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Ce este insomnia?

If you struggle falling asleep at bedtime or wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back
to sleep, and this persists for a few days, a few weeks or longer, you suffer from sleeplessness,
that robs your body of the rest it requires to re-energize you physically, mentally and
emotionally. Dac lupta de a adormi la ora de culcare sau se trezesc in mijlocul noptii si nu pot
sa ma intorc la somn, i aceasta persist pentru cteva zile, cteva sptmni sau mai mult, va
suferi de insomnie, care jefuieste corpul de Restul este nevoie s v re-energiza fizic, mental si
emotional. A typical form of sleeplessness occurs when you wake up during the night, realize
you are wide-awake when you should be sleeping and then become anxious. O form tipic de
insomnie se produce atunci cnd te trezeti n timpul nopii, dai seama ca sunt treaz, atunci cnd
ar trebui s fie de dormit i apoi devin anxiosi. Anxiety causes adrenaline to flood the system
and adrenaline prompts the body into action the opposite of what you need for effective sleep.
Anxietatea face adrenalina la inundaii i sistemul de adrenalina solicit organismul n aciune opusul a ceea ce avei nevoie pentru somn eficiente.
If this sounds like you, you're not alone. Dac acest lucru sun ca tine, nu esti singur.
Sleeplessness affects all age groups. Insomnie afecteaz toate grupele de vrst. The US
Department of Health and Human Services reports that about 60 million Americans suffer from
insomnia each year. Departamentul de Sntate i Servicii Umane rapoarte c circa 60 de
milioane de americani sufera de insomnie in fiecare an. The National Sleep Foundation reports
that disordered sleep difficulty falling asleep, light sleep or nonrestorative sleep for several
nights or more weekly affects nearly two-thirds of American adults at some point. National
Sleep Foundation rapoarte c tulburri ale somnului - dificultate de a adormi, somn usor sau
somn nonrestorative pentru cteva nopi pe sptmn sau mai mult - afecteaza aproape dou
treimi din adultii americani la un moment dat. It's believed that sleeplessness increases as we
grow older. Se crede c majorrile de insomnie pe masura ce imbatranim. More than half of
older Americans have trouble sleeping and think it's a part of aging. Mai mult de jumtate dintre
americani mai n vrst au probleme cu somnul i cred c este o parte de imbatranire. It's not.
(See our Recommendations ) Nu este. (a se vedea Recomandrile noastre)

"Sleep problems in the elderly are not a normal part of aging," says Dr. Julie Gammack,
assistant professor of geriatrics at Saint Louis University. "Problemele de somn n vrst nu sunt
o parte normal a mbtrnirii", spune Dr. Julie Gammack, profesor asistent de geriatrie de la
Universitatea Saint Louis. "It contributes to an increased risk of accidents, falls and chronic
fatigue." "Aceasta contribuie la un risc crescut de accidente, cade i oboseala cronic."

Our children and teens, too, are having trouble sleeping. Copiii nostri si adolescenti, de
asemenea, sunt probleme cu somnul. Difficulty falling asleep is the most common complaint
among adolescents. Dificultate de a adormi este plngere cele mai frecvente n rndul
adolescenilor. In a national survey on the sleep patterns of US adolescents ages 11-17, the 2006
Sleep in America poll by the National Sleep Foundation found only 20% of adolescents were
getting the recommended nine hours of sleep on school nights and 45% slept less than eight
hours. ntr-un sondaj naional cu privire la somn de adolesceni cu varste cuprinse intre 11 - 17,

2006 Sleep sondaj n America de Sleep Fundatiei Nationale gsit doar 20% din adolesceni au
fost obtinerea recomandat nou ore de somn pe noapte de coal i 45% dormeau mai puin de
opt ore.

What's Causing Your Sleeplessness? Ce produce insomnie

Stress is a leading cause of abnormal sleep patterns. Stresul este o cauza principala de somn
anormale. Research shows it is a common trigger for both short-term and chronic insomnia.
Cercetrile arat c este un declanator comun att pentru insomnie pe termen scurt i cronice.
Stress can result from health concerns, depression and anxiety among other things, but perhaps
the most insidious cause is the modern world in which we live. Stresul poate rezulta din
problemele de sntate, depresie i anxietate, printre alte lucruri, dar, probabil, cauza cea mai
insidioas este lumea modern n care trim. Technology, world events and our ever-increasing
knowledge about our world and the universe seem to have put time on a relentless treadmill and
keeping up can wear out even the most determined among us. Tehnologie, evenimente mondiale
i cunotinele noastre tot mai mare despre lumea noastr i univers par s fi pus o dat pe un
treadmill neobosit i meninerea se pot uza chiar i cele mai determinat printre noi. Scientific
research by the Institute of HeartMath shows stress creates incoherence in our heart rhythms,
and when the heart is out of sync normal sleep patterns can be interrupted. (See our
Recommendations ) cercetare tiinific de ctre Institutul de HeartMath prezinta stres creeaz
incoeren n ritmurile inima noastr, i atunci cnd inima este desincronizat somn normal pot fi
ntrerupte. (a se vedea Recomandrile noastre)

Recommended Recomandate
A HeartMath Tip: Before settling down for the night, take five minutes to try these simple
steps adapted from the HeartMath Attitude Breathing tool. Un Sfat HeartMath: nainte de a
se stabili pentru noapte, ia cinci minute pentru a ncerca aceti pai simpli adaptate la
HeartMath Atitudinea Respiratia instrument.

