. Dutch 46. I was driving home when I caught ... of two men fighting, so I called the police. 599 a.sight b. view c. vision d-glance 47. What do you do when you look at someone for a long time? 59 a. You glimpse. b. You glance. c. You stare. d. You notice. 48. Who looks at tourist attractions? Sgp a-guides b. on-lookers c. inspectors d. sightseers 49. Have you heard that his film made an absolute a. income wei 5 b. wealthy c. money 4. fortune 50. It'll ... to set up the cameras for the next shoot. Goo a. need time b. take time c. spend time d. pass time 72 51. Nobody is allowed to leave the room, except ... special circumstances. 4 a for b. with 69 c. under din 52. Many people have seen the works of Ernest Kissinger, ... few know the name. a. although b.even G2 c. whether d. despite 53. Times have ..., but people still like classical music. 0, a. gone b. changed 63 c. turned d. died 54. My brother studied art. He ... his first exhibition last June. o4 made out b. came by c. turned up d. put on 55. Chess is the oldest of all ... games. oe aboard b. table ¢. panel d. intelligent 56. People have different eating habits. How have these differences ...? (0g a. taken about b. been about c. gone about d. come about 57. Cheese flavour ... on the kind of bacteria used in the ripening process. 60% derives b. results c. depends d. relies 58. The holes in Swiss cheese are made by bacteria that ... a certain gas. $09 a.setin b. make up c. give off d. hand out 59. His new camera had a roll of film inside and was ... easier to use than any previous camera. Bog * considerably b. extremely c. absolutely d. completely 60. My husband won't eat anything exotic! He’s very ... when it comes to food! Big * knowledgeable b. unreliable c. generous d. conservative 61. The Italian chef gave me a recipe 6). % for my wedding anniversary b. for a serious illness c. for spaghetti carbonara d. in wildlife 62. I like my house because it has lots of .... 612. ™place b. space ¢. floor d. area 63. Britain’s ... is fairly mild - it’s neither very hot nor very cold. I 3. a. forecast b. environment c. climate 4. sky 64, I fell over in front of everybody! It was so... . 614 a. romantic b. embarrassing c. naughty d. depressed 73 65. Are you scared ... snakes? GIS a. with b. of cat d. for 66. A teacher who is always shouting is 6Ie a. nervous b. bad-tempered c. moody . anxious 67. The new factory is on the ... of the city. GIy outskirts b. surroundings c. neighbourhood 4. suburb 68. You should get a ... for everything you buy in the shop. Cig a bill b. catalogue c. receipt d. cheque 69. We should get to the airport one hour before the plane .. 619 a. takes off D. sets off c. goes away d. gets away _,. 70. Fm going to wear a clown’s ... to the fancy dress party. 620 a. suit b. dress c. costume d. custom 71. There is too much snow on the road. I think we should ... . 62) a.tum off b. turn down c. turn away d.turn back 72, She is a very ... child; she always makes up wonderful stories. 622 a. imaginative b. imaginary ¢. fantastic d. imaginational 73. The television is rather ... . Could you turn it down, please? 623 aaloud b. loudly c.loud d. noise 74. can't ... with the pressure at work anymore. Gah acope b. managed c, succeed dzachieve 75. Whenever I hear that song, it ... happy memories. CAF a. gets back b. brings back c. plays back d. holds back 76. Her worst ... is failing her final exams. 626 a. fear b. horror c. fright d. afraid 77. ... the salt and pepper, please! 62% a. Throw b. Pass ¢. Push d. Drop 78. The ... professor always forgot where he had put his hat! 62g a. broad-minded b. open-minded ¢. narrow-minded d, absent-minded 79. My sister is a(n) ... person. She gets on well with people and makes friends easily. a. easy-going b. self-confident 9 y-8 c. well-meaning d. hard-working 80. The ... of rebuilding the city will be enormous. C a. value b. cost 650 «prize 4. worth 81. I'm sorry. I think I’ve ... your alarm clock. 63, * harmed b. hurt c. injured d. broken 82. Every Friday, workers gathered to be given their ... . 3) * salary b. profit ™ ¢. income d. wages 83. I was surprised to see her cry all the time. I didn't know she was so ... . 6330 emotional b. sensible > ccrying d. nervous 84. The thief ... violently the purse from her hand. 63h a dashed b. seized c. snatched d. eased 85. He could ... have stolen the goods when nobody was watching. fe a.simply b. easily Peo! carey d. obviously 86. Its safe to hide in here. Nothing will give you ... . 