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Inquiries are the documents effectively triggering the pre-contractual dialogue

between two partners. They are drawn up and sent by the firms that are to buy or import
merchandise of services. (Cererile de ofert sunt documentele care declaneaz efectiv
dialogul precontractual dintre doi parteneri. Ele sunt redactate i trimise de firmele care
doresc s cumpere sau s importe mrfuri i servicii)
Types of inquiries (tipuri de cereri de ofert):
a). Short Inquiries: requesting catalogues, samples, patterns, brochures, folders,
prospectuses or specifications of the offered goods
(Cereri de ofert scurte prin care se solicit cataloage, mostre, modele, brouri,
pliante, prospecte sau specificaii referitoare la bunurile oferite)
b). Ample Inquiries: requesting a complete offer, details regarding the price, payment
terms, delivery terms.etc.
(Cereri de ofert ample, detaliate n care se solicit oferte complete, detalii legate de
pre, condiii de plat i livrare etc.)
There are some aspects that can by highlighted in specific cases, i.e.: (Se pot scoate n
eviden anumite aspecte n cazuri specifice, ca de exemplu):
If the importing firm wishes to obtain some advantageous payment terms or
substantial discount, the inquiry must contain sentences which should make it
attractive to the exporter (possibility of large or repeated orders, the opportunities
of a new and permanent market, the establishment of long and fruitful business
(Dac firma importatoare dorete s obin anumite condiii de plat avantajoase sau
reduceri substaniale de pre, cererea de ofert trebuie s conin anumite formulri
care s o fac atractiv fa de exportator posibilitatea trimiterii de comenzi mari
sau repetate, avantajele unei piee noi i permanente, stabilirea unor relaii
comerciale pe termen lung i fructuoase).
If the firms are unknown to each other, it is advisable to introduce sentences
presenting the sender of the inquiry, specifying its domain of activity, its turnover
and other details; it is also customary to refer to the way in which the sender found

out about the potential partner: reference to and advertisement, another firm
which has recommended it or other sources.
(Dac firmele sunt necunoscute una alteia, este de preferat s se introduc anumite
formulri care s prezinte expeditorul cererii de ofert, cu specificarea domeniului
de activitate, cifrei de afaceri i a altor detalii ;de asemenea se obinuiete s se
arate modul n care expeditorul a aflat despre partenerul potenial :o reclam, un
anun publicitar, o alt firm care a recomandat-o sau alte surse)
The reply to an inquiry should be prompt and will begin with a sentence expressing
thanks and satisfaction for the new inquiry (in the case of a known partner);
satisfaction and hope to establish fruitful business relations (in the case of a new
(Rspunsul la o cerere de ofert trebuie s fie prompt i va ncepe cu o propoziie
exprimnd mulumiri i satisfacia pentru noua cerere de ofert dac e vorba de un
partener cunoscut; satisfacia i sperana stabilirii unei relaii de afaceri profitabile n
cazul unui nou partener).
If the inquiry cannot be solved immediately, the firm will send a letter explaining the
reason of the delay in sending the offer. (Dac cererea de ofert nu poate fi rezolvat
imediat, firma va trimite o scrisoare prin care va explica motivul ntrzierii n trimiterea
If the inquiry is refused, the firm must send a letter expressing regret and explaining
the reasons why the offer cannot be sent (Dac cerera de ofert este refuzat, firma
trebuie s trimit o scrisoare n care s-i exprime regretul fa de aceast situaie i s
explice motivele pentru care nu se poate trimite o ofert).


Model Sentences for Opening Lines (Formulri model pentru introducere)

1. We are a wholesale importing house having many customers throughout the
country both in the wholesale and retail trades. (Suntem o firm en-gros de import
cu muli clieni pe tot teritoriul rii, att n comerul en-gros ct i n cel cu
2. We are a trading and indenting organisation and maintain our commercial
network in the main cities. (Suntem o firm de comer i import-export i avem o
reea comercial n oraele mari)