Focus on your heart as you breathe in. Focus on your solar plexus as you breathe out.
Concentreaza-te pe inima ta ca tu respira inch Focus pe plexul solar timp ce expirai.
Concentrate on a positive feeling or attitude as you breathe. Concentrai-v pe un
sentiment pozitiv sau atitudine pe msur ce respira.
Lock in this feeling. Blocare n acest sentiment.
As you become adept at this technique select new feelings and attitudes. Dup cum ai
devenit prta la aceast tehnic a selecta noi sentimente i atitudini.

(See our Recommendations ) (A se vedea recomandrile noastre)

Benefits of Restful Sleep Beneficiile de somn odihnitor

Wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready for new day Trezeste-te sentiment odihnit,
odihnit i gata pentru noua zi
Increased mental awareness, concentration, focus Creterea gradului de contientizare
mental, concentrare, focus
Body energized, alert; less potential for accidents Organism energizat, de alert;
potenial mai puin de accidente
Improved memory mbuntit de memorie
Reduced risk of illness, disease Reducerea riscului de boal, boal

Recommended Recomandate
Tools For Solving Sleeplessness Instrumentele pentru rezolvarea insomnie
Although most people know how poorly they feel and perform following a sleepless night,
few know what to do about it. Dei cei mai muli oameni tiu cum se simt prost i efectua
dup o noapte de nesomn, puini tiu ce s fac despre el. The HeartMath System is the
culmination of many years of research into finding solutions that can help you overcome
sleeplessness. Sistemul HeartMath este punctul culminant al multor ani de cercetare n gsirea
de soluii care v pot ajuta s depeasc insomnie.

Solving Sleeplessness : If you've had trouble sleeping lately, this HeartMath emTech
Media audio program or e-booklet can help. Rezolvarea insomnie : Dac v-ai avut
probleme cu somnul n ultima vreme, acest emTech HeartMath audio program
Media brour sau e-poate ajuta. Personal stories and instructions will help you sleep
more peacefully more often. istorii personale i instruciuni v vor ajuta s dormi mai
linitit mai des.
emWave Personal Stress Reliever : Wouldn't it be great if you could reduce the stress
in your life that commonly leads to sleeplessness? emWave eliberare personale
Stresul : Nu ar fi minunat dac ai putea reduce stresul din viata ta, care duce frecvent
la insomnie? You absolutely can! Avei absolut poate! The emWave PSR, an
entertaining stress-relief technology that is scientifically validated, is designed to help
you balance your mind, body and emotions by teaching you heart coherence. PSR
emWave, un divertisment de detensionare tehnologie care este validat stiintific, este
proiectat pentru a v ajuta s soldul dvs. mintea, corpul si emotiile de a te invata
coeren inima.
emWave Desktop (Mac/PC) : The emWave PC/Mac allows you to see how
emotions affect your heart rhythms and trains you to experience the emotions most
beneficial to you. emWave Desktop (Mac / PC) : emWave PC / Mac v permite
s vedei cum emotiile afecteaza ritmul inimii tale i trenuri s experien emoiile
cele mai benefice pentru tine. You'll learn how to shift into a positive emotional state
and see changes in your heart rhythms immediately on your computer screen. Vei
nva cum s treac ntr-o stare emoional pozitiv i s vedei modificrile

ritmurilor de inima ta imediat pe ecranul computerului. These shifts in heart rhythms

create a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the
complete mind and body. Aceste schimbri n ritm cardiac crea o cascada favorabila
de evenimente neurale, hormonale si biochimice de care beneficiaza complet mintea si
Formerly known as Freeze-Framer Anterior cunoscut sub numele FreezeModelatorul

( Note: Use the emWave PSR or emWave Desktop (Mac/PC) to help regulate your emotions
in preparation for events you know may trigger your stress response and to help you recover
from stressful episodes and get back on an even keel fast.) (Not: Utilizai PSR emWave sau
Desktop (Mac / emWave PC-ul) pentru a ajuta la reglarea emoiile n curs de pregtire pentru
evenimente tii pot declana stres rspunsul dumneavoastr i pentru a v ajuta s recupereze
de la episoade de stres si sa te intorci pe un rapid nivelul chilei drepte.)

Learn more Aflai mai multe ...

Quick Coherence Technique : Use this powerful technique to reduce the stress that's
keeping you awake at night. Quick Coerena Tehnica : Utilizai aceast tehnic
puternic pentru a reduce stresul care te ine treaz noaptea. Quick Coherence will help
you refocus your emotions anytime during the day and connect you with your
energetic heart. Coerena rapid v va ajuta s reorienta emotiile tale oricnd n timpul
zilei i v conecteaz cu inima ta energetic. You'll learn to relieve worry, fatigue and
tension. Vei nva s v facei griji calma, oboseal i tensiune. Improve your
emotional, mental and physical balance during the day so you're prepared for restful
sleep at night. mbunti echilibrul emoional, mental i fizic n timpul zilei, astfel
nct eti pregtit pentru somn odihnitor noaptea.
Read about diabetes patients who experienced improved sleep patterns and many
other benefits after using the HeartMath System. Citii despre pacienii cu diabet
zaharat care au prezentat mbuntit de somn i alte multe beneficii dup utilizarea
Sistemului HeartMath.
See how participants fared in the HeartMath study Physiological and Psychological
Stress in Police Officers . Vezi cum s-au descurcat participanii la studiu HeartMath i
psihologic stresului fiziologic n ofierilor de poliie .