3g a up b. off 636 c. away 87. This is an insult nobody will ... . fay ® putup with b. put away with ¢. put on with d. put down with 88. Something must be done by everybody to protect the ... . 638 a. wilderness b. wildlife c. wildness 4. wild 89. She underwent an extreme ... . But everybody thinks she looks fantastic! (39 a.make up b. makeup c. makeover d. makeoff 90. His mother ... her daughter-in-law up and down. Gyo Watched b. looked c. eyed d. noticed 91. We couldn't tell who the winner was going to be till the final ... of the race. Ch) ales b. neck c. hand d. foot 92. After watching the movie, we spent half the night ... it. fh , a. disputing b. arguing aan debating d. researching 75 93. Are you ... of the risks you're taking? 643 a. familiarised b. familiar c. aware d. conscious 94. The drone is the male ... . 694 aduck b. deer c. bee . goose 95. The actor's stunning performance was rewarded with ... of applause. ch 5% bails b. bales c. beels d.beils 96. The mare is looking for her . 646 a-lamb b. puppy c.colt d. gosling 97. The language spoken in Poland is called ... . 64% a. Polish b. Poles ¢. Pollish 4. Polesh 98. I bought my new dress on ... . ‘ 42 asail b. sells c. sale d. seal 99. They were called by the police to give a full ... of the stolen car. 643 a accounts b. information c. description d. detail 100. He remained as cool asa ..., as if nothing had happened. 659 a.cucumber b. tomato c. cabbage 4. mule 1. Do you think she will be ... to buy the newspapers I have asked her for? €5) a. remembered b. advised c. suggested d. reminded 2. Anyone can use this card to ... cash from théir bank account at any time. 652 a. withdraw b. waste c. spend d. pay 3. These old Gothic buildings have been ... to their original condition. G53 a redecorated b. refurbished c. renovated d. restored 4. Grace is always willing to ... an ear when we get in trouble and need advice. 654 aoffer b.lend c. give d. assure 5. All the students in the class put a lot of ... into their project. 655 a.effort b. exertion c. sweat d. struggle 76 6. They promised they would drop us a ... when they arrived. 656 a note b. ticket c. letter d. line 7. Tropical forests are ... to countless species of birds and animals. @5¥% b. place c. home . dwelling 8. It is thought that the shop was set on fire by .... 65% @ kidnappers b. smugglers c. arsonists 4d. shoplifters 9. When gymnasts have a ... muscle, they are advised to rest it. 659 a. broken b. stained c. pulled d. twisted 10. That article is ... to the one that Sarah wrote for The Sun. a 60. a. similar b. identical c. fix d. alike 11. Negotiations cannot be ... because of disputes among political leaders. 6o) * confounded b. continued c. contoured d. concurred 12. In spite of the economic crisis, income-producing stocks are sure to ... healthy dividends. Oo) generate b. order “=e. create d. develop 13. Only ... families are invited to the Royal Spring Ball. C3 @ luxurious b. opulent c. affluent d. abondant 14, After purchasing the villa, they had ... nothing left in the bank. (G4 a. by way of b. near ¢. next to d. closest to 15, The manufacturing of traditional folk clothes is considered a labor- ... industry. G65 a.indicative b. incisive c. intensive d. invglve 16. People seeking jobs are to talk to recruiters who are ..... EQ @ employing b. analyzing °c. specifying d. hiring 17. All assistance to foreign countries is ... after our official representatives have been pay dismissed. S64 a. shutoff b. closed off c. sealed off d. cut off 18. Ifsales agents had supervised the stock markets, they could have foreseen this drop well... 6Qg a. sooner b. faster c. in advance d. early 19. When public speakers .... the audience, they don’t look at one person in particular. 609 acaddress b. communicate c. talk d. tell 77 20. Tickets to Bon Jovi’s concert can be purchased ... the box office. a. with b. around Cro ee aby 21. He thinks I was way too friendly ... the contestants. Gey aon b. for c. with 22. A person’s level of energy is at its ... in the early afternoon. Ge) ® peak b. top ac beight d. summit 23. They called the waiter since they wanted to have strawberries and ... for dessert. 