3. We are importers and exporters specialised in building materials. (Suntem
importatori i exportatori specializai n materiale de construcii)
4. Our organisation imports and distributes a large range of hydraulic equipment
for this countrys industry. ( Compania noastr import i distribuie o gam larg de
echipamente hidraulice pentru industria acestei ri)
5. We are interested in importing handicrafts from you. We have a client that would
like to buy these items a company that owns 450 retails stores. (Suntem interesai
de importul de obiecte de artizanat de la dv. Avem un client care ar dori s cumpere
acest tip de articole o firm care deine 450 de magazine de vnzare en-detail)
6. We are one of the largest importers, exporters and distributors for the jewelry
and diamond industry. (Suntem una din cele mai mari firme de import, export i
distribuie pentru industria bijuteriilor i diamantelor)
7. I refer to our appointment on May 21st at your trade office when I had
discussions with the representatives who had come from your country on the
occasion of the Bucharest International Fair. (V reamintesc ntlnirea din 21 mai la
oficiul dv. comercial unde am avut discuii cu reprezentanii venii din ara dv. la
Trgul Internaional Bucureti).
8. Your commercial office in our city has advised us that you handle the export of
nuts and screws of which we are large buyers. (Oficiul dv. comercial din oraul
nostru ne-a informat c v ocupai cu exportul de piulie i uruburi ,articole pe
care noi le cumprm n cantiti mari).
9. We are indebted for your name and address to your Commercial Agency in our
city / Kellys Directory. (Datorm numele i adresa firmei dv. Ageniei dv
.Comerciale din oraul nostru / Am gsit numele i adresa dv. n Repertoarul Kelly)
10. We understand / learn / hear from Messrs. Barkers and Sons that you export
machine tools. ( Am aflat de la firma Barkers and Sons c exportai maini-unelte).
11. We learn from your advertisement in last weeks issue of The Trade Reviewer
that you manufacture and export furniture. (Am aflat din anunul dv. publicitar din
revista Comerul c fabricai i exportai mobil).
12. We have read / seen your advertisement in International Textiles. (Am citit
reclama dv. din revista International Textiles).
13. We are interested in your handicrafts / as advertised in/ as shown at the recent
Zurich Trade Fair. (Ne intereseaz articolele dv. de artizanat la care ai fcut reclam
n / pe care le-ai prezentat la Trgul Comercial din Zurich).

14. We are in the market for collapsible chairs for which we experience an ever
increasing demand. ( Cutm pe pia scaune pliante, pentru care avem o cerere din
ce n ce mai mare)
15. We are under contract to supply spares that you produce / We have to execute a
contract for the supply of spares that you produce. (Avem un contract pentru
furnizarea de piese de schimb pe care le fabric firma dv. / Trebuie s onorm un
contract de livrare de piese de schimb pe care firma dv. le produce)

Sentences requiring quotations, price lists, prospectuses patterns,

pattern books, detailed offers
( Formulri pentru solicitarea de oferte, liste de preuri, prospecte,
modele, oferte detaliate)
16. Will you please / Kindly / Please let us have / send us / a quotation / your best
price / your keenest price / rock bottom price / for a lot of 10 shaping machines. (V-
am ruga s ne trimitei o ofert / preurile dv. cele mai avantajoase / preurile minime
/ pentru un lot de 10 maini de epuit)
17. We should be grateful / obliged / if you could send us your catalogues / price
lists / patterns / pattern books. (V-am fi recunosctori dac ne-ai trimite cataloage /
liste de preuri / modele)
18. Kindly (please) quote us your lowest / keenest / most advantageous prices for
the goods listed below. (V rugm s ne trimitei o ofert cu preurile cele mai
avantajoase pentru bunurile de mai jos)
19. We should be glad / pleased to receive your illustrated catalogues, folders and
prospectuses. (Ne-am bucura s primim cataloagele dv. ilustrate, pliantele i
20. Please quote on the following items (goods): (V rugm s ne trimitei o ofert /
list de preuri pentru urmtoarele articole):

Sentences referring to prospects for fruitful business relations and requesting

discounts or other advantageous terms
(Formulri referitoare la perspectivele unei colaborri fructuoase
sau la alte condiii avantajoase)
21. As we expect / anticipate/ foresee a considerable demand for this line / range of
goods, we should require special terms / a special discount (Deoarece anticipm o

cerere mare pentru aceast gam de produse, am dori s solicitm condiii speciale /
o reducere special)
22. As we hope to attain a considerable turnover, we trust you will quote us your
lowest prices. (Deoarece sperm s atingem o cifr de afaceri considerabil, suntem,
convini c ne vei face o ofert cu cele mai mici preuri)
23. If your prices are competitive, we shall probably give you large / regular orders.
(Dac preurile dv. sunt competitive, v vom trimite comenzi mari / n mod regulat).
24. If your quality comes up to our expectations, we shall be able to do good
business to mutual advantage. (n cazul n care calitatea produselor dv .se ridic la
nivelul ateptrilor noastre, vom putea face afaceri profitabile mpreun)
25. If your spare-part service is prompt and efficient, we think we can promise you
good results. (Dac service-ul dv. de piese de schimb este prompt i eficient, v
putem promite rezultate bune)
26. If you can supply right away from stock, we would be prepared to place an
initial order at once. (Dac putei trimite marfa imediat din stoc, suntem gata s v
dm o comand iniial imediat)

Concluding Sentences (Formulri de ncheiere)

27. We thank you in anticipation of a prompt reply. (V mulumim anticipat pentru
un eventual rspuns prompt)
28. An early reply will oblige. / Your prompt reply will be appreciated. (Am aprecia
mult dac ne-ai rspunde imediat)
29. We are looking forward to your quotations (Ateptm cu nerbdare oferta dv.)

Sentences in Replies to Inquiries (Formulri n rspunsurile la cereri de oferte)

30. Thank you for inquiry in reply to which we are sending you our illustrated
catalogue under separate cover. (V mulumim pentru cererea de ofert. Ca rspuns
la acesta v trimitem catalogul nostru ilustrat ntr-un colet separat)
31. It is always a pleasure to hear from an old friend again. (Este ntotdeauna o
plcere s primeti veti de la un prieten vechi)
32. We are pleased to receive your letter in reply to our advertisement in The Trade
Review. We are certain that our goods will give you full satisfaction and we shall
be glad to hear from you. (Ne-a bucurat scrisoarea rspuns la reclama noastr

din Revista de Comer. Suntem siguri c marfa noastr v va da satisface pe
deplin i vom fi bucuroi s primim veti de la dv.)
33. Your inquiry is receiving our careful attention and we hope to be able to send
you our quotation soon. (Ne ocupm cu mult atenie de cererea dv. de ofert i
sperm s v putem trimite o ofert foarte repede).
34. We regret to inform you that at the present time we cannot offer for sale the
goods requested by you. (Regretm c trebuie s v informm c n prezent nu
putem oferi spre vnzare mrfurile solicitate de dv.)
35. We express our regret that we are unable to accept deliveries within the time
required by you. (Ne exprimm regretul c nu putem accepta livrri n intervalul de
timp cerut de dv.)
36. As our company does not export the required goods, we have passed your
inquiry to who, being the sole exporters of such goods in this country, will contact
you. (Deoarece firma noastr nu export bunurile cerute, am transmis cererea dv .de
ofert ctre , care, fiind exportatori unici pentru aceste produse n aceast ar,
v vor contacta).


Body of the letter Coninutul scrisorii

Inquiry for Gifts Cerere de ofert pentru suverniruri

Dear Sirs,
We are an import and export marketing company established in the giftware industry.
We are interested in new products and would be glad to receive information on the
products you are ready to export. We are prepared to act as sole agents or to import and
market products directly.
We look forward to receiving details on your goods.
Yours faithfully,

(Stimai domni,
Suntem o firm de import-export n domeniul suvenirurilor. Ne intereseaz produse noi
i am fi bucuroi s primim informaii despre produsele pe are suntei pregtii s le
exportai. Suntem gata s acionm ca ageni unici sau s importm i s vindem
produsele direct.
Ateptm cu nerbdare detalii despre produsele dv.
Al dv. cu respect)

Inquiry for Glassware Cerere de ofert pentru sticlrie

Dear Sirs,

Re Glassware
Through your advertisement in one of the trade magazines we have learned that you are
exporters of glassware items.
For your information, we would like to say that we are a large-scale purchaser of
glassware and one of the oldest establishments in our country.
We are interested in the items mentioned in the enclosure.
We would like to have your latest catalogue of these items together with your price list
for CFR Dubai delivery terms as well as other details.
We thank you in advance.
Yours faithfully,

(Stimai domni,
Re: Produse din sticl
Din reclama dv. dintr-o revist de comer am aflat c suntei exportatori de articole de
Dorim s v informm c suntem cumprtori en-gros de articole de sticlrie i una din
firmele cele mai vechi din ar.
Suntem interesai de articolele menionate n anex.
Am dori s primim cel mai recent catalog al firmei dv. cu acest produse i o list de
preuri cu livrare CFR Dubai, precum i alte detalii.
V mulumim anticipat.
Al dv. cu respect)

Inquiry for Novelties Cerere de ofert pentru nouti

Dear Sirs,
As a mail-order company, we are interested to test new articles.
As far as we know, you are manufacturers of novelties suitable for our home market.
We would appreciate receiving by return your latest catalogue and price list.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,

(Stimai domni,
Suntem o firm de comenzi prin pot i suntem interesai de articole noi (nouti)
Dup cum tim, fabricai articole potrivite pentru piaa noastr intern.
Am aprecia dac ne-ai trimite cel mai recent catalog i lista de preuri.
Ateptm cu nerbdare veti de la dv.
Al dv.)