622 amilk b. creams ¢. yogurt d. butter 24. George has been in front of the hotel for 10 minutes keeping a(n) ... out for a parking space. Sth a.sight b. nose c.eye d.ear 25. They can't afford a holiday this year; since he bought the house, he has been on a ... budget. Yr aless b. strong . tight d.low 26. The human body needs some time to ... the minerals and vitamins in food. 6¥g aattract b. absorb ¢. stock d. gather 27. Those old books have great ... value to my parents. (¥y a.sensible b. emotional ¢. sentimental d. sensitive 28. After the storm, huge waves were ... on the shore. 4g a. crackin b. crashin, BS B ¢. jumping d. dropping py Volleyball players must be ... so that they can work with the other team members. 6¥9 a. courageous b. creative ¢. competitive d. co-operative 30. Try to catch the waiter’s ..., so we can order the dessert. 6?0 0 aear b.eye ¢.arm d. hand 31. The latest football match of the local team is really second to ... . £2) ano b. zero . nothing d. none 32, The Graduation Ceremony is the ... of any school year. 62. a.peak b. point c. highlight d. top 33. My parents ... some money to buy a larger home. 623 a. set with b. set in c. set up d. set aside 78 34. The ... concerning the cease-fire have failed. 624 a. debates b. negotiations ¢. conversations d. intentions 35. My manager is not ... that my suggestions will actually bring about the necessary changes. 88 +7 OrIng Yi 6e6 a impressed b. secure c. convinced d. deterred 36. She looked back nervously ... her shoulder, for fear somebody might have seen her leave. 626 b. from c. of d. over 37. Most countries in the world have ... capital punishment. GQ2¥ a-abolished b. executed c. entailed d. adopted 38. In the past 50 years, our knowledge of the Universe has increased ... as a result space exploration. 62% a. significantly b. alternatively c. hopelessly d. conditionally 39. The senior CEO has been taking aggressive action lately because he has ... his power 689 within the company. a. reduced b. compelled c. consolidated d. lessened 40. Supper will be ready ... but we will have something to drink first. a. short b. shortly c. lately d. minutely 41. We have ... for a new assistant, but we haven't received any applications yet. 69 aradvised b. advertised ¢. announced d. applicated 42. Eventually, a passer-by took ... on him and offered to help him. 9) compassion b. mercy “* heart d. pity 43.1 ... out of the window for a short moment and then went on reading. 694 a-glanced b. saw c. stared d. regarded 44 Hot metal ... as it is getting cooler. 9 G34 a. compresses b. decreses c. condenses d. contracts 45. You should go to the theatre and see that play; reviews and critics ... recommend it. Com a.deeply b. highly c. truly d. fully 46. ... it was fine, I decided to spend the day out. 698 a. Since that b. As c. Because of d. For 47. Catherine is keen on Science, but all her experiments seem to ... wrong. 69" a.end b. come c. finish d. go 79 48. ... from Sally, everybody called and congratulated him on his success. (99 & Besides b. Beside c. Except d. Apart 49. As he had missed the Geography lesson, his friend went ... the homework with him. 699 a-over b. with c. after d.on 50. Whether he’s a good singer or not is a ... of opinion. #00 a. subject b. point ¢. problem d. matter 51. The adorned roof of the ancient temple was ... up by four thick columns. Yo} a-carried b. held ¢. built d. backed 52. Would it ... you if we left home earlier on Friday? 5 ‘29 ) a. comfort b. fit c. agree d. suit 53, Students have been told that if they make a mistake while writing, they should ... it out Yo with their pen. 2 a.dear b. clean c. wipe d. cross 54, Faulty goods must be sent back ... two weeks of purchase. Oh a. within b. under c. by d. before 55. People who lead an active life should increase their ... of vitamins. Yes a-input b. outtake ¢. output d. intake 56. Cathy strongly believed there was a ... of envy in her friends’ manner of congratulating her. Yag apiece b. part c. shadow d. touch 57. After his parents’ divorce, Cameron was not sure exactly where his best interests YoY a.stood b. lay c. rested d.