Inquiry for Catalogues and Price Lists for General Goods Cerere de ofert
pentru cataloage i liste de preuri pentru mrfuri generale

Dear Sirs,
We are one of the leading importers and distributors dealing in general goods as well as
glass and porcelain ware.
We trust there is a huge market potential and would kindly ask you to let us have your
catalogues and price lists.
We hope to establish a lasting business cooperation.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,

(Stimai domni,
Suntem una din firmele de top de import i distribuie de mrfuri generale i de articole
de sticlrie i porelan.
Suntem ncredinai c exist un imens potenial de pia i v-am ruga s ne trimitei
catalogul dv. i lista de preuri.
Sperm s stabilim o cooperare comercial de durat.
Ateptm cu nerbdare rspunsul dv.
Al dv. cu respect)

Inquiry for Prems Cerere de ofert pentru crucioare copii

Dear Sirs,
We are out of stock of collapsible prems, enamelled, with solid rubber tyres, and shall
be glad if you will forward us your illustrated catalogue, together with best price and
As we are one of the leading firms for such goods, we would be able to place fairly
substantial orders, if your make proves popular with the customers and your prices offer
sufficient inducement to push up sales.
We remain,
Yours faithfully,

(Stimai domni,
Nu mai avem n stoc crucioare pliante, emailate, cu roi pline de cauciuc i am fi
bucuroi dac ne-ai trimite catalogul dv. ilustrat i cele mai avantajoase preuri i
Deoarece suntem una din firmele cele mai importante din acest domeniu, am putea s
v trimitem comenzi mari, dac marca dv. are succes la clienii notri i dac preurile
dv ofer condiii suficiente pentru a crete vnzrile.
Pn atunci rmn
Al dv)

Touristic Inquiry Cerere de ofert turistic

Dear Sirs,
International Tours, Irelands number one holiday operator has recently set out a
branch specialising in tours to Balkan countries.
As we have read in the magazine Holidays in Romania that your company is
Romanias prestige organisation for tourism, we kindly ask you to let us have all your
touristic material that could help us make our choice for summer tours, for a start. We
would also be interested in your low-cost out of season arrangements, as well as your
general terms and conditions.
If we find your first offer satisfactory, we will be willing to send regular parties to
Romania all the year round.
We look forward to your prompt reply.
Yours faithfully,

(Stimai domni,
Firma noastr International Tours, liderul operatorilor turistici din Irlanda, a nfiinat
de curnd un departament specializat n excursii n rile din Balcani.

Deoarece am citit n revista Vacane n Romnia c firma dv. este cea mai prestigioas
firm de turism din Romnia, v rugm s ne trimitei toate materialele turistice care
ne-ar ajuta s alegem circuite de var, pentru nceput. Ne intereseaz de asemenea
aranjamentele extra-sezon la preuri reduse, precum i condiiile dv. generale.
Dac prima ofert este satisfctoare, vom trimite regulat grupuri de turiti n Romnia,
pe tot parcursul anului.
Ateptm cu nerbdare un rspuns ct mai rapid
Al dv.)

Inquiry for Machines Cerere de ofert pentru maini i echipamente

Dear Sirs,
We are indebted for your name and address to Mr. Ionescu, the commercial adviser of
your embassy in our country.
We are interested in importing from you the machines mentioned in the enclosed list.
We should be much obliged if you would send us your catalogue and lowest CFR
London prices for the mentioned machines.
Please send us your reply and the catalogue by airmail.
Yours faithfully,

(Stimai domni,
Datorm numele i adresa dv. dlui Ionescu, consilierul comercial al ambasadei dv .n
ara noastr
Ne intereseaz s importm de la dv. mainile i echipamentele menionate n lista
V-am fi recunosctori dac ne-ai trimite catalogul dv. i cele mai mici preuri CFR
Londra pentru mainile menionate.
V rugm s trimitei rspunsul i catalogul par avion.
Al dv.)

4. The Pattern of an INQUIRY - Schema unei cereri de ofert

Dear Sirs,

Messrs. Smith & Co.

the Romanian Commercial Agency

are indebted for your name and address to Kellys Directory
Understand you sell
learn from your advertisement that a new line of plastics
have seen
Please send us price lists
Will you please let us have your catalogues for these goods.
Kindly quotations
As we expect a considerable demand for these your bedrock prices.
hope to attain a considerable turnover we should require special terms and discounts.
are in position to handle large amounts a wholesale discount.
If Your quality comes up to our expectations we would be prepared to place large orders.
you can supply from stock

Yours faithfully

Stimai domni:

datorm numele i adresa firmei dv. firmei Smith & Co.

Ageniei Comerciale Romne
Repertoarului Kelly
Noi am aflat vindei

tim din anunul dv. publicitar c o nou gam de materiale plastice

am vzut
V rugm s ne listele dv. de preuri
trimitei cataloagele pentru aceste produse.
Deoarece ne ateptm la o cerere mare pentru aceste preurile dv. minime.
sperm s atingem un dever mare am dori s condiii i reduceri speciale.
putem comercializa cantiti mari solicitm o reducere pentru cantitate.
Dac i calitatea produselor dv. se ridic la nivelul am fi gata s v trimitem comenzi substaniale
putei livra din stoc

Al dv. cu respect