¥emained 58. She's still getting ... the shock of losing her husband in a car crash. Yog — a.over b. through © + aby) . beyond 59. As the football match ... to a close, most supporters started to leave. a. came b. approached 703 neared drew 60. I ... to other people asking me for money: they are always forgetting to return it! Zio a. object b. disagree c. hate d. dislike 61. Jane’s desire to join the basketball team has not ... with much enthusiasm. ¥|| — a.joined b. associated c. met d. concluded 80 82. I didnt... driving home in the snowstorm so I asked my friends to put me up for the night. Ye fancy b. want wish d. prefer 53. Even if Kelly had obviously read the poem again and again, she didn’t seem to have ... 413 the main point. a. clasped b. gripped . grasped d. clutched 64. Most of the viewpoints put forward in the article were open to ... . Yih @- research b. question c. enquiry d. query 65. The new college ... for the needs of students with different learning backgrounds. Lig adeals b. supplies c. furnishes d. caters 66. My parents’ cottage is so isolated that they have to generate their own electricity...“ Yyg a bill b. current u . supply d. power 67. His gang have threatened to ... his robberies to the police unless he gives them more money. $\¥ a. enclose b. confess c. express d. expose 68. His health condition ... with age. e\g. a. deteriorated b. detained c. determined d. decreased. 69. His academic performance was ... with a financial award. ¥\9 a. given b. acknowledged c.attributed d. accepted 70. Her article ... some light on the life of mine workers. ype a. puts b. throws c. sends d. turns on 71. Her interests and hobbies ... with those of her husband. qa) compete b. combine c. coincide d. correspond 72. His speech was only ..., certainly not remarkable. 422. a. fair b. excellent c. good d. wonderful 73. You can do better than this! You are not working to your full Yay, a ability b. possibility c. capacity d. strength 74.1... with thanks the way in which everybody got involved to help people in flooded area. yy a acknowledge b. express c. confess d. praise 75. He is a man of his word; he always ... what he has said. 425 a. keeps to b. holds to c. gets to d. sees to 81 76. I regret to inform you, but I must ... your invitation owing to a previous arrangement. YoQ a-accept b. send * ¢. decline . reject 77.1 cannot place ... for your brand of cosmetics because customers don't seem to need them. Ya a.a purchase b. an order c. an expense d.asale 78. This is definitely not what I meant! You are ... my idea on purpose to prove your point of view! 729 a.distorting b. reversing c. revising d. contradicting 79. If, after a divorce, the children live with their mother, they may very soon suffer from 723 lack of... love. a. paternal b. maternal c. parental d. fraternal 80. In case the fire alarm is sounded, all employees are asked to ... in front of the main building. 7RQ a.crowd b. converge c. hurry d. assemble 81. I cannot understand why you are not helping them to ... the situation if you know so well ¥ what must be done. 3\ a. rectify b. verify c. modify d. simplify 82. I'm sorry, but this issue is of the ... importance to me. Ye worthy b. utmost c. priceless d. valuable 83. Despite a very wide choice of reading material specially written or ... for studying a ¥33, foreign language, there is yet no program for equally developing all language skills. a. assembled b. acknowledged c. adapted d. meant 84. My friends believe they are not highly ... since you invited them at your wedding party yy _ only three days before the event. a. regarded b, considered c. expected d. admired 85. In my high school, students are ... admittance to the classroom if they don’t wear the gq School uniform and insignia, a. rejected b. declined c. deprived d. denied 86. In our factory, assembly-line machines do not function ...; they are controlled by a 43¢ central computer system. a. independently b. separate «. irrespectively 4. irregularly 87. A good psychologist can tell whether a man is nervous or not by ... looking at his face. Pay abarely b. just c. hardly d. right 82 88. In any military organization, itis strictly... that only a few have access to classified information. 3g 3 determined b. said c. regulated d. forbidden 89. People don't like the new manager because of his highly ... manners. 43g a-artless b. artistic ¢. artistical d. artificial 90. He was believed to lack the ... to pursue a complex task to the end. rho ® luck b. engagement ¢. power d. commitment 91. Their son is not a(n) ... boy, but he failed most of his final exams. Yh) b. dull c awkward d. intelligent 92. Theoretically, character and personality may be considered ..., but they are actually inseparable, Yi) a itrelevantly b. together “ ¢, separately d. independently 93. The birth rate in my little town has sharply ... last year. yy a declined b. descended c. lessened d. fell 94. Most people feel that life in the 21st century has a rapid ... . ¥44 a. beat b. growth c. pace d. speed 95, John’s never-ceasing ... for knowledge amazes all professors. 4 a. investigation b. power c. quest d. research 96. More than half of our troops are located close to enemy lines, ... in villages. YQ a. predominantly b. precise . practically d. permanently 97. Most friends use every means ... to help each other in difficult situations. Phy a. at their disposal b. at their convenience c. at their hand d. at their will 98. Of all the students in my class, the ... majority are fluent speakers of English. YhQ a.extended b. overwhelming c. tremendous d. demanding 99. Employers strongly believe that job applicants who make more eye contact are ... as more 444 energetic, reliable, self-confident and responsible. a. supposed b. referred c. perceived d. recommended 100. Soldiers who refuse to ... with military regulations will be severely punished. $59 a. conceal b. comply c. obey d. consent 83 [| a xs |e os dials SIR IE /R IS |e 8 [8 3 8 2}o|vlolulolololo]« a xlels é YH 1H 8 1K |B 1S A |S ra }o A, Language skills: ELEMENTARY LEVEL 31 32, 33. 34. 5. 28. |b a b | 4 ala d D [> 29. 30. 1 2. 3. 4, 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 150 d | 136.] b b 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 129. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. | c c d b iil. 115. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114, 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. b g 86. 90. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99, 100. 78. 79. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89, 90. o1. 92. 93. 94, 95. d 61. 62. 63. 65. 66. 67. 68. 51. 52. 53. 55. 37. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 65. 67. 70. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42, 43. B. Language skills: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 26. 27. 28. 30. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 374 38. 39. 4. 42. 43. 45. i. 128 13: 14. 15. 16. 17 18. 10. 1. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 173 18. 19. 20. 151 | efo]e]e EEE EEE EEE PEELE LT: Sin iglals Sin l[slaislaiald Bis lejos [als laid id isu ls lie ls ials S/S | 18/8 S/5]8]8]& |= 8 15 [5 |S |S |S |S [8 |S | |S |S [S/S [SS IS |S |S jofo|ola|s vlelelolelaalole|alelalolalolols|elelolelafo]ofe 3 z i disigigi4| & lelals fet fed Js fs [5 [rs os Lo Ss [Ii lg |e [5 SINS ISS] 8 |S ISIE BISIS EIS |S ISIS ISISISISISISIS a slolefele] 8 lelolelelelelolalelelelele|ofolelele|=lafofefelel« Z 3 g gin [sla es < 4 wi IS [es [od [IS [os fod [ed [ot fs P65 ee Ss S)B [SIRE] 8 g SIS |S 1S BIS la [SIS IRIS IS 1S SIE elefef=l=] 3 fa[of=fefole]=fe]=o/=lelefo]=|olef=]efa/olel=fa]- 3 sy alalslels z sly lslelelelelalelelelsislelelele SIRI IRR] B fe fala [a [8] eas fe fs fs [a fs fs fe le [ee] afolelele| 3 felefelefele|efelololel~felelefelefelelele|=|«lo|~ 9 éiniialais Sle le Slale ls ]efs lela lals lala la 6 [sls |ais S|8/8 ails [a lee fs [8 [8 18 [8 |S |S le] ss alelefele| — [elwlelel=lefofolelel=lefelelelefole|«folefele|ele alsia]s 8 “Fee SEES ERREEEEE ERR 152 3: VOCABULARY PRACTICE PART 3: A. Language skills: ELEMENTARY LEVEL ¢ 89. 90. 81. 82. 83. 85. 89. 91. 93. a 70. 71. 61. 62. 63. 65. 69. 718 72. 73. d 47. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 41. 42, 43. 45. 49. 47. 51. 52. 33. 27. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34, 36. 37. 38. 39. 21. 22. 23. 25. 27. 29. 30. 31. 32, 33. B. Language skilisNINTERMEDIATE LEVEL d 10. Ti. 12. 13. 14. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 10. i. 12. 13. 153 99. 100. o1. 92. 93. 95. 98. 100. 79. 80. 71s 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 738. 79. 80. 55. 37. 58. 59. 51. 52. 53. 54, 55. 56. 37. 58. 59. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. C. Language skills: ADVANCED LEVEL 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. © 10. 15 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 154

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